Overcoming Challenges In Life

Just when you think you've overcome one challenge or problem, another one pops up.

Life can be tough at times and nobody is immune from the stresses, upsets, worries and the challenges of life. 

You cannot always control or change everything that happens to you. Problems and challenges are just a part of life, therefore they cannot always be avoided. 

It's how you react, perceive and deal with the problems, difficulties and hardships that life throws at you, that really matters. 

If you allow them to, problem, difficulty or challenge can disempower you and cause you a lot of stress and grief, especially if you start to live in the emotion of your issue or challenge.

But, they can also be used to empower you and make you better, stronger and wiser.

Once you learn how surrender, accept, let go and move on.

See each challenge as an opportunity to learn and overcome.

Life is a journey where we should learn from our experiences so we grow, expand and better ourselves.

There will be times when life throws many obstacles and seemingly difficult and sometime insurmountable challenges for you to face and overcome.

Although it is important to learn how to handle and deal with your external problems, setbacks and challenges in the calmest and best way you can.

What you want to avoid is taking your problem or issue inwards and allowing it to mess you up and cause you endless worry and stress.

When we develop a problem or we have a challenge to overcome. 

If we are not careful, we can soon start to live our life in the emotion of the problem or obstacle, where we become so focused and emotional distracted on the problem, worry or challenge. 

We forget to focus on and work on the best possible solution available.

In the end. The emotional significance that we give to the problem, challenge or obstacle can become far greater for us to deal with.

Than the actual, difficulty itself.

Awareness and emotional intelligence

Being aware and acknowledging our emotional state, thought processes and perceptions in a problematic or difficult situation can allow us to grow, do things better or see the bigger picture.

This will allow you to be mindful and aware of the things that are causing your emotional reactions so you can step back and detach yourself from the emotions that are being generated by your problem or difficult situation.

Once you've allowed your mind to calm. You can further relax yourself if you wish, which will allow you to spend some time to reflect and to think more carefully and constructively. 

Because with a clear mind, you can logically think things through, look for a solution and plan the best ways or strategies to tackle and overcome your problem, obstacle or challenges, without all the emotional interference.

Otherwise, if you become too emotionally involved with your problems, obstacles and challenges. Then you will spend to much energy, focused on the problem, which will make your difficulty bigger and seem too hard for you to overcome.

Sometimes people seem to prefer to hang onto their problems, issues, difficulties or their self imposed limitations.

It can be easier to make up all sorts of excuses, for why they think that they should not make an effort to make the necessary positive lifestyle or habit changes. 

Often the easier option for many of us is for us to stay within the confines of our comfort zone. 

Rather than for us to. Apply for a better job, pursue our goals or face a challenge. 

Sometimes it is because of the fear of failing, the fear of the unknown or the fear of the feelings of fear, itself. But if you want to grow and be more successful. 

You have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take small risks. Failing, is a great opportunity to learn grow and better yourself.

It is easy to get caught up in the mental and emotional trap that some problems are too difficult to treat and some obstacles are to great to overcome.

Beyond each problem, challenge, fear and obstacle, awaits a better you and a better life. If you're not careful, then your problems and challenges can block off your motivation, drive and inspiration.

A good way to look at things is to ask yourself.

What are the benefits of holding onto your problems or what is causing your suffering. And what are the positive rewards and advantages of treating them or overcoming your challenges?

How problems and challenges affects the body?

The body, cannot tell the difference between what is created within the mind and and what is happening for real.

When you are constantly worried or thinking about your problem, obstacle or challenge. 

Then this way of thinking and feeling becomes routine and when you have repeated this negative habit, perception or way of thinking enough times.

Then your body will learn how to automatically feel negative stressed.

After a while. People wake up each day, and because they're stuck in a negative state of being. They immediately, start focusing on their problem or difficult situation.

Each problem, obstacle or difficult situation, has a strong negative emotion attached to it.

So the moment you begin to focus on your problem or challenge. 

You will automatically feel strong negative emotions or sensations of stress that will keep you more focused on your problem, and they will distract you and block your efforts to work on the solution or positive strategy.

We think, act, react and behave, with our current emotional and physical state of being. 

It is very hard to change or think constructively and positively. If you're holding yourself stuck in a stressful or negative state. 

Because, you cannot think clearly or beyond the limiting barriers of your current negative emotional state.

The best way to overcome any challenge, obstacle or problem is to calm your mind and relax and balance your body and your emotions.

For many people. The stress, anxiety and emotional overwhelm, can cause people to give up, not try or run away from their challenges.

When you keep your mind focused on the problem or stressful challenge. Your body will produce the stress hormones, that will keep you stuck in a negative state of being and thinking.

This can prevent you from developing and learning the necessary thinking skills, techniques and strategies as well as understanding the positive benefits and self betterment that you will be rewarded with, for putting in the time and effort. 

Positive changes, self growth and betterment become effective, when we make the effort and we put in the time.

It is a lot easier to overcome any difficult situation, if you have a clear and focused mind and you're coming from a place of inner peace and clarity.

Like learning any new skill, it takes time and practice and the first step to overcoming your challenges or achieving your goals, should always start from within.

Mastering your inner dialogue

Learning to be aware of your inner dialogue and self talk is a good place to start as is practising mindfulness and spending some time exercising and deeply relaxing.

Facing and overcoming obstacles and challenges is a trait that all successful and happy people, have mastered.

Successful, happy and relaxed people use their failures, setbacks and challenges as a learning experiences and an opportunity to grow and be better.

They have realized that you can overcome any difficulty, challenge or problem with the right attitude, strategies and a bit of mental focus and effort.

This is a necessary skill and process that is used by the successful to come through and overcome, barriers any obstacles and challenges that get in their way.

This will help you shifting your mindset, from only seeing the worst case scenario to taking a good look at the best case scenario and possible opportunity and positive alternative and outcome.

How to overcome challenges for goal achievement

If you are contemplating about starting a goal or you want to overcome a challenge that is preventing you from achieving your goal or you're not getting the results that you want for all the effort and time that you have been committing. 

Then why not use the power of your mind to help guide you to the people, opportunities, circumstances or information that will help you break through your barriers and obstacles.

Your subconscious mind acts a bit like a super biological computer system that is connected directly to the all knowlng all creative and infinite awareness and infinite possibilities, intelligent universal mind.

Which can bring about creative solutions, information and guidance, that you would not logically find or figureout on a conscious level.

The first step is to state your goal intention or what you want to do or achieve. It can really help to write it down on a piece of paper.

Just state what you want problem you would like to solve or what you like to do, achieve or overcome:

" I would like a better relationship"

"I would like to lose weight and tone up my body"

"I would like to start my own business or create a second source of income"

"I would like to write a book"

"I would like more customers for my business"

"I would like to do better at ........"

Disconnect yourself from the rest of the world

Ideally, you want a bit of peace and quiet, free from any outside distractions or stresses.

Preferably, find somewhere where you can be alone where you can reach deep levels of relaxation.

Because in that peaceful state of being. You can relay to your subconscious mind what it is you want or what answers and solutions you need to overcome a obstacle or challenge that you're facing.

You also need to be in the zone and peaceful flow state.

Where you will be more in tune to communicate with your subconscious mind what it is you want and where you will be in a state of no resistance so you will be open and ready to receive the information and help you require.

Creativity and idea flow, when we are at our most relaxed and in the zone.

People think that they should always be doing something others frown at the idea of not doing nothing.

The truth is. Getting away from outside distractions and chilling out and having some me time.

Will not only set you up for better well-being and good health. 

When you are at peace with yourself and this world. That is when you are at you most creative best.

Find somewhere quiet. Relax, focus on what you want and have a pen and piece of paper handy, to jot down the thoughts, information and ideas that flow into your mind.

Because the best time to solve your problems is when you're relaxed and you're not focused on them.

Make time to switch off, unwind and relax and just let your mind wander and take note of any messages that come from your unconscious mind.

At times. The idea's, opportunities and help may come to you fairly quickly whilst other times, you may have to wait.

These may come in the form of thought, idea's and inner creativity. 

You may also be led to the information, circumstances, opportunities, answers to your problems and people you need to help you achieve your goals.

If you are studying, in education or learning. Then the less stressed you feel and the more calm and relaxed you feel.

The easier you will find it to store and recall information. 

Worrying about failing your examines will not help. In fact it will cause you more stress, which can affect your ability to concentrate, learn and recall information.

Try and remove the consequences and pressure of failing or not getting the results that you want.

It is not the end of the world if you do not pass a test or examine. You can always retake them. 

The good things is. If you stop worrying about the outcome. Then you will feel more relaxed and at ease, which wil increase your chances of doing well.

There are many other ways that the universe may guide you to the answers, guidance and solutions. 

Such as: 

  • Through a friend 
  • An article 
  • On the TV
  • In the form of music
  • In a dream

Have you ever had the same old song playing over and over again in your mind. If you do, examine it for its hidden meaning.

You also need to be aware of the idea's, information and guidance that comes your way. 

The universe is always trying to subtly nudge and guide us in the right direction.

There are also many other times where you can relax and tune into your inner guidance, wisdom and universal feedback.

Such as:

  • When you're having a bath
  • When you're driving alone
  • Before you drop off to sleep
  • When you're taking a walk in nature
  • If you work alone

The idea is to take full advantage of your subconscious inner creativity, intuition and wisdom.

Increase your chances of achieving your goals

Sometimes when you want something so badly and desperately. 

It can force you to focus, so much on the desired outcome or results or even the lack of what you want. That it can actually make it harder for you to achieve your desired goal or outcome

Because when you are working hard on achieving a goal, but you're not getting the results you were hoping yet or if you are more focused on what you're not getting or what you want but you don't have.

Then this can create negative stories in your mind which can trigger negative feelings of disappointment, frustration, failure, anxiety. Which can leave you feeling fed up and disheartened.       

When we set out on achieving a goal or pursuing a dream. We, usually have an end outcome in mind.

You might visualize your end outcome. You may even start taking action, and begin working towards your goal.

We're all told, to visualize our desired outcome or thing that we want with positive emotions. And then we're told to keep focused on what we want and allow it to happen.

But is this a good idea or not.

Well. it's certainly good to start off or to write down your goal or spend some time visualising, with positive emotion your desired outcome or wish.

But, what happens when you've done all that and you have even spend quite a lot of time working towards your goal. 

Yet, you're still not getting the results that you want?

You might start to question what you're doing or you may think that you're doing something wrong or that it is just not meant to be for you.

Sometimes you can overdo the visualizing and focusing on what you want. Especially, if you have added negative emotional attachment to your goal, desires or dreams.

Because when you relentlessly focus on your desired end outcome or you let the lack of results or progress affect your mentally and emotionally.

Then this can actually block of your creativity, lower your performance levels and decrease your chances of success or getting what you want. Which can even cause you to give up or not try.

Often we are a victim to our past conditioning and are own worst enemy.

When things aren't happening for us or we are not getting the things and results that we want.

We can soon lose our positivity, faith and motivation. 

As the old negative you resurfaces its ugly head and tries to derail your chances of success.

Your inner dialogue changes, the stories you tell ourselves changes and your energy changes.

Once you slip back into those old self defeating and self sabotaging ways. Your mindset and energy will change which will make it harder for you to manifest your desires and achieve your desired outcome or results.

Sometimes a good attitude and approach is to surrender and let go of your desired outcome for a while, so you can take it out of the equation for a while.

As this will allow you to return back to the needed flow like state of calm positive energy and zero resistance.

Because the quickest way to achieve your desired positive outcome is to remain in a calm, happy, optimistic and peaceful state.

When you focus too much on an outcome or accomplishment that has not happened yet. 

Then this can have a negative impact on your state of mind, motivation levels and your energy.

One of our biggest flaws and obstacles is when we allow our current mindset and our emotional state of being to be controlled by a specific outcome, that has not yet even happened or manifested yet.

How you feel, should never be a condition of any outcome, thing or goal.

Our mood and life experiences should be shaped by our thoughts and feelings from within and not the other way around.

The ideal combination should be to take action, but to stay happy, calm and positive. Try not to allow your current results or situation, to affect your happiness and state of being too much.

Feeeling relaxed, balanced and feeling good is an essential recipe for more sucess and uping your performance levels and creativity.

Our mood and state has a direct impact on our thinking skills, our self confidence and how well we perform. You cannot think better or peform better than how you're feeling.

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