10 Sign A Guy Likes You At Work

By Erin Elizabeth

How do you really know how to tell if a guy likes you at work? If it’s not clear, don’t worry—I’m going to give you a really clear breakdown of exactly what signs indicate he likes you… so that you have nothing but clarity from now on! 

Now, sometimes it is hard to know how to tell if a guy likes you at work or not, and it can be very easy to misinterpret him being nice as him liking you… especially since he is probably going to be friendly since you’re working together. 

So it’s important to know the difference between him being friendly and actually having a crush!

Having a crush can be fun and exciting! Getting extra dressed up when you know you’ll run into them, those highly calculated texts, and yes the late night Facebook stalking (come on we all do it!) 

But navigating the early stages of a potential fling can be tricky, especially if you can’t figure out if they’re noticing all the little things you do to get their attention.

Having one of these crushes is especially hard in the workplace. We can't control when and where we meet that special someone, even if that is at work! 

But the problem is a lot of us can’t tell if the kind gestures and ways they are acting around us is playful flirtation or forced friendliness.

Don’t worry! Lucky for you we have a few things that you can consider to help you figure out if the guy at work has potential to become something more, so keep reading!

1. He looks at you ... often

We all know that when people desire something, they often have their attention focused on it.

At work, you'll be interacting with your coworkers on a regular basis. If the guy you have your eye on is focusing time and attention on you when his job requires it, then he may just be a friendly co-worker... but pay close attention!

If he is hanging around and spending more time with you than he needs to for his position then this means he probably enjoys being around you and wants to spend more time with you.

This is a great sign!!

Make sure, however, that you're really paying attention. It’s easy to convince ourselves of something that isn’t real if we want it to be that way. If he looks over at you a lot, make sure he's looking at YOU and not a clock near you or something else that's catching his attention.

Guys are really simple... so don't over complicate things.

2. He asks you personal questions.

Like I just said... boys are simple creatures. They do what they want, when they want, and they usually don’t stray from this. 

This means when you talk to a guy you can figure out a lot about how he feels about you based on the conversation you two have.

One thing to pay attention to is to is if he's asking questions. 

This means he's more curious about you. Specifically, is he asking you a lot of personal 
questions? What are you interests? 

Do you have a favorite book? 

What are your siblings like? 

Basically, if he’s going out of his way to find out the more intimate details of your life this is a sign that he may have his eye on you and wants to see of you are the kind of girl he wants to be with.

One important thing to consider, if he’s asking you these personal questions, then please
answer honestly. 

If you lie about who you are as a person you're only hurting yourself.

If this guy starts liking you for the person you get him to think you are, and not who you actually are, then you either have to keep up the lies indefinitely or he may not like the real you down the road.

3. He volunteers to help you when he has no reason to.

Another thing that you need to know about guys that they like to fix things. It’s in
their biology... think of the cavemen! 

They naturally want to provide protection and safety for the people they care about. 

Fast forward to our modern world, and this same tendency is seen by guys putting in extra effort to help and please the girl they have their eye on!

This is why a guy likes you, he will often go out of his way to help you out.

At work this you can easily tell if he's doing this. If he’s taking on some of your
responsibilities  or offering to do some of your work for you he might be trying to show you he cares.

Be sure that there’s no ulterior motive for helping you with your work, like impressing the boss or getting extra tips.

If he wants to take some of the work off your hands for no reason other than to help you, then that's great!

4. He’s inquired about your relationship status. 

When you and this guy are talking has he ever asked about your relationship status? 

We may think boys are just big bags of ego running around with all the confidence in the world, but guys get insecure too. 

If he likes you, he may not want to make a move until he knows that the odds of things working out for him are good. 

If you have a boyfriend, then obviously he isn’t going to pursue you. That's why guys will often
try and find that out once they start becoming interested in someone.

If he’s asked you about your relationship status this could mean that he wants to make sure your available for him to date. 

One caveat... context. Make sure when he asks you something like this that it isn't situational.

If you two are joking about, the Bachelor and he asks if you have a boyfriend, he may just be trying to get you to relate to the conversation. 

If the question seems a little more out of the blue though, this is a much better sign. As always just be cool, calm, and casual ... but pay attention to context!

5. Is his behavior a little out of character?

I’m sure if you’re crushing a little on this coworker, you've been paying attention to the kind of guy
the is and how he normally behaves. Is he shy? 

A jokester? Maybe a charmer... it doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is, what matters is if how he acts around you is different than how he’s acting around other people!

If a guy is changing how he normally acts and is treating you differently he may be
putting  in a little effort to be who he thinks will impress you. 

If he’s a shy guy and is plucking up a little courage to have a conversation then he’s trying to make sure you pay some attention to him!

If he’s normally loud and obnoxious but is really focused on you and being respectful in a conversation this can mean he genuinely cares about what you’re saying and that he is trying to connect with you. 

If he’s acting out of character this is a great sign and it can mean that he wants you to like him.

6. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Even if you're single, it doesn’t mean he is! Just like how we know it’s important if
he's checking to see your relationship status... now it’s your turn. 

You need to make sure he’s actually single, because if he has a girlfriend then all those nice gestures and the time you two spend together are most likely him wanting to be good friends and not advances towards a relationship!
You can try stalking his social media. If there are no posts about a special someone, then you may be in the clear, but the only way you can actually know if he’s single is to ask! 

When you ask him you want to make sure its casual so that you don’t come off as desperate,
especially in the workplace, this is tricky. 

Maybe try connecting the question to a joke or a story about a friend's girlfriend. This way the question doesn't seem to come from nowhere and there was an actual reason for you to ask it.

If you find that he is single this doesn't mean that you can start flirting like a crazy person.

You have to remember that you two work together and he may not want to date a coworker or like 
we've discussed he may just be a nice guy who’s being friendly. 

If he is single, great! But that's only one factor of many in the road to getting closer to your cute

7. If he does have a girlfriend, he definitely doesn’t introduce you two.

There is one situation where him having a girlfriend isn’t necessarily an end all be
all in the potential of you two progressing. It just means that for the time being he is

This is when he has a girlfriend, but he CLEARLY is not fond of her.

If he comes to you all the time with complaints and seems very conflicted then this is actually a great chance for you to show him how great you are while gaining his trust. If a guy comes to you with any problems or for advice it means that he trusts you. 

This alone is a great sign. Now is your chance to prove to him that you are a much better girl
for him!

If he comes to you complaining about how his girlfriend is doing certain things,
then definitely don't do those things to him.

For instance, if the constant nagging that his girl is driving him insane, then never do it to him. Do the opposite, be relaxed and if you need to ask something of him be super casual about it with no pressure. 

If you can show him that you can help him and talk to him about his problems it will also show that
you are a safe place for him and that will make him feel a lot closer to you.

For this to work you need to be sure that he really is reaching a point of ending his current
relationship, though, because if he only comes to you every now and then he may be happy with the relationship and you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

8. He keeps conversations going that would normally be considered “boring.”

Let’s be honest, work conversations can be hard. Sometimes there's not a whole
lot going on and all you have to talk about it that expense report your boss wouldn’t shut
up about. I get it.

If you and this guy have any chance of moving things into an actual relationship (which I’m assuming you're thinking about), then you have to be able to have a lasting conversation!

If you are the only one spurring the conversation forward, it may be a sign that he’s pretty indifferent about you. 

However, if he keeps conversation going in even the most boring situations then there’s a good sign that he genuinely likes talking with you and wants to keep doing it!

Next time the two of you are working together, don’t put a lot of effort into your
conversation and see what happens. 

Make sure that the reasons you two are talking aren’t because you have to! If he only asks you for reports or for mandatory feedback on a new policy this doesn’t count. 

I’m talking about actual conversations that you would have outside of the workplace. If you find that there is a lot of silence and he isn’t really trying to keep up the chatter, then it may be time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

9. He has called you pretty/commented on your appearance in a positive fashion

One important thing that is usually what spurs that attraction someone has for another can often be appearance. 

Before you really get to know someone, one of the first things you get to know them by is their looks. If this coworker thinks you're above average in the looks department then that's enough to get him pursuing you! 

Even better, if he finds a way to tell you he thinks you're pretty he obviously wants you to know you're on his radar. 

This is even more important than the other things we discussed before because here he is actually doing actions to let you know that he is potentially thinking of you as more than just a friendly coworker.

This isn’t hard to pick up on in conversation.

If he comments on any aspect of your appearance in a positive way then he is probably letting you know that he finds you attractive. 

He may be straightforward and say he thinks you have pretty eyes or hair. If
he is more on the shy side, then he may be less straightforward. 

If he says something like “guys love pretty blondes” when you just happen to be a blonde... he might just be talking about YOU! 

Although we can’t confirm that comments on appearance mean he
is for sure interested, we can definitely say that it's a huge step in the right direction.

10. He asks you questions about what you did the day before.

When you are crushing on someone it is without a doubt that they cross your
mind a lot more than most people. 

When we like someone, but don’t get the chance to talk to them and know what they're up to then we get curious. I’m sure you've been laying in bed wondering what that crush is doing all night while you stay in bed binging on Netflix.

Well, good news! If a guy is interested in you, then he will have you on his mind pretty often, too. This means that when you two are apart he may be curious and wonder what you're up to.

If you two see each other at work and he asks how your night before was or maybe what you did over the weekend it could be a good sign! It may mean that you were on his mind. 

He could just be making small talk so read into his body language. Is he engaged and making eye contact? Does he seem genuinely interested or just trying to make simple conversation. ..

Liking someone is always complicated. Humans are such complex creatures and we all have unique wants, fears, and experiences.

No two people act the same way, or for the same reasons, and being coworkers on top of it doesn’t help the situation much.

Just be casual and let things take their natural course, which gives you time to get to really know them and see if they’re actually someone you can see yourself with! 

Just make sure that his actions aren't just him being a friendly colleague, because at the end of the day that is what you two are. 

Ask yourself, what makes sense for how he is acting around you, and as always. avoid assumptions!

Authors Bio
This post has been written by truth seeker and expert in women's health, well-being and relationship advice Erin Elizabeth.

Erin is the the main web manager/editor of the highly popular and successful vixendaily.com (a women’s interest site with 2 million hits per month & 110,000 Facebook followers.) 

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