Posted by Steven 19-03-2017

You Are More Than Good Enough In Every Way

One of the quickest ways that you can self diminish yourself and erode your self esteem and confidence is when you wrongly think that you're not enough.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with photoshopped images of models and people who have perfect bodies and good looks or celebrities and sports stars who seem to have it all.

This however is not an accurate reflection of real life, but it can leave many people feeling inadequate, self conscious of their body or looks or feeling that they're not good enough.

Many other people have many hidden insecurities and self doubts that rob them being of the true wonderful and capable person that they really are.

One of the worse things that you can do is to compare yourself to others or wanting to be somebody else, because that is basically telling yourself that you're not good enough.

There is nothing at all wrong with you and you are equal to anybody else, we cannot all have model looks, but that should not stop us from going on to live a successful and happy life.

Very rarely are looks and body image an ingredient for success and if you scratch beneath the surface of your looks and body then you will be able to start to unleash your real true potential and inner genius.

Throughout our daily lives, many of us fall into the trap of trying to impress others or we think we need to be more like certain people, or perhaps you think that you have to conform to other people's beliefs and standards.

This can leave you feeling inadequate with a sense of feeling like we don't measure up to others.

You are your very own unique self with your own beliefs and idea's of how you want to live your life, therefore you should follow your own passions and idea's.

There is nothing wrong with inspiring to be as successful as others, but you should not want to be somebody else, instead it might be better to work on becoming the best version of you.

When you think that you're not good enough, worthy enough, deserving or capable enough.

Then those limiting beliefs and that is all they are beliefs, not facts, then they will prevent you from unleashing your true potential and stop you from being the person that you truly are.

Throughout our day many of us use negative self talk, where in one way or another we put ourselves down.

Or we convince ourselves that we are not good enough, clever enough, smart enough or we constantly beat ourselves up over the way we look and come across socially. 

How many times have you convinced yourself that your not a very confident person or you can't do this or that.

This negative self talk will cause an inner conflict with who you truly are and it will cause negative resistance and bad feelings.

Your self talk is powerful and it will determine who you are, it will define your self image and it will affect your thinking, actions and your behaviours.

Many of our fears and insecurities resolve around the big fat lie that we are not good enough.

But you have a choice of what you choose to tell yourself, and it is just as easy and a lot more pleasant if you say positive things about you.

Because, you can just as easily choose to be great and do great things and you can remove the limitations that have been restricting you.

You are more than good enough, because creation made you a special and unique person with infinite possibilities and potential, and despite what you may think, creation does not get it wrong.

Use positive inner dialogue 

Not enough-ness can spread to many area's of your life and it will sap all your strength and true potential, it can strike just about any area of your life and personality, ranging from feeling that you're not 

  • Not good enough 
  • Not worthy enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Not worthy enough 
  • Not skillful enough 
  • Not good looking enough 
  • Not deserving enough 
  • Not intelligent enough 
  • Not capable enough 
  • Can't do this 
  • It is not me 
  • I am not lucky enough
  • I never 
  • Just does not happen to people like me
You have to start to replace any limiting images and beliefs that you have in your mind with ones that you want, and begin to change I am not enough's to I am enough.

When you keep telling yourself that you're not good enough, then you will continue to create a negative energy and a negative self image that is not serving you or supporting you.

This negative you will then be reflected in your character, your personality, and your behaviours.

The opposite to the negative energy that comes with all those negative and critical conversations that you have with yourself is the positive and feel good energy of feeling and the knowing that you are more than good enough.

If people would just drop all the self criticism and self sabotaging and they would replace it with valuing themselves and giving themselves more credit and praise, then their energy and then their life would start to change for the better.

If you are feeling stuck, limited or you feel bored and life as become a mundane routine to you then you are missing out and you're depriving yourself of on all the good that life has to offer you.

When you focus on the bad, then you will feel and experience more of the bad and you will block off your path to becoming a better, happier and more successful you.

If you want to access a better life experience, then you have to change your perceptions about you and your life before you can move towards the person and life that you want.

Many people just wait and hope for things to get better before they can feel good, but the smartest thing to do is not to rely on luck and chance.

Successful people make things happen and they don't stop until they achieve their objective.

The wise choice is to take matters into your own hands and begin to change your life and your world from the inside out.

To access those good feeling emotions you first have to let go of all your struggles and worries so you can release all negative resistance. 

Because when you let go of all your emotional baggage and you relinguish all your troubles and you quit being hard on yourself, then all that will be left is those calm feeling emotions.

It is time for you to access the real true authentic you so you can tune into those feel good emotions that will lead you to all that is good.

The only person that holds back and prevents us from achieving greatness and having all that is good is ourselves.

We may not be responsible for all the negative conditioning that was programmed into us when we were a young child and growing up, but we are responsible for our now and what future we choose to create.

You have not got to prove your worthiness to anybody, and when you stop caring so much how you are seen or perceived by others, because far to often we look to others to be perceived how we want to be perceived. 

But you cannot rely on others and you don't need to, all you have to do is to start seeing yourself as you want to be perceived and before long this will reflect out in your reality.

You design and define who and how you want to be and don't allow others to define you or restrict you in any way.

You are unique, and if others do not understand you then that does not matter because it is you and how you treat yourself that really counts.

If you wait for the approval of others all the time or you continually strive to impress or be seen a perfect by others, then you will end up feeling exhausted and defeated, so quit trying to hard and just be more spontaneous and kind to yourself.

Remember that you are enough, you always have been and you always will be, so there is no need for you to prove anything to anybody.

Regardless of what others may have said to you and about you, the only person that can decide whether you're good enough is you.

The only person that can make you become less is you, and once you set a strong foundation that you are more than good enough in every way, then nobody will be able to bring you down again.

Let you know that, 

"Today I am good enough" and keep on telling yourself.

Ditch all the not good enough's and change them to the ones below or make up your own to squash your self doubts

  • I am good enough 
  • I am more than enough
  • I am worthy enough 
  • I am deserving enough
  • I am smart enough 
  • I am powerful enough 
  • I am courageous enough
  • I am brave enough
  • I am strong enough
  • I am equal enough 
  • I am calm enough 
  • I am skilled enough 
  • I am happy enough 
  • I am wise enough 
  • I am confident enough 
  • I am able enough 
  • I am fearless enough 
  • I am clever enough 
  • I am more than good enough in every way 
  • I am attractive enough
  • Enough is all I need to be

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