The Power Of Affirmations

Every day when you wake up and go to bed your brain automatically goes through a transformation state where you enter the natural relaxed theta state where your mind becomes most receptive to change and new idea's.

The theta state is the state which every child resides in for the first seven years of their lives, where their mind becomes like an open book and sponge that quickly learns and absorbs new information.

This is the most state for learning and after the age of seven, the way we then learn is through the process of repetition.

This makes, last thing at night and first thing in the morning the best time to say your positive affirmations, because for this brief window your mind will become more open and receptive.

Because in this theta state your mind switches from playing to recording and it gives you chance to combine your most powerful theta receptive state with the learning power of repetition with positive affirmations and auto-suggestions.

This is why self-hypnosis is also a very powerful and effective way to program your mind, as it too takes advantage of the power of the theta state and the reprogramming of your mind.

Changing your mental programs and negative beliefs

Throughout our day we are constantly telling ourselves stories and statements and affirming things to ourselves based on our beliefs, experiences and mental programs which shape who we are and what life we create.

To become the person you want to be or if you want to create the life you desire you have to align your conscious mind with your subconscious mind with the super intelligent universal creative consciousness.

Once all three are in alignment, then it will start the process off for future change and manifestation. 

The two most potent forms of creation are the two words I am, they have their own unique vibration and every time we use them and we use them frequently they will send out a signal to the universe which takes the vibration of the I am to start a process of changing who you are and what you will experience.

Now the important bit, which can literally determine and mold everything you are and what you will experience. What we attach to the I am will get played out and become part of us. 

The source energy which is the place where we create from will take the energy of the I am and it will create for you what you attach after those two words.

There are two choices we have when we use the I am words and everybody uses these two words throughout their day on a regular basis often without being aware of it. 

The choices are we can either create a positive feeling and outcome or we can create a negative feeling and experience.

Be Careful Which Words You Choose After Your I Am's

What follows the I am words determines how we feel and what we will eventually experience in our life. When you use the I am's you are effectively requesting to the source of all creation what you want or how you wish to feel. 

There are only two manifestations we can create in life, one is positive the other is negative there are no in between's.

Positive based I am's and self suggestions will eventually take you in a positive direction while negative statements will take you in a negative direction.

These two words are so powerful they will affect you on a deep and influential cellular level. The moment you say them, you will begin to initiate the process of what you want and you will be instructing your subconscious mind to work with the universe to find ways to get you there. 

The universe will bring about the vibration and circumstances that match our focus of attention and self talk. 

The trouble is, most people attach negative words after the I am's, so the universe which always pays attention to the I am's will see this as you're asking for more worry, bad feelings, pain and negative attractions, so that's what you will receive. 

When you use the I am's in a positive manner it is one of the quickest ways of manifesting what you want, when used right it will make you feel better and it will begin the process of what you want to become. Get into the habit of only using I am's with a positive statement.

The I am's will also help you to form your self image of yourself, the moment we say things like I am confident we will create an internal representation and self image of us as being more confident. Every time we use a I am we are defining who we are or what we want to become, this also shapes our identity.

But why is the I am affirmation so powerful and why can it change and affect us at a deep and very influential cellular level of consciousness, we are not taught to say it we just somehow know automatically. 

Let's go back to the earliest forms of creation and what we can may be described as the origin of all affirmations.  

The Most Potent of Positive Affirmations I am That I am 

The clues to life's secrets have been firmly scripted in the bible sometimes in story format, but they have been there all along to guide us, sadly we all too quickly decide to dismiss the bible even though it appears to set the ground rules and guidelines for the life we should be living and the rules we should adhere to. 

When Moses was tending sheep in the desert, and he saw a burning bush, which burned but was not consumed. Moses heard the voice of God instructing him to go unto the Egyptian Pharaoh and how God would lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them.

The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? What shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. ~ Exodus 3:13-14

So what does this phrase mean, it states in Wikipedia that "God exists by himself for himself, and is the creator who is independent of any concept, force, or entity; therefore "I am who I am" (ongoing). 

God is the source of all that there is; everything that exists is God we are part of everything we are all connected to the universal energy field and the source of the universal intelligent mind therefore we are a part of God.

This means we are co creators, underneath our physical body of amour we are frequency vibrating energy spiritual beings, we have been given a name which tags us with our identity but we are known to ourselves as I or I am. 

On the outside we come across as individuals on the inside we are, all I am's or to put it another way, we are all one whole consciousness and a separate reflection of God having our own individual experiences.  

We don't use our name to affirm statements, if your name is David, you don't say David is confident, David would say to himself I am confident meaning god is confident because we are part of God. 

God's sole aim is for us to experience everything that is good, loving and positive, but he has handed over some of his power to us, we have been given us or own uniqueness and self creation.

We have been handed the role of co-creators which have allowed us to branch off and experience different lives through our own personal set of subjective thoughts and perceptions.  

God want's each and every one of us to feel good feelings and to have and experience all that is good in life, but although we are part of God, the one thing God cannot do is God cannot think for us.

We make our own choices and decisions in our life that means we are in absolute total control of who we are, how we feel and what we do; the responsibility for our life's, actions, behaviors, well-being and outcomes lies solely with us.

Knowing that the thoughts you say to yourself or more importantly the emotion you generate from the thoughts you are thinking can determine both how good or bad you feel, how successful or unsuccessful you are the only sensible option is to use positive affirmations.  

Optimism and joy will open the window of opportunity too you and all you have to do is allow it to come in, while pessimism and negativity will repel all that is good and all that you want away from you. 

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

When things are not going so well keep affirming to yourself "things are getting better or things can only get better" even if on the outside they don't appear to be, you cannot change any aspect of your life using the beliefs that have got you stuck in any current negative situation. 

We become what we believe, we believe what we affirm to ourselves or what others affirm to us, how we feel is also a direct result of what we affirm to ourselves

Back to God's reply to Mosses when he asked God's name, the reply was I am that I am, so what we can take from this.

The really important part is second I am, we are an extension of God, that means you are what you say you are, instead of I am that I am you have been left to fill in the second I am with an affirmation regarding yourself.

The word you choose to pick after each I am can immediately shift you into different emotional states at will, it can determine how you feel and what you become in your life. You do what you say you do, you become what you say you become.

Use only positive affirmations like I am happy, I am a confident person, I am wealthy. If your mind rejects these affirmations or you don't feel a positive response you can change them to I am becoming more confident which may seem more believable to you.

When they are said repeatedly over a period of time as long as they are said with belief, conviction and they spark a positive emotional reaction then they can also bring about life changing results for you. 

On the other hand affirmations that are followed by a negative suggestion such as I am unhappy, I am fed up, I am depressed, I am feeling poorly, I am not a very confident, I am unlucky will produce negative feelings and a negative self image of yourself.

Although the I am affirmations are some of the most powerful, we are also spending most of our day affirming other statements to ourselves; other powerful affirmation are I feel, I can, I will, I know to name a few and there are many more which can have a profound impact on how we feel and what happens to us. 

Affirmations are the building blocks of our reality, they install our beliefs, our beliefs determine just about everything but unless they are said with emotion feeling and conviction they can mean nothing.

Some of the most profound changes that happen to us are a result of out natural thinking and the affirmations that come to us naturally in our everyday thinking both good and bad. 

Why this is, is because they are not forced and unnaturally said so because we don't question or doubt them our subconscious mind believes them as being absolutely true and thus will take action on the suggestion which will engage the process of manifesting the thought into our physical reality.

You can say an affirmation a thousand times a day but if you don't really believe what your telling yourself there will be no positive emotional charge and little positive changes.

A few affirmation said naturally will be unchallenged by the critical mind, therefore they can have an instant impact on your life, this is why subliminal messaging can be so effective because the conscious critical mind cannot detect them so it cannot reject them.




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