Emotional Detachment-End The Root Of All Suffering

It is perfectly natural to have unwanted and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and emotions, and if it is you intention to not have any uncomfortable thoughts or to try and never feel negative or uncomfortable at times.

Then you will be falling into a all to common trap, that will hold you permanently stuck in a vicious internal battle and conflict, with your mind and body, with one inevitable outcome.

More stressful and negative thoughts and feelings.

In life, you cannot always escape a bit of emotional suffering and discomfort and the sooner you accept that, the quicker your pain, discomfort and suffering will pass.

All emotional pain and suffering passes, once you learn, how to let go of your emotional attachment. 

Before we go into how to learn how to manage your feelings and emotions, let's take a look at what our emotions are:

The way our feelings and emotions work, goes something like this.

Your emotions are like a sudden intense boost of intense energy and they are often triggered when something grabs your conscious attention or awareness.   

This could be an external thing, person or situation or it could be down to your thinking, your imaginings or how you're perceiving your environment.

Either way, when something grabs your conscious awareness or attention. 

You take your focus off what you're doing or engaged in internally and you go internally.

As soon as you go internally, you go on autopilot and your mind starts to create images, pictures and sounds of what it is that is worrying, upsetting or stressing you out.

Your mind will then create an internal story or mini movie of that imagining or disastrous story that you're depicting or you're telling yourself, which will trigger uncomfortable or unpleasant feelings in your body.

The things with feelings and emotions are:

The more you try and suppress, resist, fight, blockout or stop your negative thoughts and feelings the stronger, more intense and more persistent they will become.

The same applies, with the more you become engaged with them, focus on them or bothered by them, as this will give them and the thing that is causing your problem, more emotional significance and attachment.

The way your mind works is.

The more emotional significance and attachment you give to what is bothering you and your thoughts and emotions.

The more your mind will keep on returning to your problem issues or worry and, which will then make those negative feelings and emotions more intense and longer in duration.

Instead of struggling and fighting with your thoughts, feelings and emotions, try this approach instead.

Always allow your mind and your body to experience every single thought, imagining and feeling, for as long as it wants,

Train yourself, not to react to your negative and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

If you feel a bit tense or uncomfortable, do not worry or get annoyed or frustrated, just realize that they are just thoughts and feelings that will quickly subside and pass if you stay calm and you just put all your focus of attention externally, on the here and now.

Feelings are the only true thing that are very real, material things and possessions are just illusions and learned responses and what can be learned can be unlearned.. 

Yes, it is important to have your emotional needs and desires met, but unless you feel good inside without any external conditions, the happiness they will bring you will only be temporary.

The only thing that is preventing you from experiencing those good feeling emotions and having those fun times, is your perceptions and your emotional attachments.

There is actually very little that you need to feel great, accept your basic physical needs

Although we all have our own interests and desires, all you need is:

  • Your basic human needs, like shelter, nutrition, water
  • A relaxed and positive physiology 
  • Exercise or activity 
  • Good nutrition
  • Quality sleep and relaxation
  • A calm mind and a positive mindset

Many people are dogged by negative feelings and emotions because they spend so much of their time focusing on things that make them feel bad.

Yet, you have the ability to change your state at any given moment and you have the ability to dismiss and let go of any negative thoughts and feelings.

You equally have the ability to focus on things that make you feel good or at least, focus on things that don't make you feel bad.

Why entertain the same old negative thoughts day in day out, when there are much better ways of feeling, thinking, reacting and perceiving things.

If your mind and emotions are taking you off in a direction that you don't like then you have to power to detach yourself from those negative thoughts and feelings. 

So you can steer your mind in the direction that you would like to go.

If there is something that is not helping you or something that is make you feel bad, that has grabbed your undivided attention.

An important rule to follow is to try not to allow anything or anybody be a condition of your happiness or determine the way you feel.

Raise your vibration and access your true power and greatness

Emotional attachment, lowers your vibration and it shifts you into survival mode. The lower dense vibrations are the home of fear, sadness, anger and worry.

The lower vibrations frequency ranges can be defined as a place of living hell that exists within the confines of your mind and is transmitted into unpleasant and uncomfortable negative feelings and emotions in your body.

If you're vibration is low, you will be tormented with anxiety, stress and low feeling moods which will cause you much emotional and physical pain, suffering and misery.

The low vibrational frequencies is where life seems a constant battle and struggle. In these lower vibrational frequencies, you will become disconnected from the powerfully, limitless and great person that you truly are.

The lower vibrations. Project and reflect out a negative life of doom and gloom, despair, fear and dread, scarcity and lack. Filling the mind of negative thoughts and stories of hopelessness, not having and insecurity.

Low vibrational frequencies, lead to negative attraction. They will rob you of our true powers and creative genius, tricking you into thinking there are no better alternatives, options, possibilities or choices.

But we do have a choice and there are better alternatives. One of those better alternatives and choices is to practice raising your vibration.

Because, as low vibrations can transport you to a place of hell on earth. The higher vibrations can transport you to a place of heaven, here on earth.

Heaven and hell are real places, as are happy and sad, love and hate, calm and fear. 

Whether you experience feelings and life experiences of heaven or hell, whilst you're here on earth.

Largely depends on whether you're perceiving your reality from the consciousness of the higher vibrations or you're perceiving your reality through the consciousness of the lower vibrations.

If you're coming from a good feeling place where you know you are limitless and you know you're the creator of your own life story. Then to you, anything is possible and achievable.

But if you're vibrating in the dense and lower frequency ranges. Then life can be an upwards struggle and things may appear hopeless, frightening, difficult, impossible and out of your reach.

It is difficult to make your dreams come true and near impossible to manifest your heart's desires. If you're coming from the consciousness of the low vibrational frequencies. 

But anything is possible and life becomes a whole lot easier and better, if you're vibrating in the higher vibrations.

Free yourself from emotional attachment and instantly raise your vibration

The root of all suffering, lack and stagnation is emotional attachment. Freedom from emotional attachment, means freedom from from your suffering and negative resistance.

We have been told countless times to keep focusing on our desires so we can manifest them into our reality.

But sometimes wanting something too much. 

Can create the opposite effect of what you truly want and desire, because it causes emotional attachment and negative resistance that blocks off, the very things we want the most.

The successful and the wealthy get more successful and more wealthier because they have learned how to free themselves from emotional attachment.

The reason why the happy people remain happy, healthier and more youthful and the reason why they live a better quality of life and experience better relationships.

Is because they have managed to free themselves from emotional attachment.

Freedom from emotional attachment is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration and access a better world of opportunity, abundance and limitless possibilities.

When you have a whole lot of negative emotional attachment going on. You will be coming from a place of lack, doubt, limited, not feeling capable and not having.

Which will reflect itself in how you think and feel and what you attract or manifest, in your reality.

When you are coming from a free flowing and peaceful state of detachment, everything changes for the better. 

Here, you will access your true powers and you will feel abundant and you will see the world as a land of opportunity.

In this blissful and peaceful state new and exciting ideas, possibilities and opportunities will flow into your life.

Emotional detachment, does not mean that you should not have your wants and desires. 

All it means is, when you're free from emotional attachment. You will shift yourself from a state of wanting, insecurity, not having, uncertainty and frustration.

And you will transport yourself into a positive state of expectancy, certainty in the outcome, faith and having.

Everybody has their wants and desires and everybody wants inner peace, bliss and happiness. But you happiness should never be a condition of any material thing.

Most people think that if they have the material things that they want and desire. Then that will provide them with the happiness, joy, peace and bliss that they're searching for.

The reason they're chasing peace, happiness and bliss. Is because they have lost it or they have forgotten what inner peace, happiness and bliss feels like.

The way reality works is often the opposite to what many people think.

You first need to feel feelings of happiness, peace and bliss. Before you can bring everything that you desire into your reality.

Real bliss, joy, happiness and peace can only be accessed. When you let go of your emotional attachment and you raise your vibration.

Calmness and emotional detachment is where you true powers can be found

We are at our most powerful and creative best, when we are in a peaceful state of happiness, calm and bliss.

In this good feeling, free flowing energy state, we are able to manifest anything we want and everything we want starts to manifest itself into our life experience.

When we are free from attachment and we allow our vibration to raise, the world around us starts to change for the better.

In this god feeling state. All the right people, events, circumstances, idea's, information, answers to our problems, synchronicities and opportunities, begin to magically unfold for us.

When we are free from attachment, we have an everlasting happiness and a state of inner peace, harmony and balance.

Detachment allow us to transcend from a place of fear, stress, low moods and negativity to a place of heaven on earth.

In these high vibrational states of detachment. You will start to discover who you really are and how powerfully creative and talented you are.

In this positive free flowing state of knowingness, infinite awareness, limitless and infinite possibilities. You will be free to start creating the things that you want and the life that you desire.

When you're vibrating in the calm and positive feelings and emotions. 

It will allow you to achieve your goals and manifest your desires, with the least amount of resistance and in the quickest time possible.

There is only positive or negative energy

Positive and negative energy are self explanatory.

Positive energy leads to the creation of all that is good, amazing and wonderful. 

When we are feeling calm, happy and positive. 

Things will start to set in place and in motion.

This will mean. The people, circumstances, events, creativity, information and ideas will start to align themselves up for you.

The Universe does not actually deliver what you want. 

All that you want comes through your inner guidance, source and the way that you're feeling.

You create your life experiences from how you think and feel from within.

Feeling good from within and being happy with yourself and enjoying life. Even before you have manifested what you want, is a good place to start. 

Positive feelings, should be backed up with inspired and positive action. 

We create from within and then we use the natural resources or things that are available to us.

This is not a process that you have to learn. 

Because, you were already born with this inbuilt and natural, power of creativity and manifesting.

Manifesting and creativity. Are a natural state of being and a positive state of doing and expecting, that you have to tune into, not learn.

Positive and calm energy will lead to better health, better relationships, higher levels of confidence a better you and a better life. 

Positive energy will also allow you access to your true powers and limitless potential.

As well as connecting you to the source of information and helping you to tap into the cosmetic internet of intelligence and creativity.

Negative energy will lead to thoughts, feelings and actions of doubt, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, disharmony,  health related issues, low moods, lack and destruction.

Blocking off your true powers and capabilities and denying you access to your true greatness.

"There is nothing you cannot be or do or have, but your dominant intent is to be joyful. 

The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”  

"Esther Hicks".

"If you want it, and expect it, it will be yours very soon"

"Esther Hicks".

The most powerfulest force in the universe and the most important part of the manifesting process, is the free flowing positive and feel good energy.

All negative things, reside in the lower vibrational frequencies. And all the good things in life can be accessed in the higher vibrational frequencies.

You simply cannot access your true powers, solve your problems, maximize your true potential or live your best life.

If you are vibrating in low and negative vibrational, frequency ranges.

The best way to tap into your brain's true potential and limitless powers is by raising your vibration and getting yourself in that positive and calm flow state of zero resistance.

Raising your vibration can set you up for a better life. It will help you unlock your brain's true potential and it will allow you to access, more of the goods things, that life has to offer.

Feeling good is also, what you and everybody else wants the and desires the most and the only way to feel good, is to raise your vibration.

If emotional attachment is to root to all suffering. Then the road to joy, calm and happiness, is emotional detachment.

Letting go of emotional attachment

Our habits, experiences, memories, thoughts and beliefs all carry emotional attachment and we carry our emotional baggage around with us, everywhere we go.

You cannot hide away or outrun your thoughts, feelings and emotions and these don't change that quickly unless we make a conscious effort to change them.

When something has got your dominant attention, which is causing you a lot of emotional pain or suffering.

It is not always the easiest of things to try and just change your focus of attention, to something more pleasing or positive.

Our emotions are very powerful and strong, therefore you should not just try and suppress or try to override your feelings and emotions, otherwise you will run the risk of adding more emotional attachment.

One of the best ways is to try and change the feelings, before you attempt to change the thoughts.

People often think that the best way to change the way they feel is too think about something else.

But if something or someone is causing you to feel sad, anger, anxious or upset. Then it is not that easy to just suddenly stop thinking about what is bothering you.

Because the moment you tell yourself your not going to think about the person or thing you don't want to think about, it means you're still thinking about it.

Changing your perceptions and changing you attitude can help as can thinking about something else, however this does take a bit of practice and effort.

But if you persevere then before long, your new thought patterns will become your most dominant thoughts.

Trying to change your thoughts whilst you're stuck in a negative state is not the best of idea's.

What you can do if this is the case is you can focus on changing the feelings first and once you're feeling more clam, happier and detached.

Then you can begin to change your thoughts and perceptions. 

The first process of changing your feelings is to process the emotions and then letting them go.

You can do this by detaching yourself from your thoughts and feeling so you become the observer, instead of participating in them.

Negative thoughts and feelings can be very strong and dominant. But if you take a step back from them and you just feel them and let them rise through your body and away. Then they will soon dissolve and fade away all by themselves.

Acceptance, surrender and letting go of whatever it is that is occupying your mind can be a great way of releasing and reducing emotional attachment.

Another good way to reduce your emotional detachment is by adopting a couldn't care less attitude. This does not mean you should not care about people or things.

But it is extremely liberation and it can free you emotionally, if you stop caring so much about what it is that is bothering you.

You certainly cannot rely on other people to be the way you want them to be nor can you control every external thing or situation.

When you have become heavily emotionally engaged in what is bothering you there will be certain things that keep you thinking about the things that you don't want to really think about.

Very often it is the emotional attachment and significance that keeps you hooked up into, focusing on the things that make you feel annoyed, stressed, anxious or bad.

Taking the path of least resistance and being free emotional attachment, is the quickest way to change your life for the better and the fastest way to manifest your wants and desires.

Many people however make the common mistake of allowing their physical reality to dominate how they think and feel rather than focusing on the none physical and much bigger part of themselves.

If you can put more effort into feeling good from within as well as taking good care of yourself. Then this will start to reflect out into your physical reality in many positive and good ways.

Because the only person who can prevent you from being the creative, happy and powerful you and the only person that can prevent you from getting to where you want to be, is you.

All emotional states and responses will trigger physical feelings and symptoms in our body.

If you have anxious emotional attachment. Then this means that you have attached your fight or flight response to a thing, person or situation.

If you are having low feeling moods then it could be that your dwelling on what you have lost, what you want but you have not got or what you don't want.

Natural techniques to reduce emotional attachment

If you have a whole lot of emotional attachment going on or if something has been bothering you or traumatising you for a long time now.

Then you may need to do some additional emotional work to lower the emotional attachment and significance.

There are several natural techniques that you can learn that will greatly help you achieve this.

Mindfulness is one of the techniques that can help you ease your mind and bring down your emotional attachment.

You can practice mindfulness whilst your lying or sitting down somewhere quiet and comfortable and when you get good at it, you can use it in everyday situations to quickly gain control over your feelings and composure.

All you have to do is to find somewhere quiet, make yourself comfortable and just focus on taking some slow deep breaths.

Do not attempt to stop your thoughts, if you do you will cause more emotional attachment and resistance.

As you begin to calm down your breathing. Start to relax your muscles, just allow them to go limp and relaxed.

Once you're feeling relaxed. Deliberately, focus on what has been previously bothering, scaring annoying or upsetting you.

As you focus or imagine what has been causing you a negative reaction. Keep focusing on breathing deeply and relaxing your body.

Allow those thoughts and feelings to continue, do not offer them any resistance and do not engage in them or follow them.

The aim of this exercise is to practice relaxing your body and changing the way you respond to the contents of your mind.

You can practise being mindful, should any negative or anxious thoughts pop into your mind during your daily life.

If you do have a problem or challenge occur. Try and deal with in the best and most calm way possible. 

Make every effort you can to find a solution, but avoid allowing anything that happens externally to mess you up on the inside.

You can not solve nothing or resolve any situation by worrying about it or fighting with it on the inside.

Forgiving yourself or forgiving others can help you to feel better as can letting go of the past or give up trying to please or feed your ego, so you can rediscover your true authentic and powerful self.

Do what you can externally, deal with it in the best way you can or prepare and plan for any eventualities, then let it go.

If you do take your problems and issues internally. Only focus on a solution, what you want or plan for things going well.

Meditation and self hypnosis are two excellent ways to release and let go of your emotional attachment.

Looking after your body

Although many people see emotional problems as being spiritual, mental and non physical. 

Because of the mind body connection, our emotional responses can affect our physical body and our physical body can affect our mental state and mood.

With the daily stresses and demands of everyday life combine with trying to fit in your tasks and goals, it can sometimes mean people try and push themselves beyond their limits.

There are so many hours in the day and your limitations and feelings of emotional overwhelm are there to remind you that you're not superhuman.

Mentally and spiritually you might be trying to push yourself to your limits to try and get everything done.

But physically your body is not always capable and willing.

To feel good, you need to listen and look after your body and that is a common rule of life that you must respect.

The body needs plenty of rest, relaxation and activity. It also needs its daily requirement of minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Your posture and physiology is vitally important if you want to feel good and maximize your true potential and your peak performance efficiency.

When you feel good, life treats you good.

Mindfulness Meditation to bring about a deep sense of inner calm and emotional freedom allowing you to nourish your mind and rest and repair your body.

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