Making The Most Out Of Your Boredom Time

Do you have a lot of thinking time on your hands, do you have plenty of time to kill, and are you making the most of your valuable time?

Time is precious and if you want to grow, expand and be successful, then why not use you valuable time to be more productive and create a better future?

Because, your time is an asset which is valuable and precious. Time, well used and organized, presents you with a chance, to learn, grow and become a more successful, and a better you.

There is no getting away from the fact that.

Many people have to do repetitive and boring jobs day in day out, whilst others have to stay at home and do everyday mundane and routine chores and household tasks.

For some people, they can reach a point of stagnation and boredom, where they repeat the same old routines and experiences over and over again.

But, sometimes boredom can be an indication, that you're not following your passion, or you may need to find your purpose in life.

Finding your purpose, or setting yourself, goals, is a great way to introduce meaning into your life, and it will give you something to aim for. 

At times, even people's free time and leisure time can become a little bit boring, predictable and repetitive. 

This can cause some people to constantly seek out new things or experiences to help them fight off the feelings of boredom.

When your long hours of free time are used negatively, it can be one of the biggest causes of, negativity, worry, low moods and stress.

Our brain's primary task is to help us avoid pain and seek out pleasure.

Your brain is always trying to help us seek out new enjoyable or different experiences, to help you avoid feelings of boredom.

This is why when you do something new, you enjoy the experience. But after a while, you tend to get bored of that new thing or trend, if you do it too many times. 

Making you seek out something more exciting, more stimulating or something new.

But sometimes, in our brains attempt to help us avoid pain, it can have an adverse effect, which can cause us to focus more on things that cause us emotional pain and suffering.

Especially at times when we are doing boring and mundane run of the mill tasks. 

It is also, very easy for us to become distracted when we are doing repetitive tasks. This is when our minds can crave for excitement or something different or more stimulating.

At times, we may have to accept and put up with doing boring and repetitive jobs and chores.

Sometimes, there no getting away from having to spend long hours by ourselves, especially as we go about our daily work tasks or chores.

When boredom is unavoidable, then you have to accept it, rather than fight it. 

Boredom is a state, and if you cannot always escape it, then you have to surrender to it, otherwise it will drive you crazy.

Clock watching is futile and wishing away your day, is only going to increase your boredom levels, and it will make the time seem to drag even more.

Tolerating your boredom, can also help to keep boredom away.

If you have found that you have hit a boredom period during your day. Have a mini break, or go for a short walk or just do something to try and break the monotony.

You could, use all that time, to create yourself a better life Maybe you would like to write a book, do some creative writing or start your own blog.

Or, your long hours of thinking time could be used, to find and follow your passion.

Use your time constructively

You can, however, try to make the most of your free thinking time and leisure time. Practicing constructive thinking, rather than destructive thinking, can be a good place to start.

If you can try and make the things you do more interesting, then that can help, because we tend to get bored, when we have a lack of interest in, something.

However, that might prove very hard to do, if you have to do a repetitive and mundane job.

When we have little interest in what we are doing. Then this can make us seek out something more interesting or enjoyable.

The only problem when we do that, we tend to put off or give up on some of the important things that we need to get done.

If you can listen to music or the radio, whilst you work. Then, that can help to ease the boredom.

The same applies if you are having to learn something, write something or do some revision. Again, if you can become interested in what you're doing. 

Then this can improve your success rate or help you do a better job. But, if you find yourself becoming, disinterested, then this can result, bad results or poor performance.

Sometimes, you just have to keep focused, even if you don't find the subject or task, very interesting.

Yet your hours of free time and thinking time, could be much better spent on you, focusing on more productive and rewarding things, like creative problem solving.

Overcoming challenges, setting new exciting goals and challenges and even, working on your goals, both mentally and physically.

You could start seeing your boring times as an opportunity to design a better life and future, so instead of going over and over in your mind with those same old negative thought processes.

Use your spare time and your long hours of boring work time, wisely. During those long and tedious, boring days.

Because those long boring days could be valuable time, that could catalyst you to better times ahead.

Keep your mind off your worries and focus it on all the things you want to do, inspire to be and become.

Use your spare time to your advantage to self educate yourself and set yourself up for a better and brighter future.

Creative problem solving

You can use your boredom, as time well spent or time misused. 

Boredom can cultivate and fuel your problems, or you can use it, to focus on resolving your problems and making yourself stronger and more resourceful.

Being more creative and creative problem solving.

Often people use there creative thinking time in self defeating and self sabotaging ways, endlessly worrying about things that don't really matter or things that probably won't happen. 

Give your mind clear instructions, of what you want.

When your mind is used, correctly, it is a very powerful tool, which is capable of designing, creative problem solving and resolving your challenges and personal issues.

So, stir your imagination, and awaken your creative mind, to unlock your inner genius and true potential.

Self educate yourself

There is nothing wrong curling up on the sofa after a  long hard day at work, or doing your household chores, watching your favorite films or TV shows.

But, you should only do it, for enjoyment purposes, and not for the sake of it, because, that's what you have always done, or you cannot find anything better to do.

Again, your free time is a great opportunity, for you to self educate yourself, learn new skills or start a new hobby or even work on a second source of income. 

Especially, if it is something that you are passionate about or you love doing. If you're thinking about, setting up a second source of income, focus more on offering value, rather than obsessing about the money.

These days, there is an endless source of information and knowledge easily available for most people.

Reading is still an excellent way, to gather information and knowledge, as are the likes of audio books, Google and YouTube.

If you're permitted to wear earphones at work (So long as it is safe) Then, YouTube and audio books, offer a great opportunity, to learn whilst you work, and it will stave off the boredom.

Have some relaxation time

Some people think that they must keep on the go, or that they should be doing something and keeping themselves busy, otherwise they think they are being lazy.

But, failing to spend some me time, deeply relaxing and recharging your batteries, can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Some people may view, relaxing as boring, and a waste of time. 

This could not be further from the truth, as relaxation, helps to rest and restore your body, calm your mind, energize you, reduce your stress and anxiety, and help to avoid burnout and fatigue.

You won't be at your peak performance and most productive best, if you feel tired, stressed and run down.

There is nothing wrong, with chilling out for a while and doing nothing. 

So, find somewhere quiet, relax, listen to some soothing music, or a relaxation session, and let all your stress, tension and troubles fade away.

Learn a new language

There are many things that you could be doing to occupy your brain, keep your mind sharp and better yourself at the same time.

Learning a new language is a great way to keep your mind active, stem of boredom, and it will help you to embrace other cultures.

It will also improve your communication skills, open up new career opportunities, and if you visit that country, you will be able to mix and chat with the locals. 

You will also find it easier, to order things and help you ask for direction, and read all the notices, menus and everything else, understand their radio and TV stations and help you with other written or spoke words. 

Read more

Books and articles are a great source of information, knowledge, guidance, wisdom, inspiration, entertainment. 

Which can help you to learn, resolve your problems, grow and become more successful. 

Reading can give you and insight into other cultures and other people's knowledge and imagination, it is also a great way to relax, unwind and shut yourself out from the rest of the world.

Travel and visit new places of interests

One of the leading causes of stagnation and boredom, is where you do the same things week in, week out.

Travel, offers you an excellent opportunity, to visit and discover new places. We all like a good day out.

But, many people, end up going to the same places. That is fine, if it suits you. But, there are so many different places of interests, that you can visit, if you do a bit of research.

And, it has not got to cost you a fortune, if you plan well, and take your own food and drink. Nature has so many beautiful places of interests, that cost you very little, to visit.

The outside fresh air, combined with the relaxing and tranquil wonders of nature, can do wonders for you and your mood.

When you keep on covering the same old ground, the motivation to get out in the fresh air, can start to diminish.

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