Mastering Your Emotions

We all experience a range of emotions during our average day, your aim though should be to experience less and less bad feeling emotions and more and more good feeling ones.

Your emotions act as an inner guidance or early warning system, your emotions are not true or false or good or bad they are just your subconscious minds way of trying to relay you an important message.

Fearful emotions is your mind trying to communicate too you about potential risks or dangers in your environment, anger is when you feel like your being threatened or some one has overstepped your boundaries.

Negative emotions such as depression are when we think we have lost something we cannot get back or we are lacking something or our basic needs are not being met. Often depression is fueled through the eyes of doom, triggered by endless thoughts of pessimism and hopelessness.

Our emotions can be used to motivate us to lead productive lives or push us too achieve our goals, most of the time you are the only person who knows when your feeling negative emotions.

It is important that you learn how too manage your emotions, in fact it is the most important lesson you can learn in your life, because those who learn how to manage and control how they feel win in life and become more successful.

Basically we are all just a collection of feelings, but how you feel will affect what sort of life you live. Most negative emotions are your inner being trying to let you know that you need to change your focus of attention and put it onto things that you want or things that will make you feel good. 

Speak and think good thoughts and words and you will feel better and you will experience positive and better results in your outer reality. But when you think negative thoughts you will feel bad and you will attract negative results and circumstances, with this in mind there really is only one sensible choice for you too make.


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