17 Great Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Becoming Successful

Discover The Secrets To Success

Imagine for a few moments that you had all the power, resources and abilities within your possession to create the life you want or to help you guide you to achieving your goals.

What sort of life would you create or what positive things would you do with all this power.

The chances are you would use your inner powers to help you to change your life in so many positive and beneficial ways.

Which would allow you to unleash your true potential so you would begin to experience more success and give you the confidence to achieve your dreams and goals.

Definition of success

Most people associate success with wealth and high achieving.

Success can be and probably should be defined as doing something that you enjoy and doing something that you feel passionate about to your best ability.

Success is more about what it means to you personally and it has not got to be defined or measured by wealth or physical or material possession.

Because real success is all about doing the things that you want, doing the things that you enjoy, doing what you love as well as loving what you're doing.

The real secrets to success is to develop new positive success habits and rituals that you should implement into your daily life, until they become a natural part of you.

Develop the positive secret habits of success and develop an unstoppable mindset of the highly successful, which will help you to significantly boost your chances of achieving your goals with

10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset

1) Decide what you want

Before you can become successful you need a positive goal or something specific that you want to achieve or work towards.

Maybe you have a personal goal, something you want to achieve, an idea or something that you feel passionate about or something that you would like to develop the confidence to do.

Having a positive goal and seeing the progress you're making, can help give you a sense of achievement as well as helping you to boost your happiness levels.

"Without goals we achieve very little"

If you want to better your life, achieve something good or become successful then you need a positive goal and plan to follow.

The first step is to clearly know and define what you want. 

This could be a personal goal that you have or you may have an idea for something that you want to make a reality.

Then write down your positive goal or intention on a piece of paper and start working on a plan of action or a good strategy to follow.

The more research and learning you do before you start, the faster you will achieve your goal.

2) Set you intention

Having a goal that you would like to do or achieve will give you a positive path, for you to follow.

Once you have decided something specific that you want.

You can then write down your positive goal or intention on a piece of paper as this will set the blueprint for your mind to follow.

Another thing that can help is to visualize your end goal, desired outcome or achievement as already completed.

Imagine yourself already having, doing or living the life that you want and focus on how great it feels to you, and imagine the sense of pride and relief you feel.

You have not got to spend ages doing this, just a minute or two, or even less is enough. 

Then finish off you visualization with a short positive statement of intent.

If you would like more money

Imagine yourself having all the money and freedom that you desire.

You could then end your mini visualization session with a positive statement.

"I have total abundance"

If you would like a better body

Imagine yourself, already having the body you love and see yourself looking fit, healthy and happy.

Then finish off with a positive statement.

"I have a beautiful body"

Anytime you're feeling a bit down disappointed or frustrated, because things aren't going well or you're not get the results you expect or want.

And you're starting to have negative thoughts of doubt and self sabotage.

When those negative thoughts enter your mind.

Ask yourself.

What am I creating here?

Then immediately flip to your desired imagining and end positive outcome, and finish off with your positive statement.

Refuse to allow your mind to resort back to it's old negative default settings.

3) Personal development

Although the action work is important, it is equally if not more important to work on your own personal development.

Investors will invest in the person as well as their idea.

To be more successful you need to perform at your peak performance best.

To be able to operate and function at your peak performance best you need to be in a emotional and physical balanced and feel good state.

This is why a positive mental attitude and a calm, happy and relaxed state of being is essential if you want to be the very best version of yourself.

Taking good care of yourself, having happy and peaceful relationships with your friends and family and learning how to manage your feelings and emotions is a important ingredient in your bid for success.

Developing a strong sense of self belief in yourself and your abilities to learn and master new skills so you can overcome, master and conquer and obstacles, challenges and problems that you have to face.

Adopt the attitude of, if others have done it then there is absolutely no reason why you can't.

You may also get others trying to talk you out of going for your goals. But if you have a burning passion and desire then you should not allow others to talk you out of it.

When you do have a burning desire to achieve a goal, especially if it is something that you are really interested in and you have a strong passion about it.

Then your goal can become so ingrained within your inner soul that you will find it hard to move yourself away from it.

4) Take small continuous steps

Once you have got an idea of what you want and you have created a clear vision of what it is that you want your end goal or your desired outcome to be.

The next step is to start taking daily action steps that will lead you to your end outcome or goal.

Now it is time to break down your goals into smaller, manageable steps that fit into your daily routines and schedules.

Although it is sometimes necessary to meet deadlines. 

If you can, try not to set yourself unrealistic deadlines that are going to cause you endless stress and anxiety.

Each night, write down or focus on what you want to achieve for the day ahead.

5) Get the action work done as early as possible

Depending on your work commitments. If you can, get up and do all your action work as soon as you can because you will be at your peak performance best and more motivated, first thing in the mornings.

Due to work commitments, not everybody will be able to fit their goals in before they go to work or college.

If this is the case. Have a chillout and rest, after work, have a high nutritious dinner to boost your energy levels and then do your action work.

It can be hard to motivate yourself after a long hard and tiring day. So. just go and a pace that suits you.

6) Journaling 

On your road to success or self betterment you can sometimes forget how far you have become and how much positive progress that you have made so far.

Keeping a journal and jotting down all your achievements both big and small can help you to see how far you have come and show how much positive progress you've already made.

Record all your progress and all the good that you do, no matter how small in your journal as this will help to motivate and inspire you and put you in the feel good, flow state that is essential for success.

7) Keep learning

The key to success is to keep on learning, expanding and growing both physically and spiritually.

The highly successful use their time wisely and productively and they never stop learning, improving and growing.

To be more successful you have to offer great value, a great service, educate or entertain.

The more you can enjoy your journey and take the path of least resistance, the quicker you will achieve your goals.

Nobody gets it right first time all the time and learning from your mistakes is a vital process in your bid to be successful.

Mistakes, setbacks and disappointments can be hard to take.

Especially if you have been learning and doing a lot action work, but it has not yet yielded the results that you feel you deserve.

Use your mistake, setbacks and disappointments as an opportunity to learn something new and make you come back stronger, more resourceful and better.

There will also be many obstacles and challenges for you to face and overcome, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

When you're experiencing bad or difficult times.

Don't keep making the same mistakes and doing the same action steps or things that are not working for you.

Accept what is, because if you keep focusing on what is, then you will get more of what is.

Allow yourself to feel disappointed, upset or frustrated for a day.

Then evaluate where you are and focus on a better way of doing things.

Take a break from what you're doing.

Relax and chillout for a while so you can detach yourself from your goal.

Because there is no point forcing yourself to carry on, if you're not in the right frame of mind or you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

Some people think that more is better or they somehow must try harder, when working smarter is a better option. 

Because the last thing that you want is to burn yourself out and feel emotionally overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted.

Feeling good, and performing at your peak performance best beats rushing, stressing yourself out and overdoing things.

Then once you're feeling more relaxed, energized and better.

Start working on your goal again.

The solutions and answers to your problems and challenges, tend to come to you at times when you're feeling relaxed and at peace of mind.

Any form of meditation or ways of deeply relaxing will increase your ability to perform at your peak performance best.

Nearly all high achievers and highly successful people spend a few minutes each morning and evening deeply relaxing or meditating.

8) Improving your skill levels

There are no limits to what you can achieve or become unless you impose limitations on yourself.

The most successful people follow to philosophy of continuous improvement and self development because once you have become an expert in your chosen field, you will have a distinct advantage over everybody else.
If it is your ambition to reach the too and to become highly successful then it is incredibly important for you to continue to work on developing and increasing your skill levels as well as aiming to raise your standards.

What separates the successful from the average person is they have learned how to creatively think, creatively problem solve and they have mastered the skill of thinking outside of the box.

9) Tap into your inner resources and powers

Everybody who has a desire to be successful, should not try and work or figure everything out all by themselves.

Your brain is connected to the universal cosmetic internet of information and it is more than capable of doing all the hard work, the figuring out and the how part for you.

Therefore, it a good idea to tap into your intuition and inner guidance system.

Tell your mind exactly what it is you want and then chillout and leave the how part to your brain and the universal intelligence and guidance.

Ask your all knowing mind a question and it will seek out the answer for you.

All you have to do is to get out of the way, become a vibrational match to what you want and then allow the universe to guide you to the solutions, answers, information, people, opportunities and circumstances.

That will lead you to achieving your goal.

10) Positive thinking

Creating new positive and constructive thinking habits and tap into your inner ability and skill of creative thinking and creative problem solving is a big part of your success journey.

To be successful you need a success and growth mindset so you can begin to think, feel and act like a successful person.

This may require that you start to challenge and change your old negative and limiting beliefs so you develop a open mind of anything is possible and achievable for you.

Merely wishing and dreaming about success won't help you turn your goals into a reality for you.

Fear of failure, self doubting and thoughts of being not good enough or smart enough are often the reason why people do not achieve or even begin their goals.

A positive mental attitude and positive energy are what brings you success.

Being able to use your fears and worries to motivate and inspire you to overcome them and go onto be successful, is a good way of driving your forwards and helping your inner growth.

To get to from where you are now to where you want to be will require you to leave all your old negative thoughts and beliefs behind you.

11) Frame your goals positevly

What will increase your chances of success or achieving your goal is when you frame your goal as a positive statement.

Because when you set your goals in a positive statement then this will generate the positive energy that will get you motivated and what will get the universal wheels and energy in motion.

Positive energy will empower and inspire you whilst negative energy will disempower you and demotivate you.

If you frame your goals with negative words like:

  • Never
  • I can't
  • I don't want
  • Shouldn't 
  • Must stop
Then this is going to make the actionwork seem like a chore and struggle and negative framed statements are hardly going to inspire and motivate you.

Negative framed statements

I hate my job and I don't want to work at my company anymore 

I can't achieve my goals and I'll never achieve the success that I want

I don't want to be fat and I really should exercise more

Positive framed statements

I would like to find a new job that are enjoy and one that can offer me better prospects

I have the confidence to achieve my goals and the ability to learn new skills 

I would love a slimmer body and I would like to reap all the positive benefits of exercising

Use words that inspire and motivate you and words that make you feel good about yourself and your chances of succeeding.

Framing things in a positive statement will help you to create a positive, unbreakable and an unstoppable mental attitude. Instead of a negative one of struggle and self sabotage.

12) Don't give up

Those who are successful are highly committed, they have a strong work ethic and they have a burning desire and determination to succeed, come what may.

The successful person, will do whatever it takes to succeed and whilst others will give in the successful will keep going and they will keep trying new things, until they find a way.

On your route to success, there will be times when you hit rock bottom and you'll consider giving in as it may seem the easiest option to take when the odds seem stacked against you.

When everything is stacked against you and everything that can go wrong is going wrong. These are the times to call on your inner strengths and resources.

When you're broken, beaten and defeated. Again, accept what is or what has happened and then put all your focus onto what can and will be.

The key is to bottom out learn how to bounce back quickly and vow to come back better than before.

Try and see all obstacles and adversities as a challenge for you to face and overcome.

If you get rejected or you're, you're not performing at your peak performance best or if you're just not getting the results that you want.

Do not give up, because successful people do not quit.

They might readjust, do thing differently or even start again and if they cannot find a proven way that already exists they find a new way.

Again, take a short break, detach yourself from your goal for a short while and chillout and recharge your batteries.

Then come back feeling refreshed and revitalized and do things better and come with new ways and new ideas.

Because although it can benefit you to follow proven strategies that work you don't always have to follow the crowd or do things the exact same way as everybody else.

13) Plan and build for the long term

These days people are looking more and mor for instant success and instant gratitude. 

This can cause people to look for shortcuts or easy methods that will give them quick success without them doing all the learning and work that is often a fundamental requirement.

Searching for quick ways to be successful can be very tempting, especially if you have hit hard or desperate times. 

However, some strategies that seem easy can actually cost you a lot of wasted time and they potentially damage your business or chances of succeeding. 

Try and avoid the temptation to take shortcuts or find a fast track to success and focus more on the long term goal and long term success.

Learning all the pitfalls and learning from somebody who has already succeeded, especially at what you want to succeed in.

As they can offer you valuable bits of information, help and guidance.

Success also requires commitment, taking action and the repetition of good, positive habits, rituals, plans and strategies.

14) Develop a success mindset

The first step to being more successful, is to learn how to identify your limiting beliefs and mental blocks and start to replace them with new, positive and supporting beliefs and perceptions.

Do not always accept other people's perceptions and ideas as being the truth and the norm, if you accept the norm, you will become and stay the same as the norm.

Everybody has their own version of success, how you should live your life and what they think they are capable of. 

But you do not have to accept, other people's version of life and how successful or not you can be.

Success starts off in the mind so the right positive mindset and mental attitude is essential if you want to be highly successful.

In fact, most successful people claim that the right growth mindset is more crucial than the action part of things.

Of course you cannot be successful without doing all the work that is required, so the two big ingredients for success are.

Change your mindset and be prepared to put in the necessary action work that is required, all successful people have one thing in common.

They're prepared to commit and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Before you attempt to bring a dream into reality you have to believe it's achievable to you, this will require having a strong faith that you have the ability to accomplish the success that you desire.

All successful people know they are capable of achieving their goals, they know that the world is full of opportunities and when the opportunity does come knocking on their door, 

They don't, hesitate, procrastinate or self doubt themselves, to the point where they convince themselves that it's beyond their abilities, instead they grab it with both hands.

15) Be prepared to make sacrifices

Depending on the size of your goal you will probably have to make sacrifices and you will have to put in a lot of time and effort if you want to achieve big success. The secret is to work smarter, not harder.

Those who are willing to make sacrifices achieve great things, but it can be hard at times when everybody else is out enjoying themselves and your working hard to achieve your dreams. 

What you have to remember is it will all be worth it in the end because when you have a strong passion, desire and determination to succeed then you will have all the ingredients to defy the odds.

You will go on to accomplish your goals and achieve great things because a burning desire and strong faith rarely leads to failure.

16) Trust it will happen

The successful already have a firm belief that they can and they will achieve their goals before they even begin the action work. 

The difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that don't are, the ones that succeed, don't focus on the how to begin with they just believe that it will happen.

Their main priority to start with is the, why, this can involve focusing on all the positive benefits and rewards for you and for others. 

The successful knows you don’t need to know the how part straight away, they just know that they will achieve their dreams before they even start the action part. 

The successful minded just know and trust that the process will work and the how will become evident when the time is right. 

They know that everything will fall into place and each step will be revealed when the time is right and when the previous action step as been completed. 

They will work things out as they go knowing each piece of the jigsaw will fit into place and the next step will be revealed to them as and when needed with the knowledge and wisdom that by taking inspired action they will be guided towards their goals step by step. 

Whilst the people who tend to give up too soon spend all their time trying to figure out the how and they let their old beliefs and self doubting sabotage their efforts, in other words, they get in the way and they try to control and force the process and outcome.

17) Stay in the zone

Make every effort to stay in the zone because when your in a state of flow then everything else will fall into place without you having to try to hard, this happens because you aren't resisting the current of  flow of life energy.

When you are truly in the flow, you will find things work out much better, you will be more creative and you will gain access to more vital universal information and idea's.

But it takes constant mind work and taking care of yourself physically to stay in the present and in the feel good zone, it is all too easy especially at the beginning to allow outside circumstances to disrupt and derail your positive momentum.

So if you start to feel negative, change the story, meditate and get quickly back in the zone, because when you're in a flow state you don't need to push or make a big effort to make things happen. 

If there is a situation in your life that is causing you to have a negative focus of attention or if something is not working out, let it go. 

Because being in the flow means having no resistance to your free flowing calm natural positive state.

The chances are you won't get everything right to start with, but don't get disheartened, keep on trying new things and keep on persevering. 

The fear of failure or the assumption that you're not good or capable are first untrue and they are they are dream killers.

Don't be scared to try something in case you fail, the last thing you want when you reach the end of your life is to be full of regrets. 

Even if you don't achieve the results you wanted, you will still achieve more than you would if you do nothing.



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