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How To Change Your Chore Beliefs?

"First you believe it, then you become it"

Belief and faith allows you to have the ability to create something good and wonderful, before it has happened.

How important are your beliefs?

Your beliefs and mental programs control nearly all of your behaviors, your automatic thought processes and your habitual habits, which makes them very important.

You don't have to know the how part to start with. You just need to know what you want and believe that you can have it. 

Because it is the confidence in you own abilities and worth or abilities that is the secret to your eventual success or better life.

Our beliefs are powerful and they help to shape our reality and our beliefs are the half way to the becoming.

"What you believe with no doubts is granted to you, whether you like it or not"! 

"What you sow you reap". 

"What you believe and you expect with confidence, is what you get, according to the placebo effect"

New International Version

Jesus replied.

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done.

See what you believe

They say, we believe what we see, but is it more of a case. We see what we believe?

There is an old saying.

"If you believe it will happen, It will happen"

You have probably experienced this many times for yourself.

Have you ever just known or expected something to happen. Then when it does happen, you say to yourself.

"I knew that would happen"

Ask yourself, are your beliefs helping and supporting you to, achieve your goals, become the best you  and create the life that you want?

Or are you living by your own beliefs or are you living by the sometimes negative and limiting beliefs of others?

If your beliefs are no longer helping or supporting you then it is time to replace then with new and better ones that are going to support you and help you live a better life.

We and others create our own beliefs, then our beliefs make up, who we are and what kind of life that we live, so they're pretty powerful and very important.

Your beliefs and what you have at the moment are all you know, but that does not mean that's all there is for you.

Most people believe that they're not enough or they don't have enough, they also tend to focus on lack, not having or they deny themselves of their true potential.

You, like everybody else, possess limitless potential, abilities and talent. You can have, be or become almost anything you desire.

All you need is a small shift in your beliefs and the willingness to take action.

Everybody has limitless potential, and we are all capable of achieving great things, with the right types of supporting beliefs.

But if you want to maximize your true potential, then you have to start coming from a place of limitless possibilities and potential instead of denying yourself of your true abilities or putting limits on yourself.

Unfortunately, when you were young, you did not have the luxury of making your own beliefs, and many of your early beliefs are second hand information which was passed on to you.

Very often those beliefs that you inherited as a young child were limiting and now they're outdated and unhelpful.

On top of the negative programming that were installed into us by our parents, families, friends and peers, we add on to these with our own limiting and sometimes destructive beliefs that we develop from our negative experiences and setbacks.

Many of your negative attitudes and limiting beliefs are hidden in our subconscious mind, these beliefs can make it hard for you to make the positive changes that you desire and to advance and get the things and life that you want.

Beliefs are neither true or false. Our beliefs are just what we presume to be true.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right"

-Henry Ford

If you believe you can, you can and you probably will.

You or the opinions of others create your own belief systems and your beliefs determine who you are and what you do or do not do or become.

If you constantly convince yourself you're not capable of succeeding, or you're not the type of person to achieve or have good things, then you're not going to make the effort to have all the good things that you really want and can have.

If you do not attempt to change your beliefs. Then your existing limiting and negative beliefs, will put a barrier between you and the life and things that you want to have.

Once you know that your beliefs are controlling your life in such a powerful way, the next step is to learn how to change your chore subconscious beliefs so you can create the success that you want and you can become and do the things you desire.

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It is virtually impossible to get the results in life that you want or fro you to experience a better and more successful life. When you believe you can, then you can solve all your problems, become more happy, create good health and well-being, achieve your goals and accomplish more success in every area of your life.

The belief is the real secret behind manifestation. Once you realize that your beliefs are controlling your life in such a powerful way, you need to know how to change your beliefs for total success.


With the right beliefs you are limitless, the wrong ones will rob you of your true powers

The first step to change is awareness of the limiting beliefs that you have and understanding how they're affecting you both emotionally and your ability to grow and utilize your true abilities.

Each person, including you, has untapped abilities and potential, but their talents and potential often lay dormant, because of their hidden and destructive subconscious beliefs.

Beliefs create expectations, expectations create and bring about changes, the world is changing, but your world won't change unless you change your beliefs.

Positive thinking is good, but you can think about success all day long every day, but you might not ever achieve the success you want, without the right beliefs, attitude and action mindset.

If you expect to fail, then no amount of success thinking will bring you the success that you want,

Emotions are powerful, they are even more powerful with the right beliefs, it is very hard to feel good if you have limited or negative beliefs.

Clearly, beliefs combined with positive emotions and actions are the combination for success in everything that you do.

Many people have no idea how powerful they really are and it is amazing how their limiting beliefs can be planted unknowingly into your mind, often when you were a young child.

Your negative beliefs, then remain hidden, causing their destruction and spoiling and sabotaging your chances of success, preventing your chances of going on to experience a joyful, happy and successful happy life.

It is very hard to find inner peace and tap into your true potential if you have, emotional attachment, negative habits, limiting beliefs or unresolved emotional issues.

At the source and the center of your being, you are pure intelligent, creative energy, who has limitless potential where anything is possible, for those who believe.

This means that you have no limitations, there is nothing that you need to fix, because there is nothing wrong with you at source.

When you believe that there is something wrong with you or you are limited, you will always struggle to try and change and be something else.

But, when you accept, that you are limitless, and you stop doing and focusing on the things that are bad or limiting you and you start doing and focusing on the things that you need to do, things will begin to change for the better.

But your potential, will remain just potential, without the right beliefs that are going to inspire and motivate you to become the best you.

Your potential is not something that you have to create, because you were born with amazing capabilities, but you can only access your true powers if you have the right positive beliefs and programming, backed by calm and positive feelings and emotions.

Your programming goes on to form:

  • Your, self identity  
  • Your fears and insecurities (what you perceive as being dangerous)
  • Your beliefs and perceptions
  • Your personality/character 
  • Who you are/what you become 
  • How you're meant to think, act and behave 
  • How you're meant to live your life 
  • Your inner self image and perceptions of you 
  • Your true limitless potential and capabilities

All your bad habits and limitations are mental programs and conditioning that run automatically in your subconscious mind.

If you want to let go of your suffering, self sabotage, fear of failure and limitations, then you will need to reset your internal programs, so you create a state of inner balance and you start to develop the confidence in your own abilities.

Positive beliefs, give you the courage to push past your past limitations

To be more successful in all area's of your life, you will need courage, a solid self belief in you and your abilities and the confidence to grow and take on the challenges that are going to catapult you to success.

Your subconscious programming controls most of the things that you perceive and do.

Your brain is an automatic self regulating feedback system, that operates off the information that you feed it, clearly, information is the key to success.

Your, previous programming, how you feel and what you believe will create who you are and the life that you live.

Your mind can only run off your previous programming and what it has learned and knows, up until now, if you are happy and you have installed positive beliefs, then that is great.

If you have picked up negative and limiting beliefs, then that is not so good and if you want to move in a positive direction, then your beliefs will need changing. 

This operating and feedback system runs automatically.

You're all powerful subconscious mind that has access to all your beliefs, does not like change, and it will often oppose any of your efforts to change, unless you change your inner programming.

Most people want to change or let go of their limiting beliefs, after all, what is the point in holding on to something that is restricting you or making your life hard.

The trouble is, when most people attempt to change, they do it without first changing their subconscious limiting and negative mental programming. 

Most people only use willpower to force change, but when you rely on willpower to change, you might get some initial success, but often the results that you will get, will be short lived.

Because as soon as your subconscious mind recognizes that you have deviated out of the boundaries of your comfort zone, your existing self image or previous programming.

Then it will do whatever it takes to bring you back into alignment with your default programming. 

Because even though you consciously want to change, your subconscious mind likes things they way they always have been, even if they are not serving you well.

Most people have been programmed for lack, scarcity and survival rather than happiness, success and abundance

Your subconscious mind, likes to keep you within the parameters of your comfort zone and what it thinks is best for you.

Who and what you are at the moment are a result of the choices that you have made and the beliefs that you have created about you and your capabilities.

Unless you change your internal subconscious programming and conditioning. Then there is a good chance that you will struggle to make the changes that you want and you will struggle to obtain the life that you can have and deserve.

The reason that you need to change the way you feel is because, when you're in a relaxed state, your mind will become open to change, so you can suspend your limiting beliefs long enough to replace them, with better and more helpful ones.

Because it is very hard to change if you're stuck in a negative state or you have any negative emotional attachment to a problem, belief or limitation.

You are surrounded by opportunities, all you need are the right kind of empowering beliefs that will help you to take full advantage of them.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your intentions and inspirations, your intentions will drive you to the things and the life that you want.

When you let go of your limiting beliefs you will free yourself up to new idea's, opportunities and possibilities and you will be able to succeed, at life and rewrite your own rule book for a better life.

The power of your beliefs

What you have come to believe about you and your life up until now you will take as being true and it's the result of your past believes is what has created you and what you are today.

Have you ever wondered why some people go on to do, become and achieve great things whilst others just seem to stumble and struggle their way through life.

We are all so much more capable than we think and we all have limitless amounts of untapped potential, the only thing that blocks our path to greatness and genius is our own limiting belief systems.

If you have been talking yourself down for years or if your beliefs have kept you small then it's time you began to replace them so you can unleash your real true potential.

At some point in everybody's life, it starts to dawn on you that there is more to life than what you have been living. 

If we're not careful we can just go through life following the same old patterns and daily rituals and routines where nothing really ever changes.

On top of this many people are at war with their thoughts, feelings and emotions and the stresses and strains of daily life. 

These negative and stressful states will block off your creativity and your ability to perform at your peak performance level.

When you're stuck in a negative state your mind will be more focused on survival rather than on creativity and enjoyment. 

When you're experiencing negative emotions, then your belief and thought patterns will tend to match your negative state of being.

Other times we just go with the majority because we afraid to stand out from what we perceive to be the norm. 

That's fine if your content with what you've got but if you want more then sometimes you have to think differently and think outside of the box.

You should always be thankful for what you've got, but you have not got to be satisfied. 

The reason why most people do the things they do and they live the life they live is down to their belief systems and conditioning.

But you can start to become more and more the creator of your own reality instead of being a victim and a prisoner of your old negative and limiting belief systems. 

When you start to change your inner beliefs, then bit by bit you will start to change your outer experiences.

We live in a belief driven universe, our beliefs are powerful and they go onto to shape our reality. Beliefs can make you and your life good or they can torment you and keep you down and stuck.

We live our life by our beliefs and our beliefs are so powerful that they shape what we do and to a large degree what we experience, think and feel. 

Your beliefs help to form your character, your personality, your self image, how you act and what you achieve and become.

Our beliefs form our opinions and contribute to the actions we take, the decisions we make and what we do or do not do. The only reason why you cannot do something is because you don't really believe you can.

Beliefs are the king as far as it comes to creating and getting what you want, you live your life by your beliefs, they define you as a person, the right supporting ones can help you move forwards in a positive direction the wrong ones will take you away from where you want to be. 

Bad beliefs can destroy your chances of success and prevent you from unleashing your true potential and powers whilst the right positive beliefs can take you way beyond what you once thought was possible and what you're capable of.

Positive beliefs can help to improve your life in all area's making you more successful,  happier, more fulfilled, more empowered and more abundant. 

To make the changes that you want or to have the things that you want, you will first need to be aware of and examine and break down your unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back and then start to begin to change and replace them.

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