Post by Claire Adams 10-05-2018

Self-Improvement: 5 Tips for Personal Development

Personal growth doesn’t ever have to end, as long as there’s the urge to do better for yourself and for your loved ones. 

As parents, by investing effort in our personal development, we show our children we always have the choice of working on ourselves and contributing to our own well-being. 

We teach them how to grow into happy, fulfilled people by becoming more comfortable in our own skin. This self-improvement can be achieved in a myriad of ways.  

1 – Eliminating negativity and bad habits

Being set in your own ways of experiencing reality, it can be truly hard to notice how much easier you could make things for yourself by changing your perspective. 

Instead of focusing on everything problematic that’s surrounding you and remaining constantly preoccupied with the negative things in your life, try becoming more aware of what’s good in it, too. 

Train yourself not to approach a problem by immediately worrying about the outcome, but by focusing on the options and possible ways of solving it. 

Also, be friendlier to yourself and start getting rid of the habits you know do you harm, like irregular sleep or smoking. 

Don’t push your schedule beyond your limits—leave a bit of time for a pleasant activity with your family or simply for rest. 

After all, having those extra twenty minutes could mean a lot to you and won’t really interfere with your daily obligations.

2 – Learning from others

Your career is a big part of your life and the arena where you exhibit your abilities and talents doing what you’re truly good at. 

Besides the financial aspect, that's why improving professional skills is highly important. By acquiring the skills and competencies that can make you even better at your job, you are slowly expanding the list of your achievements. 

This has a great effect on a person’s self-confidence, making them feel more complete and satisfied.

Upgrading professional skills can be done in many ways, such as staying informed about the newest technologies, methods, discoveries, reading the right literature, attending business courses taught by experts, finding a good mentor, and so on.

3 – Acquiring time-management skills

How often does it feel like there simply isn’t enough time? Being yourself, a parent, a spouse, partner, daughter, devoted friend, career person, all that in one day. 

How? Working on your time-management skills can be of great help here, as it’ll be easier to figure out how to make the most of the (mere) 24 hours you get in a day. 

Read about the methods, or visit a counsellor or a time-management seminar to learn how to set your goals and work out your schedule, prioritize, and make realistic plans, how to be your most productive self within the boundaries of your abilities.

4 – Stay in the moment

Suppose it’s Sunday and you finally have half a day off work to enjoy with your spouse and children. You’re going on a picnic, which already you’re not enjoying much because you're thinking about what you have to do on Monday. 

But, you’re forgetting—it’s still Sunday! We tend to switch easily to chaos and push away joyous things when they’re happening because of something stressful that hasn't even come yet. Today’s today. Tomorrow's, tomorrow. Today is fun. Stay in it.

5 – Remain realistic

Keep your expectations, both of others and yourself, realistic. There's only so much we can achieve no matter how good our skills and intentions are. Mistakes are made despite our efforts to avoid them. 

So don't be hard on yourself or other people when mistakes do occur. Instead, choose a constructive approach, correct them and learn to accept them as normal. 

Stressing out over what could have been done better won't get you far. 

Use the amount of happiness you feel to measure how well your personal development is going.

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