Why Binuarual  Beats Are Becoming The Substitute For Meditation 

We have all been left feeling pretty low at one time or another or we just feel too stressed and tense, many people try various ways to try and relax or snap out of their low and negative moods. 

Some follow the healthy lifestyle, they work out, they eat healthy foods and they get plenty of rest yet they still don't seem to get the results they want or expect.

Sometimes life can be hard, everybody experiences negative and low moods from time to time, but for some low moods can go on for long periods of time, especially if you have allowed the negative momentum to take hold and gain momentum.

No one is immune from the challenges life can throw at us and it is far too easy to fall victim to life's circumstances, stresses and its ups and downs and stress and negative thinking is one of the biggest culprits for lowering your mood.

The ideal solution is to learn how to accept what is and then bounce back quickly with a new found optimism.

You can think your way out of a low mood or you can imagine yourself handling a difficult and challenging situation, your imagination is a very powerful way of elevating your mood. There are several ways of doing this, you can think back to a time when you were happy and relaxed and if you return to that memory and you relive it in your mind then that can naturally boost your mood.

Another way of taking advantage of your imagination is by seeing and imagining yourself handling stressful situations or difficult and annoying people in a calm and resourceful manner or picture yourself as if you have already overcome or handled a problem or challenging situation. 

It is surprising how you can calm your mind when you imagine yourself having successfully come through a situation that has been worrying you. Why this happens is because the mind fears the unknown, the good news is, your nervous system cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined so you can use this to your advantage.

So if you present it with a successful outcome where you have imagined beyond what you were worrying about with the belief that everything has gone well and you have come through the situation safe and secure then this can ease the anxiety and fear of that event and reduce your stress.

But if you have been at the mercy of negative emotion for a while and it has become your dominate energy then thinking your way out of a negative place can prove to be very difficult. If you are struggling with negative or bad moods then all is not lost because thanks to the advancement of modern technology you can naturally elevate and boost your mood. 

Having a massage is a good way of relieving tension which will in itself boost your mood, you can buy a electrical home massages which are nearly as good as the real thing, or you can use binaural beat recordings which work along similar lines to somebody who practices regular meditation..

Meditation Made Easy With Binaural Beats

It has been well documented about the endless health benefits of meditation and regular relaxation, those who meditate regularly generally experience less stress and anxiety, they have better health and a more general sense of feeling more calm and at peace.

Meditation is something you can do at almost any time to help clear and calm your mind as well as relaxing your body. 

The biggest problem most people report when they try and mediate is they do not have the self discipline, patients and concentration which is needed, so they struggle to stay focused for long enough to quieten their mind and switch from a state of stress to a state of inner calm and harmony and unfortunately most people soon give up.

To master meditation you need to shut your mind off from your current struggles and difficulties long enough to reach those much sort after peaceful states of bliss and flow.

For many, meditation can prove to be difficult to get the hang of, mainly because there occupied and racing mind can be hard to switch off, most people find that they can only calm their mind once they eventually drop off to sleep. 

Then, as soon as they awake their mind resumes from where it left off.

If you're persistent, focused and you persevere then you will soon get the hang of mediation, the big issue most people have is they soon get distracted, usually by the negative thoughts and concerns there trying to switch off from and they key to meditation is being able to switch off and disconnect from your problems and the world around you.

If you have not got the time and patients to practice mastering the art of meditation and you want a easier and quicker way to inner peace and calm which will naturally elevate your mood, then binaural beat recordings are the next beat option and they are well worth considering. 

Binaural beats are powerful brain entrainment recording which uses specially formulated patterns and sounds to influence your brainwaves. 

How Binaural Beats Work

Binaural recordings which can include music and sound effects which are covered over by specially formatted brainwave audio's can match the results of deep meditation, and it does not take long before your mind and body follow and match the rhythms of the soothing and relaxing tones of the binaural beat recordings.

Even though binaural beats have been nicknamed the digital drug, they don't mimic any kind of recreational drug, what they do mimic is the deep relaxed and uplifting state a bit like you would get when you meditate. 

Although they are called binaural beats they actually consists of two different tones or frequencies, you use them with headphones and you have one frequency wave which comes into the one ear and another frequency wave which enters into the other ear. 

The actual beat comes in at the points where the two sound waves cross over each others and these beats entrain the brain to match the soothing frequencies of the binaural beats, which means your brainwaves will be encouraged to match the relaxing frequency range of the binaural beat recordings.

Although there are no actual beats as such your brain is tricked into believing there is, this triggers a calming frequency follow on response in a formation of waves, these waves oscillate outwards, a bit like when you throw a stone in a lake and the initial waves keep spreading out beyond the point where the waves started. 

So the frequency waves start off in one area and then they spread out in a ripple like motion to the other parts of your brain thus training all your over active brain to switch to a more relaxed alpha state, which is like the relaxed state you go into when you close your eyes and go into a day dream

The alpha state is the state where most beginners of meditation reach, if you   regularly use binaural beats then you can get into the theta state which is the brain wave frequency of advanced meditation.

 This is like the restful state you hit when you're asleep, in this theta state you can connect with your spiritual and higher self, binuaral beats are also very good at helping people to relax and fall asleep.

Your mind and body will begin to work in sync with the sounds and rhythm of the recordings, soon as your brainwaves start to slow down, because of the mind body connection your body will begin to follow suit and it will start to relax both physically and emotionally.

Some Of The Benefits Of Being Relaxed And Happier

Although regularly listening to a binaural beat recording will start to transform you into a deeply relaxed and carefree, relaxed state of being when you are listening to them, especially the more you persevere with them and use them regularly, you're not going to remain in that deep relaxed state throughout the whole of your day.

But on awakening you will begin to remain more and more in that Alpha wave state which are characteristic of a relaxed yet alert state of mind, this will increase your creativity, improve your mood and elevate you into a state where you will perform better, you will absorb and retain information better. Alpha Brain Waves have also been linked to relief from lost sleep, mental stability, and increased awareness.

Some of the benefits of residing in a relaxed but alert state of mind and body

  •  Stopping self doubt, worry and self sabotage
  •  Improved visualization and creativity
  •  Skills Boosting your Self Confidence 
  •  Following your intuitive guidance system
  •  Tapping into your inner source energy
  •  More Feelings of gratitude 
  •  More inner harmony, balance and peace of mind
  •  More energy which will increase your chances of achieving your goals 
  •  Help You to fall asleep and stay asleep

Binaural Beats The Quick Route To Boosting Your Mood

If you are feeling low, anxious and stressed then binaural beats can help coax you back to a more positive and calm state without having to spend years learning how to meditate or searching for ways to lift your mood, and although it is always advisable to stick to a good healthy style of living to give you a further boost you can use the aid of binaural beats.

These binaural beat recordings have been nicknamed the digital drug as they are designed to help you to increase and improve your mood by giving you uplifting lifting feel good emotions. 

Many studies have been conducted and they have revealed that meditation and the similar effects of binaural beats have been successful at reducing stress and anxiety which can induce an all natural high.

The good thing about binaural beats is you don't have to do anything except finding somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed or distracted, then all is required of you is, you just have put your headphones on listen and just forget about your troubles and the world for thirty minutes.


All Natural High - Enjoy The Ultimate Digital Drug



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