Knowing Yourself 

Do you ever stop to reflect on who you truly are and do you sense that you have more power, strength and creativty than you may have thought ?

The Ancient Greeks are well known for inventing the phrase.

"Know Thyself"

So what do people mean, when they say the statement.

"Getting to Know Yourself"

And what really is your true authentic self?

As people journey through the ups and downs of life. Their real authentic self often starts to get replaced by their conditioned and programmed self, with the ego piled on top of it.

After a while, many of us lose touch with our true authentic self and it can then be quite hard to know yourself and who you really are.

Especially with all our negative experiences and the expectations and the peer pressure that is heaped upon us by society, our teachers, our families, our friends, work colleagues, employers and our parents.

All of which can leave you feeling very puzzled and confused as to who you are and what is your actual true identity and personality.

Others allow their ego to smoother over and cover up their true authentic self, whilst some strive for perfection.

But no one is perfect, neither should they try to be perfect. 

Because it is more fun and a lot less stressful to accept yourself and accept that it is OK to be imperfect.

If you're not happy with yourself, then you won't be at peace and be happy with life. 

Another common mistake some people make if they wish to be like others or they negatively compare themselves to other people they admire.

There is only one truth and that is.

You are not anybody else, because you are you and there is only one you.

Therefore always be yourself and make it your goal to become the very best version of you.

If you do not be your natural authentic self, then eventually this will show up in many negative and limiting ways.

Within you, there are many different versions of you.

There is: 

  • A happy you
  • A sad you
  • A calm you
  • A anxious you
  • A fun you
  • A serious you
  • A angry you
  • A contented you
  • A smart you
Which character version you play of yourself can depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Your emotional state
  • Your conditioning
  • What you're focusing your attention on
  • Your physiology/posture
  • Your beliefs and perceptions
  • Your current situations and how you're reacting to them
  • Your attitude
  • Your amount of knowledge
  • Your emotional experiences and memories
All of these can affect and change your thought processes, moods, actions and behaviors.

By taking the time to get to know yourself and understand yourself and truly accepting yourself. 

That new self awareness and understanding can help you to better yourself, feel better and help you to unleash your true powers, capabilities and greatness.

Tapping into your true powers and potential

Many people only perceive themselves as a physical being existing and being defined by a material world. 

But if you only see yourself from a physical existence and perspective. 

Then you will be denying yourself of your true powers and potential and your happiness and your inner state of being will be a condition of your successes, achievements and the amount of material possessions that you amass. 

Most individuals live their life by other people's rules and beliefs, then to make matters worst they allow their past experiences to control their now and their future. 

From the moment we are born. We are told what to say and do.

What is perceived as normal and what is thought to be the right way to live our lives.

Then we follow the path of everybody else and thrown on top of this.

We are bombarded with magazine and film images of super confident people and models with perfect looks and bodies, no wonder people feel inadequate and they have a low self esteem.

Find peace and tranquility within 

People chase and seek things in their outer reality to help make them feel better, everything you do and want is geared around making you feel good and life is all about feelings and emotions.

Learn how to manage your feelings and emotions and everything else will fall into pce and workout fine.

However, when you rely on what happens in the material world to make you feel good you will be totally reliant on what comes along and you will be living your life be default instead of creating a life of your choice

This one way lens of perceiving yourself and your world will leave you at the mercy of luck, chance, and other people's beliefs and the negative conditioning that you have bought into, where you allow your situations, circumstances and other people to control your inner state. 

The real truth is, you already have everything you need to make you feel good within because confidence, strength and inner peace and happiness can be obtained within without relying on any outside things apart from your basic human necessities and needs.

Talk to yourself and be nice to you

Talk to yourself, be kind on you and start to make peace with yourself because the truth is, you are your own best friend and mentor.

Your emotions act as a guidance system, they let you know when you're veering of course or your focusing on things that you don't want or things that upset you and make you feel bad.

It is important to be mindful of what your emotions are trying to tell you, so start to pay attention to your inner guidance and learn how to understand your emotions.

Are you happy or sad, stressed or anxious, or are you feeling fed up and bored, if you're experiencing negative emotions or you feel stuck, ask yourself questions, such as, how can or what can I do to, then state your problem or how you feel.

If things are not going well,  don’t beat yourself or dwell on what you lack, because that just makes things, let you know you're doing your best, and then focus on, or work on the opposite to what's making you feel bad.

Your thoughts and feelings are not the real you, and if you're having negative or unwanted thoughts or feelings, then all you have to do is, stop engaging and trusting your thoughts. 

Step back from your thoughts and feelings so you're in a place of calm detachment, and just peacefully become the conscious observer and not the emotional follower and slave to them.

Do more of the things that make you happy, enroll in an evening class, do some of the things that you want, instead of doing what others want you to do all the time, read more or pursue your interests or follow your passion.

Because your own happiness and well-being is the most important thing for you. 

Anyform of meditation is a great way to boost your happiness and bring stillness to your mind and calmness to your body, leaving you free to be your true authentic self.

Doing this, will help you increase your happiness levels, so you can unlock the true you,  as you begin to explore your true potential as you begin to put your troubles and worries to one side so you can start to understand yourself better. 

Only when you are able to understand yourself better, you would be able to understand others too.

Free yourself of negative baggage and petty outside influences, so  you can clear your mind and then you can start to discover who you really are.

Most people try to make the changes they want on the outside, they seek what they want on the outside.

But you shouldn't let your outside world control your inside, but the best way of doing things is to let your inside control your outside. 

Your outer reality is a mirror of how your thinking and feeling within, in essence, you are a projection of your energy within, so try to only project positive and calm feeling emotions.

When you let your outside world to negatively control your inner spiritual being then you will separate yourself from who you truly are.  

You can only see all that is and can be good about you and your life when you stop focusing on all that is bad. 

Overcome your insecurities

To unleash your true confidence and potential,you need to deal with all those little insecurities that are holding you back. 

Most people are burdened by fear and anxiety because they seek security, but security is fear, you cannot have complete security so focus on the things you do want instead of worrying about the things you don't want.

Who you really are is your choosing, yet many people allow others and their past mistakes and failures to mold and shape who they are.

But you should not judge yourself by your past mistakes or failures or by the labels and tags other people have given you, just learn from them and grow. 

Because you should determine who you are, if you feel under confident then it is because you're choosing to feel under confident.

If you want to break free of your insecurities then decide your awesome, great and you are as good and equal to anybody else, so tell yourself this regularly and praise yourself instead of wanting to seek approval from others.

Tell yourself how great and awesome you are and you do not have to find reason or any evidence to support these statements ether. 

Also write a list of all the things you're good at, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, that's irrelevant because it does not matter how big or small the achievement is, it is the good feeling that you're searching for. 

Start to admire yourself, have some self respect and admiration for yourself, you don't need a reason to admire yourself, if you cannot think of anything to praise or admire yourself make it up. 

Fear is just an illusion, and even though most of your insecurities are not real life threatening risks, as far as your mind is concerned all your insecurities resolve around the potential risk death, if you feel anxious your mind thinks you're in danger. 

When you stop fearing death and you stop being afraid of fear itself, then there is nothing left to be afraid of.

Start to be your true authentic self, you do not need to improve because creation made you and creation always gets it right, just aim to be the best version of yourself. 

Instead of limiting yourself because of your old beliefs and your past bad experiences, focus your efforts on personal growth and development.  

Start to pursue your desires and passion so at least you know when you get to the end of your life you will have no regrets.

You cannot access your true authentic self and you cannot be the person you want to be if you are using self destructive thinking patterns and negative and critical self talk, you will never be at peace with yourself if you do not accept yourself and appreciate yourself unconditionally.

Tap into your true potential 

Do you really know yourself and are you fully aware of your true powers and capabilities that you have hidden inside of you. 

Many people are still totally unaware of the real powers and capabilities that they have available to them, mainly because they focus on what they cannot do.

Due to your social upbringing, the installation of limiting beliefs by others and even your own conditioning you may have been wrongly led to believe that you are somehow limited, not worthy or good enough.

Your society conditioning might have caused you to buy into these destructive ways of thinking and if you have been heavily criticized as a child or you have been told how shy you are then it can leave you're feeling insecure later in life.

But if that's what you have come to believe and accept then it is certainly not true because there is nothing at all wrong with you and you are no different genetically and spiritually from the most successful and the top high achievers.
You don't need to chase happiness, you don't need to improve or try and be something you're not because everything you want already exists inside of you, all you need to do is to tap in and tune into it so you become your best you.

Because you are 

  • Unique and deserving 
  • Creative and intelligent 
  • Powerful and confident 
  • Loving and happy 
  • Peaceful and at ease
You are in total charge of your life, how you choose to feel and where you want to go, but the hardest part for most people is they don't know how to get from where they are right now to where they want to be.

The truth is you choose your own thoughts and beliefs, this means that what you focus on will determine your energy and your energy and beliefs determine your life experience. 

This means you are responsible for your own personal achievement, successes, your goals and your accomplishments.

The only way to avoid regrets at the end of your life is to create the life you want, starting from today and the only person that can prevent you from achieving great things and living a wonderful life is you. 

Because we are our own biggest enemy and why this is so is because we don't get to know or fully understand and appreciate who we really are and how creatively powerful we can be.

Because we don't take time to know more about ourselves, it can leave us spending many wasted years opposing and fighting who and what we truly are,most people spend a lifetime going against you they are by trying to swim against the current all the time.

Think about it for a minute. The one person that you really need to be at one with, the one person that you should learn to love and respect the most and be at peace with is yourself. 

Why? Because you will spend most of your life with yourself, you are the only person you cannot ever escape from so you might as well make peace with yourself and start to like your own company. 
Because the last thing you want is to be at war with the inner you who really is your loyal and forever obedient friend.

Your inner being knows what's best for you and it always wants the best for you, but sometimes we get conflict in our inner world because we and our inner being are not in alignment with each other.

But wouldn't your life be so much better if you started to trust and get on with your own self, wouldn't you rather get on with who you really are instead of fighting, criticizing and bickering with yourself so much.

You can only feel bad when you're causing a resistance too who you really are and you do this every time you're having a negative focus of attention. 

Start to appreciate the wholeness and the magnificence that is really you, ditch your supposed perceived weaknesses and focus more on all your strengths and everything that is good about you.

When we are in alignment with who we are, meaning when we are in the present and we are not focusing on what we don't want, you will be in a harmonious state of flow, inner peace and balance and that is where you can begin to access your true powers and potential. 

But the moment you give your undivided attention to negative thoughts, then you will cause a disruption in your energy and it will make you feel bad. 

When you criticize yourself, when you're harsh on yourself and when you say self destructive comments about yourself it is as just as bad and hurtful to your inner being as if you were saying the same things to another person.

 Focus on who you are

Focus on who you are and let go of everything that has happened to you in the past because there is no point in going down memory lane if it keeps on causing you pain.

To take it a step further, let go of what is and put all your attention onto what can and will be, because the past has gone and the only thing that should matter to you is for you to enjoy and appreciate the moment and think about all the good that is coming your way.

Your past negative experiences and your worries about the future if you allow them too will rob you of your natural calm, balanced and happy energy state of being, but no matter what has happened to you, nothing can take away your good feeling emotions if you choose to control your thinking and how you choose to respond.

We all go thought painful and upsetting experiences some worse than others, but once the bad experience is over it cannot hurt you again unless you choose to return to the memory, you relive it and you dig deeper into the bad situation. 

Most of the things in life that we worry, stressors, fear and dread rarely ever happen, most of our fears and anxieties are fueled by situations that pose us, no genuine threat. Yet every time we respond badly to our external events and circumstances, it affects our energy.

The two important things you need to get right are your physiology and your focus of attention. So you need to be mindful to whom you feel and anytime you're experiencing negative emotions you have to ask yourself? 

How are these events and circumstances affecting how you feel, and if there is something that is affecting your emotional and physical state and making you feel bad, you need to again ask yourself is there any worthwhile point in carrying on giving it your attention.

If what you're thinking about makes you feel bad, the general rule is, don't go there, you need to establish if what you're thinking about is destructive and diminishing your self esteem and your self worth or it is helping to increase both of them as well as moving you towards who you really are and what you really want to be in your life.

If what you're giving your attention to is making you feel good, then carry on thinking about it or choose similar pleasing thoughts because the key to a happy, successful life is to learn to enjoy your thoughts and if what you're thinking about is not taking you to a place where you want to be then it's time to change your focus.

If you begin to feel bad then you will need to make some adjustments to what you're giving your attention to because you have to practice stopping doubt and negativity before it gathers momentum.

Most of the time our outside circumstances are irrelevant, because we always have new choices and opportunities to feel good about and to be optimistic about so long as you don't allow what's happened or the opinion of others to control your energy.

Although it's important to enjoy socializing with family and friends, if you feel bad or unhappy when your alone then it maybe time that you started to like yourself and you begin to enjoy your own company.

Change your self image

Your self image plays a massive role in who and what you are. Our self image is formed over many years of conditioning by others and ourselves and unfortunately a lot of that conditioning is negative and untrue.

Your subconscious mind the part of you that controls most of your thinking and behaviours, believes everything you say or think to yourself, it is also influenced by the opinions of others. 

Bit by bit throughout our lives we form our belief systems about ourselves and how we perceive our world and from those beliefs we create an image of ourselves, which determines our characteristics, personality and how we think, act and behave.

When you buy into the criticism and the nasty comments said by others or you allow your mistakes, failures and your negative bad experiences to begin to influence your thinking, then you will start to believe what they say as being the truth. 

Not only will this have an impact on your abilities, confidence and self esteem, it will also generate all that self destructive and damaging negative and critical self talk and inner mental chatter. 

Another downfall is when we won't be ourselves because we are led into believing that we should be something else. 

Not only does that go against the wonderful and unique person we are, it also prevents us from flourishing and growing both physically and spiritually. 

This happens when we lose touch with our true identity and real self because we get thrown off course because we more intent on changing what does not need to be changed and we try to conform to the pressures of what society and others thinks we should be.

If you have a negative self image, then you will need to change it if you want to break past those limiting barriers and become more successful, this will take time and effort but the long term benefits are well worth it. 

This means starting to change your self talk and from now on only say positive and constructive things about yourself. 

You can also try visualizing your ideal you, to do this find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed. It will help to play some soothing and relaxing instrumental music, then take some slow, deep breaths and allow your thoughts to drift on by.

Then when your mind is calmer, start to see your ideal you, the true authentic you of your own choice and not one installed by your past experiences or the opinions or beliefs of others. 

See yourself as being worthy and good enough, see a radiant, beautiful and confident, balanced, successful person and do this everyday until you become an outer reflection of that ideal inner you.

Discover your true powers 

If you exist, then you are powerful but you have to find your true power and you do this by controlling the way you feel. 

Often due to our limiting beliefs, our worries and concerns we lose our true powers and potential.

If you want to tap into your true powers, then you have to release your worries and come back into the present moment. 

This may also involve feeling good regardless of your outside conditions, you decide who you are and where you're going to and if you're going forward in a positive direction you're going somewhere better.

If you want to unleash your true potential:

  • Stop convincing yourself that there is something wrong with you
  • Stop trying to improve and changing things that don't need changing 
  • Stop wanting to be like someone else 
  • Stop pretending to be something your not and put all your energy and focus into finding your purpose, learning new skills, unleashing your talents 

To get into the present you have not got to deal with the past, there is nothing wrong with you and you have already got everything you want, the only thing that is stopping you experiencing what you want is, how you're feeling, your focus of attention and not taking action steps to fulfill your goals and your true purpose.

This means letting go of any negative and focus, then follow your heart and do what makes you feel good, don't listen to other people's opinions unless it is positive and constructive advice.

Be who you are, do a little bit more of what you like doing, trust in your inner self and guidance and stop seeing yourself through the eyes of others.

Accept and love yourself 

Having a good relationship with yourself, learning to love yourself and to feel worthy is essential in being your true self and self love is the core foundation which is needed for you to grow and expand both spiritually and physically. 

People seem to find plenty of negative things about themselves, but they struggle to love themselves and find good stuff to say about themselves, yet really it is no harder to say positive things about yourself as it is negative and the rewards will be far greater and you will feel a whole lot better for it.

It's hard to love yourself if you keep criticizing or picking faults with yourself, if you're gauging how good you feel and putting all your self love down to the reflection you see in the mirror then that is not really self love and more self damaging.

Self love and self worth is not an external thing it should be something that you feel on the inside and although you may have your goals and desires and there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, you should still feel you're already good enough as you are. 

When you're coming from a good feeling place, then try to better yourself and your life, because regardless of how successful you are or not, you will always be you on the inside.

We all want love, nobody is quite sure what love is but everybody needs it and craves it. If you could define love, it's the most powerfulest of all emotions and it is the driving force behind consciousness and creation itself.

Just listen to those who have had a near death experience, they will tell you that once they have left their physical bodies all their pain and suffering disappears and they are left with a beautiful overwhelming a sense of pure divine love and peace.

If it is true that we come from this none physical place into our physical bodies to experience this wonderful physical creation we perceive as life, then perhaps deep down we know how blissful those feelings of love are. 

So at times when life gets tough and we are experiencing hurt, struggle and pain, then know wonder we crave for those divine and wonderful good heavenly feelings of pure love and inner peace which is who we really are at the source. 

But you can, you know, experience heaven here on earth when you strip away all the negative resistance, pain, anger, hatred, frustration resentment and negative emotions and you search for more feelings of peace, joy and love.

Most people think that the only way to experience love is to love another person and be loved back by them. 

But you cannot always rely on others to give you the love you want back, most of the time they have their own lives and issues to contend with so they won't always be able to give you all the love you're seeking.

Yes, it's great to love others and be loved back, but we cannot always depend on others to supply us with the love we truly need and sometimes that love gets taken away and the gap is filled with pain and avoid.  

So although it's wonderful to be loved by others you should not totally rely on anybody else to experience love otherwise you will be handing all your power to somebody else. 

The same applies if you keep on responding badly to your outside circumstances or what other people have done to you, and again if you allow this to happen then you will be handing over how you feel for other people.

But when you learn to love yourself and everything about your life, then nobody can ever take that love away from you and the amazing thing is when you love yourself and you give out love you will attract it back in many forms.

Before you can go onto to become who you are and proceed to have a wonderful, loving, happy and successful life you have to first practice and learn to love yourself from within without any conditions. 

You cannot love yourself until you release all negative resistance, but when you do then you can start to perceive your world through the eyes of love. 

What chips away at your self love is, trying to compare yourself to others and all the things they have got but you haven't.

To turn things around you have to 

  • Stop caring about what others think 
  • Stop trying to impress others 
  • Stop thinking about what have not got or what you think you're lacking in 
  • Stop being envious of what others have that you want but don't have
  • Stop dwelling over what you once had but now you have lost it
  • Stop beating yourself up 
  • Stop trying to be perfect 
  • Stop trying to be something you're not and put all your energy into achieving your dreams  
  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself and practice bit by bit on thinking thoughts that make you feel better, experiencing more things and activities that bring you joy, calmness and happiness and talk about all the good that can and will come your way. 

Appreciate yourself and all the good things you have 

Learn to love and appreciate yourself and practice bit by bit on thinking thoughts that make you feel better, experiencing more things and activities that bring you joy, calmness and happiness and talk about all the good that can and will come your way. 

Appreciate yourself, your life, all the good that is around you, all you have and appreciate all the good others do for you. 

It's not so much about self love, it's more important to give out love too everything around you including yourself.

Love your life and all the things you have, including all your material possessions and all the necessities you have in your life, like the food on your table, the warm water in your taps, the roof over your head and look into the mirror and learn to appreciate and be kind towards yourself. 

Tell yourself things like 

  • I love being me 
  • I love who I am 
  • I love and approve of myself
Be happy with yourself, practice feeling good from within but never put any outside conditions on your happiness and how you feel. Love is one emotion, but the best way to experience more love and more of the other positive emotions is to align yourself up with who you are.

Because just feeling worthy, being at one with yourself and loving yourself is sometimes all you need and when you give yourself a break and you begin to like and appreciate yourself and you give out love then you will be sewing the seeds for a much better life. So start to love more and hate less, including yourself.




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