Make Your Life Easier By Learning To Deal With Uncertainty

Accepting Uncertainty

Wouldn't life be great, if we could have the guarantee that everything will workout fine all the time. 

It would certainly make life a whole lot easier for us.

Because, none of us like thought of uncertainty. It stirs up negative and anxious thoughts, feelings and emotions.

But unfortunately even though most people would dearly like the added reassurance of a bit more certainty at times in their lives to help them feel at peace. 

We cannot always have that absolute guarantee.

But we can have the guarantee that we can learn to relax and live better with uncertainty.

With the added reassurance that will come through, get over or overcome life's challenges, setbacks and adversities.

Uncertainty comes from a negative mindset of thinking the worst.

Causing us to overlook the positive options, choices or possibilities.

But not everything in our lives turns out to be as bad or dark as we imagine it to be and the worst case scenario does not always happen. 

How many times have you got stressed or emotionally overwhelmed, when you have had to face a challenging or stressful situation.

Or how many times have you talked or thought yourself out of doing something because of the fear of failure or the need for uncertainty?

Yet, after the event was over. 

You found out that.

It was not half has bad as you thought or the whole thing went much better than you had imagined.

Or maybe you later looked back with regret because you failed to act on what we wanted to do.

Things generally, always end up working out fine, if we get out of the way and we let life happen and flow naturally.

Maybe a good rule to follow, might be.

Never act or make a snap decision or bad choice when you're experiencing bad feelings.

We could all save ourselves a lot of unnecessary grief, stress and frustration. 

If we would just trust and believe a little more often.

That things will work out fine in the end.

If only we would have a little bit more faith and self belief in ourselves and what is possible for us.

Sometime having certainty, can make life a little to predictable and it can prevent us from striving to plan and prepare for a better outcome and result.

Life does not always provide us with a guarantee

The reality is, there are no certainties or guarantees.

We all like to think that are jobs are safe. 

We will have the perfect relationship, till death does depart. 

We would all love the guarantee that we will achieve all our goals, we will perform well at everything we do and we will live a long and healthy life, etc.

And of course, all these are possible, but they are not necessarily, guaranteed.

The only person that you can truly rely on is your true authentic inner self.

You true authentic self knows that your here for a good reason.

Which is to grow,create, enjoy yourself and live a fun and fulfilling life experience.

The best way to get the things that you want can be greatly increased through

  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Relaxing and being mindful
  • Keeping active
  • Eating healthy
  • Making the most of your time
  • Creating positive healthy lifestyle choices and habits

Those who seek and need certainty are coming from a place of fear and insecurity.

From an evolutionary point of view. The human mind does not like uncertainty and the not knowing. 

Our brains, whose primary job is to help to protect us and keep us safe, likes to know that everything will be OK.

All the great TV thrillers, mystery movies and suspense films and books. Tease us with plots of uncertainty, curiosity and guessing games.  

One of the biggest things that prevents people from attempting their goals, trying something new, taking on a new challenges or stepping out of their comfort zone.

Is the: 

  • Fear of things going wrong 
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of making a mistake 
  • Fear of things not working out
  • Fear of getting things wrong

People want the certainty of the end outcome going well, before they even attempt it.

The best guarantee of things going well. Is to come from a good feeling state of calm, balance, flow and positive expectations.

Keep out of the negative emotional states and life runs more smoothly.

Worry and anxiety is fuelled by uncertainty and the fear of things going wrong.

Not being able to accept or handle uncertainty, also destroys self confidence and it causes endless worry, stress and emotional trauma.

Although you cannot have the guarantee of certainty.

You do have the certainty that.

  • You are unique
  • You are limitless
  • You are completely enough
  • You are smart
  • You are capable of anything you want

Certainty isn't even always a good thing.

Because certainty has its dark side.

If you are certain, you can't do something or you are certain that you will fail.

Then this can prevent you from attempting something new and it can prevent you from expanding, bettering yourself.

This can also keep you small, limited and stuck which can stop you from growing and moving forwards in life.

You might think that if the odds are stacked against you from succeeding, then what's the point in you bothering.

If you are certain that you cannot change or better yourself. 

You might never try.

Managing uncertainty

If you journey through life worrying, playing it safe, holding back and hesitating because you feel the need for certainty.

Then you will stifle your personal growth and you will stop your chances of betterment.

If you ask yourself.

How many times have you held back, talked yourself out of doing or saying something, not followed up on an idea or failed to act upon the opportunities that have come your way?

When you look for security or you cannot accept with uncertainty, you invite in anxiety and negativity.

Insecurity and uncertainty can make us afraid to do the things that we want to do the most and it can deny us having the things that we desire.

If you want to grow, advance or be successful at something. 

You have to learn how to manage and accept uncertainty.

Before you can increase your self confidence, obtain all your desires and achieve your goals. 

You have to be able to step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes if we want to grow or grab an opportunity we have to take small risks.

If you play it safe all the time, because you see security, then you limit your chances of winning the big prizes.

Playing it safe and security often result in little rewards both material wise and with your own personal growth journey and life experiences.

Wanting certainty in an uncertain world and life can cause us to become emotional disconnected.

Putting us in a negative state of resistance and emotional and physical imbalance and disharmony.

When you are in a state of uncertainty, then this will disrupt your natural feel good, flow state of being.

When you move through your fears and you accept uncertainty, then you will find the biggest reward of them all.

Inner peace and calm.

Even though you don't know for sure, what is going to happen or what lies ahead.

It is very important to trust things will workout, stay positive and optimistic. 

Accept the worst case scenario and expect the best.

Accept that things might not go to plan.

Accept that you might make a mistake.

Then follow them up with a bit of self reassurance.


"Whatever happens, I'll handle it"

"Whatever happens, I'll be OK"

When uncertainty strikes, let yourself know you will handle it in calm and relaxed manner, then let it go.

Learn to let go of all your worries, accept uncertainty and be OK with it and relax with the those thoughts of uncertainty.

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