Written by Steven 19-11-2017

Look After Yourself

When was the last time that you felt, great?

Wouldn't it be nice to feel fantastic more often. Many people have simply forgotten, what it feels like, to feel good, or they have become so used to feel bad, overwhelmed and stressed.

That they have accepted it, as their normal way of feeling and existing.

Well, by giving a bit of care, love and attention to you and your body. You can begin to feel better and better.

You still may have the odd, off day. But, generally, your bad days will get better and less frequent, and your good days will get even better and more frequent.

It is human nature to want to help, please and look after others.

But, sometimes in life, you just have to think of yourself and put your own needs and happiness first. 

Because, when you feel good, then not only will you benefit but others around you will too.

But, if you're feeling generally run down, exhausted, ill, overwhelmed, suffering with mood swings or bogged down with work and your to do list. 

Then your ability to function at your peak physical and creative best, will be severely compromised.

There are two components of looking after yourself, and if you want to be and feel at your best, then it is important to work on both your emotional and physical self. 

First of all, there is the looking after your emotional and physical needs
  • You should set aside some me time 
  • You should do the things you want
  • You should be kind to yourself 
  • You should not overdo things 
  • You should ignore any negative thoughts
  • You should quit any self criticism 
  • You should use positive and encouraging self statements 
  • You should learn how to manage your state
The second component is looking after your body's basic needs and requirements
  • Keeping active/exercise 
  • Good nutrition 
  • Quality sleep 
  • Rest and relaxation
Your mind and body are linked and they both have a big impact on each other. 

This is why, if you want to be at your best, physically, emotionally and mentally. Then you have to work on calming your mind, and taking good care of your body.

When people experience, what they deem to be psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. 

They immediately, search for an external or psychological reason. 

In many cases, our mindset is dictated initially, by what happens to us in our physical reality, and by the bad memories that we form. 

But good mental health is also linked to good physical health and making sure that we look after our bodies, with a healthy diet, enough quality sleep and adequate exercise/activity.

Because a sedentary life, a nutrient deficiency, too much stress, overdoing things or too much junk food, and a lack of sleep. 

Can have a big and negative impact on how you feel and your mental state and attitude.

And when you look after yourself and you learn how to stay in the peace and calm of the present moment. 

You will feel better, look better, be more agile and you will be able to tap into your inner powers and true potentially.

Out with the bad stuff and in with the good stuff

As the old saying goes. "Prevention is better than cure" 

And this is certainly true, as far as our own health and well-being is concerned. 

And how you feel, has a lot to do with how good you take care of your body and what you give your focus of attention too.

Your mind is a very powerful tool when used in creative and constructive ways, and what you put in, comes back out.

If you feed your mind with positive self statements about you and your limitless potential, and you give it clear instructions, of what you want.

Then your mind can bring you, everything that you desire. To keep your mind working at its most efficient best, you have to take good care of your body.

As they also say 

"Your body is your temple" 

But when we don't listen to our bodies or keep our body running at its most efficient best.

Then, this is when we can start to suffer badly, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do you give it all the required nutrients and attention that are essential, to keep your body healthy, toned, young in appearance, strong and functioning at its optimum and peak efficient best.

These days, mental health issues and other conditions seem to be forever on the rise, and this worrying trend, needs reversing.

Very often, people neglect their emotional well-being and basic fundamental bodily needs.

Or they fail to listen to their bodies until they reach a point where they are forced to do something about it.

Often people will struggle their way through each day, feeling under par of dogged by negativity, problems and emotional baggage.

The best strategy, and recipe for a healthy and happy life

Is to start taking care of yourself from an early age and then to keep looking after yourself for the rest of your life.

Because, it is far better and much easier, to prevent bad or negative things from occurring to you or your family before the damage is done.

In this must have material world. Many people will spend more money on material things, than they will on, looking after themselves.

You can replace, all material possessions, but life is precious, and you only have one body, which is your most prized possession, and it is irreplaceable.

How you feel, your happiness, your health and your emotional well-being, are the most important things you have.

So looking after yourself, should always be your number one priority and it should come before everything else.

There is a very simple strategy to follow that will help to keep you feeling good and healthy.

A good place to start, is to stop paying attention to all the bad news, negative stuff and doom gloom. 

Or at least, try not to allow all the bad news affect you. 

Because, you cannot change the world. But you do have full control, of your reality and destiny.

Sadly, we live in a society, where bad news gets all the publicity and attention, and all the good stuff that is going on in the world, gets largely ignored.

Getting rid of all the bad things, and replace them with all the good stuff, is another step you can take, to being the best and happiest version of yourself.

These days, many people have forgotten what it is like to feel good.

Negative and limiting suggestions

One of the first things that you might need to let go of, are, any negative or limiting beliefs and suggestions, that you have inherited or been conditioned to believe.

If you have any negative suggestion or limiting and untrue beliefs that aren't helping you, to be and become the person that you would like to be. 

Then they need to be disregarded or left well and truly in the past.

Many people hold damaging beliefs that they aren't good enough, capable enough, equal enough or deserving enough, or they are not very good at..... 

To name a few. 

Or you may have been told that you were shy, stupid or you have low self esteem/confidence. 

Maybe, you were led to believe, you will never amount to much and you have over time bought into these negative and destructive suggestions and belief, and even added to them or reinforced them.

Nobody just becomes shy or has low self esteem, nobody just feels not good enough and nobody just feels unloved, ugly and worthless.

And nobody has to live with these limiting and negative labels.

The real authentic, inner spiritual you, knows all of these negative suggestions, beliefs and thoughts are not true.

Your, really true inner being and spiritual you. 

Knows you are lovable, worthy, good enough and more than capable enough.

It is only the physical side of you, which responds and reacts, to your external reality and societal conditioning, thinks this way.

We are conditioned to become who we are and we condition ourselves to feel and respond the way we do.

All the bad and negative suggestions, and hurtful criticism that you have been told by others, become the self image that you hold about yourself. 

Once you buy into these negative suggestions. They, then become your beliefs and part of who you are, your character, your personality, and what you do or become. 

What happens then, is that inner critic self and negative ego, takes over, and that negative voice in your head, will then keep on telling you.  

The lies that are not true and it will try and impose on you all those self limitations and self defeating viewpoints.

From this day forth. 

Anytime, you have any negative or self destructive thoughts or limiting belief about you.

Ask yourself. Where did these suggestions/beliefs/opinions come from. 

Are they yours or have they been given to you by somebody else.

Any bad suggestions or negative beliefs, should be categorized as a lie and untrue.

So you should, either dismiss them. Or challenge them and replace them with positive, supportive and empowering ones.

Taking good care of your body

Are you giving your body the essential nutrients that it requires to keep your body functioning at its peak efficient optimum best.

Are you paying attention to your body and are you looking after your physical health, keeping your body in pristine and prime condition.

Many people experience mood swings, fatigue, depression, low energy, tension, anxiety and other mental and emotional issues.

Some think, it is all down to psychological issues. 

But as most scientists are now starting to tell us, there is a direct link between the mind and body. 

This means, what you put into your body and whether you take good care of your body. 

Can have an impact on your mental state. 

And your mental focus of attention, can affect your physiology.

If you neglect your body. Then this can have a negative impact on your emotional, psychological and physical health and well-being.

When you neglect or abuse your body, or you give it things that can be potentially harmful, then you can suffer at a later date.

When people are feeling in a low mood or they are experiencing negative feelings and emotions, they either put it all down. 

Too, their external circumstances or they think that there is nothing that they can do.

What many people are not aware of are

There could be many other underlying reasons to their low moods, stress or anxiety.

This can range from things like
  • Nutrient deficiency 
  • Stress, exhaustion and burnout
  • Lack of sleep and relaxation 
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Food intolerance, sensitivity 
  • Lifestyle
Your body needs the recommend daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, with plenty of fresh or organic fruit and vegetables (If possible) combined with the adequate requirement of lean proteins, fiber and omega three fatty acids, is a good place to start.

If you think that you're still not getting the essential vitamins and minerals, then you may benefit for a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

Keeping fit and in good shape

Our bodies are designed for movement, and if we keep our muscles toned, then there is no reason why we cannot stay agile and active well into our later years.

Light to moderate resistance training, can prevent the degeneration of our muscles, which is regarded as the single biggest contributor to aging well before your time.

Stress and negative emotions can also take a serious toll on our body, both internally and externally.

You cannot feel good, happy and in the flow, if you're suffering from stress or negative emotions.

Negative thoughts and feelings, are not only bad for our health, they can our moods and what we do and become.

The latest scientific research is suggesting, that many of people's mental health and emotional issues, are linked to a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep.

If you want to start the day off in a good mood and stress free. It is best to prepare yourself the night before.

Making the effort to relax yourself deeply before you go to bed with techniques like hypnosis and mediation, can benefit you in so many positive ways.

They will help you reduce your stress and anxiety. They will aid you to fall asleep, and more importantly, you will get a better quality and restorative sleep.
  • When you wake up, you will leave your emotional baggage behind you
  • You will feel more relaxed and energized
  • You will be in a better frame of mind and state of being
Standing and sitting with ease and poise

Because of the mind, body and emotional connection. If you want to be at your peak best and feel good at the same time.

Then you will want your muscles to be soft and all your joints to be free, so you stand, sit and move easily, freely and with the least amount of tension and effort. 

So you experience that sweet and sort after, flow like state.

When our muscles are tense or we stand and sit in tense and painful postures. Then we will feel uncomfortable, irritable and we won't be at, or perform at your most efficient best.

If your muscles are tense, then this can affect your confidence levels, how you speak as well as making you feel more anxious and it can affect your train of thoughts and your mental attitude.

Because, our muscles and posture can have an influence on our mind and emotions.

Some of the things we've covered may sound like basic needs and you may think they're not that important in your quest for a happy and successful life.

But, they're highly important and essential for good health, well-being and a happier and successful life.

Because, when you get the basic right, everything else will fall into place. Because when you feel good on the inside, and you feel good physically. 

Then your outside experience and reality, will start to mirror and reflect, your inner being and state.

Having me time

It is not always easy to be as fit and healthy as we would like to be, at it is not always easy to set as side enough me time as we would like.

Depending on your situation, sometimes our family, work, chores and even social commitments get in the way, often leaving us adequate me time, where we can chill out or do the things that we enjoy doing.

We all need a bit of me time so we can spend a bit more time relaxing or doing more of the things that really matter to us.

But sometimes you have just got to make time to follow your passions, do your hobbies and interests, or generally spending a bit of time doing what you enjoy doing.

If you have been putting off, doing all the things that you would like to try, learn or do, it's time to put your needs and wants first, because you, your well-being, your health and your happiness, matter.

Getting enough sleep

The latest health reports suggest that many mental health issues and some physical conditions have been put down to a lack of sleep and relaxation.

Many people are so emotionally overwhelmed that they cannot switch their racing minds off at night, making it hard for them to fall asleep and have a good night's quality restless sleep.

Some people even worry about not getting enough sleep, or they try and force themselves to sleep, which just makes it harder for them to fall asleep naturally.

When you're tired and you lack energy, due to a lack of quality sleep. Then it can feel like that you just cannot go on and you struggle to see the day through.

Some people drink lots of coffee to try and give them the energy to get through the day, but there comes a point, where even stimulants don't supply you with the energy and motivation that you need.

We all have the occasional bad nights sleep, but when your sleep deprivation accumulates, then this is when it can affect you emotionally and physically.

The thing with sleep is, It should be a natural process that happens without you having to think about it or try to get to sleep.

The key to a good night's sleep, is learning how to relax and unwind before bedtime. A good routine is required, where you spend some time winding down and relaxing.

Listening to relaxing music, or using techniques like self hypnosis or meditation, before bed will train your brain and body to fall asleep naturally again.

Put an end to your worrying

One of the biggest causes of mental health issues, is allowing your mind and imagination to control how you think, feel and behave.

It is also one of the main reasons people struggle to get some much needed, quality and restorative sleep.

Most people wrestle and fight their problems and worries to the ground. They think they somehow have to force themselves to stop worrying.

But the mind and body don't work that way, and the more you resist your worries or feelings the more emotional arousal and stress you will create.

Worrying, never solves a problem, solutions solve problems.

If you're worried. Leave your mind alone to worry, whilst you just watch your thoughts and relax your body. If you stop resisting your thoughts and mind, then your mind will soon calm itself.

If you have a big worry or concern. Try using techniques like Thought Field Therapy.

Because it is important, to learn how to manage your state, so you can prevent all the emotional arousal and stress.

You cannot stop a negative thought, once it has been activated. But you can stop the negative momentum from getting out of control and ongoing.

People get so hooked up with the symptoms and feelings of their worries, that they become blind to the solutions.

The consequences of the worry, cause them more emotional stress, than the actual thing there worrying about, does.

When all your focus of attention is put on your symptoms and feelings, and on the potential consequences, instead of searching for a solution.

Then the source of all your anxiety and unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings will be caused by your overactive imagination.

Writing down your worries and concerns on a piece of paper and expressing how you feel in writing, can help calm your worrying mind.

Learning how to ignore your worse case scenario imagination, and instead redirecting it in positive ways. 

Like imagining things going well is a useful technique to help you gain control of your anxious mind or using your imagination in creative and productive ways, can stem the tide of negative emotions.

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