How To Burn And Reduce Body Fat 

A successful weight loss program, needs to be sensible, it needs to get results fast and it needs to be made as easy and as enjoyable as it possibly can.

The main principles of a standard weight loss program is to eat less and exercise more, which does not appeal or work for most people. 

This strategy is very often doomed for failure from the start. Because it is way to hard and gruelling to stick at and you also need energy to exercise.

You could say the main formula to a successful weight loss program centers around. The amount of at fat storing foods consumed and the amount of fat burning foods intake.

Your main strategy should be more focused on becoming aware of your bad fat producing eating habits and implementing new good eating habits and changes.

Most people want to lose fat fast, but they are not overly struck on the idea of food restriction or starvation tactics combined with performing vigorous workouts.

Fortunately, there are much easier ways to lose weight without all the food restriction tactics and long vigorous workouts.

Lose body fat and build muscle

There are two key processes that need to be followed for anybody who wants to successfully lose weight.

The first step is to lose weight, which then needs to be followed by a good weight maintenance strategy.

Because, you want to avoid the dreaded but so common pattern of behavior of regaining all the weight, that often occurs after you have done all the hard work of losing it.

You often hear people say they intend to turn their fat into muscles. The reality is, muscle and fat are two separate things so it is a case of losing the fat and then building your muscle tone.

Others want to just target belly fat. The only real way to lose belly fat is to work on reducing body fat.

Crash diets are painfully hard to stick at and they usually end up in failure and more frustration, which can put you off, ever trying again.

When people do not get the results that they want and deserve, they will often beat themselves up, because they feel bad, they did not manage to lose any significant amounts of weight.

Therefore it is highly important that you choose a weight loss program and fun exercise routine, which is progressive, easy to follow and it has no specific deadlines. 

Instead of the short term crash diets that cause your body to go into survival mode which causes them to store more fat.

A mindshift and new healthier lifestyle that will help you to lose weight and keep the weight of, might be the direction to follow.

Preferably, it should consist of doing things that you like and eating foods that you can enjoy. Which, suits you and it fits into or around, your daily lifestyle.

Because if you can enjoy the new you and your new healthy health and fitness regime, Then it will sure, help you in your goal, to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off.

Part of a successful weight loss strategy is about the mental and motivation side of things. The best way to get yourself up and motivated, is to have a strategy that you can enjoy.

The thought of having to starve yourself or do long vigorous exercise routines, can cause negative feelings and put you off, even trying to reduce your body fat.

Writing down your goals and putting down all the positive reasons and health benefits for why you want to lose weight, will conjure up, the right emotions. 

If you can get a friend or partner, to join you in your weight loss and keep fit and healthy routine. Then that can make things even easier for you. Just be careful how you approach them.

Follow a normal, natural and healthy lifestyle and eating strategy

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many Japanese, Asians, Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese in particular seem to age well and remain fit, slim and health right throughout their lives and into their later years?  

You still have the ageless, slim and super fit Japanese woman who are their 60's and 70's who brave the cold and sometimes treacherous waters to free dive for seafood of the coast of Japan.

They eat fresh healthy food and they live a simple but healthy lifestyle. Perhaps we could learn a few lessons from the people of the east.

Of course there are many Japanese who live a more western style life.

Who live, stressful city lives, who might not fare as well as those who live in more rural areas, just like over here.

But even the ones that live a more western style life. They still always seems like they look younger than they truly are.

Recent studies have revealed that the residents of Okinawa are some of the longest lived people on the planet. 

Not only do they live well past 100 with remarkable regularity. They seem to stay slim, fit and healthy and many don’t even look like they’re that old either.  

On top of that, these long-lived Japanese, seem happy and they have trim bodies free of unsightly fat deposits.

What this suggest is. A change in lifestyle and eating habits. 

Not only helps you to lose weight and keep that weight off, it also appears to increase the chances of you living longer, makes you fitter and more mobile, plus it seem to make you feel better and look younger.

If that is not a positive incentive and a motivation booster, I don't know what is. 

When you think about it, then It  starts to make perfect sense. 

Because the healthier your body is, the more comfortable you're going to feel when you're sitting and standing and the more easier, you will be able to move about and the less likely you are to contract, some health issues.

One of the most significant reason for why so many Okinawa islanders remain young, healthy, happy, agile and slim is because they still live on a special diet that has been around for thousands of years.  

A diet free of modern preservatives, artificial sweeteners, process foods, synthetic foods and other junk that many people in the west consume on a regular basis. 

Long ago, these Japanese learned to remain active and they eat and live in harmony with their body’s natural rhythms and processes.

Of course, thousands of years ago, they didn’t have any science to tell them this.  

They simply ate naturally and through time, discovered what worked and what didn’t.  

How to lose fat and keep it off

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably searching for an effective and easy as possible way of losing a few pounds and keeping them off.  

Obesity and all the health related problems that come with a unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Has, now become common issue in modern life, especially in industrialized nations like the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia and most of Europe.

Poor diets, ineffective exercise, stressful work schedules and the pressures of daily life continue to push the obesity rate higher and higher and they have been linked to inflammation in the body which have been associated with weight gain.

There can be a price to pay for a unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. with the rise in health issues like diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, joint pain, premature aging and even mental illnesses.

And yet with all of this, the fitness and weight loss industry continues to thrive.  

It is estimated that people spend over $270,000,000,000 each years across the globe on diets, fitness programs and more.  

Over 120 million people alone in the US, purchase at least one weight loss product every year, some purchase even more in the quest to lose weight.

So you have to ask the question, why are we all still getting fatter, sicker and older before our time?

There is so much miss-information and confusion out there when it comes to weight loss, yet very few seem to be getting the result and the body they desire.  

One of the reasons for this is because. Sometimes, the things that we’ve all been conditioned to think are necessary, in some cases not only don’t work but they actually harm your body.

Heavy cardio:

We’ve all heard been told this one.  Get out and go for a long run until you drop!  

The fact is that no matter how fast you run, you’re only burning 100 calories per mile.  

Also, continuous hard running can be bad for the joints. And the sad fact is that as soon as you stop running, your metabolism drops back to normal.

Eat less:

This one is pretty awful because it seems to make intuitive sense.  Stop eating as much and you’ll lose weight.  Less calories in means less calories stored, right?

What you want to try and avoid is going on a strict starvation diet that is self punishing, which you cannot maintain for long, because of the natural urge to eat.

A far better strategy would be to go on a weight loss program that you can actually enjoy and you know that you can stick to it.

The problem is that our bodies are designed to preserve themselves.  When you starve a body, your body goes into famine mode and converts more and more of the food you are eating into fat deposits.  

On top of that, it begins to break down dense muscle tissue for energy in the meantime. 

A successful weight loss strategy should be based on a routine where you lose fat, not muscle.

Your muscles, burns up the majority of calories in your body so they are the driving force of your metabolism.

Therefore, if you lose muscles, like most starvation diets do. You will increase the chances of putting on more fat.

The real truth is. A food deprivation diet, is actually, one of the worst things you can do to yourself. 

Rather than starving yourself and making yourself miserable. A better approach maybe to eat more of the right foods, instead of trying to force yourself to eat less.

A sensible and progressive weight loss strategy that does not punish you or disrupt your lifestyle to drastically, might be worth considering.

No carbs:

Diets with low or no carbs have been proven to help people to lose weight and although they might help you to lose weight and keep the weight of in the short term.  

Your body needs carbohydrates for energy.  

It is a good decision to cut back on some of the bad carbs. Such as: 

Potato chips, white bread, some high sugar content cereals, crackers, ice cream and corn muffins.  

The question you then have to ask yourself.

If you do decide to go on a no or low carb diet, once you have lost the weight. Should you stay on a low carb diet or should you increase the amount of carbs that you consume?

Once you have lost the weight, you might then need to re-evaluate your weight maintenance and diet strategy, until you strike the right balance that maintains your ideal weight.

The thing to remember is. Everybody is different, so it is important to listen to your body and keep an eye on your progress to avoid, the dreaded scenario of, piling all the weight back on.

If you work in harmony with your body and are getting the right kind of exercise. 

Then you can still get away with eating starchy carbs like rice, alcohol, pasta and potatoes, which are actually good for your body and will help you lose weight!

Very often people overcomplicate losing weight with the latest new diet fad or regime.

Yet, there is a simple, easy, safe and highly effective way to lose weight quickly and look and feel great, without having to make to many sacrifices.  

Which will help you avoid all the setbacks and pitfalls, that separate yo yo diets and long term success.

Because, you don’t have to run until you drop, spend 2 hours every day in the gym, starve yourself or eat bacon 5 times a day, to lose weight!