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Negative Effects Of Sugar And What Excessive Amounts Can Do To Your Body

These days, sugar doesn't get much good press and the aim of this article is not about trying to tell people to cut out sugar completely, because everybody deserves a treat now and again.

And in the end it is all down to your own personal preferences, so the goal of this article is to help people become aware of the risks of consuming too much sugar.

We have all heard about the negative effects of sugar and how consuming too much of it is potentially bad for us. 

In recent years, sugar has become public health enemy number one, and most people are trying to cut it down, and there are many good reasons for that.

Many studies have shown that sugar is linked to many health related issues, such as obesity, diabetes and abnormal brain functions. 

We have all known for years, how bad it is for our teeth.

It has also been linked to many health related issues, including obesity and some of the high risks diseases.

But it is not just the inside that sugar can negatively affect us, it also believed to, age us and affect our skin. 

But cutting down on your sugar intake is not easy for many people, we have all grown up on sugary foods, and everybody loves the sweetened taste that sugar gives us.

These days, sugar is in virtually everything, so no wonder it is hard to reduce it.

Sugar tastes good, but it is not as good as being fit, toned, young looking and healthy.

Trying to exercise your high intake of sugar off, isn't really the answer, as it takes hours of exercising to burn off one high in sugar food.

The best way to avoid putting on excessive weight, is to limit or reduce your sugar intake.

Sugar in small doses, isn't really a problem, the problem starts when you eat it in large doses, and over the years, each generations intake of sugar has gone up.

The reason for this is, most of the nice and sweet tasting foods are high in sugar content, and the second hurdle to get over is, sugary foods can be totally addictive.

So although we all know the negative effects of sugar, trying to cut it down can be extremely hard.

When we are feeling stressed or emotionally overwhelmed, we seek something to give us pleasure, and sugar is one of those things that can give us instant pleasure.

The primary job of our brain, is to move us away from pain and moving us towards pleasure,

So if you're feeling depressed, frustrated stressed, bogged down, or you feel as life is getting on top of you, then your mind will seek out things that will take you away from your pain and give you pleasure.

If you have a sweet tooth, then, sugar will probably be one of the easiest and quickest ways to give you a pleasure surge.

Sugar can also provide us with energy, so again, when we are feeling a bit flat, tired or run down, we will seek out a sugary snack or drink to give us a boost of energy.

Often these, energy boosts, will peak quickly and drop and the pleasure effect will be short lived.

Therefore, there may be better ways to boost our energy, through getting plenty of rest and relaxation or eating high in nutritious and healthier foods.

It is also a lot healthier to find better ways to deal with your stress and emotional issues.

The less sugary foods you consume, the less you will crave for them, but if you’re trying to break your sugar habit. 

You can be left with a sugar craving and it has even been suggested, withdrawal type symptoms.

"Dr Mark Hyman quotes sugar as a recreational drug"

The campaign group Action On Sugar, which is a group of specialist that are concerned about the health risks and the connection between high sugar consumption and obesity, are calling for more awareness and a reduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods and other high in sugar foods and drinks.

If you're looking to slim and look good, then you're probably aware that sugar is not just a treat we have now and then, it is a compulsion, that can be hard to stop. 

There are many reasons given for why people develop sugar cravings: pleasure and comfort eating, convenience, habitual behaviors, emotional issues, stress, lack of sleep and a lack of discipline.

We all know that too much sugar consumption has been linked to weight gain, and most of us are well aware of all the reasons why we become addicted to sugar.

But knowing this is one thing, but even with all this information and warnings about the link between too much sugar and obesity.

It still does not seem to make it any easier for people to quell their sugar and food cravings or to motivating people to change their eating habits and behaviors.

I think many people are fed up with being told what to do or how to live their lives, and although it is important to get the message through to people.

Very often going on about all the negative stuff and relentlessly going on, does not work with everybody, with some people, it just often leaves them feeling more guilty and bad about themselves.

People need solutions, support and guidance, that will help to move them forwards in a new positive direction.

Focusing on all the positive and benefits that you will gain through losing weight might be a better approach, because it is a well known fact, that positivity is a better motivator than negativity.

Because when you have a positive goal and reason for losing weight. Such as:

Uncovering a more body confident, fitter, healthier and slimmer you, you will be more likely to see it through and make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes.

Some people try to cut back on their sugar loving cravings, but again this is not always an easy process.

Which maybe, controlling your hunger and sugar cravings, playing havoc with your appetite and driving your body to store excessive fat.

Very often, just when you feel you're making good progress, you suffer a setback and your first reaction is to find something sugar, and before you know it, you're right back at the start, feeling bad and guilty afterwards.

The Many Ways In Which It Affects Our Health

These days we pretty much add sugar to anything and everything, and it goes with anything as well all the way from soup to cakes. 

This ingredient that can take a bland broken down dish and turn it into something special. 

Now I'm sure you might be saying at this point "yes. 

Yes, I've heard it all before we see it on TV, online and we are made aware of it by our doctors all the time." 

You see, most people out there I'm sure, are already well aware that high sugar consumption is not good for any of us when it comes to our health.

But a lot of people out there don't actually know what it does to our body's, they don't know the negative effects that too much sugar may have on our health.

Therefore, even though it's something they know isn't "good for them" it won't necessarily stop them from cutting back on their daily intake of sugar. 

But after doing just a little bit of digging and research you might be shocked at just how bad it can be for your looks and your body.

Sugar is believed to accelerate the aging process, causing wrinkles in your face

Carolyn Hartz is one shining example of how you can benefit from reducing your sugar intake.

Carolyn was once addicted to sweets. But she changed her lifestyle completely when she decided to go off sugar for good. 

And 28 years later, she looks fantastic, and even though she is now in her 70's, she could easily pass as a very fit 40 year old.

Carolyn Hartz looks nothing like her age. It is amazing to think how she has managed to keep her addiction, whilst still  maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for so many years. 

Below is a list some of the possible negative effects of high sugar consumption, this evidence has been concluded by several books, researches and studies over the years. 

Some of the potential effects of consuming too much sugar

  • Promotes ageing skin
  • Sugar has been linked to shorter life expectancy
  •  Is a major contributor to diabetes
  • One of the leading causes of obesity
  • Linked with all kinds of Heart Problems
  • Can rot your teeth
  • Causes fatigue 
  • Robs your body of minerals
  • Can weaken and shut down your immune system
  • Is possible to weaken your vision
  • Can complicate skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis 
  • Can cause inflammation 
  • Has been linked to some of the major life threatening diseases 
  • Linked to depression

But even though everybody knows that excessive amounts of sugar is bad for you, because it tastes good and because it is addictive, it can be hard to reduce your sugar intake.

If you're struggling to reduce your sugar intake, try looking at all the positive benefits, like

  • You will be more healthy 
  • You will slow your aging process down 
  • You will start to look slimmer  
  • You will be fitter 
  • Your skin will look more radiant and glowing

It would be unfair to only put the bad points without putting the good points that would almost seem biased so here you go for all those out there wanting to know the health benefits of sugar!

Sugar good points

Sugar can make foods taste nicer, but when it is taken in high amounts frequently on a weekly basis can prove to be very addictive.

Some reports suggest, sugar may be as addictive as cocaine.

In an experiment conducted with rats in which they were exposed and hooked on to both substances, the rats ended up favoring the sugar over the cocaine. 

If you're the type to walk past the sugar section of a supermarket and think "ooh just the one." 

Or if you crack open a tin of chocolates in front of the TV and you keep going and going until you've had nearly half the tin before you stop, as ridiculous as this sounds these can be signs that you are addicted to sugar.

Now these signs might still sound quite normal and many of us at some point have probably done this, but it's all about how often you're doing this once a week ok, but two or three times a week that's the sign of it becoming a problem and an addiction.

Sugar offers no nutritional value to our body, and it is often quoted as being classed as "empty calories."

It has,

  • No nutrients 
  • No protein 
  • No minerals 
  • No fiber

Because sugar lacks and nutritional value, eating too much sugar actually makes you feel hungry, therefore increasing the chance of you eating more and gaining weight.

Reports have suggested that sugar causes an increase in belly fat.

This does not mean to say you should never touch a grain of sugar again in your life, this would be near impossible in this day and age, what with sugar being in pretty much everything.

Trying to totally cut out sugar, may not be a good thing, the trick is to learn how to control your sugar intake and look for healthier replacements.

If you enjoy sweet tasting foods, then it may pay you to have a sugar substitute available like

  • Sweet potatoes, 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Coconut sugar
  • Carrot sticks 
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Raw honey 
  • Dates 
  • Banana puree 
  • Nuts

It all comes down to, moderation and self discipline, knowing how much sugar you are consuming each day. 

Remember to check the labels of food you are buying, and while this can seem like a choir and a pain at first. It can save you from far greater pain in later life, and potentially save you from serious health consequences.

Now is as good a time as any to have a change of diet, and start living healthier whatever your current age and health status I hear people all the time saying "well I'm already 50 now, its to late for me to change." 

And that's completely the wrong mentality, it's never to late to change and start feeling all the health benefits of reducing your daily sugar intake and feeling all the benefits that come with it.

But it certainly does help to start as young as possible, especially when it comes to your skin, weight and teeth. 

There are some marvelous examples out there of people who have massively reduced the effects of ageing by purely just cutting out sugar from their diet.

After reviewing all the evidence, sugar may be something that should be used sparingly and not consumed in high daily doses. 

A soft drink for example, can contain up to 8 or 9 teaspoons of sugar, and you just have to be so mindful of this when going about your day by day life.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this page is for information use purposes and it is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information for the diagnosing or treatment for health conditions. If you suspect that you have a health condition, consult your doctor.

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