Posted by Steven 28-02-2017

The Law Of Attraction

The Universe is always trying to subtly nudge you in the right direction or it is trying to tell you something. 

There is always a solution available for your problems or a better way of living your life, the thing is, are you tuned into this universal guidance and are you listening? 

Or are you turning your back away from the guidance that the Infinite intelligence has to offer you and missing out on life changing information and opportunities?

If you are struggling or you just want more out of life, then there are ways and means for you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be in your life, however many people struggle to bridge that gap.

When most people first hear about the law of attraction and all the hype that surrounds it, they think that a bit of wishful and positive thinking combined with a bit of visualization is going to magically bring them everything that they want, some even expect instant results.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, before you can even begin changing your life for the better, you need to begin changing any limiting beliefs and the way you feel.

You attract through feelings, not through thinking, your thoughts are obviously important, you have to state your intentions, and you won't get very far through negative thinking, but the real force behind manifesting is feelings.

The law of attraction, will guide you to the ways and the means to help bring to you the things and life that you want, but it can only present you with the opportunities, solutions, information and ideas, you have to follow up with the inspired action work.

Most experts are now telling us that our thoughts do not create our reality, it is our inner subconscious beliefs that create our reality.

Thoughts are just thoughts, what is powerful is the active emotions and feelings that are attached to your thoughts and imaginings.

You can say affirmations all day long, but if you feel bad or negative, then they are not going to help you. 

Our beliefs are not set, sometimes they can be very fickle and they often match our feelings, and it is a lot easier to replace your limiting beliefs when you're feeling balanced, happy and aligned.

For instance, when things are going well, you might tell yourself, the law of attraction is great, but when you have a bad period or you hit adversity for whatever reason, you will probably call the whole thing a big scam.

Our emotions are very powerful and influential, they either make us feel good or bad, and we tend to think and believe by our current emotions.

Change the feeling, change your life

Everything you want is because you're searching for a feeling.

We all have our own personal wants and desires, but the reason why we want these things is because we think they will make us feel good or that they will give us some form of pleasure or security. 

So although most people want more money, a better job or a perfect relationship, what they're really searching for is the feelings, like the sense of security, enjoyment or the happiness that these things will bring them.

Our thoughts are important, they let the universe know what we want and they help form our beliefs, but it is our feelings that do all the attracting.

Positive thinking has its benefits, it can help to make you feel better and it can guide your mind to bring you the things and life that you want, but positive thoughts need to be backed up with good feelings.

Of course we all need a certain amount of money to pay the bills and to live comfortably, and we all want good relationships because it is part of our emotional needs and requirements.

But the main reason people want more money is because they think it will bring them more joy, happiness and a sense of inner peace and security, which all boils down to having a desirable feeling.

Here is the stumbling block, the reason why most people want more money is because they do not have enough, they are struggling to make ends meet or they are coming from a place of desperation, all of which cultivate the wrong type of feelings.

When you're stuck in a negative place, you tell yourself the wrong type of stories, which keeps you in a negative state of resistance or what is known as negative attraction.

This is where you're allowing what is to hold you in a negative state, which will prevent you from getting from where you don't want to be, to getting to the life that you truly want.

In other words, all you focus is going on what you don't want, which will equate to, you carry on getting more of what you don't want.

Basically, if you keep telling yourself that you don't have money, you're always broke or it is hard for you to make money, then the universe will say, that's right, so it will give you more of the same. 

To start to attract the things you want, you have to let go of all resistance, so you can move into the free flowing allowing state.

But money should not be your only reason why you want to feel good, because feeling good will affect many other area's of your life.

You will experience 

  • Better health and better sense of well-being 
  • You will have better relationships with people
  • Things will generally run more smoothly for you
  • Your life will become easier 
  • You will be more productive, creative, intelligent and smart 
  • You will perform better 
  • More opportunities will come your way 
  • You will have access to the information you cannot access when you're in a negative state 
  • You will find the solutions to your problems or your problems will fade away 
  • New opportunities, circumstances, the right people and events will fall into place
The good thing with feelings is, you can learn to feel good without needing a reason to feel good.

And when you can learn to cultivate the feelings that you're seeking, and it is always the feelings that count, then you will soon begin to discover that you don't need any external thing or reason to make you feel good.

Having money and material possession can give you a better life experience, and there is nothing wrong with wanting and doing physical things, so long as your happiness does not depend on them.

Nothing on the outside can give you the long term good feelings that you really want, sure they can help and make our life a lot easier, but the secret to true happiness is all about feel calm and balanced within.

The good news is, once you know how to create those good feelings, and you need very little to feel good, 

Then, if you want to make more money or form better, loving relationships or anything else you desire, then when you feel good on the inside, you will more easily be able to attract or create the things and life that you want.

15 Minute Manifestation

There are many ways and things that you can do to help you feel good. 

Try not to give your focus of attention to anything that makes you feel bad, otherwise it will drag you further down. Spend a few minutes each morning positive thinking.

Practice allowing all negative thoughts to come into your mind and let them sail on through, if any, unwanted, worry or anxious thoughts enter your mind, do not try to resist them, 

Just allow your mind to carry on thinking them, no need for you to react, and they will soon pass on by without too much stress or discomfort.

Be grateful and appreciative for all the good that you have.

Learn to relax deeply and do more of the things that you enjoy, and free yourself from tension.

15 Minute Manifestation is the easy choice that allows the power of technology to reduce your stress, get rid of limiting beliefs and transform you into your true natural inner peace state where you are at your most powerfullest and efficient best.

This technology will help you to replace worry and anxiety into a new found state of inner peace and confidence. 

This method uses the Theta Frequencies tracks to help you feel good without you needing a reason, it will restore a sense of inner peace and balance.

This technology can also help you to start manifesting the things and life of your dreams.

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