The Best Is Yet To Come

Do you know where you're heading to in your life, have you got your life all mapped out, does your future look bright and are you the type who is always planning for a better and more rewarding future. 

Or are you one of the more negative and nostalgic types who lives in the past and reminisces about how great and how much better things used to be.

When things go bad or wrong, as they sometimes do, how do you perceive the situation, are you the glass half empty group who becomes a victim of their circumstances.

Or are you the glass half full type who see's it as an opportunity for a change in direction or to put things right or make better things for you. 

Because when life knocks you down, then the only attitude to have is one of, out of this situation only good will come.

Because positive intentions and statements, such as, the best has yet to come, everything will work out fine and bit by bit things will get better and better, will cultivate powerful creative energies that will change your life and create you a better path to follow. 

Say it as you want things to be or how things are going to be, because what you give your focus of attention to will be the blueprint for how you feel and what you attract into your experience.

There is nothing wrong with reliving happy memories, but if you find that you tend to think and believe that the good times are behind you, then this can leave you feeling down, small and unmotivated. 

The trick is, you need to be careful that you don't make your past better than your present and your future.

If you listen to some people you will often hear them go on about how things used to be so much better than when they were young.

This however is a limiting belief which is not strictly true.

The truth is, your life is what you make it, and it is not so much that the past was any better than the now, in fact, in many ways, life is much better in many ways as there as far better opportunities.

What people are really lacking is the freedom, energy, adventure, excitement and carefree attitude of fun and enjoyment that they used to experience when they were younger.

There are always new opportunities and things to do

I have seen comments around the internet where many young people are feeling low and even depressed, since they have entered the adult stage of their lives.

Many were saying that there best years were now already behind them, they claim that they no longer feel free to live their lives as they once were when they were in their school years.

Now that they have left school they feel as if they have been thrust into the adult world full of work, responsibilities, stress and problems.

Even at such a young age, with their whole life ahead of them, many of them are saying that they wish they could go back to the early days when they were free.

We have all been told that the school years are the best years of your life, mainly because we felt like we had more free time and less responsibility.

Yes, as an adult life can appear more stressful at times, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it or build a better life for yourself.

The secret is to keep doing new things, keep learning and challenging yourself, because there are always new things to learn and do, there are also many interesting places to visit and avenues to explore.

If you're not happy with your job, the situation your in or your life, change it. 

Start to learn new skills, because the more skilled you are, the better opportunities will come your way, find and follow your passion and have a purpose in life to commit to.

Start a second part time income, preferably something that you enjoy doing, and if you persevere, then something much bigger could develop.

Tell yourself the best is yet to come

Instead of living in the past, it is time for you to greet each new day with a new found optimism and energy.

If the thought of getting out of bed, leaves you feeling uninspired and all you want to do is roll over and pull the covers over your head. 

Or if you have resigned to the fact that the good times are lost in the past.

Then it is time to clear your mind, get some mental clarity and some positive direction and momentum going into your, life, so dust yourself down, shake off those feelings of the best years are behind you and start making plans for a better future.

Because even though you may feel like your life has become a bit of a mundane routine, it does not have to be like that, if you decide to become more creative, motivated and inspired.

Because the attitude of life stuck in the rat race does not have to be your normal or accepted way of being and living.

There is usually an underlying root cause of your negative issues and perspectives and why you may feel like the best years are gone, all you have to do is find out what is driving these beliefs and then start to address them.

Our mind does really think things through, it just responds to the input that we or others feed it with, which then become our belief systems.

If this is the case, then you need to get out of the self destructing and pessimism mode and start designing the life of your choosing. 

Tell yourself you're going to have a great and exciting life full of fun, enjoyment and adventure, and notice how your emotional response changes.

Because, we create our beliefs and then we live our lives based on our beliefs.

Therefore, if you feel a bit flat, down or you think your life has become a bit stagnant, then the reason for this is because you have created a belief that it is all downhill from now.

As we progress through our lives after our school years, we seem to experience less happiness and joy.

If we are not careful, our feelings of fun, freedom and enjoyment are replaced by negative emotions and stressful experiences, which can cause a whole host of problems including toxins and inflammation in the body. 

To make matters worse, if you have a poor and an unhealthy diet, then this will also cause toxins and inflammation in the body, which can have a negative impact on our well-being and moods.

Even during our early school years we are exposed to negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.

Add all these the negative thoughts patterns and beliefs that we pick up, to our own negative personal experiences.

Then it is no wonder that our bodies become out of balance which will all contribute to us feeling unhappy, stressed and unbalanced both emotionally and physically.

But there is absolutely no reason why you cannot remain fit and active right up until your later years, and despite whatever age you are, you can still create a fun and exciting fulfilling life.

All you have to do is, 

  • Do more of the things that you like doing
  • Begin to change your perceptions 
  • Think and act positive
  • Start telling yourself some positive stories 
  • Keep active 
  • Eat healthy, nutritious foods  
  • Consume less alcohol, junk and processed foods or foods that do not agree with you 
  • Set exciting goals
  • Create the life of your choice
Have a bit of me time

When we become adults, we have more responsibilities, if you have a house and family, that can put more pressure on you, so not only will you have to earn a living, but there will be more tasks for you to fit in.

People can become so overwhelmed by everything that they have to do that they find themselves procrastinating and feeling stressed, which can lead to burnout and feelings of a loss of interests and enthusiasm for life 

You probably wish wish that you had more time in the day to accomplish your goals, as well as getting your home tasks and work done, 

So it is hardly surprising that most people feel like they do not have the time or energy to work on their personal goals or fit in the things and activities that they once enjoyed.

It is important to try and maintain a healthy balance between the amount of hours that you work and the amount of free time for you and your family, both for your job and your personal life. 

Feelings of emotional overwhelm and procrastination is a state of being which is created by your mind when you think that you have too much to do, or if you feel less than inspired by the thought of doing some of your tasks, including your goals.

When we think a task or challenge is too much for us to manage or we think too far ahead, we can start to feel unmotivated or emotionally overwhelmed. 

To try and combat this, if you're working on a specific goal, remind yourself of all the positive benefits that you will gain once you have completed your goal, see it as a form of delayed gratification.  

If you have a lot of tasks to do at home or at work, only focus on one thing at a time, list your tasks in order of importance, and take one step or project at a time.

Try to avoid putting unrealistic time deadlines, just work at a pace that is comfortable for you, because there is no need to rush, allow yourself plenty of downtime and get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Do more of the things that you enjoy, create a positive future for you and do not depend on others or material things for your happiness.

If you want to create a better life, you have to forget what is, stop reminiscing about the past, design and work at creating a better future, but always live for the moment.

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