Simplifying Your Life And Be Stress Free

Simplifying your life is like de-cluttering your home where you focus on getting rid of all the stuff that is not valuable and beneficial to you and keeping and doing all the things that are important to you and it does not just mean all the physical stuff because you also need to release anything that is causing you to feel negative and stressed.

If anything is causing you to feel bad then let it go and don't think about it because when you aren't thinking about it, then it cannot hurt you anymore, because when you let it go you also let go of all the pain and suffering.

Simplifying your life requires concentrating on the chore things that are most valuable to you or necessary for you and giving up or letting go of the things that aren't.

If you think your life is too hectic and you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed then it will pay you to become more organized as well as simplifying your life. This can also involve learning how making your money go a little bit further so you can work less hours and have more free time.

Life should be relatively simply, you don't see animals in the wild doing any more than the need to, keeping active is good so long as you're enjoying and you want to do what you're doing.

We humans just make the journey a bit more difficult than it needs to be. This is because we put our material wants before our emotional and spiritual needs, but by learning how to simplify your life a little you can avoid so much stress, overwhelm and burnout. 

We spend so much time trying to please others and doing what we think is best, but there is nothing more important in your life than you so take good care of yourself as well.

You don't need things, to make you happy and if you already have everything that you need then sometimes it is time to say you have enough so you don't need to keep on accumulating things just because you think it will make you happy or because you're trying to impress or keep up with others.

9 Tips To Help You To Simplify Your Life

You can still achieve more but being thankful for what you have will help reduce your stress and frustration and although there is nothing wrong with wanting things or achieving your goals, what you must avoid doing is getting stressed out or frustrated over the things you don't have and the things that you would like to have.

Learn to live in present and focus on the present by putting all your energy onto the things that really matter to you. This means, don't keep obsessing or making yourself feel bad over what has gone, what you have lost, your mistakes or worrying about the future.

1) Live to your means

These days with all the credit deals available it is all too easy to break the golden rule which is to live to your means, so it is a good policy to try to avoid spending more money than you earn. 

There is nothing wrong with buying things on credit so long as you make sure your maths adds up, so your budget allows for the income in to be more than your outgoings.  

Although it is all too tempting to spend more than you make, ideally you should keep your spending in the restrictions to your income so you avoid the trap of falling deep into debt because a debt free life means a stress free life. 

Try putting your money into sections, which could be, needs, food, wants, and savings before you start to plan how you're going to spend the rest of your income. 

You also really need to try and set aside a percentage of your income for your savings account even if it is just a little amount each week. 

This does not mean you have to become obsessed with saving all your money for a rainy day that might not ever come, after all money is meant for circulating, enjoying and spending, but it is sensible to set aside a bit of money in case you do need it.  

2) Have a second source of income 

Although living to your means is a sensible way to live your life and it is a formula everybody should follow no matter how large or small their income is, nearly everybody could benefit from having a bit more money. 

There is a lot of advice about how to get rich, but there are also a lot of money making scams about as well, so a positive but cautious approach is needed if you're thinking about earning some extra cash. 

If something sounds too good to be true, then spend some time researching and asking questions before you rush in.

These days there are many ways to be creative and earn some more money, you might not reach millionaire status, but earning a bit more money from a second income can help to give you a better life experience.

You can increase your income by learning new skills, by spending your time learning and studying or developing your life to the point you have something valuable to offer. 

These days information pays and perhaps you already have a lot of good specialist advice to other.

Doing something you enjoy or like or something you feel passionate about is an added bonus and who knows how far you can go. If you do start a second source of income on top of your daily job, then make sure you don't overdo things and exhaust yourself.

3) Coupons and special offers

Most people spend all their time worrying and obsessing about money, which leads just to stress and frustration. 

Worrying about money will not help you or your situation, in fact, it will make it worse, the best thing to do is to look for opportunities to make some extra money or make your money and there are many opportunities to make more money or to make your current income go a little bit further. 

If you search hard enough, there are plenty of bargains, deals and special offers which can help ease your budget. 

If you look online or you go through the papers and magazines then you can find many coupons or special offer deals.

Shop around for the best offers, there are more and more cheaper supermarkets springing up that can significantly cut your weekly shopping bill. Buying some of the supermarkets own brands can also leave you with more spending money for doing and buying the things you want or enjoy.

If you spend some time on the comparison sites you will find that you can get lower energy prices as well as finding cheaper insurance deals. 

Most people stick with the same companies which results in them paying more that need to, you can also find some cheap holidays and mini breaks if you look out for them or take your kids on picnics or nature walks and visits.

4) Don't waste your money on things you don't need 

It is all to tempting to go out and buy things that you don't really need or things that you're not really going to use much. 

We all want the latest technology and gadgets and there is nothing wrong with that but a lot of people over clutter their homes or buy things that they don't really need.

We are all guilty of buying and spending money on things we don't need, sometimes our emotions and ego's can rule our spending decisions. 

You don't have to buy the most expensive clothes or items and you don't have to have the dearest car because there are plenty of reliable cheaper ones available that still do the job.

Sometimes people buy something spontaneously either because it is cheap or in a sale yet they later don't really know why they bought it, this is classed as impulse buying which is usually emotionally driven or because of good advertising promotions. 

Although you may randomly come across some great bargains, some good practical advice would be to pause and have a waiting time period before you buy or only purchase the things you went out to buy initially or things that are going to use or they are going to be a benefit to you.

Buying things should be fun and enjoyable, but don't rely on buying things to make you feel good and it would be a far better strategy to focus on finding better ways to help you feel good such as meditating or learning how to control your emotions.

5) Find some time to relax 

These days there is always another invitation to feel stressed or to worry about, you can become so distracted and busy that you end up feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed and burnt out. 

Tension in the mind and body is everybody's public enemy number one, when you feel good life just happens the way it is meant to.

You can only live life in the fast lane for so long before it catches up on you, the more things you have going on and the more things you're trying to cram into your life is a sure fire way to leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

It is good to be active and have time for your hobbies and interests, we all have to juggle our work life, chores and bringing up our kids as well as fitting in our own personal life and activities. But by slowing down a bit and simplifying your life you are going to feel less stressed and more peaceful and energized.

Your mind can only cope with one thing at a time and if you want to avoid all that mental chatter and emotional overwhelm plan your days carefully and take one thing and step at a time. 

One the biggest causes of stress is convincing yourself that you need to rush or get everything done immediately, we spend far too much time planning for things going wrong which will take you out of the serenity and peaceful state of the here and now.

It is important that you take some time for yourself and you give your mind and body a much needed break and you switch off from all your distractions for a while so you can quieten down that racing mind and give your body some much needed rest and restoration which will feel you leave you feeling more calm, mentally alert and energized. 

Again meditation and hypnosis are still two great ways to relax and unwind and the ironic thing is, when you're feeling calm and in the present you will get more done and you will do it better.

6) Use your time is valuable 

Use your time wisely because it is precious. This may mean cutting back on your commitments and engagements as well as avoiding trying to cram too much into your day. 

It can be a good idea to learn to prioritize your schedules and plans so you have more me time to pursue your own hobbies and interests even if it means saying no to others. 

It's alright having a large group of friends, but it can take its toll on you when you trying to please everybody all of the time. 

It would be interesting to know how many people are spending their time doing the things they want and how many are living their lives around the demands, expectations and wants of other people.

Sometimes we have to be a bit selfish and allocate some time to ourselves instead of doing what others want us to do all the time. 

We all need to slow down a little because if you're rushing and hurrying all the time, then you are being driven by fear and when you're stressed and anxious you will not perform as well as you do when you're feeling calm and composed.

We are living in a digital world and everybody carries a mobile phone with them and other digital devices, this can bring you many positive advantages, but it is also an easy way for people to get hold of you especially your employee. 

Sometimes you need to switch off your phone, come off your computer and the other social media networks and spend some time relaxing or meditating by yourself. 

Time management is important, whatever you're doing, whether it, be a task, chore, you're off out somewhere, going to work or getting the children ready for school always allow yourself plenty of time and do not rush or hurry all the time.

Putting yourself first may involve cutting back on some of your commitments. 

If you have a family and you're constantly trying to keep them happy and running them around as well as trying to fit your own hobbies and interests, then it can be a good idea to try and get them involved in doing some of the things you enjoy so you combine the two together.

7) Plan your day and future

Everything does not have to be done immediately, so plan well and do things in your own time. 

If you have a number of chores to do then allocate a specific time you're going to do them but have a few weeks break in between, do one job, then leave the next one for a while so you don't get stressed and exhausted. 

You can keep on top of things better by doing a little bit every few weeks rather than leaving all your jobs until they all need, doing together.

You can have more time for yourself by cutting back on the amount of jobs you need to do around the home and garden. 

If you have lawns you can replace them with paving or stones, the same applies, with doors and window if you replace the wooden ones with plastic it will cut back on all the tedious painting.

As you wake up, set your intentions for the day ahead, this could be doing the things you need to do and no more unless you want to, as well as setting your intentions for how you want to feel. 

You could tell yourself I want to feel good and relaxed as well as having more fun and enjoyment, cut out the things that are not adding real value to your life.

8) Focus on your main goals

Some of the root sources of stress is when people are trying to do more than they can handle, it is good to have things going on in our lives, but when you try and juggle to many things at the same time then your life can become to difficult to organize.

You may need to change the way you do things or develop new systems or strategies that are best suited for your available time, your health and your well-being. 

Again, careful planning and having a realistic and achievable timeline to complete your goals is a must, because patients is more productive then hurrying and ending up feeling stressed out and frustrated.

So having a good strategy that fits in with a time that is right for you can help you to organize your life better, if your doing something and you want a break, have one, don't assume you have to get everything all done in one go.

At the beginning of each week focus on all the goals and things you want to get done and decide when you can fit them in or when you intend doing them. 

You can write a to do list of all the important specific area's of your life you want to work on. 

You can break all the different area's that you're working on into sections, like exercising, chores, personal development, learning new skills or working on your goals and decide a time when you're going to do each one. 

Put all your focus and energy into the things that are the most important to you or the things that are most urgent.

9) Organize your life 

De-cluttering your home or work place and organizing or filing everything so you know exactly where everything is will save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Keep all your important information in one place or store it in a backup file and don't hang on things you no longer have a use for including papers and magazine, if you want to keep a specific article cut it out and keep it in a scrapbook of file it somewhere.

But organizing your life is not just about keeping everything simple and tidy, we all have a lot of other things we have to deal with each week including,

  • Our mental and emotional well-being 
  • The amount of time we have 
  • All the physical stuff and engagements 
  • All the digital stuff 
  • Families, friends and children 
  • Work commitments 
  • Health and fitness

Before you can start to simplify your life, you first need to decide how you want to live your life, so think about it for a while and decide on the things you want to focus on and cut out or cut back on some of the things you could do without, especially the things that are causing you the most stress or making you feel bad.

Once you have created a picture or vision of how you want your life to be, start to take small steps towards your new way of living and being making and implementing the changes you want. 

Start off by working on the things that are bothering you the most or causing you the most stress.

Learning how to meditate or having your own place where you can switch off from your troubles, stressors so you can escape from the rest of the world is a good place to start, because there is nothing more important to you than your mental and emotional well-being. 

The good thing when you learn how to relax and calm your mind and body then all the things that you used to respond with stress, will no longer bother you. 

Because when you change your physical and mental state problems seem to melt away and the solutions to what's been bothering will find its way to you.


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