Master Your Inner Self Talk And Experience More Happiness, Inner Peace And Success

The Power Of Positive Self Talk

The most important person that you'll ever talk to is yourself, therefore it is incredibly important that you treat yourself with the utmost of respect and you fill your mind with positive things about you.

Imagine how a friend or family member would feel about themselves if you were constantly putting them down or you were always criticizing them. 

The chances are, they would feel pretty bad about themselves if you kept affirming to them how worthless they were and you were verbally bullying them on an almost daily basis?

If you kept on reinforcing the negative to someone. They would end up feeling inadequate, low, insecure and they would achieve very little because there self esteem and self confidence would be rock bottom.

Would there feel so much better and wouldn't their life be more amazing if you praised them up, you encouraged them and you talked nicely and positively to them?

The same principle applies to yourself. Because, If you fill your mind with negativity about yourself and your abilities.

Then this will make you feel bad, it will limit you in many ways and it make you feel inadequate and insecure and it will keep you small, which will influence your behaviors, how you feel and what you do or do not do.

Your self talk is everything and it affects virtually everything that you do. You would probably not treat a friend or family member like this, so why treat yourself so bad?

Self talk and emotions

You emotions are important messages that are coming from your subconscious mind that are trying to get you to take action or to do something or not to do something.

There are three main parts to our emotions:

  • Our thoughts and imaginings
  • Our physical feelings
  • Our behaviours and responses
The words we speak and the thoughts we think can affect how we feel, behave and respond and the things that you do or not do can, affect how think and feel.

Negative words and thoughts that are directed at yourself. Will disempower you tremendously and make you feel bad about yourself. 

Whilst positive thoughts and words will empower you tremendously and make you feel good about yourself and you ability to achieve your dreams.

The most important thing in life is for you to feel good physically and emotionally and equally, you want to feel good about yourself.

Because if you want to raise your self esteem, achieve more and feel better you will need to begin to replace any negative self talk or inner criticism with positive and encouraging self talk.

Think of a time when you felt sad or low. What thoughts were you having or what words were you speaking about yourself or your life?

Think of a time when you felt inadequate or insecure. What types of thoughts were you having?

Think of a time when you felt unhappy or negative. What type of thoughts or perceptions were you having?

Think of a time when you were self sabotaging or self doubting yourself. What types of thoughts were you having?

Think of a time when you felt anxious or low in confidence. What types of thoughts were you having?

If you start to examine your self talk and you're in a dialogue, then you will start to notice all your negative patterns of thinking and talking.

Once you have identified your negative and harsh inner self talk. You can them begin to challenge and change your beliefs or inner dialogue.

Because for every negative thoughts and emotion there is an opportunity to change them to positive alternative thoughts, words and intentions.

It is not so much the thoughts, feelings and words that are the real problem. It is what they mean to you that causes all your bad feelings and behaviors.

Use the power of positive self talk to change your inner programming

Years of negative conditioning and negative self talk can form neural pathways in your brain that causes endless playing and repeating of the same old self destructive, thoughts, perceptions and doom and gloom stories. 

After a while your inner monologue can begin to sound like a record that has got stuck on repeat. Where your own mind poisons you and turns into your biggest enemy and critic. 

Constantly reaffirms all your weaknesses, replaying the same old negative self talk that wrongly tricks you into believing that you are not good enough, capable enough or worthy enough.

Over a period of time. This repetitive and relentless bombardment of negative self talk. 

Becomes deeply ingrained in your mind and shapes your self image. Which then affects just about everything you do, making you struggle through your life, stuck on auto pilot and locked in reverse gear.

This can make every day feel as if you're stuck on repeat where you experience the same old negative thought patterns and you find that the same old problems, keep on reoccurring.

You may tell yourself that. Tomorrow is going to be different and you might fully intend to start the day of with all the best will and intentions to make the positive and life changing transformations that you're seeking.

But because your confidence is still a bit fragile and your inner belief is not strong. 

The chances are that, by the end of your day. You end up, feeling stressed, anxious, disappointed or defeated and it is not long before you return back to your preconditioned negative default settings

Stop lying to yourself

All the negative thoughts you say to yourself, all the self imposed restrictions you label yourself with and all those negative beliefs, are nothing put a big fat and ugly lie.

The things that you and everybody wants for the most is to feel good and to live a happy, enjoyable, successful and fulfilling life.

Before you can put yourself in the optimal state of flow and inner peace which is where you can access all your true powers and creativity.

This is what they call being in the zone, as it is the feel good state where you will be at your most efficient and productive state and you will experience more happiness, success and satisfaction.

The inner and all knowing, expensive part of you already knows that you are a wonderful, beautiful, worthy and limitless being that is capable of having the most joyful and wonderful, fulfilling life.

You have no limits, you have total control of how you wish to feel, and the only thing that can limit, restrict and disempower you, is yourself.

You did not come forth into this life to suffer and struggle or to constantly criticise yourself and put yourself down.

As a baby you were a bundle of joy and happiness, who had high levels of self esteem and a quest for adventure, fun and excitement. 

You had no limitations and there was no challenge that you would shy away from and there was no obstacles that you thought, you could not master and overcome.

Back then, negativity, limitations and fear did not exist in your world, neither did they enter your head. 

What this means is.

Any emotional pain, insecurity, self doubts, hurt and suffering that you may be experiencing now, are a direct results of your negative emotional conditioning and your inner negative self talk.

Negative and self destructive self talk will trigger an emotional reaction which will translate into chemical and physical changes in your body that are toxic, damaging to your health and well-being.

The difference between a happy and successful, long life and a life of pain and stagnation. 

Where you either experience a positive physiology, more success and healthy levels of self esteem and a life of emotional suffering, low self esteem and hurt, all comes down to your inner self talk.

Therefore, it is incredibly Important for your mental, physical and emotional health and wellness. To think positive things about yourself and say nice and encouraging things to yourself and about yourself.

Which are going to support you, make you feel good and set you up for a more confident and positive you, who goes on to enjoy a successful and happier life.

Negative and self destructive self talk will disempower you and stop you from living.

Keeping you stuck in a vicious and painful negative cycle, making you feel bad about yourself and your life. 

Where you go around and around in circles, going nowhere which prevents you from achieving your true limitless potential and stops you focusing on your true inner strengths and talents.

If you tend to be hard on yourself a lot or you often find yourself, using negative self sabotaging and self destructive self talk.

Ditch those gloomy thoughts and negative self perceptions, that give you a false perception of yourself and what you are truly capable of.  

Then begin to replace them with soothing and feel good, positive self talk. Which can help you take away all your emotional pain and suffering, freeing you from your past self imposed limitations and negative conditioning.

Allowing you access to your true potential and creativity, setting you up to be a winner in life

Making permanent and lasting positive changes

Hopefully, by now, you're starting to see yourself in a new light and you're starting to imagine how changing your inner self talk can set you up and impact you and better your life in many positive and exciting ways.

You recognise that you have to make an effort to change your self talk but you also know that all your efforts will be well worth it as a new and better you is born.

Knowing that you will feel better and you will release all that negative resistance and lift those self imposed limitations, that have previously been restricting you and holding you back.

Should give you a sense of hope and optimism, that a better you and a better life is possible, which should be enough to pull you out of you rut and get you to take the necessary action steps.

Knowing that you will be rewarded in many positive and beneficial ways will help to inspire and motivate you.

Setting your brain up for success and a better life by feeding it with a set of new positive instructions, beliefs and suggestions .

Will begin to pave the way for better, happier and more life fulfilling times and experiences. 

The advantages of positive self talk and positive thinking

Change always has to start from within and it is incredibly important that you begin to change the way you talk to yourself and you change the way that you think.

Positive and being kind to yourself self talk needs to be backed up with positive and constructive thinking. You want positive self talk and positive talk to become a natural way of thinking.

This is where you create positive inner self talk and thoughts of positive expectations and positive self statements.

The words you speak should also be twords that are considered to be positive and self encouraging. 

Because as you begin to use positive self talk and you cultivate a positive mental attitude. 

It will begin to shift your energy into a positive energy that is going to help you to feel better, function better and that positive energy will help motivate you to succeed and create the life of your desires.

Positive self talk and self encouragement combined with positive thinking is incredibly important. But it is not necessarily the answer to every situation or problem.

As a general rule, positive thinking and positive self talk help you to feel good and get you to see that their are alternative and better ways of perceiving and doing things. 

They also help to motivate you to take action to help you to live a better life.

Whilst negative self talk and negative thoughts disempower you, limit you, demotivate you and they keep you small, pessimistic, afraid and stuck in survival mode.

Sometimes a small bit of negative thinking can be useful to help you spot and prepare for any pitfalls or eventualities so you can make sure you avoid, the potential mishap.

The problem starts when you attach negative feelings and your fight or flight response to those thoughts and imaginings or you allow them to replay in your mind, over and over again.

Thinking is a skill, which can help you to turn your dreams and desires into reality as well as helping you overcome any obstacles, problems and challenges.

Because, even if you're the most positive person in the world. Problems, adversities and challenges, might still come your way.

The advantage you will have is. Your new positive mental and calm attitude, will help you to handle, cope and more easily be able to quickly deal with and come through any challenges or find the solution to your problems.

People who are successful, happy and confident have already succeeded in programming themselves to think good thoughts about themselves and to think positive.

Once you have  trained your mind to think and speak positive self talk, where there is no longer a place for any of that old negative self talk and once you have conditioned your mind to only accept positive thoughts.

To you reach a point where negativity does not exist in your inner world and no problem, obstacles or challenge is to great to overcome.

If you back it up with a positive mental attitude, a glass half full type of person and you follow it up with positive action steps and measures.

Not only will you feel better. Your confidence and self esteem will increase. New ideas and opportunities will start to come your way and you will start to experience all the positive benefits and rewards. 

If you search for positive things. Then your mind will help to guide you towards them or help you find a way or figure it out.

If you believe in yourself and you have to faith that you can overcome all the challenges life throws at you. Then, you will being to get stronger and your life will begin to get better.

Making sure that the things that you say to yourself are kind and positive and making sure the conversations that you have with yourself are positive, are a must if you want to build a better you and create a better life.

However, positive self talk and positive thinking is not all about, pretending that we live in a world where everything is wonderful and nothing bad happens or nothing goes wrong.

Positive thinking can help you to reframe your thinking and approach to problems and challenges. 

And it is a tremendously useful skill that you can use to help you evaluate and quickly overcome adversity, setbacks and challenges so you do things better.

Negative self talk is nothing more than resisting and going against the powerful, unique and highly creative person that you really are.

Negative thinking is nothing more than resisting and opposing the good, happy and enjoyable life that you are meant to live.

Sometimes we have to accept and let go of the bad situations and learn how to avoid allowing the bad on the outside to mess us up on the inside.

How to stop negative resistance and emotional overwhelm

When we react badly to external situations or when things aren't going right for us or we have fallen on difficult times. 

Our feelings and emotions change to negative energy which changes the stories that we tell ourselves and the conversations. 

Learning how to accept what has happened or what might happen and then letting the matter go can help to change the negative emotions as can relaxing or exercising. 

When you have released the negative resistance you can then start working on changing the stories that you tell yourself to more positive and optimistic ones and changing the conversations that you're having with yourself.

When you're faced with a stressful or challenging problem or situation. Try not to immediately think the worst case scenario or see it as the end of the world.

If you do fear the worst, at least accept it and be OK with it or do your very best to handle the situation as best as you possibly can.

Often when things don't workout or adversity strikes. It is so easy to only focus on what has gone wrong or what might go wrong.

The trouble is when you only focus on the negative it can be hard to see the positive or the silver lining.

Try not to use labeling statements or negative conditioning.

Examples of these could be:

  • I am no good at
  • I can't 
  • I am weak
  • I am stupid
  • I'll never be able
  • I am a failure
  • I am bad
  • I am a loser
The simple formula to changing these negative labels is to say the positive polar opposite. 

When you use negative self talk labels about yourself.  Then this will create self fulfilling prophecies, self limitations and negative expectations which will create negative experiences and negative behaviors and actions.

Most people go through the majority of their life accepting their negative labels and negative conditioning and they rarely stop to question things.

The reason for this is because the negative feelings and stories in their mind and body. 

Trick them into convincing themselves that the negative thoughts, assumptions and labels are true, otherwise why else are they feeling so bad. 

Years of negative self talk and negative thinking can flip people into falling into the victim mentality. Where they blame everything and everybody for their problems and misfortunes.

This can lead them into thinking that they are in no way responsible for how they are or why things are not working out for them.

When you play the blame game or you fall victim of the victim trap. Then instead of looking for ways to treat the root cause of their issues or working on overcoming their problems.

They accept their is nothing they can do, so they never even research to see if there is a solution to your problem or an answer to your questions.

You are you best teacher, motivator and life success programmer

We all have an inner voice and we all talk and communicate to ourselves on a daily basis some of it is positive but much of it is negative and self destructive. 

Your inner self talk can have a big influence on your success levels, your confidence levels and how you feel, act and behave.

The secret is to treat and talk to yourself as you would like to be treated by others. Use positive self talk, as if, you are already, what you would like to be like.

The quality of your life and how successful you become is largely determined by how you think and feel on the inside. 

A happy, confident and successful person will have a high regard for themselves and a healthy level of self esteem where you allow the best version of you to expand and flourish.

Your self esteem and self value are the foundation for a good and successful life and you should always let your highest expectations for yourself to be free to permit you to go on and have the best life possible for you so you can develop and grow into the person you choose to be.

Your self esteem is determined greatly by how you perceive and talk to yourself and why it's so important is because your self talk is responsible for most of your emotions both good and bad. 

Self talk is the source of success and failure

Self talk is the source of success and failure because it has the ability to influence your all powerful subconscious mind, therefore if you master your inner world, then you will become master of your outer world and always remember to avoid anything that causes you any feelings of discomfort.

For most people, their self talk can lead to big problems and negative emotions in their lives. Our minds run mainly off what input and how we have been conditioned in our life so far. 

If you're flooding your mind with self hatred, then you're never going to be at peace with yourself or the world. We are often told that self praise and boosting ourselves up is big headed yet self praise leads to success and builds your self esteem.

So tell yourself your awesome, great and wonderful and if you do it when your own your own or through your thinking nobody else will know.

Everybody knows that the confident and successful person has a high regard for themselves and people just can't seem to get enough of them and want to be with (especially the opposite sex) them or be like them.

If that inner child in you is running your mind, then it's time to overpower and change those negative beliefs so you can begin to be the person you were always destined to be.

When your self talk is negative, it will lower your self esteem and confidence and drag you into a depressed and disempowered state. 

This can come in the form of that inner self critic, you know that voice that chips away at your self worth telling you things like your no good, you're useless, you're stupid, you cannot do that and the list goes on.

The reason why people have this inner critic is usually a result of being abused, ridiculed, constantly criticized or put down as a child. 

The inner critic often comes in the form of a harsh voice, but what you have to be aware of is that critical voice does not belong to you therefore it is not true and you can override it and replace by saying nice and constructive things about you.

Often you will find that your inner self talk matches your current emotional state and it is impacted by your current situation or what's previously happened to you, change your state to calm and positive and your mind will follow. 

We seem to have a different voice with a different tone and a different opinion for each emotion we experience and go through. 

There's you angry inner you, then you have your fearful inner you, your happy in you and your positive inner you so learning how to manage your emotions can help you to access that more positive you.



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