Written by Addison Jenning 08-12-2017

Five Routines That Help Us Relax After A Hard Day's Work

Most of the time when we get home after a long and stressful day, we try our best to carry on with our usual tasks and chores, managing to find very little time for our own relaxation.

How many of us go to bed with the thoughts, of the following day and the responsibilities awaiting us, very vividly haunting our heads?
This mostly happens because we don't manage to allocate some time for ourselves, to shrug of our shoulders the stress that is accumulated over the day.

If we want to get out of the bed with a clean mind, free of our emotional baggage and a readiness for the new day ahead, we need those little moments.

Here are a few simple and rewarding methods of freshing up, after a long hard day at work.

1) Getting comfortable

When we get home, most of us can't wait for the moment when we will be able to slip out of those uncomfortable shoes and clothes that seem to have tightened around our bodies.

Before doing anything else, swap those street clothes for something comfy, that will immediately breathe in a sense of relaxation, and closure of, your long and tiring day.

Ideally, take a long hot bath, before changing cloths. Some relaxation in the bath tub, with some bath bombs, perfumed candles, and nice music, can quite literally, wash our stress away and put us instantly, in a "feel good" mood.

2) Get to cooking

Cooking is probably one of the last things we’d want to do after a stressful day at work, but we really shouldn’t think of it as a chore. 

Ordering food or preparing something that can be cooked in a few minutes pretty much always mean eating unhealthy and messily. 

This has long-term effects that will actually backfire on trying to relax a little bit.

Get in the kitchen and prepare a healthy and delicious dinner. Cooking is actually proven to be a fantastic environment for relaxation because it invokes creativity and gives us a sense of freedom. 

Other than the activity itself, there’s also the undeniable upside of eating something that will benefit our organisms.

3) Break a sweat

Exercise is a proven method to release substances that flood our bodies with feel-good vibes. Moreover, it’s pretty good for relaxation because the sheer intensity of a workout session is very likely to make us unable to focus on anything but the routine at hand. 

One viable option is going to the gym. Acquiring a subscription is more likely to convince us to get off the couch and start some exercise routines if only for the fact that we had to pay for it.

But, understandably so, gyms aren’t everyone’s favorite option, especially out of fear of being publicly judged or out of the embarrassment at our physical shape. 

There are plenty other alternatives. Go out for a jog when the sun starts setting. Pick up some exercise sessions from the Internet that can be carried out at home. 

Those with pools, or easy access to a swimming pool, can relieve some stress by swimming laps.

4) Add colors

Here’s a nice thought: even if we aren’t too good at something, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pursue it as a leisure time activity. 

It’s no secret that painting and drawing require copious amounts of talent and effort in order to pay off with some pleasant results. 

For the process itself to be enjoyable, however, we need to accept that we likely won’t end up creating the next Mona Lisa.

Pick up some brushes and colors and start spreading some colors on a canvas. Painting is the silent equivalent of journaling because it’s a direct reflection of how we feel inside.

 By doing it, we are able to get off our chests, some of the things that bother us. Alternatively, adult coloring books are at the peak of their trend right now. 

They’re more complex and intricate than the children's versions and engaging in this activity will have a similar pay-off.

5) Enjoy the silence

Last but not least, meditate. The best thing about meditation is that it’s not time-consuming. 

Some of us may actually be reluctant to take away even as much as an hour from our schedule, which is when meditation comes in as the perfect solution to relaxation.

Let’s simply sit down, close our eyes, and enjoy the silence. 

Disconnecting entirely from the outside world may be a daunting task, but with enough practice, it will become easier and easier. In other words, it essentially serves as a reboot button to get us ready for the next day.

Alternate between these routines or stick just to one. 

The important thing here is to remember that we all need a moment of breather and a break in order to be able to stand up against the stressful requirements of working life.

Author Bio

Addison Jenning is an editor for jobdescriptionswiki.com and an HR manager. 

Her profession enables her to do what she loves most: recruit, motivate and contribute to the development of employees, in order for them to be as successful as they can. 

She oversees the effective and successful execution of the company's internal strategy.

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