The Best And Most Effective Weight Loss Program?

Plus Tips On How To Lose Weight Naturally

One of the most common questions that gets asked, are. 

How can I get in shape quickly or how can I lose weight fast?

It seems these days, everybody just wants quick results with the minimal amount of effort required.

You here the same type of saying all the time. 

"I am going on a diet or I am on a diet"

So many people fall into the same thinking traps and strategies. Where they set a weight loss target, then they attempt to reach that target as quick as they possibly can.

Everybody knows that losing weight can require effort and most people realize that changing dieting habits and implementing new better healthy lifestyles is necessary.

However, although people recognise that losing weight requires effort, deprivation and starving yourself are not a requirement.

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Some are doing it for health and mobility reasons.

Maybe they have a wedding to attend in a few weeks or it is two weeks before they go on holiday, when all of a sudden they decide they want to look good for the occasion or they want to get in shape for the beach.

Some people are more motivated than others, others are more health orientated, some even do it for vanity reason, and there is nothing wrong with that.

And most people recognise that healthy eating and exercising are the right and best ways to lose weight.

However, whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, nobody wants to feel bad and end up having to struggle or force themselves to stick to a strict regime that is unbearable to follow, that bears no long term results.  

Sadly, a badly executed short term weight loss strategy, usually ends up in failure and long term disappointment, because for all their efforts, most people only manage to lose a few pounds. 

The truth is. The success rate for yo yo diets, are very poor and most people who go on them, usually end up right back where they started or they end putting on even more weight than they originally were.

Therefore, before you get started on your weight loss campaign. There as a few important key thing to consider.

First. You want to lose fat, not muscle.

Secondly. You are always work in progress. Therefore if your goal is to lose fat and get in the best shape you can, and more importantly to remain fit, trim and healthy.

Then your new healthy lifestyle and eating habits, should be a permanent new way of doing things. 

Best short range diet

However, if you have a special reason to lose weight so you can look great, and you only have a few weeks to lose it or you want to shed a few pounds quickly for health reasons. 

This does not mean that you cannot lose weight quickly and healthily.

Because. According to weight loss, nutrition and fitness expert Brian Flatt, creator of the 4 Week Diet Program which is designed to help you lose fat, not muscle. 

It is possible to lose up to 30 pounds of fat in as little as 4 weeks. 

If you feel that you need to lose more than 30 pounds. 

The 4 week diet will get you up and running and it will help you to get early positive results which will hopefully motivate you to carry on with these principles and strategies so you can carry on making steady progress until you reach your longer term goal. 

The one important point Brian Flatt makes is. If you want to lose weight quickly it has to be done sensibly and right. 

Because although he says you can lose weight fairly quickly, if you do it right. There are some very unhealthy ways and methods to lose weight quickly about, that should be avoided at all costs.

(If you're not sure, ask a medical professional and if you are thinking of taking a weight loss tablet, only use those that are prescribed by your doctor).

The 4 Week Diet, which is one of the most effective weight loss program.

Will get you up and running and even though you will get instant positive results the strategies that you initially implement to lose the first 30 pounds should be a new way of living.

Because all good healthy weight loss plans should be the start but not the finish of your new healthy, slimmer and fitter you and life. 

It's all about getting the positive momentum going and keeping it going.

Begin your weight loss journey with the 4 Week Diet

Enjoy your new healthy way of living and eating

Which ever strategy you choose. You should enjoy the journey to becoming a slimmer and fitter you and instead of going on yo yo diets, which is just a form of starvation and self torture.

You transformation to a better you and a new healthy lifestyle, should be your new way of living and being for you.

For many, a bad and unhealthy way of living, all to often becomes a way of life, so this needs flipping around to a transformation to a better you and a new healthy lifestyle, which should be your new choosen way of living and being for you.

These days so many people just want a simple and quick fix weight loss solution.

Ask yourself, are you prepared to start your new healthy eating habits and lifestyle today, knowing that it may take you a year or more to reach your desired weight loss target and beach toned body?

Most people rely on will power, where they put them themselves through a period of self torture, with little end results.

This common weight loss strategy of starving yourself and depriving yourself of all of your favorite foods just to lose a few pounds, does not sound like fun.

Especially when most people run out of willpower and they end up giving up and putting all the weight back on because your natural urge to eat is too overpowering.

Whether you choose to follow a proven plan like the 4 week diet, that does not require a short period of gruelling punishment or you choose to execute a more longer term plan with a realistic and attainable timeline. 

The best way to get the results that you want is to develop a positive mindset combined with the right weight loss plan and strategy and pace that is suited for you. Is to get the momentum going and then keep it going.

Without having to make to many drastic instant changes that don't yield the results you deserve or they are not maintainable in the long term.

Because short term gratification usually ends up with longterm despair and failure.

Simple and easy to implement weight loss tips to get you started

There is a lot of information about weight loss that can sometimes complicate the process and make you ask yourself. Is it worth all the effort.

Such as, calorie counting, the debate between sugar versus fats, complex carbs versus simple carbs and so on.

The one thing that everybody is in agreement with is. Being excessively overweight is bad for your health and it can erode your self confidence. 

If your head is in a spin and you find the whole idea of losing weight a bit daunting and confusing. You might like to read these seven simple tips below by expert Brian Flatt to get you started.

All the tips are easy to understand and do, and if you follow these fat loss tips, that take no complex thinking and they require no large amounts of forced willpower. 

Before long, you will soon start to notice, your weight falling off which will hopefully give you the motivation to carry on and make some even bigger lifestyle and dietary changes which will result in even more weight loss, until you reach your desired goal.

7 Unconventional Eating Tips That Can Help You To Lose Weight & More Importantly- Keep The Weight Off !

If you're fed up with trying weight loss strategies that are to hard or too complicated to follow and you would prefer to have some easier to follow tips and good eating habits that you can implement into your life without having to deprive yourself of all your favorite foods or without having to make to many major sacrifices then read on.

1) Try and eat whilst your feeling relaxed

Although, we all have stressful days. If you can, try and eat when you are feeling relaxed, because stress plays havoc with our digestive system.

Stress can affect our digestive system in negative many ways, so it is important to try and slow down and relax more and stress reduction should be part of your new healthy way of living. 

When we are feeling stressed or anxious, our digestive system starts to shut down as blood is pumped away from our stomachs and into our major muscle groups to give us more strength.

Stress also affects the contraction of your stomach muscles, which can lead to stomach cramps and it can increase the acids in our stomachs which may cause digestion.

If you eat while you are feeling upset, tired or stressed, then this can result in improper digestion of your food which can result in more fat being stored on your body.

2) Make Sure You Eat slowly

You have probably heard this tip before. But try to take your time and eat slowly. 

The reason for eating slowly is because it actual takes a short while for your stomach to signal to your brain that it is full.

If you eat your food to fast. Then when your stomach is full, you will run the risk of consuming more unnecessary food than you require. 

Because, you will be carrying on eating in between that gap when your stomach sends the full message to when your brain receives that message.

By taking your time and thoroughly chewing and tasting your food, you will make sure you don't consume extra amounts of food, after your stomach is already full.

Also, when you eat to fast, it can cause you to strain your intestines and your stomach, which may lead to indigestion, cramps and bloating.

3) Try to drink less whilst your eating

We have all be guilty of this one, and many of us will have been brought up, to have a drink with our meals.

However it is estimated that if you drink more than 4 ounces of fluids with our meals, then it can dilute our stomach acids and your digestive enzymes which can cause you not to digest your food so well.

It is recommended that, you should drink a glass of water about 30 minutes before you have your food. 

The same applies with drinking after your meal and it is good practice to wait 30 minutes after you have eaten, until you have a drink.

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before you eat, can also help you to feel fuller, thus not making you eat so much.

4) Graze instead of gorge

Little and often seems to be better than having fewer but bigger meals. Therefore it may benefit you to begin eating more smaller meals and less of those big meals. 

It is believed that by eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day, it can help to keep our blood sugar levels steady, 

This can help to maintain your energy levels which can prevent energy fluctuations and dips by ensuring that you have good levels of energy all day long.

5) Try and eat your heaviest meal earlier

Although this tip may be hard for many people to implement due to work regulations, commitments and short breaks.

If it is possible, try not to make your heaviest and biggest meal your tea time'dinner meal. Instead, if you can, try and have your heaviest meal at lunch time and have a lighter meal at dinner time.

The reasons for this are. It will allow you to more easily digest your food in the evening time, which will allow your digestive system process, time to fully digest all your food before you go to sleep.

Having all your digestion finished before you go to sleep will allow for optimum cellular cleansing and rebuilding whilst you are asleep

6) Eat your dinner at the table

These days, it seems like the good old family traditions of seating around the table, eating your dinner are practised less and less.

We all do it, where we sit on the sofa eating our dinner on a tray whilst we watch television, some people even eat whilst they're on their computers.

But, there is a lot good to eating your dinner at the table. Because when you eat on the sofa whilst you're watching the television or you're working on the computer, you can drift off into a trance like state which can lead to you eating more than you would if you were eating at the table.

Another positive bonus of eating at the table is. You will be sitting more upright, which will improve your digestive process.

Sofas are not designed for good posture and they can cause us to sink into the cushions and slump which can make it harder to digest your food.

7) Start listening to your body

If you feel hungry in between your normal meal times. Before you reach out for a snack, ask yourself if you are really hungry, or have a glass of water first just to find out if you are thirst, rather than hungry. 

Because, many hunger pangs are often caused by being thirsty, instead of actual hunger. 

You can learn a lot just by listening to your body and only eating when you are really feeling hungry instead of when it’s the time that you normally eat, which can lead to significant weight loss.

Most people stick to their designated eating times and habits which can leave you eating at those times because that is what you have conditioned yourself to do, even though you may not feel hungry. 

Another way to lose weight fast is to focus on your hormones – four hormones in particular. There is a new diet – The 4 Week Diet – that does exactly that.

To find out if this diet could be just what you need to lose over 30 pound in just one month.

Visit the 4 Week Diet to learn much more about this popular diet.

Avoid This Common Mistake That Causes Many To Go Off Their Diet

Diets aren’t always easy to stick to and follow. Often, they take a lot of commitment and even those of us who have a strong willpower often end up cheating, making mistakes or giving up along the way. 

Although everybody knows that the key to losing weight is all about portion control, eating the right foods and exercising and although they are very important.

There are many mistakes that can be made and many pitfalls that can set you back or lead to your downfall.

Temptation will always be your achilles heel and although it is not necessary to give up all the foods that you love. 

If you have loads of chocolate bars, crisps or other weight gaining foods in your kitchen. Then the temptation to eat them will be to great at times, especially if you're looking for a late night snack to satisfy those hunger cravings or you are experiencing emotional stress or negative emotions. 

Emotional eating, is one of the biggest causes of snacking on sugary, junk or sweet foods. If you find the urge to eat late in the evening to overpowering. Instead of grabbing a sugary snack or ordering a takeaway.

Try drinking Red Tea as it is well known for getting rid of those hunger cravings and pangs that result in weight gain.

So what are those big mistake that so many of us make when we are trying to lose weight? 

Well, it’s actually something that most people probably haven't even given it a second thought, but this simple but common mistake, tcan have lasting implications. 

The mistake, that can jeopardize your weight loss strategy, is shopping unwisely, when you are at your local the supermarket

Because. When most people go shopping at the supermarket to do their weekly shop, they go to the supermarket without a weightloss plan in mind. 

But did you know, that without a plan you could be putting your weight loss success at risk?

So a bit of careful consideration may be required before you set off on your next grocery shopping expedition. 

If you follow the five simple tips below when you're visiting the supermarket then it will help to ensure you avoid making and bad food choices that will have a negative impact on your healthy diet strategy.

1) Never shop when you are hungry 

If you go shopping with hunger pangs. Then not only are you more likely to purchase a quick snack which is not on your non diet food lists.

You are more likely to end up with a cart full of cookies and chips and ice cream and other non-diet foods! 

In addition, when you are hungry, you are more likely to become more easily distracted and more likely to forget some of what you need.  

2) Never shop in a hurry

Not only does stress cause emotional eating. If you go shopping when you're feeling stressed or your in a hurry, and let's face it, most of us don't like food shopping and we just want to get it over and done as quickly as possible. 

Then this can make your entire food shopping experience stressful which cause you to purchase quickly and chuck in easy items into your shopping trolley instead of spending a little bit more time, searching for those more healthier options which are going to assist you to lose weight.
3) Make your list and then try to ensure that you stick to it

It can be very tempting to randomly buy something new and appealing to the eye that has come out or something that appeals to your sweet tooth.

But, do your best to make a list and try to stick to it as best as you can. Because sticking to your list can have numerous benefits. 

You can make the list when you are not hungry, which will allow you to really focuses on your diet and the healthier options. 

Having a list to follow will also allow you to be more organized, and the more organized you, the less time you will waste at the market. 

Make sure you write down everything you need, how much you need and if you need to go to more than one location to get all your food items.

4) Always check and read the label first

Be sure to watch out for any foods that contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, flavorings, trans fats (or hydrogenated oils), sodium nitrite, and artificial substances like aspartame and monosodium glutamate. 

5) Stay away from those center aisles

In most supermarkets. The fresh fruits and vegetables and chicken and other healthy meats are typically on the perimeter of the store. 

The center aisles are the ones that you need to be more aware of as they tend to be filled with processed foods that you should stay away from.
This new and more healthy approach to weight loss, does not focus on hard to follow food deprivation tactics.

These days things have moved on and better and more healthier ways are being discovered that focuses on four specific hormones that have a direct impact on weight gain and weight loss. 

Visit the 4 Week Diet to learn much more about this popular diet.


Medical Disclaimer

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