Positive Thoughts, Positive Attitude And Positive Physiology - Leads To A Better You And A Better Life

Most People Have No Idea How Much Power They Have Within Themselves

Your thoughts and words are powerful. Choose your words and thoughts wisely, and they will empower you tremendously, helping you to move you forwards in a brand new, exciting and positive direction.

Developing a positive mindset and a positive attitude can bring about, life improving changes and transformations to you and your life.

By helping you to breakthrough any pre-conditioned, negative and highly unhelpful, belief systems and limitations.

Whilst negative words and thoughts will diminish you and disempower you tremendously. 

Bringing you down and tricking you into the mental thinking traps and errors and one of the biggest mistruths of humanity, that you're not good enough, capable enough or smart enough.

The real hidden truth is. You are far greater and better than you might have thought or been told and you possess more power and potential within, than you're everyday mind, could possibly know.

There are many others, very good reason why you should develop a positive outlook, attitude and physiology, because according to numerous scientific research. 

Positive minded people, are:

  • Generally happier 
  • More successful 
  • More open to positive opportunities
  • They tend to live more fulfilled lives, both career wise and their personal lives
  • They are more self confident and they have, higher levels of self esteem and self wort
  • They tend to be healthier and even live longer
There are so many health, life and wellbeing benefits from practising the art of positive thinking and having a positive mindset, a positive mental attitude and a positive physiology.

According to many numerous scientific studies. Positive emotions and good feelings have also been linked with, longer life expectancy, better health and a greater sense of well-being.

Other scientific reports has said that positive thinking can help you to accomplish more and it also helps you bounce back quicker and better from setbacks, so there is every reason, for you to learn how to think better.

The truth is, there are only two groups of feelings and emotions. You have the positive range of emotions, like joy, happiness, love, optimism, excitement and calm, which everybody wants to experience.

Then you have the negative and the negative range of feelings and emotions, like anger, anxiety, worry, negativity, stress, pessimism and low feeling moods.

As a general rule, positive energy creates a more positive and fulfilling life and negative energy creates a negative life.

You can either experience a positive mindset and energy or you can have a negative mindset and energy, depending on which emotions you're feeling, the outcomes will be polar opposites of each other.

Although positive thinking is good, it needs to be backed up with positive action steps. 

Positive thoughts, will fill you full of that good feeling, creative energy and it will open the door to a better way of perceiving things, a better world and a better you.

But it needs to be followed up with positive action steps, habits and behaviors that need to be implemented into your daily life.

Because positive action steps are what will help you achieve your goals, samsk through old barriers and limitations and help you to do all great things, that your old negative mind used to think, was not possible or beyond your capabilities..

Staying positive, and ignoring what is

The key to having a better, more successful and more fulfilling life, lies with how well you prepare yourself and a positive attitude, mindset and energy is, definitely the winning formula.

With this in mind, you should always aim to have more positive energy, because when you do. You will enjoy more success, things will workout better for you and you will have better relations, better well-being and better wellness. 

Positive and better thinking, will lift you up, by aligning you up with the good feeling, free flowing, creative and higher energy vibration.

When you make it a well practised habit to think better and to think positive. It will make you feel better, it will empower you tremendously and it will move you forwards in the right direction.

Negative thinking will cause negative resistance that will hold you in the bad feeling state that are associated with the lower vibrational frequencies that will disempower you tremendously. 

Negative energy and thinking will trap you within the boundaries of your self limitations and self destructive ways of thinking, making you feel bad and holding you small, limited and stuck.

Does this mean that you should always remain positive, especially in times of adversity? Well, it can be hard to stay positive, when all around you seems to be falling apart. 

When this happens it is important that you do not try to immediately, force change how you feel. Because you cannot always escape setbacks, upsetting news or disappointments, and it is perfectly natural to feel negative emotions, when things go bad.

Therefore, it is OK to feel disappointed, it is OK to feel upset, it is OK to be annoyed or frustrated and it is really important to feel the negative emotions, when their justified. 

Because if you try and suppress them or override them, they will linger on for much longer. The key is to feel them, process them and then let them go.

In times of adversity or crisis. Try and deal with any external situations in the best way you can, but try to stay as calm and as upbeat as you can.

Feel the emotion, but try not to allow your external problems or issues to affect you on the inside and don't allow those negative thoughts and feelings to linger on for days or more.

Once you have felt and processed the emotion. Accept and surrender to what is or what has happened, then try and focus on turning your negative situation into a positive outcome.

Sometimes the best way to escape the negative situations that you may be stuck in at the moment, so you can make a positive leap forwards or breakthrough.

Is to care less about what you want, still have your wants and desires, but careless about the end outcome or what you want, but you have not got at the moment, to release any negative resistance or emotional attachment.

Because, to find that inner peace and free flowing flow, that increases your manifesting and creative skills, you have to ignore what is, what might be or what has happened and just focus on enjoying and engaging on the now. 

Still, focus on a better future or what you want, but show lots of appreciation and gratitude for the now, and focus more on what you like or what pleases you.

Just develop a strong faith and sense of knowing that.

Things will get better, you'll figure it all out and know and expect with confidence, that good things are coming your way.

Thinking without any restrictions or limits

Who we are, how we define ourselves and what we become, has a lot to do with, our past experience, how we dealt with, handled and reacted to them, our learned behaviors and our environmental conditioning.

Many people allow their negative past or others to define who they are, what they do, what they are capable of doing and what they become.

The truth is. There are no limits to what you can do or become and the only limitations you have are the ones that you impose on yourself.

Despite, what we have come to believe, in many cases, we can do way more than we think, if we push ourselves beyond our old negative limitations.

The highest achievers and those who go beyond what was thought possible are those who refuse to average.

The only way to move forwards and become the real great person, that you already are is for you to change the way you think, feel, react and perceive yourself and what you're really capable of.

Anything is possible for you, if you believe in yourself and you believe that it is possible. Therefore, why restrict and limit yourself, when you know, you are capable of achieving, anything you set your mind to?

"We are only limited by our imagination" 

Those who think outside of the box, without holding any preconceived, limitations and restrictions are the ones, who go onto to achieve great things.

Positive people, see the glass half full. Even during times of adversity, they still try to look for the positive in a bad situation.

This is because, they intuitively, seek out a better option, they focus on the solution rather than the problem and they turn a failure or setback into a positive outcome.

A good place to start your new positive waying of thinking and perceiving your life is to accept, unconditionally your true self and then aim to be, your best, true self.

Change your mindset, change your life for the better

Your mind is a very interesting place, and although you cannot change your external situations until you change your mindset and the way you feel.

If you have heard of the "Cause and effect rule" then you will know that negative thinking will cause negative outcomes and positive thinking will cause positive outcomes.

To shift your mindset, you sometimes have to accept what is and ignore it, to move forwards in a brand new positive and more exciting direction.

But, you cannot fake your way to feel positive. If you have had a negative mindset, for many years now, then you're probably not going to transform, from a negative state to a positive state in one quantum leap.

But with a bit of practice, you can train your mind, to switch over to adopt a positive mental attitude, so eventually, it becomes a natural part of you.

And when you train your mind, it can help you to solve life long problem, empower you enormously, feel better and bring you more success and much more.

Your mind uses your past negative experiences, limiting beliefs and programming, to gauge how you behave, think and feel in the now.

If your mind isn't trained to work for you, then the chances are, it will work against you, as the mind has evolved to ignore the positive and focus on the worst case scenario first.

However, your mind cannot predict your future, it can only draw off your past thought processes, beliefs and experiences. 

But, you have full power to change your inner world which will change your outer reality.

Plus, you want to focus on all the good that can be, rather than just focusing on survival and playing it safe.

Because the longer you think negatively, the more these negative thought processes and feelings, will become a normal part of you.

The more you keep on reinforcing and cultivating negative thought processes, the more habitual they will come and the more and after a while, you will become that negative minded person.

Negative thoughts, take away your hope and optimism. 

They will drain all your energy and enthusiasm for life, causing you to not to bother trying anything new, making you feel like giving up on your goals, leaving you feeling the victim to your life's circumstances and feeling sorry for yourself.

Some typical kind of negative thinking traps and limitations are:

  • It is never going to happen to me
  • It is what it is
  • I am just not the type of person
  • Why me
  • I am not a lucky person
Train your mind to think more positively

If you have been thinking negative for quite some time now, then you're not going to jump to a positive thinking and feeling mindset and energy, in one quick quantum leap.

For many it is going to be a progressive process, that is going to take a bit of conscious effort and time, but that time and effort is needed if you're seeking a better life experience.

The first step, is to try and end all that negative resistance and release all your emotional baggage so you can pave the way to a better you and better life experience that will begin to restore a sense and feeling of inner peace and harmony.

You can begin to achieve this by starting to soothe yourself with general better feeling thoughts, that are not conditioned to any real external conditions.

That's the beauty of positive thinking, you can raise yourself up and you can start to feel better, without needing a reason or without needing any material possessions or situations.

Some typical self soothing statements are thoughts, could be:

  • All is good/all is well
  • Everything always works out for me
  • I feel good
  • The best is yet to come
  • Whatever happen, I'll be OK
If you really focus hard, it only takes a short time to start to change the way you feel and for you to set the wheels in motion to creating the things in life, that you want the most.

If you can hold a positive thought in your mind for 20 seconds, then things will start to shift, if you can think positive for a few minutes at a time, that is even better.

Many people, will struggle to hold a positive thought or to think positive for a minute or two, yet they have no trouble, thinking negative, virtually all day long.

The reason for this, could be, their default settings have been to think negative or to think the worst or they don't feel positive and balanced, so their mind soon drifts back to their negative default setting.

If you struggle to naturally think positive or you find your mind wonders. 

The Real Subliminal, have created a Positive Thinking Recording that can assist you to become a natural positive person.

There positive thinking recording is professionally designed to help you 

  1. Feel better about yourself 
  2. Feel better about your situation 
  3. Help you see the positive in a situation 
  4. Focus you on success, instead of failure 
  5. Boost your self confidence and self esteem 
  6. Program your mind to think positively and optimistically about your future 
  7. Change, a negative mindset into a positive mindset and outlook
Why settle for average, when you have limitless potential and powers. 

If you would like to boost your positive thinking powers and creative potential.

The link below, "Positive Thinking" is a specially designed audio to help you change the way you perceive the world, stay calm in face of adversity and setbacks, build on your strengths, spot new opportunities, change your thought processes and see your future in a different light, so you can naturally become a better you.

The Easiest Way To Become A Natural Positive Thinker

Write Things Down

There are lessons to be learned from all our experiences both good and bad and each experience will have an active emotional response attached to them which can drive your perceptions and thought processes.

In every experience good or bad, every success or failure, mistake or triumph or opportunity you may have missed or followed through successful they will be lessons to be learned, but you should not allow your setbacks of the past to control your now or your future.

Writing things down is the simplest way to express your feelings, releasing negative emotions and then letting them go, when you express negative feelings you can even burn the piece of paper afterwards. It is also a very effective way to plan your future and watch your progress.

Weaknesses and thoughts of hopelessness and despair can be soon turned into strengths and personal growth by changing your thought processes, positive or just general neutral thoughts can help to boost your spiritual and emotional and even aid the healing process making you the master of your feelings and life.

Jotting things down in a journal can help you let go of all those suppressed emotions as well as helping you to reduce your stress and improve your self-esteem. Writing is a good way of expressing yourself and giving your mind a positive blueprint and direction to follow. 

It helps build your self-esteem because you are recording your progress and reaffirming the positive benefits you are achieving as you get closer to your goals.

Take a few minutes each day writing down in your journal, list such things as your attitude, emotions, goals, responses to situations and circumstances in your life, how you handled things and how you would like to handle things better in the future and always record any progress you have made. 

It helps to paint a positive picture every day of who you are becoming and how well you're progressing because when you see positive results as they happen, you will become more energized and inspired with optimism.

You can process events and situations, reflect on past experiences and your feelings, recording lessons to be learned, setting new goals and track your progress so you can look back and reflect on how far you have come and remember to write every success no matter how big or small.

Positive Thinking Reduces Stress Levels

Studies conducted on positive thinkers suggest that the people with a positive attitude are far better at coping with stress and instead of spending all their time worrying and fretting they are far more likely to spend time focusing on constructive solutions to problems. 

Cardiovascular tests on optimists and pessimists show that optimistic people’s bodies return to a relaxed state at a much quicker pace and it is believed that their ability to handle stress could lead to significant health benefits, including living longer.

We all know that high stress levels are known to increase blood pressure and stress is related to an increased risk of health problems and illnesses so it pays to spend some time learning how to manage your thoughts.

Some of the health benefits of positive thinking seem to be related to the fact that positive thinkers seem to live healthier lives, they tend to eat healthy foods and do regular exercise as well as generally taking better care of themselves. 

The benefits of positive thinking

Research is beginning to reveal that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy or having a positive and upbeat attitude. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life, 

They can also help you to take on new challenges and go on to develop a new set of skills that can begin to transform your life and improve your financial situation for the better. 

Thinking positive will unleash your creativity as well as helping you to set and achieve your goals, your life will change your life for the better, positive thinking will take you out of the gloom and doom scenario and point you in the right direction. 

It can make you more successful, it will present you with more opportunities which will begin to filter your way, but by far the biggest advantage you will gain from positive thinking are, it will make you feel better and it is the best feeling emotions that are all so important. 

Positive thinking will reduce your stress levels, when you develop a new upbeat attitude, it can reduce the amount of colds and viruses you catch, when you're thinking positive you cannot experience negative emotions such as fear and sadness.

When yours is a positive energy state, you will have more energy, you will feel more vibrant and alive, this will give you a greater zest for life, things will work out so much better for you in every area of your life.

When you give out positive energy you will attract back even more positive energy and circumstance. Feeling positive will give you more courage, inner strength, power and confidence, you will become more creative and enthusiastic. 

Everybody seeks joy and abundance and as you look forward to your life with a new found optimism in life will begin to treat you well, because the more positive feelings you give out the more positive things you will begin to manifest back into your life.

Never allow yourself to dwell on a negative thought, let the past go, learn from your mistakes and from now on seeing all your stressful situations as a challenge you need to overcome. 

The more you let go of those negative thoughts and focus on the positive side of all situations the more opportunities and good times you will draw towards you. All it takes is for you to start to replace the words I can't to I can and your energy and belief systems will change with it.

As the positive momentum grows stronger you will begin to believe you can achieve whatever you desire it still requires action, but as your self belief will increase as more abundance and good things start to appear in your experiences. 

Look forwards with hope and optimism

The difference between positive people and those who are negative are, positive people look forward to the future while people who worry and are dogged with negative thoughts day in day out dwell and live in the past. 

Learn to look forward to new challenges and ventures, feed the mind with good and interesting information and idea's.

Do new things, change your routine, go different places, we are meant to keep mentally active and stimulated, when you spend all your life living on past memories they will control your present circumstances, your moods and behaviors.

We all talk to ourselves on a daily basis, the secret is to say nice and empowering things to yourself. Many of us fail to recognize that we do have a choice and we are allowed to think outside of the box type limitations that we and our society has imposed on us and conditioned us to believe. 

More and more people are starting to become aware of the mental and health advantages of using positive thoughts and having a more positive outlook on life, it is not so much the negative thoughts that affect our health but the stressful response that they evoke. 

Research has suggested that our thoughts can change our DNA, negative ones shrink them whilst positive ones bring them back to their healthiest state. 

Why your thoughts and choice of words are more powerful that you might have thought

But are you aware just how much your thoughts can affect your life. A research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto revealed evidence of how people can affect the energy of objects around them. 

Dr Emoto took water and exposed the water to varies objects and different environments. Next he projected a particular thought onto a glass full of water and then he placed the glass next to specific objects. 

He then projected different thoughts of which we either positive thoughts or negative, After projecting his thoughts the water was then frozen. Then each of the resulting water crystals were frozen and once they were frozen they were placed under a microscope.

To his amazement when a glass of water had a positive word written on a piece of paper and then had the piece of paper stuck to the glass the resulting water crystals formed some beautiful patterns which were pure in color and displayed patterns of perfect symmetry. 

While on the other hand the glasses which had a negative word written on them and stuck to the glass showed the opposite with the crystal displaying dull colors and they formed a rough edged pattern. This proves how the power of our thoughts and feelings can affect our feeling's and the world around you.

Feeling positive is not all about positive thinking

We have already covered all the benefits of having a positive mindset and attitude, but it is very hard to think positive, if you're not feeling it.

This is why it is so important to be fully aware of the mind body connection which is a two way process and mechanism.

Because when you relax your body, then your thoughts become more neutral or positive and if think positive and calming thoughts and your body will become more relaxed. 

Stress, tension or a negative physiology will lead to more stressful, anxious and negative thoughts. If you have been thinking negative for quite some time now, then the fastest route to being positive, would be to work more on changing the way you feel.

How you sit, stand, move and breathe, plays a significant role in how you think, feel, behave, what you do or do not do and how well you do things.

If you get your physiology, balance, movement, breathing and mindset right, not only will you feel better, your perceptions and life will change for the better to.

When you slow yourself down and you teach yourself how to hold your body in good balance, poise and alignment, where you sit, stand and move with the least amount of tension, then you will soon reap the positive benefits.

Techniques like "Tai Chi", Yoga and the "Alexander Techniques are great ways to restore a blissful sense of inner peace, calm and flow and Emotional Freedom Techniques is a wonderful way to release any negative emotions and stress, helping you to restore an inner sense of flow, ease, balance, peace and tranquility.

When the geometry of your body is in balance and alignment, and your mind is being used in a positive way to help support and guide you, then you will become in alignment with creation itself and you will start to maximize your true powers and potential.

When you learn how to manage your stress, and you master the art of poise, balance and movement with ease and grace, instead of stress, rushing and tension.

You will find that your mind and body will become aligned and in sync with all that feels good and all that is good.

As a result, you will begin to think more clearly and there will be a big improvement on how you feel and how well you do things.

If you then start to use mindfulness, where you learn how not to react to any negative or anxious thoughts, situations, people and feelings, then you will be fully ready to tap into your true powers and limitless potential.

The Easy Way To Think Positive

You may be totally unaware of this fact, but very often, we become bogged down with our own thinking. 

People tend to become negative and stressed under the constant pressures of the workplace and our daily lives.

Because by changing the way we think with subliminal messages, we can actually transform our thought processes to become more positive, and this positive change affects all areas of our lives. 

There are three main ways to induce positive thought with subliminal messages.

These are: Subliminal audio files Subliminal text and words Subliminal images.

Using audio files or simply positive, upbeat music or sound effects, you can alter your entire mood throughout the day, changing it to one that is more positive. 

The power of music cannot be underestimated, and it undoubtedly has an effect on our moods. The power of words as well, whether they are through audio or text, is another method of changing thoughts from negative to positive to create a happier, more content state of mind. 

Subliminal images can come in the shape of pictures placed around the home or office, or simply by changing your office view to a window or scenic image. 

 This way you can remind yourself subliminally of the natural world throughout the day, creating a calmer and less cluttered frame of mind. 

Or you can put pictures around the home or office that remind you of positive things, such as family, nature, or anywhere that induces a positive frame of mind for you. Subliminal messages and their amazing power to create positive thought should not be underestimated. 

You can find ways to surround yourself with positive subliminal messages at online stores and websites that offer products of this nature. 

A bit of research goes a long way in creating a happier, more positive frame of mind that will benefit you for the rest of your life, no matter where you may be. 

Take a look at the Positive Thinking subliminal recording



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