The Secrets Of Happy People

A life filled with more happiness, more joy, fun and abundance are a life well lived. When were talking about happiness were not on about trying to force yourself to think positive all day or even spending hours watching comedy programs although doing a bit of this will greatly help you.

It's more of a case of making some positive and healthy lifestyle changes combined with following some daily rituals and techniques that will give you an underlying sense and feeling of peace, more joy and balance.

Scientists are now telling us that when you're happy your become more focused on your goals and tasks, because when you're happy and at peace with yourself you will find that you function more efficiently, you will do things better, you will be more confident and more likely to take on new challenges.   

The happier you are to more upbeat and motivated you will become which will give you a better chance of success and your life will seem easier and you will improve in every level of your life. 

The other advantages of being happy is you will have more energy, you will increase the chances of living longer, you will have better relationships with yourself and others and you will suffer less with illnesses, plus your good mood ad enthusiasm for life will have a positive knock on effect with others.

1) Happy People quickly deal with the bad stuff 

Bad stuff happens to everybody, including happy people the difference with more generally happy people is because they spend more time in a feel good state they don't allow the bad experiences to knock them back so much.

Many happy people have experienced hard and come through dark times and they have had to spend many years working out the reasons why they suffered emotionally and they had to discover how to build their happiness.

When you've been through the bad times you get to learn the value of being happy and it strengthens their resolve so they quickly bounce back make because once you have experienced true happiness, you, don't want to slip back to feeling unhappy and emotionally overwhelmed again.

You cannot always control the bad stuff and although some people suffer some horrific events, generally you can learn to be happy despite your situations because most of the time it is not the situation that hurts you the most, the real pain comes from the thoughts you having about the situation

2) They enjoy their own company

Although happy people lead active social lives and they like to have fun and good times in the company of others they also enjoy and value their own company.

It is very hard to be happy if you are own biggest self critic and you're constantly putting yourself down or you dislike yourself and your life. 

Happy minded people have made peace with themselves. They know who they are and they like accept and like themselves. 

They make the most of their own free time and they put it to good use to pursue their goals, to relax and recharge or to work on their hobbies and interests. They also do the things they enjoy.

3) They don't stay stressed 

Life can seem tough and unfair at times and we all have bills to pay and everyday challenges and obstacles to face and overcome, but you cannot feel good if you're constantly stressed, angry or frustrated. 

Happy people don't play the victim and they don't spend all their time moaning and complaining they have also learned that life is too short and precious and they have worked out that there is no point in worrying and getting and staying stressed all the time.

It's not a case that happy people don't have their issues and problems they have just learned that worrying and getting stressed, especially over things that are not in their control or worth worrying about.

Change the way you react to things that are not in your control and allow yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning or if you have to go out.

Happy people know how to problem solve and they have learned the importance of relaxing with methods like meditation and hypnosis to manage their stress.

They have come to realize that there are better and calmer ways to react and perceive their external circumstances, situations and  the opinions and actions of other people.

4) They decide and choose to be happy 

Happy people don't just sit around and hope and weight of happiness show up, they have also realized that there is far more to be happier than relying on material things or physical external situations.

Real happiness comes from within and the wonderful things is, if you change your inner thoughts and perceptions, you can change how you feel despite what's taking place around you because it's your thoughts about you and your situations that control your feelings and not your circumstances themselves.

Be aware that at any given time you have a choice to feel good spiritually regardless of what's happening (accept exceptional circumstances). It is your prerogative and right to choose how you're going to perceive a situation or anything that has or could happen.

How you feel depends more on the thoughts you have about a situation rather than the actual situation itself so this gives you the power to choose how you want to react to or perceive a situation, so try to look for the positive in most situations.

5) They Learn how to be the master of their emotions 

Life is all about emotions and feelings and those who learn how to master their emotions become the winners in life and go on to live a long and happy, successful life. 

Happiness is an emotional and physical state and it is something that you need to work.  

Life is so much easier when you become that master of your emotions rather them mastering you. Your emotions are determined by what you give your focus of attention to or how you react and how you allow your outside situations and circumstances to affect you.

Take control of your mind, learn how to deal with your anxious thoughts and only think about things that do not make you feel bad. This takes a bit of practice, but the rewards are well worth it.

Your emotions act as your inner guidance system and it is quite a simple formula and process. If you are experiencing negative emotions, then it's your inner guidance system telling you that, either you're not where you want to be at or you need to change your attitude or change what you're thinking about.

If you start to feel anxious or fearful do not fight your fear, instead embrace it, observe it and ride it like surfing a wave, let yourself know it's just feelings and feelings can never harm me.

Most of time, if you're feeling bad it is because of the information that you have been feeding yourself. if you want to feel good them you will need to change the information and feed your mind with more positive information and start to reject and replace all negative information.

If you're feeling bad, then it is probably down to what you're thinking about, to change the way you've been feeling stop focusing on unwanted outcomes and your present results and start focusing on what you want.

The basic formula to feeling better is the thoughts you pursue will determine how you feel and your feelings will determine the actions you take and the results you achieve in every area and every level of your life.

Start to be aware of how you’re feeling at any given moment. If you’re feeling bad, then try to work out the reason you're feeling bad, if it’s because you’re having negative thoughts change what you’re thinking about and notice how your energy changes with, it has.

6) Happy people don't obsess about money 

We could all do with a bit of extra money, but there is no point in worrying and obsessing about money. 

If you want more money then look for a better paid job, increase your skill levels or start a second form of income.

Sometimes you have to find other ways of making more money or learn to try and manage on what you're earning, sometimes you have to learn how to live within your means and still make the most of what you've got and what's available to you.

Focus on doing the things you enjoy or what you're passionate about and who knows you might make some extra money from it. 

Try to live your life to the fullest and try to make the most of every day and from every experience. 

7) They stay in the present moment

Happy people live for the now, they don't care about the bad things or memories that have happened in the past, but also they don't worry about the future either, if they look into the future they only view it from a positive and optimistic outlook and perspective.

Happy people have learned about the importance of not living in the painful emotions and memories of the past, they have an attitude of what's let go of the past. They know that what happened has happened.

What's done is done and the past is now just an illusion and not something you need to focus on because you cannot do anything to change it, so let it go and look forward to the future and all the good that's still to come.

We all go through traumatic and sad times, but there comes a time when you need to move on because if you carry on thinking about your past negative experiences then you will continue to feel bad.

Live your life in the now and try to appreciate all that is good like the beauty of nature that is all around you instead of going into your head and giving all your attention to and creating an imaginary world depicting all that is bad.

8) They like themselves

When you stop self doubting and self sabotaging and you stop putting yourself down and you just allow life to happen naturally without you getting in the way, then you will soon find that life and other people will start to treat you good.

True and lasting happiness starts from with and it needs to come without any physical conditions or wants. 

The foundation of happiness has to start with liking and loving yourself conditionally. 

Make it a habit to tell yourself a few times in the morning that you love and like yourself because when you like and respect yourself you will start to get more respect from others.

Be your true authentic self, many people try to put on an act or be different in front of certain people to try and impress them. 

But when you have put on a false personality and you change your character or you change who you really because you want to impress or please others then you will deny yourself of your inner happiness.

9) Happy people keep their mind and themselves active

Happy people make the most of their life and time, they do the things they like instead of trying to please others all the while, to a degree they don't worry or care too much about what other people think about them.

It is important to live a happy and fulfilling life doing plenty of the things that you enjoy. 

Life can be tedious and mundane at times, but try and enjoy and make the most of your day. 

Get up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead, tell yourself you're going to have a great day.

Make life worth living and keep your mind stimulated, keep reading and learning, set goals, takes on new challenges and interests and keep your mind active and focuses on the things you enjoy and want.

10) Happy people accept what they cannot change

Happy people accept what they cannot change and they change the things they can. 

There is absolutely no point in worrying or wasting your time and energy over things that are not in your control.

You cannot control every situation, what you can control is how you choose to think about them and how you choose to respond to them.

This means accepting all of your perceived flaws, accepting that you have to go to work on a Monday morning and making the most of your day. 

You need to learn how to complain and moan less and learn how to accept and enjoy life more because your life is really is what you make it.

Ignore situations and people that drag your spirits down and avoid handing control of your thoughts, actions and feelings over to other people and your outside situations and circumstances.

11) You need to feel relaxed and comfortable

It is very hard to be happy if you feel physically tense and comfortable and when your body feels tense and out of balance, then not only will you will feel uncomfortable, because of the mind body link you will also have more tense and anxious thoughts.

Slumping has been linked to low moods, but it is equally as bad to tense or stiffen your body, be aware of your body and your breathing.

Try to maintain an upright and relaxed neutral aligned and balanced posture because when your body is balanced and poised you will feel much better.

Learn to be aware of your body, if you feel tense, relax your body, if you feel stressed, slow down and take some deep, controlled breaths because this will switch off your stress response and your body will begin to relax or take a quick break. 

If your thoughts are making your fearful or stressful, let them go and learn to love what you used to fear.

12) They appreciate and look after themselves

Happiness is not all in the mind and although when your mind is used correctly, it is a powerful tool that can assist you in feeling happy it is also essential that you look after your body.

Happiness starts from within, and it's not just about good and positive thinking because there are many more factors that can affect your mood.

Everything should be done in moderation and if you pay attention to and you look after your body then your body will serve you well. 

Try to eat healthy, balanced, varied diet, which should supply you with a good source of vitamins and minerals. What you put into your body can reflect on your skin condition and if you look good you will feel good, plus, what you eat the day before can have an influence on how you feel today.

To be happy you need to feel energized and eating more healthy food will boost your energy levels, if you find healthy foods a bit boring add a bit of fruit or flavoring. If you feel fatigued all the time it may pay you to have a food intolerance or food sensitivity test.

Happy people know the importance of looking after their bodies like exercising and getting plenty of rest and relaxation. Do not worry or obsess about getting old, live for the now and just develop a healthy lifestyle.

You also need to make sure you don't dehydrate (drink smaller amounts more often rather than consuming large amounts of water in a short period of time) because you only have to become slightly dehydrated and it can affect your mood and your anxiety levels.

When most people wake up in the morning the reach for a cup of coffee to give them a boost, however the first thing you should do is to grab a glass of water because you will have dehydrated a bit during the night.

13) They follow daily rituals 

Happy people know the importance of continual growth and they will follow daily rituals to keep themselves happy and in peak condition.

Spend a few minutes every hour or so smiling has smiling is known to improve your mood and practice and make it a habit to laugh a bit more.

It is important to spend a about twenty minutes a day relaxing and having some me time, try things like meditating as it is good for calming both the mind and body, in fact relaxation is a necessity if you want to feel good.

You could try listening to some classical music because it has been proven to help reduce stress and lower your blood pressure as well as helping you to sleep better.

Get into the habit of having a power nap for about seven minutes a couple of times a day and try to avoid to many stimulants because if you feel tired it is your body's way of saying you need a rest.

Exercise regularly or keep active and spend some time reading and doing your own hobbies and interests. 

When you wake up each morning, spend a few minutes visualizing your day ahead going well as this can boost your mood and set yourself up for the day, also tell yourself you're going to have a wonderful day.

Create some happy habits, cultivate a sense of fun, try to have a good time as much as you possibly can no matter what. 

Exercise your freedom to choose happiness. Decide who you want to be, what sort of person you want to become. 

Define yourself as a happy and spiritually person, do your best, but avoid trying to be flawless and perfect. 

Don't allow your environment and your past experiences to define who you are.

14) They have developed good thinking patterns 

Although it will benefit you to spend a few minutes several times a day thinking positive you don't have to spend all your day doing it because that is just too difficult and draining. 

The important thing to do is to not to think negative, be aware of your thoughts and don't get emotionally involved with any bad feeling thoughts, just ignore them or override and replace any negative ones with better thoughts.

You don't need to live your life in the grip of your past and the more you learn how to let go the closer you will become too emotional freedom. 

You can have what you want or you can create what you don't want depending on which choices you decide to make.

Your mind creates the things you expect to happen so get into the habit of only expecting the best and expect good things to happen. Know with absolute certainty that the things and life you want will come true even before they have.

Expand your awareness beyond your old beliefs and judgement and do not buy into what your imagination is trying to predict. 

Spend a little time each day focusing on the good things you have even the small things that you take for granted.

Your mind will constantly scan for dangers, conflicts and problems especially at times when you feel negative or stressed, it will even make things up, so be aware of your over cautious imagination and do not get sucked into a inner conflict with your mind. 

Give your mind more useful and beneficial things to do, workout and solve instead of keep going over the same worries and concerns all the time.

15) Be thankful and grateful

When you're feeling sad, unhappy or negative it is because your focus of attention has shifted onto what you don't want. 

The fastest way to change your energy and improve your life is to practice showing gratitude. 

Negative focus of attention will disrupt your feel good free flowing life force energy. 

But when you are expressing gratitude it will instantly shift your feeling because gratitude will put you back into the all powerful free flowing positive energy of the now. 

Which will also put you in the energy of attracting the things you want, so not only will it make you feel better in time all that the good will begin to move toward you.

It is when we give thanks for the things that we think are small, that we see the biggest effect. You should still appreciate the big things but you should also appreciate the small things each and every day.

Each day try to make it a routine habit to state five things that you are truly grateful for, try and vary the things you're grateful and thankful for a bit.

Or you could start a gratitude journal because You will be astonished at how quickly jotting down the things that you appreciate can build your positive thinking and positive energy.

A study conducted at the University of California and the University of Miami has revealed that the participants who were actively 'grateful' everyday went on to enjoy better mental and physical health, they also made more progress in their personal goals, and they felt a better sense of emotional and physical well-being.

16) Avoid the things that make you unhappy

There is a lot written about doing things that will make you unhappy, but the general rule to complete happiness is to not to or not think about the things that make you unhappy.

Sometimes all you need to do is to do the exact opposite of what makes you unhappy or makes you feel bad, if you feel tired and exhausted spend some time resting and relaxing. 

If you hate your job change it or accept it, if your in a bad relationship either work at it or end it.

If your friends are nasty, getting you down or they are very negative do not bother with them or make friends with more positive and fun people or groups. If you are a pessimistic person turn into a optimist.

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