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Stay Forever Young

You may not be able to stop your chronological aging process, but the good news is, you can certainly slow it down considerably and even reverse it.

Age is really just a number and you have the choice and control to stay and feel youthful as well as improving your quality health, life and fitness. 

To a degree with have been brainwashed about the rules of getting older and we have conditioned ourselves some untruths as far as aging is concerned.

A lot of aging is all to do about beliefs and to a degree we use our sometimes laziness and outdated perceptions as an excuse to grow old gracefully.

Far too often we tend to follow the generations before us to set our blueprint of our aging habits, behaviour, beliefs and concepts.

But as many people are already demonstrating, there are no rules as far as aging goes and you can defy the age trap and stay fit, active and healthy until the day you take your last breath.

The one thing that will slow you down and make you weak and tired is the thought of giving up and quitting and jumping on to the escalator that will age you way before your time.

Well-being, fitness and health should be the most important thing to you, the key to keeping youthful has a lot to do with having a positive mental and pro-active attitude which should be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Because, you have the power and the ability to turn back the clock of time and it is in your power to regain and recapturing your youthfulness and vitality.

Because, it is entirely possible and achievable for you to maintain a fit and healthy body and stay forever young right into your later years.

Sometimes we too easily accept the belief and it is nothing more than a belief that it is normal to put on weight, slow down, allow our body to deteriorate and grow old gracefully.

The truth is you do have choices and there are already many people who have already slowed down the aging process and turned back the clock of time.

By making some lifestyle changes, attitude changes and diet changes, it is possible to feel much younger and build a much healthier and fitter body than your current chronological age. 

The secret is to develop some new healthy habits which should include the strengthening of your muscles, the nourishing your body and making the most of your mind. 

The benefits of keeping yourself fit and healthy is, it can increase your life expectancy, you will feel better and you will be more agile and flexible.

You won't be dependant on others so much in your later years and your body won't hold you back or restrict you, leaving you free to enjoy and participate in all the activities that you choose. 

Although it is best to develop a healthy lifestyle at a young age, because prevention is better than a cure.

However, there is a lot you can do to help you look and feel more youthful, regardless of how old you are, and it is never too late to improve your health, fitness and well-being.

Have a youthful mindset

The first step to turning back the clock of time is to change your mindset. The words you speak, read and the thoughts you think are powerful and they can have a big impact on your state of being.

We tend to follow the beliefs, patterns, opinions and rules of our elders, and many people use the word old as an excuse to allow themselves to age too quickly.

Aging is a lack of use, neglect and sometimes abuse of the body and a stagnation and a lack of use of the mind. 

Therefore, three of the ingredients that is required to stay fit and healthy is to keep active, have a purpose and keep your mind active as well as trying to eat a healthy and balanced varied diet.

Try not to tag yourself with those old age tags and statements, because you don't want to give your mind an old age blueprint to follow.

Begin to change your mindset and beliefs about aging, which should involve the ditching of those typical stereotypes of aging quickly statements like, 

  • I am getting old 
  • I am too old for this
  • I feel old  
  • You start to feel it at my age 
  • It is my age 
  • Fragile 
  • I look old
Make it a habit to banish the word old from your vocabulary and replace it with more positive and youthful statements, because the words you choose can affect your body.

Your brain will follow and respond to what you tell it, and if you use negative words you will become those beliefs.

Old related words will slow you down and drain your energy and de-motivate you.

But younger words will give you more energy, empower you and give you a new positive and optimistic passion and zest for life, the right words will also inspire and motivate you.

The old saying " you're only as old as you feel" should be your new mantra.

Although there are many physical things that you can do to help improve and take care of your outer body, you also have to pay some attention to your emotional state and the inner spiritual you.

Lifestyle Changes

The second stage to stay young, fit and healthy is to make some healthy lifestyle changes.

This should include changing any bad habits, and eating a healthy and well balanced, varied diet of high nutritious foods.

Try to minimize the amount of high sugary, processed and junk foods that you consume and make sure you stay hydrated, your body is everything so be careful what you put in it.

You will also need to reduce your stress and keep your emotions in check, because stress and negative emotions are toxins to your body.

Learning to relax and slowing down a bit should be incorporated into your daily lifestyle, because relaxation is a necessity if you want to be at your peak best.

Making sure you have an adequate amount of good quality sleep is also important for you to feel good, stay energized and productive.

Meditation is one of the best ways to help you reduce your stress and keep your emotions in check. Many people are dogged by the same old negative thought patterns.

They are left constantly trying to get rid of their negative thoughts and worries, but trying to stop worrying or negative thinking only makes it worse.

The easiest way to end your worry is to accept the worst case scenario and be OK with it, to try and find an answer to your problems and to just leave your mind alone and let it calm down by itself.

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax, get out of the way and just allow your mind to settle and become still.

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Looking after your body

The third stage for maintaining your youth is to look after your body and keep it in peak shape.

Because you do have a choice, and there is a better alternative to feeling and looking worse with each passing year. 

The only thing related to old age that you want to keep is your wisdom and it is wise to feel stronger, stay in good shape and be younger. 

We all have two, you can either keep yourself in great shape or you can allow your body to decline far faster that it has to be, just by deciding to make a few lifestyle changes and taking good care of yourself and generally looking after yourself.

If you're overweight then your body will reward you by shedding any excess weight.

When you're fit and in good shape, you will be more mobile and you will lessen the chances of ending up be confined to sitting down or walking aids.

Although it is important to try and keep active, you have not got to rush out and enroll in a vigorous exercise regime.

Depending on your age and current status, small progressive changes on a daily basis may be more suited to you, (consult with your doctor about exercising).

We have all heard the saying “use it or lose it” this applies both to the mind and the body.

For years, it was believed and accepted that the weakening of the body was just a natural process of the aging process.

It was readily accepted that there was nothing we could do really do about it.

But ongoing research and the fact that many people have already proven this theory wrong, have now shown us that you can keep your body in great shape well into your later years.

Many individuals, including some well known athletes and celebrities have chosen to defy the aging process and refused to grow old, and they have managed to keep their body in great shape and muscle tone.

The physical state of body deterioration, decline and frailty happens mainly because people slow down and even virtually stop doing the physical activities that is needed to maintain the strength and support of our muscles. 

Up until around our mid twenties our muscle structure stays strong even if you're not doing a lot of exercise. 

But as we reach our thirties and beyond our muscles start to become weaker and we begin to lose our strength and to add to our problems as our muscle mass decreases, if were not careful our body fat ratio increases.

The good news you have not got to follow the process of allowing your body to become weaker and more frail.

Because you can keep your muscles strong and toned by keeping active or doing some light resistance form of training.

Exercise can help you to maintain a strong and youthful body, it helps to combat stress and it can improve your mood.

If you have trouble with body aches, pains and frailties then swimming is one of the best exercises.

Having a healthy, natural aligned and balanced, posture so you sit, stand and move with the least amount of effort and tension is also essential in your quest to stay forever young and in good shape.

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