Love Yourself And Love Your Life

As the famous Beatles song tells us.

"All you need is love"

Of course, there is a bit more to life than love, if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We all have our own emotional and physical needs and goals.

A good healthy lifestyle, with a good quality diet, packed with goodness and nutrients, is essential, along with keeping active and calm and balanced.

But love is a powerful ingredient that is the foundation that helps to form good harmonious relationships with ourselves and others, and it brings about peace within ourselves and with our world.

Love yourself

The most essential step to take, to end your inner conflict, is to love yourself for who you are, and to practice being kind and good to yourself.

Your body responds favorably to self praise and positive self talk and encouragement, and it responds badly, to negative self criticism and self talk.

When you truly begin to fully accept yourself, including all of your perceived weaknesses, then you will start to find that others and life in general will begin to treat you well.

If you do not respect and appreciate yourself, then others are not going to respect and appreciate you.

They way you feel is the most important thing to you, and you cannot feel good about you or your life if you don't love and like yourself.

You cannot access your true power and potential, if you treat yourself bad, yourself critical or your harsh on yourself.

When you're always fighting and struggling with yourself and your life in general, then you will cause a disruption in your natural free flowing energy.

If you think that life is hard, unfair, you think life is meant to be a struggle, you disapprove of yourself or you focus on your weak points all the time, then life won't treat you well.

A typical human trait is, they don't always do what is best for themselves.

Although it is good to care about others, the most important person you should care about is yourself, because your own sense of well-being is what should matter the most to you.

Your dominant attention should be more geared towards pleasing yourself and being your true authentic self, rather than trying to please or impress others.

It is how you think and feel that really counts, yet we spend most of our lives caring about what others think.

Although you have to consider your family, partners and friends and their needs and wants, what is most important to you is to enjoy and participate in the things and activities that you want as well.

When you constantly strive to live up to the expectations of others or how you think you're meant to live your life, combined with all the emotional attachment you create through your life experiences and circumstances, you start to become detached from how you're meant to feel.

To bring yourself back into balance and inner peace, you need to understand the reasons for why you're feeling out of balance and alignment with who you really are

This may involve, spending some time practicing bringing yourself back into a state of inner balance and peace.

You may need to start paying a bit of attention to how you are feeling and identify, the things that are making you feel bad.

Then, the next step is, to address and work on changing the way you feel, do something about it or remove the things that are making you feel as you do.

This will take conscious effort and practice and it is something that you should think about incorporating into your daily life.

Thinking and doing, is a habit. 

You can have positive and good thinking and habits or negative and bad habits, and negative thinking and ways of living your life.

People search for things, to bring them love or what they think will help them make them feel good.

All the things that you desire, like, having a loving relationship, material possessions, more money, perfect body better job or a state of inner peace and balance, all comes down to one thing.

You want to feel good, look good and be happy.

Most people put all their efforts into striving to have all their wants and desires, because they think that is what they must do or have, in order for them to feel good.

When those things aren't always immediately forthcoming, then people get frustrated, upset, angry or disappointed.

Or when they get what they want, but they find after a while, the novelty wears off, they slip back into their old ways of thinking and feeling.

They then start the whole process of striving for the next thing that they think, is going to bring them the happiness and emotional well-being, that they're so desperately seeking.

This will force you to focus on what you don't want, then you will beat yourself if you cannot obtain it.

The easier option is to work on how you're feeling, without having any external conditions attached to how you feel.

This does not mean that you should not have your goals and wants, it just means, try to feel good regardless of any desired outcomes or external distractions.

You have not got to try and control your external conditions and situations or have the perfect life, to feel good.

It is not wise to try and control or have perfect conditions, to make you feel goods, if you're relying on your external conditions to come good or you're depending on the behaviors or actions of others, then you will be heading for more of the same.

But you can have a better life experience and get all the things that you want, by putting more effort on to working on feeling good, without having a reason and to start loving, appreciating and liking yourself, for who you are.

Just take a look at the very young children, feeling good and enjoying themselves is natural to them, give a baby his basic human requirements, like food, water, comfort, warmth and shelter, then give them a cardboard box to play with, and they will be as happy as Larry.

You never see very young children, running themselves down, being cruel to themselves, be self defeating, feeling unworthy, believing they're not good enough or capable enough or putting limitations on themselves.

A young child, when they attempt to learn something new like attempting to walk, does not give up after the first attempt, and deem themselves a failure when things don't go right the first time and then endlessly beat themselves up.

They keep going with a strong determination and belief that they can do it, and each time they fail, they have another go, and bit by bit they get better, until they do it, then they celebrate and acknowledge their achievements.

Be aware of the things that make you feel bad, and dismiss them, and focus on the thoughts and things that make you feel better and think more about and do the things that make you feel good.

Your body responds to what you think about, good feeling thoughts will promote better health, better feelings and this will reflect in your outer experience and how attractive you appear.

Get to know and like you, and as your relationship with yourself grows so will you.

Love protects you not fear

There is a big misconception, that fear protects us and helps to keep us safe.

Of course, a bit of anxiety in some cases can help to keep us alert and guarded and our fight or flight response can help us escape from or defend ourselves if we are being attacked.

But all the worry, stress and general anxiety that many people go through, sometimes on a daily basis will not help you and potentially, it can seriously damage your health and cause an imbalance in your body.

When we are fearful and anxious all the time, we attract more fearful and negative situations into our experience.

Persistent anxiety, fear and worry cause chronic stress, and as it is believed that stress and emotional issues are the root cause of many illnesses, not to mention the disruption of the quality of your life and well-being.

It makes sense, to try and hold yourself in those feel good and calm emotions.

The positive and calm emotions are the emotions that will help you to feel better, perform better and your body will function more efficiently and smoothly, just as it is designed to do.

Love is the most powerful of all emotions, it trumps fear and negativity, as far as helping to keep you safe and healthy is concerned.

Love helps you to create a better life

If you're interested in manifesting, then you will know that, the quickest way to manifest your desires into your life is to raise your vibration.

Everything that exists, has a vibrational frequencies, to attract the things that you want, you have to be a vibrational match, to those things or the life that you want.

Many people, are the exact opposite to the vibrational frequencies that they should be.

The positive and good feeling emotions, will boost your creativity, your intelligence and increase your ability to solve or let go of your problems, worries and anxieties.

When you hold yourself in the feel good non resistant feelings and emotions, then you will speed up your manifestation abilities and life will run more smoothly for you

Love is the highest frequency of the vibrational frequency and when you're feeling the emotion of love, you are at your most complete and whole self. 

This does not necessarily mean that you have to be in a loving relationship, because you can express love, for 
  • Yourself 
  • Your family 
  • Your pets 
  • Your car
  • Your house 
  • Your life 
  • Nature
Or just about anything else you can think of.

The vibration of abundance and experiencing, the life you desire as its own vibration, which could be described as, free flowing, feel good energy of contentment, certainty and positive expectations.

The opposite frequency would be, fear, doubt, lack, not having, not enough, disappointment and frustration.

Very often, when people focus on what they want, they are coming from a place of lack, desperation, not having, hard to get or not enough, so they pick up their matching negative energy.

Sometimes you have to let go of thinking about what you want, especially if it is making you feel bad, and just focus on general thoughts of love, appreciation or neutral thoughts. 

As well as spending more time relaxing, having fun and enjoying doing the things you like.

Most people sabotage their efforts to change or success before they even begin, you might think you can't change or have the life you want, but you can, if you believe and decide you can.

Love keeps evolution of mankind going

Love, is the building blocks of the universe, it helps to bring people together as one, instead of hating and resenting others.

Hate and resentment leads to tension and aggression, love leads to tolerance and peace.

Love is the driving force behind the continuation of life as we know it, most relationships are driven by love which leads to childbirth and the continuation of life.

Love is not always enough to sustain a healthy relationship.

In the long term you need more to keep your relationship going and healthy, like commitment, compatibility and respect, but your relationship is going to be a lot better if you are both deeply in love.

Again self love is important to form loving and long term strong relationships, because when you love yourself, others can pick up on your positive emotions.

Some people are too over reliant on receiving and constantly relying on the love and approval of others for them to feel loved, secure and to be happy and content.

This is often a sign of insecurity in themselves or a lack of self love and approval.

You should not rely or totally depend on others to show you love all the time, the reason why you cannot always rely on others, is because very often they are tied up with their own issues, life and problems, to devote all their love and attention to you.

As the old saying goes.

"Love is blind"

Sometimes when we fall in love, the strong and powerful emotion can make us oversea, the other person's faults, flaws and personality and even attitude.

This is where love can cause us to fall in love with someone who ends up treating us bad or they are not the right person for us.

So although the love of others can be a beautiful thing, you still have to enter into a relationship with a bit of care and awareness.

When you learn to love yourself, then you will become in alignment with your true inner being and your natural state of being. 

Your inner being will always love you, it will never hurt you, and it will want the very best for you.

If you want more feelings of love, love you, love your life, and love all the good things that you already have and all the good in life.

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