How To Lose Fat And Get The Body That You Love

Eat And Get Slim

Imagine you'd picked up a heavy bag of pebbles and you carried them around on your shoulders for ten or fifteen minute.

It wouldn't be long before you felt out of breath as you begin to feel the added stresses and strain on your back, legs and joints and it would certainly zap your energy and restrict your agility and movement.  

Then imagine, how much relief you'd feel and much better and lighter you would feel. If you put that bag of pebbles back down again.

This is what happens when you put on excessive weight, but unlike the bag of pebbles. You cannot just put the weight down.

Because you're carrying all that excessive weight. It is putting a huge a strain on your heart, joints and body and it also increases the chance of you developing other illnesses and problems further on down the line. 

Although you cannot just rid yourself of that heavy weight that you're carrying. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that you can shift that unwanted fat, a lot faster than you might have thought.

The way to think about it is, to get you motivated and started. For every pound you lose, you will be improving your health, quality of life and well-being.

You'll also be easing all that strain on your joints and heart and you will be reducing your chances of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and many other illnesses.

Lose weight without making big sacrifices

Everybody who wants to lose weight, is well aware that you need to make lifestyle and eating changes if you want to lose weight which may have to involve out with your old bad habits and in with the new healthier and good eating habits and lifestyle changes, but some people find this to be difficult.

But it is not easy or enjoyable. Having to suddenly make big sacrifices or trying to override your hunger pains nor is it necessary for everybody.

Losing weight should not be a self tortuous journey, full of painful sacrifices. That you have to put yourself through. 

Quite the opposite in fact. Losing weight should be made as easy, pain free and enjoyable as it possible can.

Because, there is no reason why you cannot still lose weight and get the body you'll love, whilst still eating enough food to fill you up and still eating foods that you enjoy and look forwards to.

Often people who attempt to lose weight start off well. They feel motivated and positive and at the start they might get some encouraging results.

But all to often. They hit a brick wall or they fall back into their old unhealthy eating habits. Mainly because they have not filled themselves up or they are not enjoying their new diet.

If you enjoy your food or you socialize in a drinking and fast food culture. Then it can be very hard to change, especially with all the temptations and peer pressure.

Ideally, you want moral support from your friends, partners and family.

One thing's for sure. Starving yourself is no fun and it never really works. Because those hunger pangs will eventually get the better of you.

One common problem is. Most people are searching for the easiest and fastests ways to lose weight. 

This is why so many people turn to diets pills and fad starvation diets. Instead of following a sensible and healthy weight loss plan and strategy. 

That are designed specifically to burn off fat, so you still get quick results, but without all the need to deprive your body of food.

Because it is lifestyle and dietary changes that gets results, not fad diets. 

The right food choices and new lifestyle and dietary changes should be made your new way of living and eating, rather than just dabbling a bit, here and there.

Some people make a decision to eat healthy and lose weight and they stick to it.

However. For some the mere thought of making all these dietary and lifestyle changes, may not sound very attractive at first.

Especially if you are set in your ways or you enjoy your the food that you have always been used to eating.

We are creatures of habit and we tend to stick to what we have always done. 

Although the initial transformation from eating unhealthy and fat producing foods can be a bit daunting and unappealing.

Healthy food can be made to taste good and your body is going to love all those healthy and highly nutritious foods.

Think of the long term satisfaction. Because all the life long health benefits and having the body you desire, will be more than worth it.

Losing weight for the right reasons

Are you fed up with being told that you should lose weight and eat less and would you rather lose weight because of all the positive reasons and benefits rather than having to listen to all the fear tactics.

Most people who are overweight know that they need to change some areas of their life and they are well aware of the fact that being overweight is bad for their health.

But trying to scare and frighten people into losing weight by bombarding them with all the negative effects of being overweight is not always the best tactic to positively inspire people.

Because to lose weight you need to be motivated and inspired and not made to feel as if it is something that you have got to force yourself to do, because you feel pressured into.

In order to inspire and motivate you to lose weight you need to set yourself a positive weight loss goal or target that you can begin to work towards.

Because when you have a positive reasons or goal to aim for which is something that is going to make you look and feel better.

Then this will increase your chances of success. Having a positive weight loss goal or reason will create a positive path for you to follow.

As you begin to see the progress that you're making and as you notice how better you look and feel then this will motivate you even further and it will get the positive momentum going.

That will drive you on and help you to adjust and develop even more healthy and good eating habits.

Ask yourself or write down your weight loss goal or your positive reasons for why you want to lose weight.

To further increases your chances of success. Frame your weight loss goals or reasons in positive terms and statements.

Avoid using negative goals, statements or words like.

" I don't", " I mustn't", " I mustn't" , I'll never", " I can't", "stop"

Negative goal

"I don't want to be fat"

"I mustn't eat chocolate"

"I'll never lose weight"

"I can't lose weight and keep it off"

"I want to stop feeling stressed and anxious"

Positive goals

"I would like to be slim and toned"

"I want to enjoy a little bit of chocolate now and again"

"Others have lost weight so I can too"

"I would like to feel calm and relaxed in a variety of situations"

When you use positive words and statements then this will give your mind clear instructions of what you would like instead of focusing your mind on what you don't like or want.

The benefit of this is are. 

Negative statements are uninspiring, disempowering and they just make you feel bad. 

Whilst positive words and statements make you feel better and they empower and inspire you tremendously.

Thinking and feeling positive creates a positive mental attitude that will motivate you and even make you feel good about you're new eating habits and healthy lifestyle. 

Instead of making it a uphill struggle and mental battle with yourself.

You can even state how much weight you would like to lose in a months time, three months or a year from now?

Because it is a lot easier to motivate yourself to lose weight and to keep yourself motivated to maintain your ideal weight.

If you know that you're doing it for positive and beneficial reasons, like some of the reasons listed below:

  • How great your going to look
  • How good you're going to feel
  • How healthy you're going to be
  • How fit and agile you're going to be
  • How more confident you're going to feel
  • How it will increase your life expectancy
  • How much money you're going to save yourself
  • All the new cloths you'll be able to buy

Everybody who is overweight knows that they may need to do things that will boost their health and happiness.

Perhaps you could exercise a bit more, learn how to manage your stress, change your bad habits and eat more healthier foods.

The big advantage of eating healthier foods are. It will help you to lose weight and with all that extra nutrition you'll be giving your body, you're going to feel more energized and happier.

The thought of making all these lifestyle changes can be overwhelming and daunting, but once you get started it might surprise you that it wasn't has hard as you thought.

You're going to feel even better, when you start to feel better and you begin to notice all that excessive fat, melt away.

There is no need to deprive yourself of food

The good news is. You can lose fat, without having to starve yourself and without having to try and motivate and force yourself, to perform long, gruelling and vigorous exercise routines each day.

Of course, it is incredibly important for you to change your eating habits and by moving more and being more active, it will help to build your muscle tone.

Many people are fed up with being told that they should eat less and workout for hours on end.

Again, exercise and keeping active has many health advantages. But it is a belief not fact, that you have to perform hours and hours of vigorous exercise routines to lose weight.

A simple formula for weight loss could be better described as. Calories consumed to calories used by the body, the surplus of calories then gets stored as fat in the body.

You can still eat food, just aim for more healthier foods with a less density of calories and less amounts of sugar.

The truth is, losing weight does not have to be tedious, self torture and painfully slow nor does it necessary require hard work, fear tactics and starvation tactics. 

Healthy eating plans and strategies are often all that is required to lose weight and get the body that you'll love.

Because losing weight is not about eating less, it is much more to do with eating better and introducing more healthier foods.

Your motto should be 

"To eat right and to eat to please your body, rather than to eat less"

Because what you will find by eating better is. Not only will you start to shed that excessive fat, you'll also start to improve your health and wellness.

The main reason why people put on weight in the first place is often because of all the high calorie snacking, the comfort eating, high calorie drinks, fast food cravings, having a sweet tooth and all the late night eating

The best part of losing weight naturally, is seeing all the progress that you're making and the true sense of satisfaction of seeing the fat melt away and the emergence of a happier, slimmer and fitter you. 

With all the temptations of fast and convenient foods available, it can be difficult to pick and choose healthy foods.

But with a strong will and determination, combined with a bit of thought, research and planning, you will soon find healthier alternatives.

Some people might want to lose weight whilst others may want to lose their excessive fat and build muscle mass and tone.

You often hear people say that they want to hit the gym so they can turn their fat into muscle. 

The truth is, muscle and fat are two separate things, so unfortunately. You have to burn off the body fat and then build muscle. 

The first step to losing weight starts in the brain

Being overweight can make you feel bad about yourself and it can also cause you to say critical things about yourself.

All the negative self talk can lower yourself esteem and cause you to comfort eat to try and make you feel better.

This can leave you feeling weak, unworthy and not good enough. The truth is, you have not got to prove your worthiness and you have always been good enough.

Still wish to lose weight, but love and accept you and your body as you are.

Our brains are designed to move us away from pain and to move us towards pleasure. If you have been beating yourself up or if have been harsh or unkind to yourself.

Then this will cause you to feel negative and because it is your brain's primary job to try and move you towards pleasure and if food has been your source of pleasure.

Then your brain will push you towards eating all those tasty, but unhealthy and fat producing foods.

If this applies to you then the first thing to do is to stop hating your body and start turning it into a body that you love.

The ready available convenience foods, the easily accessible fast food chains and the link between alcohol and socializing are not the only reasons why people are overweight.

Other factors that cause people to put on weight are the loss of emotional and mental control.

Fear, stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence, bullying, negative thinkinging, limiting beliefs and feeling not good enough or not attractive enough.

Are often the culprits that sabotage your efforts to lose weight or they are the underlying causes behind your weight gain.

How do you change your eating habits of a lifetime?

By eating healthily you will be consuming healthy and nutritious foods that will supply your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

If you have a sweet tooth or a liking for fast foods then this is going to require a bit of self discipline, a touch of common sense and it will help you greatly, if you can enjoy your new healthy foods.

We are all aware that fresh fruit, salads, berries, fish and vegetables are all great healthy foods that we should all consume a bit more of. 

We all know that we should avoid too much junk, processed or foods that have a high sugar content and we should all take our time when we are chewing our food.

The part that most people really struggle with is changing our bad habits to good habits and making the transition from eating unhealthy foods to eating more healthy foods.

The thing is, you don't have to just go from one extreme to another, because you can gradually wean yourself off the unhealthy foods and slowly introduce more of the healthier foods if you wish.

Below are some tips to make the transition to healthier foods a little bit easier.

1) Change from whole milk to low fat milk

If you like milk, instead of having whole milk, try low fat milk or even other low sugar milk substitutes like almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk to name a few.

Because this will reduce the amount of saturated fat you consume and it will also reduce the amount of calories you consume.

Although it may taste a bit different to start with, you'll soon get used to the new taste and your body is going to benefit tremendously in many positive ways.

If the leap from whole milk to low or nonfat milk or other dairy products is a leap to far. You can always gradually come down the ranges.

2) Making salads taste better

If you find eating salads a bit bland, unappealing then try adding a tasty source to them like sweet onion sauce, low fat salad dressing, honey and mustard source or add a touch of garlic and olive oil.

Chop your salads up and put them in a bowl, adding as many different salads as you can as well as a bit of protein to help fill you up. like.

  • Onions (Red/green)Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Chopped cooked, cold meat
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Olives
  • Grated carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Chickpeas
  • Brown rice
  • Herbs
  • Tofu
  • A touch of salt and pepper

Adding a bit of colourful vegetables to your salad can make them look more appealing or you can even use colourful plates.

Once you get your salads to your liking. You'll be surprised how much your body craves more of these foods.

3) Make your own pack lunch 

Making your own healthy packed lunch which you can take to work, college or on days out can help you cut down on fast and convenient foods.

It can also help you to control your portion sizes and keep the calories down, plus it can help to save you money.

4) Adding nuts and seeds to your diet 

Nuts are full of beneficial nutrients and they also offer a good source of protein. Even though nuts are high in fat and calories, most of it is unsaturated fat, which makes nuts a healthy addition to add to your diet.

Because nuts are quite high in calories, it can pay to only consume small sizes. You can use them as a replacement for those more unhealthy snacks.

5) Making fish taste better

Fish, especially the oily fish like salmon are a great healthy food. Some people find fish unappealing and bland.

To spruce up your fish, to make it taste delicious. You can add or make your own fish source or you can a mixture of herbs and olive and garlic oil to your fish.

Smoked salmon adds to the taste and you can add mayo source to tuna to give it more flavouring. If you prefer white fish, you can always add a sprinkling of lemon or butter with a touch of salt and pepper.

6) Eating Your Five A Day

Fruit and especially vegetables are generally lower in calories, filling and packed full of essential nutrients.

What is classed as one a day:

  • Half a cup of chopped fruits and most of the bulkier vegetables
  • A full cup of leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce

If you are not keen on vegetables. You can make a stir fry or casserole. Or you can blend a mixture of fruits and vegetables and make a smoothie. Another good way to get your five a day is by having a vegetable soup.

Eating raw vegetables like carrot or celery sticks can be a great alternative to those unhealthy snacks and again a salad is a great way to boost up your five a day or you can add spinach leaves, lettuce or tomatoes to your sandwiches.

6) Make your own healthy and great tasting foods

There are a wide range of healthy foods available as more and more people are turning to healthier meal options.

You can also experiment and make your own healthy and tasty meals. The more appealing you can make it, the more you're going to enjoy it.

Add your own mixtures of food and flavourings that suit your taste buds and again adding herbs, spices and other healthy flavourings can make your meal taste more delicious.

Weight loss: The reason why most diets fail and want to do about it.

Weight loss it’s up there with one of the most common talked about problems in modern society.

Most people look at their diet and check there weight at specific times of the year.

Christmas, special occasions like weddings and leading up to their holidays it’s a common time for a lot of people to start.

New year is one of the most popular times for people to think about losing weight.

Over the course of the holidays there’s lots of chocolates, wine and turkey sandwiches consumed. 

Come the new year you think “yeah I could really do with with shredding a few pounds as my New Years resolution.”

So what do you do?

Well the logical thing is to try a diet right, often without little thought, consideration or planning? 

With all the good will and intention. 

That's the path most people take. Fast forwards a few weeks or months later, you find out.

A) You’ve actually lost nothing or you've even gained weight over the course of a month or so 

B) you find you have lost weight but only about 1 or 2 pounds, and the results are massively underwhelming and hugely disappointing to you.

After all we’ve all seen these diet programs haven’t we? 

Where you get a group of people, that share a house with each other, they follow this strict exercise and diet routine all under the guidance of a diet expert over the course of a month.

And the results are usually staggering, this people tend to lose between 20 and 30 lbs over the course of a month or so?

How have they achieved these incredible results and I haven't, you may think to yourself? 

They were the results you were expecting. 

You've followed what they've done, and you’ve given it a go for a month or even more.

Some may continue trying, some may quit, blame themselves and begin to feel worse than they did before, . 

The ones that continue trying will probably continue with the one step forward, two steps back.

And the ones who just abandon there weight loss goals, go on as they were, and then they may wonder to themselves.

Why bother in the future.

So now it’s time to diagnose what’s been going wrong.

Well firstly It’s important to balance exercise with a good diet. Exercise and the correct diet are a good match.

When were talking about exercise. This does not mean that you have to spend hours a day at the gym or run for ten miles a day.

Any form of activity or movement is exercise.

Instead of driving to the local shops, take a nice brisk walk or buy a dog so you can take it out for a morning and evening walk.

If you have children. Get more involved in outdoor or indoor activities or put some music on a dance to it.

If exercising that’s not your thing then it’s OK.

A fifteen minute walk each day, combined with plenty of movement throughout the day can be sufficient enough.

If you have ever watched the TV program "I am a celebrity".

They lose quite a lot of weight in a matter of weeks, without doing much exercise. 

Some of the contestants lost over a stone in less than 3 weeks.

It is also important to work on the mental and emotional side of things.

Introducing healthy eating habits

When people attempt to lose weight, their first instinct is to eat less, quite often a lot less.

The sudden transformation from eating a lot to eating virtually nothing isn't always the best way of doing things as it can slow down your metabolism and shift your body into survival mode.

Because your body slows down. When you do up your food, your body can store more fat, because it is still stuck in survival mode.

The other disadvantage of making sudden and drastic changes to your eating habits is it might be hard for you to stick at it.

Another common mistake people make is. They usually combine good eating and bad eating together.

What I mean by that is they tend to eat good things throughout the day (salads and vegetables etc.) 

And some well not so good things (chocolates alcohol ect.) 

You can’t expect to get good results if your still binging on foods that are well known to make you overweight. You can’t 50/50 it, and think “well I’ve eaten fairly well today, so a little treat won’t hurt me.” 

Because actions like this can undo all your good previous work. I’m sure that this is a common factor why most diets fail.

Now yes maybe once a week or so a dessert, or a special treat may not damage results to much, but it’s certainly something that can’t be overdone to much.

If your now sitting there and wondering to yourself “There’s no way I’ll be able to cut out all my cravings. Just no, l need ice cream in my life!”

First off I get it. I’ve personally been in that position myself, at times it can take a lot of willpower. But there’s a few strategies I’ve used for myself to help with the cravings.

Firstly I now look at food, let’s say it’s a box of chocolates for example, I now think to myself. “Now I could eat it, and sure the taste for a few seconds might be nice. 

But what about all the negative effects of the food once it’s in my body, all the potential health issues and pain that can be associated with eating food like this food like this.”

The way I view unhealthy food is short term pleasure (which I now personally don’t even see it as pleasure.) Long term pain. The taste lasts seconds, the effects can last a lifetime.

An alternative method that can help with cutting out a food you no longer want in your diet is this, whenever you think about that certain food say it be a fast food cheeseburger for example, and you start to get the craving for it. 

Instantly using your imagination switch your focus of thinking from that, to a food or thing that you find very unpleasant. Let’s use Brussel Sprouts as an example.

And keep doing it every time your mind starts to wonder, and you think about the unhealthy food, instantly switch it to something you find painfully unpleasant.

Notice how this makes you feel, if done successfully you should eventually notice, then whenever you think of that piece of food, you instantly get hit by the sensations you experience when you think about the unpleasant food or thing.

What you’ve done is created a sort of trigger, an anchor towards that cheeseburger. This can be a very effective method to help overcome foods that you crave.

This last method can be implemented if you still don’t feel your comfortable enough to try the previous two, and it’s fairly simple. 

Let’s say you eat a packet of crisps, and a chocolate bar every night. Instead of just completely cutting it out all at once. 

Start by just cutting it out one day a week at a time, make it a process, then each week just continue to cut it out an extra day at a time.

Your get to the point that within a few weeks you’d have cut out those cravings for good. And because it’s been done over the course of several weeks, it’s easier then to stick to. 

Because it simply takes time to create bad habits, so of course it can take time to create good habits also.

Because again as I mentioned before this should be seen as a long term process, not a quick fix, so never get disheartened if you don’t get the results you expected, within the first few weeks.

Cutting back on high sugar content

For years people have thought that they need to cut back on fatty foods, however the body needs a certain amount of healthy fats, such as the good omega 3 fatty acids.

Fat in foods especially the right kind (obviously not much trans fats) of good fats can be very good for you, and has minimal effects on your weight.

The most common culprit in your diet that will add weight to you is sugar. 

Sugar is proven to be by far the worst thing you can consume in high numbers if your trying to lose weight, as well as the fact that it can lead to health related issues.

Now this is where I see a lot of diets sometimes making the error of telling you to eat fruit, fruit, fruit. They might say eat fruit with your cereal, use it in smoothies, or as a snack throughout the day ect.

Now most of us have heard the phrase “Make sure you eat at least five fruit or vegetables I day.” Vegetables yes fine, great in fact. But fruit should be used in moderation.

Why you ask? Well let’s take a Banana for example, lots of people use them in all the things I’ve just mentioned. 

A Medium sized Banana can contain on average roughly 14g of sugar, while a Large one contains roughly 17g of sugar.

So if you were to have 2 Large bananas a day that would equal 34g of sugar, almost as much as a can of of a sugary drink.

Again you might ask, well isn’t the sugar from fruit, different to that of sugary drinks?

It is, but ultimately it’s still sugar, and will still have the same effect on your weight, as processed sugar. Sugar is Sugar it is as simple as that.

This is an issue not just among fruit, but among a wide array of “healthy foods and snacks” that in order for them to taste good, that add lots of “natural sugar” thus really making it quite an unhealthy product, and not really ideal for serious weight loss.

So in the future, when buying a cereal bar, or milk alternatives, or even meal replacement drinks, always be sure to check the label to check how much sugar it contains per serving. 

If it’s only 2-8 odd grams per serving then it can fine once or twice a day or so, but anything 10g or higher then you should proceed with caution over how much of it you consume daily.

Learning to keep track of how much sugar you consume daily Is a massive step in the right direction in your weight loss goals, arguably the most important of them all.

Also don’t think that “man first I have to cut out cravings, and now all types of sugar also? What left will there be for me to eat.”

Because the answer is plenty. Trust me there is plenty of healthy food options out there that taste good, and fill you up, that contain next to no sugar.

To give you a few examples: instead of high sugar milk alternatives, just buy the low sugar one’s.

Instead of cereal bars try nuts as a snack, when making smoothies if it requires a banana just use half, or even none at all.

If your consuming a high in sugar meal replacement drink just use a vegan meal replacement drink some of which contain no sugar at all. (Yes the taste on all may not be pleasant, but it’s a drink so try not to think about it and get it down you, trust me you’ll soon get used to it.)

Also with dips, instead of using dips try Virgin Olive Oil, I use so much Olive Oil, I love it and the stuff never gets old... You can even buy flavoured Olive Oil!

So there is just a few examples of many that is out there to help you cut out the high sugar content in your foods. 

It may seem slightly daunting to begin with, but just like anything in life your soon adjust to it and become an expert at it all.

So no more excuses in regards to cutting out sugar in your diet! 

Because there’s plenty of ways to do so.

I myself daily have little to no sugar in my diet, and I get through a lot of food during the day as I’m currently bodybuilding.

Now lastly I’m going to give you a quick list of healthy foods you can consider adding to your diet:

Fish pretty much any kind of fish is extremely good for you, and has great health benefits ( try specifically looking for fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids like Mackerel and Salmon for example.)

Tofu if your not a meat eater tofu is a great meat alternative, and very healthy.

Salads for example lettuce, cucumber, onions

Vegetables the best are the likes of Broccoli and Cabbage

Beans all kinds really chickpeas, haricot beans, kidney beans plenty of options, they go great with salads... And can even be blended in smoothies.

Avocados a great addition to any salad or a smoothie, avocados are considered good fats.

Rice and Quinoa can be used with so much, and again extremely good for you, especially whole grain.

Oats for me the ultimate breakfast, packed with protein, no sugar and tastes great!Nuts again a great healthy snack alternative to foods like crisps.

Garlic extremely healthy, and very versatile.

Seeds for example Pumpkin seeds, Chia Seeds And Hemp seeds so healthy and can used in cereals and smoothies. Also packed with protein!

Virgin Oil I’ve already explained great ways in which it can be implemented.

Sourkourt very underrated it’s essentially just blended cabbage with water and salt, but it goes so well with salads.

And to drink I can’t recommend anything better for you than good old fashioned water. Still the king.

So there is a quick list of healthy foods that are exactly that, healthy and good for you, I hope it’s a help for you to help you get up and running in creating your own diet plan.

And with your diet all sorted, combined with some of the tips I’ve given you in this article. You should now finally be properly prepared to loss weight the right why. And go on to achieve you weight loss goals.