Relationship Problems 

Even though a good, enjoyable and healthy relationship can provide us with so much joy, bliss, pleasure and good times. 

No relationship is better for your own emotional well-being and wellness than being in a bad or unhealthy relationship.

Although not every relationships can be saved. Most of them can, if you're both fully committed and prepared to sit down and work things out together.

Then you could save yourself from an expensive or heartbreaking divorce or separation and it could keep your home and financial security and take all the stress of both of you and your children.

Sometimes rushing in whilst you're in the wrong mindset, not thinking things through or trying to defuse a bad relationship situation when you're in a bad mood.

Or when you try too hard or you are overly nice in your attempts to solve your relationship issues, can actually backfire and make your relationship worse.

Very often it is not always what you say, but how you say it and the tone of your voice, that matters. 

Lets say, you have got something you want to get of your chest or you have a simmerring relationship issues you think needs sorting out. 

If you try approaching your partner with a harsh, raised, assertive or critical tone of voice. 

Then the chances are, your partner will shift automatically into their defensive mode and it will result in a huge confrontation or disagreement, which will push you both further apart.

Yet, you could approach the same problem in a calmer and friendlier tone of voice and it will probably be met with a much better response, which would diffuse potentially argument which could lead you both to a resolution that could actually bring you both closer together.

When things go wrong, some people think the answer to making their relationship better is to buy them a present or take them out for a meal, rather than working on addressing the true root causes of your problems.

Although external gifts, compliments and treats can help. If you really want to make your relationship better then maybe the first step you should consider is. 

Making sure you don't make an already bad situation even worse because it is incredibly important to try and find out what has caused your problems and what is the best way to improve your relationship .

If you're going through a bad patch with your relationship, then it is sometimes a good idea to have a little cooling off period, so you both calm down, before you begin to tackle any issues that you have.

Because, you cannot make your relationship better, if one of you or even both of you is in angry or negative state.

Once you have both cooled down and you've put aside your difference for a while. Then you can both begin to take responsibility for making your relationship better, where you can discuss and talk things through with a clear head and a calm and respectful energy.

Because what you will find when you take responsibility for sorting out your differences, solving your relationship issues and even making agreeable compromises (that suit you both).

Then this can help you identify and express your own personal emotional needs, concerns and requirements as well as helping you work around any problems or issues you or your partner might have.

Arguments destroy relationships

Although some couples say that the best part of an argument is the making up in general too many arguments will kill your relationship and happiness.

Arguments can lead to thoughts and feelings of hate, resentment and revenge. Love, respect and appreciation brings couples closer together.

Research has also revealed that there are a small amount of people who like to feel the closeness and comfort of their partner at times when they're stressed, anxious, insecure, worried or stressed.

However, in most cases. Stress, anger, insecurity and all the other negative emotional states are probably the single biggest relationship destroyer.

If you are anxious, fearful, irritated, frustrated, angry, depressed or you have reached a state and point of despair and hopelessness in your relationship.

Then these mental and emotional states are usually an indication that you're suffering with stress.

You might be thinking, that stress and negative emotions has nothing to do with the current state of your relationship.

The truth is. Your own well-being is of utmost importance if you want to save and improve your relationship, the same applies to your partner.

A positive mental attitude and a positive physiology is the secret recipe in the maintaining of a long, happy, enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

How can you enjoy a happy, loving and passionate relationship if you or you're partner are suffering with high levels of stress, anger or negative emotions?

When you feel better and your in a state of calm and inner peace then this will do wonders for your relationship and you will start to make a better and more loving connection with your partner.

If two dogs meet in the street and they are both in a rage, then a full blown out fight is inevitable where one or both dogs are going to get hurt.

If the one dog is in a rage, but the other one is calm energy then the fight will be avoidable.

Stress, tension, worry and negative emotions fills our mind with toxic negative thoughts and puts such a strain on our bodies, it ruins our chances of having a fun and loving relationship.

When your mind is full of negative thoughts and your body is engulfed with stressful and negative feelings.

Then it is impossible for you or your partner to experience all the joy of being present in your relationship. 

Stress, anger and negative emotions are the emotional states of survival. These negative emotional states make us feel ill, tense, tired, anxious, worried, moody, insecure and irritable. 

Whilst on the other hand the emotions of love, calm, joy and happiness are the ones that are associated with passion, love and blissful relationship harmony.

Because people do not sit down and discuss things, sensibly with their partner and because they do not process their feelings and emotions.

They become stuck and hooked up into their own self perpetuation trap and cycle of more, fear, stress, anxiety, anger, resentment, insecurity and despair.

This is why it is important to find the time and to find the right strategies which will enable you to reduce your stress and quickly change your emotional state. 

Therefore, one of the best things you can do to if you want a better relationship with more fun and intimacy, is to lower your stress levels.

It is also incredibly important for you attempt to sort out any relationship problems that you may be currently having.

So you can begin to enjoy all the positive benefits that a healthy and loving relationship can provide you. 

Because a good, healthy relationship can set you up for a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life experience.

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Most relationships can be saved

Of course not all relationships can be saved and in some cases it is better to be on your own than it is to carry on in a real bad relationship that is causing you much upset, grief and stress.

But with a bit of work, a level head and mutual commitment, most relationships can be saved and even made better than before.

Although overtime we change on the outside. On the inside your partner is still the same person on the inside even if they have got lost in all the stresses and strains you both may have been under of late.

When you start to enjoy yourself and your life. Instead of focusing all your attention on what is wrong with it and your partner then you should notice big changes in your relationship.

If your having relationship doubts, difficulties or uncertainties. You may already be considering your options and you might have already been planning for your future, with or without your partner.

As relationships are such a major and important part of our lives and as they also provided us with companionship, a way of life and financial security, a roof over our heads as well as all the other health and well-being benefits.

If you're thinking that the best option for you is to ending your relationship. Before you consider whether to commit to change or starting a new life for yourself, especially if there are children involved.

Every effort possible should be done to try and save your relationship and ideally, make it even better than it was or has been of late.

Because relationship breakups hurt and they can complete transform your life, sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worst.

In many cases people only hurt each others, because they are feeling hurt, unhappy or dissatisfied, themselves.

If you have spent years building your home and family life or if you're in a good relationship, that may be experiencing a few hiccups.

Then before you consider dissolving your relationship. The first step and maybe the better and often easier option. 

Might be to try and deal with, fix and resolve your current relationship.

Try not to make any hasty or rushed decisions that are emotional reactions to how you're currently thinking, being treated and feeling.

Take things slowly, have a cooling off period. Because a clear head and a calm energy is needed, before you both make any rash decision, that you may later regret.

Our emotions and physical state drives our thoughts, actions and behaviors. 

This is why, things can never have a chance of getting better, if one or both of you are in the negative mindset and feelings that is contributing to your relationship problems.

Depending on the circumstances and how you are being treated. 

Sometimes you have to forgive and forget and let go what is currently bothering you or how your partner has treated you.

Because although things may be bad on the outside you don't want to mess yourself up on the inside. 

If you really want to save your relationship. You want to make sure you don't take those problems inside of you and let them fester and eat you up.

Obsessing and worrying about your relationships, is not going to resolve anything. In fact it will no doubt make your relationship problems much worse.

Your partner cannot not make you happy until you're happy and you are at peace with yourself.

If you live in your head you and your relationship are going to suffer. 

Try and see the best in your partner, rather than the focusing on the worse.

Very often, once you learn to let go, stop fighting, stop blaming and stop resisting as well as stop caring and stop worrying so much. You relationship will start to get better by itself.

If both of you are not to sure whether you want to split. Then this suggests that there is a deeper part of you that knows that it is in both your interests to try and save your relationship.

Listen to you gut intuition, rather than making a decision, that is a immediate reaction to your current mindset or how you're feeling at the moment.

Any doubts that you have about ending your relationship can be a wiser part of you telling you that it might not be the best option.

Positive reasons for rescuing your relationships

If you have decided that you want to save your relationship and you're committed to making it work this time. Then why not go all the way and try and make it as great and fun as you possibly can.

Because, don't you long to turn back the clock and return to how good things were, in those early days of your relationship.

Isn't it better to have a loving and healthy relationship where you both look forwards to seeing each other and you both enjoy each others company, which would give you peace of mind and a loving and positive energy?

A happy and blissful relationship does not usually happen by accident. Couples who enjoy each others company, get on great and have a lifetime blissful and happy relationship, usually do things very different to those who don't.

Having a loving, peaceful and blissful relationship incredibly important to you and it is the foundation for good health and well-being and the recipe for a happy and fulfilling wonderful lifetime and enjoyable experience. 

Because all those positive emotions, like joy, happiness, love, inner peace and contentment which a stable, happy and loving relationship can provide you.

Can positively affect your health, your energy, your social life your energy levels, your well-being, your quality of sleep and just about everything else.

When a relationship is good and all your emotional needs are being met. Life is good, you feel good and this can do wonders for you, your career and your success.

Not all relationships can saved, nor should they, especially if you are being wronged, abused or mistreated. 

The good news is. Most of them can, even if you feel you have reached the point where your relationship feels hopelessly doomed.

All relationships go through bad, tough and difficult times. What is really important is, how quickly you resolve your relationship problems and how much you both learn from your mistakes.

Relationships are one of our basic human emotional needs and when our relationships as going well, we feel better and our life is better. So, the sooner you resolve things, the better it will be for you.

When things are going well. Relationships, provide us with so much love, security, fun, fulfillment, happiness, contentment, companionship, moral support and intimacy.

Therefore it is important not to throw away a good relationship until you have done everything that you possibly can to try and save it and make it even better than it was.

The most important thing of all, is whether or not you both still have feelings for each other. 

Because as long as you both have the tiniest amount of feelings for each other, there is no reason why you relationship cannot be saved and even have a better relationship than before.

As long as you are both committed to making your relationship better and you both avoid making the same mistakes as before.

There are many other positive reasons why you should resolve your relationship issues as soon as possibly, which you might like to consider.

A study conducted in December 2028 had 43 healthy married couples discussing and resolving a conflict that they knew would have a high chance that it would provoke a strong argument or disagreement.

The sort of things they would heatedly discuss, were the typical relationship argumental topics like money issues.

After their disagreements. They all gave a blood sample which showed levels of LPS-binding protein. Which can can lead to digestive issues, such as leaky gut. 

Leaky gut can trigger a chain reaction of health related, which may include

  • Gas and bloating 
  • Food sensitivities 
  • Skin conditions
  • Fatigue 
  • Headaches
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain

Those who argued the most recorded higher levels of LPS than those who remained calmer.

Relationship arguments and problems are not just bad for your relationship. 

They also cause your anger and stress levels to rise. Which are going to drain the life out of you and they are bad for your health.

Which potentially, may cause other health issues, diminish the quality of your life and upset your emotional well-being.

Make your relationship as great as it was when you first met 

In those early stages of your relationship, as far as you were concerned, nothing could ever possibly go wrong. 

Your relationship thrived because you both made it thrive, because you wanted it to thrive. 

Because of how amazing and fantastic you felt and because of the amazing, exciting and wonderful times that you had together. 

It was all about the connection, attention, excitement, thrill, fun and pleasure and all the positive feelings and energy you felt, and that's what you want back the most now.

Your partner was always in your thoughts for all the right and positive reason and the energy that you felt towards each other was the positive emotions of love, happiness and joy.

At the beginning of your relationship. You probably couldn't get your partner out of your mind. 

The chance were. When you were apart, you were always wondering what your partner was doing in a good way.

Ask yourself. 

What are the thoughts and emotions that you are having and feeling about your partner now and where has the love gone?

The chances are they are more of the negative thoughts and emotions like, fear, anger, frustration, insecurity or sadness.

During those blissful early days. You would both make an effort to look good and to be your best. Neither of you would dare to criticize or pick faults with each other.

You would show the best side of you. Because you wanted to impress each other and make each other feel special, as if you are the only one in the world in each others eyes.

Do you both still make a real big effort to impress each other?

Back then you could see no wrong and life in general was just wonderful, such a joy to live. Everyday you woke up with a smile on your face and not a care in the world and as far as you could see, only good times lay ahead.

All those romantic night's spent with each other all those walks in park, hand in hand together. Can you recall, the first time you kissed and embraced each other.

You just didn't want the night to end. If only you could make time stand still, so you could capture the intimacy and those amazing moment and make them last forever.

Rekindle the love, excitement and happiness

Do you still do the things that you did when you first met?

If not, why not do at least one thing a week which you did when you were first dating.

Because, if the things you used to do were so wonderful and they made you both feel so great and happy to be alive.

Why stop doing them?

Because. There is no reason why you cannot return to the good old days. If you're both fully committed. Times change, but you relationship doesn't have to.

When the attention, fun, love and respect gets taken away. Then this is when people look for these things elsewhere.

If you can just stop all the niggling between you and end all the annoying habits things would start to get better. 

And if you can stop trying to play the blame game or stop trying to score points or trying to get one over each other. 

This will ease the tension between you both and it will create a better energy that you can start to build upon.

Just remember the reasons you both got together in the first place and how well you treated each other.

If you both truly want too. Then there is no reason whatsoever. Why you cannot rekindle the passion and even make your relationship better than it has ever been.

Because if deep down you really want to save your relationship. This suggest that they love and feelings are still there even if they have been suppressed or overshadowed by current events or what is happening at the moment.

Sometimes people argue over the most small, trivial and silly things. 

And it is usually these small, petty and stupid things that 100% irrelevant to your relationship that get a negative reaction that cause the most damage in a relationship.

You know the kind of things that you know are going to irritate, get a reaction or cause tension and once it has been said or done, it cannot be taken back. 

And the more you attempt to put it right the deeper you dig yourself into a hole. Prevention is always better than a cure.

At times, you have got to stop and take a momentary pause and ask yourself. Is it worth it, is it going to cause an argument is it something that really needs to be debated or said.

When maybe the better option would be to let it go or at least only discuss things when the energy is right.

Think to yourself, would either of you have said or acted this way when you first met. The chances are you wouldn't because you cared to much about pleasing your partner and that is a good policy to stick to. 

Sometimes people speak and react with their emotions. If you can create the right calm and loving energy then there is no reason why you cannot return back to somewhere close to how it was when you first met each other.

If you're going to save your relationship you have to ask yourself.

At what point did it all go wrong and why? And why has your lover, seemingly turned into your rival and what is your plan of action to save your relationship and make it like it was when you first met, or why not go for even better?

Once you have come up with the solutions and strategies. It is time to put that plan into action.

Because you don't want to look back with regret one day. Knowing that you could have saved your relationship.

A healthy relationship is built on good calm, loving and positive energy

Before, you can move forwards in the right direction and there is no reason why you cannot re-spark the passion, closeness, intimacy and love back into your flagging relationship.

You have to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and environment. 

Everything is all about your perceptions, feelings and emotions. When two people are coming from a tense, stressful and negative energy. You are both going to clash and push against each other.

This causes resentment and you will both start to drift of in opposite directions and you will only see the bad in each other. 

When you think about it. Nobody wants to be around somebody who treats them bad or if they are in a bad or stressful mood all the time.

Neither of you behaved like this when you first met. In fact, you were both the exact opposite, and your partner was the most important person in your life and vice versa.

You could only see the good in each other, you wanted to be together all the time because it made you both feel good and you treated each other with a mutual respect and a desire to make each other happy.

You can return to those good old days if you both treat each other like you did when you first met.

Once you both just announce a cease fire between you. You both calm down and quit blaming each other, complaining and picking faults with each other.

Where you both make a conscious effort and commitment to work things out, and the reason you need to be doing it is, because you want to do it. 

Then with a bit of commitment and learning from your previous mistakes. Because unless you both learn from where you have been going wrong, nothing will ever change, and you both have to mean it and stick to it.

Then, you can reignite the passion, and you can bring back all the love and that deep meaningful connection and intimacy, that you once had

Another good reason to make your relationship good. Research has discovered. That those who have a happy and fulfilled relationship, on average tend to live longer.

Sometimes it can be more of the case of getting the small and important things right on a consistent and daily basis rather than making the grand romantic gesture every once and while.

Where you respect each other and their emotional and physical needs and you never again argue ferociously with each other.   

A loving relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Where you both look forwards to and appreciate each other's company and things become as joyful, exciting and fulfilling as it was, when you both first met each other.

A relationship changes and evolves over time

As a relationship progresses, circumstances and people change over time, and sometimes you have to accept and adapt, as your partner changes.

It is also important to understand that your partner will have their own challenges, problems and issues to deal with and overcome.

This means, there will be times, when they may not give you all the love and attention you desire.

Often it is all too easy to put all the blame for your troubled patch on your partner. And although, sometimes our partners can be at fault.

In many cases, our relationship problems coincide with our own feelings, problems and insecurities.

If you do not love yourself and if you are a negative person, you will project a negative energy, which is not going to be very attractive to your partner.

The number one rule for a happy relationship, is to have a good relationship with you and the same applies to your partner.

Because when two people are in a calm and positive energy. Then this is the perfect recipe for a happy and loving relationship and the ingredient for a successful life.

This is often demonstrated when you first meet, where all those positive feelings of love and happiness, make a relationship flow easily, naturally and effortlessly.

Even though, it is hard to sustain the levels of passion and romance you experience in the early stages of your relationship.

This does not mean that once the honey period is over, you can neglect you or your partner and it is vital to pay them attention and listen to their troubles and needs.

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