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Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Vibration And Live Your Best Life

One of the most powerful quotes ever said was written by Albert Einstein who stated.

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way".

There are many fantastic and positive benefits why you should raise your vibration, some of the best reasons are:

  • You will feel great, happier and at peace
  • You will have access to your true inner powers, potential and creativity
  • Your life will get better in many ways
  • You will move out of the slow, dense and bad feeling negative feelings and emotion
  • You will enter your peak performance states
  • Things will workout better for because everything is better and much easier to handle when you feel good

There is only one source and power which we are all connected to and we all have a powerful and good feeling, life force energy that is flowing freely through us all of the time.

When we are in the high vibrational frequencies, we feel great, light and more motivated and empowered.

In these good feeling energies, this is where our true power lies, and it is here where we gain greater access with our higher mental faculties, the universal intelligence and higher connection to all there is and all what can be.

The higher vibrational frequencies are associated with the positive emotions, such as:

  • Love
  • Perfect inner peace
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Happiness

Many people, spend too much of their precious time stuck in the lower and more dense vibrational frequencies that makes us feel heavy, disempowered and limited.

The lower vibrational frequencies are associated with the bad feeling, negative emotions, such as: 

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Anger
  • Insecurity
  • Hate
  • Sadness

What prevents us from feeling this all natural good feeling energy, is what we give our attention to, our physiology and how we are reacting to what is and our environment around us. 

Allow life to happen and everything will workout

When your energy is flowing freely and our mind and body is in a positive and calm state on inner peace.Everything will be working in harmony and balance for you, just as it was designed to be. 

In this blissful and good feeling state of inner balance, peace of mind and harmony.You will be vibrating in the higher frequency ranges, which will help you to maintain good health, good well-being and good fortune.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Therefore. When we are vibrating in the higher frequency ranges on the inside.

Not only will you feel good. This will also be reflected on the outside in many positive and beneficial ways for you as more doors, ideas and opportunities will open up for you.

There are many wonderful and magical positive benefits that you will be rewarded with as a result of you holding yourself in these positive and feel good states of no resistance and complete inner balance and emotional harmony. 

You will have complete access to all your true powers 

  • You positive creative abilities will increase 
  • You will be smarter 
  • You will perform better at everything that you do
  • The world will treat you better

When your mind is still and your body is vibrating in a positive state of calm, harmony and balance and when that sweet feeling free flowing energy is flowing around your body, free from all negative resistance.

Your will be able to think more clearly, more constructively and more positively and when your mind and body are calm, and all that negative chatter and nonsense has faded away;

  • You will absorb information better
  • You will learn better and quicker
  • You will perform better

When you learn quicker and better, you will be more successful and you will add more value to yourself/

You will also receive Universal information and inner guidance that you would not have access to, in the lower vibrational frequencies. 

Things will workout better for you, and you will open up and maintain the communication and information pathways with the Universe.

Which will assist, help and guide you to a better you and a better life.

The downside of the lower vibrational frequencies

When our bodies energies are split and we are in a negative state of resistance. 

Our natural energy flow becomes blocked. 

This causes a state of imbalance and disharmony in your energetic energy fields.

When the free flowing energy becomes out of balance. 

We transform and enter into a state of disharmony which we call physical stress or negative emotions, which can lead to health related issues.

This negative states of being can lead to 

  • Emotional trauma
  • Poor emotional well-being
  • Negative attraction and things going wrong
  • Mental health issues
  • Other health related issues

When our mind and bodies enter a state of disharmony and imbalance 

We are at our most weakest and vulnerable state of being

  • It can negatively impact our mental and physical performance levels
  • We feel bad
  • We feel the victim 
  • We lose some of our natural inner powers, creative abilities and strength
  • We have more disempowering and self destructive and self limiting negative thoughts
  • We stagnate and experience little growth
  • We create a bleak and pessimistic outlook in life
  • We feel small and stuck

When we are in a low vibrational energy state. More things seems to go wrong for us. We tend to struggle and remain stuck in survival mode.

By transforming and entering into the higher vibrational frequencies

  • We feel more optimistic and positive 
  • We function and perform better
  • We look better and it can even extend our life expectancy
  • We tune into our true inner powers and abilities
  • We feel better
  • Things in general, workout better for us
  • Our relationships improve
  • Life becomes easier
  • More opportunities will come are way
  • We increase our chances of becoming successful, if that is your desire 
Raise your vibration and access the life you have always wanted

If you want to be more successful or if you want to increase your wealth or income. Then the first step of the process is to raise your vibration.

I am not going to start promising that you're going to start making millions overnight or at all. 

But, if that is what you want, there is no reason why you can't.

And if it is your desire, to make more money, then raising your vibration, will certainly help you to get there a lot quicker and raising your vibration, will make your journey are lot more fun and enjoyable.

When you're vibrating in the negative low energy frequencies, it is robbing you and denying you of living the joyful, happy and fulfilling life they were born to experience.

At the very source of you, you are a creator of your own reality and you are pure positive energy.

But many people have become so stimulated and affected by their external circumstances, issues and problems, they are coming from a negative and stressful state.

People have come to believe that are up against life's struggles and challenges and somehow they have to beat them, try harder and struggle their way through each day.

And even though life can throw at us many things. You always get to choose how you want to react to and how you wish to perceive your external events.

According to leading Law Of Attraction expert. Esther Hicks.

"Your vibration, becomes your point of attraction."

But the single biggest advantage and the most positive reason for raising your vibration is because it will give you freedom from all your emotional pain, problems, worries and stress.

After all. Why struggle and experience bad feeling emotions, tension and stress, when you can feel so much better?

You will also be free of all your perceived weaknesses, and as you practice feeling better and better you will leave behind all your negative limitations and self doubts. 

Raising your vibration will awaken you and open up to you, your true powers and potential and you will have access to a brand new and exciting life with endless new possibilities, without any limitations.

The truth is. You have never had any limitations, except the ones that have been given to you and you do not have to learn how to be creative and tap into your limitless manifestation abilities.

Because you already have everything you need. All you have to do is return back to your natural feel good state of being.

Another great benefit of raising your vibration is, you will allow all the good things that you want, to come into your experience.

Because, you're the one you gets, to decide how you think and feel, and you're the one who is in total charge of the life that you want to live.

You are the only one who can deny you of feeling great and having the best and most fulfilling life experience possible. 

When you let go of your suffering and you release your past and you do everything that you can, to feel good, and then you maintain your good feeling state and you will begin to move towards your ideal life.

Because when you will release your negative emotional baggage, then your main focus of Interest will be put on all the good things that are coming next, all that can be and on all the positive things you want to have, do and become.

You shape your own reality

Although our thoughts set our intentions and create and shape our reality, it is our feelings that carry all the power.

You don't always necessarily get what you want, but you always attract a physical match to what you feel.

By now, you probably already know the importance of setting your intentions. 

But few people can activate those good feelings and positive energy that is needed to make their desires and intentions a actual reality.

We all now know about manifesting and it is very evident that some people seem to attract everything they want, whilst others continue to struggle.

You may have thought to yourself many times. How comes others attract a life of abundance and success, why you seem to carry on struggling.

You many think that they were born successful, talented or they are just plain lucky.

This mystery can be easily explained, because if you want to create the magic you need the magic powers.

Those who are very wealthy and successful, have a vision, they think positive and they emit positive energy.

Yes, they have to take inspired action. But it is backed with a unbreakable faith and positive creative energy forces.

Whilst those who struggle and fail to get the things and life that they desire are mainly coming from a negative energy of lack, not having and desperation.

You cannot access all the good things that you want if you're offering a vibrational match to what you don't want or don't have, it just does not work like that.

One of the main reasons why people struggle to get what they want is because they are giving all their attention and energy to the non existence or lack of what they want. 

The way life works is quite simple. When you focus on what you don't want you start to create more of what you don't want or don't have. 

When you focus all your attention on what you do want and you become a vibrational match to your desires and goals. Then you will start moving towards the life that you do want.

Beat your negative thought processes

People are beaten by their old negative and self limiting thought processes and their senses. 

When you allow what your current observing to dictate your thought processes and vibration, then you will carry on getting more of the same.

This is the single biggest hurdle and a concept that trips most people up.

The reality is. Your current beliefs and emotions are what is creating your reality at the moment.

Most people cannot grasp the fact that, you have to change from within before you can change your outside circumstances and results for the better.

This means having a strong faith and positive expectation.That what you want is already yours a done deal. Before it has even manifested.

This can prove a bit tricky and more often than not, it is what proves to be the downfall for most people.

When you really desire something, which you don't yet have, especially if you have been working towards a goal for a while.

It can be very hard to trust that it will show up in your reality at some point, when you are clearly observing the not having it yet.

Some people will tell you to act as if you already have it. 

But, for most people, this can prove to be extremely difficult, and in the end, they get defeated by their old beliefs, what their senses are telling them or their mind rejects it.

It can be the hardest thing in the world to tell yourself that you are wealthy if your observing and currently experiencing a life of a lack of money.

Instead of trying to convince yourself that you already have what you want. It is much better to become a vibrational match to all the things that you want.

You don't have to try and endlessly affirm what you want. All you have to do is to do whatever it takes to feel happy, calm, joyful and show appreciation for what you do have.

Because, all these are positive energies, and when you are vibrating calm and good feeling energy, you will be starting to attract the things that you want.

We have been conditioned to trust what our senses are telling us. Because of this, many people believe and take for granted that what they are observing is a fact. 

They totally accept what they believe as evidence of the truth. If they are observing the absence of what they want, then this becomes their dominant thought processes, perceptions and energy.

What this means is. If you want to attract more money, but you're observing and responding negatively to the not having it.

Then this is the reality that you will create and continue to perceive.

If you want things to change, then you have to change your thoughts and beliefs, before you can change your current reality.

Start manifesting your inner desires

Although most people want to raise their vibration, because they want to make more money, get a promotion, be more successful, attract a partner or have better relationships.

There are many other positive benefits to be gained from raising your vibration.

Because when you raise your vibration. 

Not only will good things happen, things will work out better, solutions to your problems will show up and you will access the answers to your question.

Plus new exciting opportunities will present themselves to you.

You will feel better and more at peace and when you feel calm and happy, you will be able to tap into your true creative talents and inner potential.

Which is what will lead you to more success and allow you to make the most of your creativity which is what makes you more money.

Many people have either forgotten what it feels like to feel calm and happy or they have never really felt good for a consistent amount of time.

Often the benchmark for our vibration level and happiness is determined from a very early age.

Some people even say that you can become a match to your mother's energy, even when you are in her womb.

You certainly pick up on your parent's energy when you are a baby or a very young child.

If one or both of your parents are negative people or worriers. Then you can soon pick up and mimic your parents' insecurities, doubts, limiting or restrictive beliefs and negative energy.

This can then become your dominant energy and thought processes that can stay with you most of your life, unless you change them.

As you venture through life, you find further evidence to support your parents' beliefs and then you add to these, through your own negative life experiences.

These destructive subconscious beliefs, habits, emotions and negative energetic patterns that you have inherited and learned will fill you with negativity, insecurity.

This can fill you with a sense of insecurity and false perceptions, which can develop into the scourge of modern day society that you are not good enough, worthy enough, capable enough, deserving enough or smart enough.

Through no fault of your own, you can go on to live a life of worry, lack, negativity, stress and anxiety, that can deny you of your true creative powers and keep you stuck in a life of struggle.

Some examples of the opposite ends of the energy scale are

  • Love-hate
  • Happiness-sadness 
  • Calm-fear
  • Wealth-poverty 
  • Good health-poor health
  • Successful-unsuccessful 
  • Positive-negative 
  • Peace-conflict

Which appeals to you the most and which energy do you want to feed and feel the most?

The Benefits Of Positive Energy

Positive energy and positive actions creates all that is good and all that is wonderful, amazing and beautiful in this world, giving you the best possible life experience, whilst negative energy brings about misery, hurt and suffering and it is destructive and damaging.

1) Speed up your manifestation

Your vibration is basically how you feel or what energy state that you're currently experiencing, often described as, being in the zone.

Negative emotions happen when you are offering a resistance to your natural free flowing energy state of being.

When you raise your vibration, you will cut out your stress, and you will be free of anxiety and all the other negative emotions, that block out your creativity, intelligence and prevent you performing at your peak efficient best.

When you raise your vibration, you will speed up your manifestation skills and you will be more successful in many areas.

Your thought processes and your vibration, will determine how you feel and how you live your life.

2) Positive energy attracts a positive physical match

The law of attraction is based on the theory that like attracts like.

When you're feeling negative, more negative things tend to happen. Negative energy causes thoughts of hopelessness, stagnation and pessimism.

But when you shift into the good feeling emotional states, things start to work out better for you, and life works easier. Positive thoughts induce feelings of hope and optimism.

When you rise up through the emotions you will become in alignment with all the things you want and in time those things or opportunities will start to show up in your life.

This is when all the synchronicity kicks in and the universe will line up all the right people, conditions, information, things and circumstances that you need.

When you experience these free flowing energy states you will begin to develop the mindset and energy state where there are no limits and anything seems possible.

3) Positive energy will make you feel better

Although when you hear about the law of attraction most people immediately want more money, better relationships and other material gains. 

But the real benefit of raising your vibration is, if you're in a positive and calm feeling place, then you're going to feel good and you will go on to live a happy, successful and stress free life.

Before you even think about making more money or making any other physical improvements or gains, you should focus on reducing your stress, worries and anxieties because your emotional well-being has to come first, the rest will follow.

For long term happiness and to consistently feel good and at ease you have to work on your inner self and then focus on the physical side of things and feeling good always has to start from within. 

How you think, feel and react will determine whether you have a good day or bad one.

4) You will increase your chances of experiencing better health and longevity

It's no secret that happy, upbeat and confident people are more content and live better and even longer lives.

They become more successful and experience better health and more satisfying relationships, there have many studies conducted that reveal positive and happy people live longer too.  

When you're calm and you have an upbeat and positive, optimistic attitude and outlook on life then you will have a lot less stress and anxiety and long term stress and anxiety lowers your immune system and puts you into a higher risk category for more health related problems. 

Also, if you have little trouble with stress and negative emotions, then you will look a bit younger and feel more energized and alive.

5) Your energy lift you and others

Not only is your energy important to you and your life experiences it can also have a positive or negative effect on the people close to you or the people you work with or surround yourself with. That's why the experts will tell you to surround yourself with positive people.

If you're feeling stressed, frustrated, angry or experiencing negative moods then it can drag other people down or drain their energy, especially if you try to take things out on them or you come across too pessimistic all the time. 

Other people can pick up on your vibration, so by lifting your own mood you're helping others around you as well as yourself.

Your positivity and radiant feel good energy will rub off on other people and because you will be free of all the negative emotions and stress, then you will treat other people better, you will be better company and others will want to be around you. 

You will also be in a position to inspire and lift others and your relationship with your children and partner will improve, a smiling and happy person can have a positive influence and their radiant energy is infectious on others.

6) You will feel more energized

Negative energy and stress will drag you down into a place inside your mind where you don't want to go and it will make you blind to all the good that surrounds you. 

Negative energy can disrupt your sleep leaving you feeling tired and exhausted.

Negative thoughts and feelings will disempower you tremendously.

When you're feeling positive and at ease with yourself and the world you will feel more energized and more empowered.

This will leave you feeling more inspired, more motivated and you will feel more alive, you will sleep better and your emotional and physical well-being will greatly improve.

7) You can make more money

If you study wealthy people then you will find a similar pattern which is they all have a positive mindset and attitude and they all say you will make more money if you're in the zone and you feel good.

This is when all the idea's, information, the right people and opportunities will be presented to you. Of course you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort, but you chances will be greatly increased if you're feeling good. 

8) You will be more creative

Stress and negative emotions will stifle your creativity as stress will shrink your awareness down to a narrow focus of negative attention. 

If you want to be at your creative best then you need to be in the zone, you know that positive state of no resistance. 

When you're calm and at ease, then your intelligence and other mental faculties will improve you will have access to your higher mind and the universal intelligence and you will receive information and ideas that you cannot access in the lower vibrational  frequencies.

9) Things work out better when you're positive

Have you ever noticed when you're having a bad day and you're feeling stressed or negative that little things seem to keep going wrong and just can't seem to do things as well as you would normally. 

The longer you remain in a negative state the more things will start to go wrong for you and the things you would do effortless when you're feeling good start to become a struggle.

However when your upbeat and positive things always seem to  workout generally better plus you do things better and you function better. Your confidence levels will also increase when you're happy and calm and you will do things with ease without having to try.

10) You will become more optimistic

When your in a higher vibration you will have more matching positive thoughts this will make you feel more optimistic and you will have higher expectations. 

Your perceptions will change and you will look at things differently and when you change your perceptions your results will also change for the better.

You will smile more and that will make you feel even better and people will warm to your smile and people will feel more at ease in your company, and a smile may even help you break the ice and attract a partner. 

The reward for raising your vibration, is it will improve your well-being, your physiology will also start to change as you begin to free yourself from negative emotions.

Your immune system will also start to improve and your blood sugar levels will become more balanced, you will release more of the feel good endorphins all of which will help to improve your mood.

11) More opportunities will come your way

The longer you can sustain those good feeling emotions and as you start to get the positive momentum, then you will find that more opportunities will arise and new exciting doors will start to open for you. 

When these new opportunities and ideas present themselves to you, be sure to grab them and take action.

When you're in the flow or in the zone. It will boost your creativity enormously and you will have access to information that you cannot access in the negative feeling states.



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