Lose Sensibly And Healthily

Avoiding falling into the see-saw trap

The chances are have already tried to lose weight, but sometimes it can seem hard and frustrating and many people who embark on weight loss campaign fall into the see-saw effect.

You start off full of enthusiasm and determination, you even see some initial success where you manage to lose weight.

Then you slip back for a while, and before long, you start to put all the weight back and you may end up even heavier than you did before you started. 

This see-saw effect where you lose weight and then you put it back on an again and you lose it again and put it back on is fairly common. 

So, how to you get out of the see-saw pattern so you lose weight and you then you maintain your new healthy weight? 

There are obvious things that you need to stick to as much as possible, such as giving up or cutting back on things like sweets, cakes, biscuits and chocolate, as well as cutting back on fried foods and not overdoing the high in sugar carbs as sugar is the worse of all the carbs for weight gain.

Losing weight is the first step, but the real challenge is keeping that weight off and most people only focus on reaching their target weight.

This is where most people slip up because they give little consideration to life after they have obtained their ideal weight.

Everybody knows that changing your diet and eating habits will help you to lose weight, but to reach your target weight and then to sustain your new healthy weight usually requires making some lifestyle changes and sticking to them.

This should ideally include eating more healthy foods such as lean protein and vegetables as well as keeping active. 

But there is much more to successfully losing weight than just changing your eating habits, like reducing your stress, because stress is responsible for a lot of emotional eating and weight gain.

The right mindset and positive attitude will also be required so you can help to beat off or those food cravings and prevent any impulse eating.

Keeping the weight off

The initial step of losing a bit of weight is probably the easier part, the more difficult task is to see your goal right the way through until you reach your target weight and then you have the more difficult stage which is to make sure that you sustain your target weight. 

This is where most people trip up and they end up putting all the weight on again, so all their hard effort is wasted, not to mention the damage it does to their confidence and self esteem.

There is a very good reason for why most people fall victim of this trap, and the reason why it often happens is because they don't address the root causes of their obesity.

All you need to successfully lose the weight is a sensible and healthy diet combined with a good exercise strategy and plan and most good diet plans will normally work.

So if it is this easy, why do so many people, either give up half way through their diet plan or initially, they lose the weight, but after a while, their weight starts to creep back up again which leaves them feeling frustrated and disappointed.

One of the reasons why people either give up or they put the weight back on is because they end up returning back to their old bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

If this has happened to you then it is not your fault because you are probably unaware of the things that keep tripping you up.

You see, inside of your brain you have an inbuilt mechanism that builds and creates automatic and powerful behaviours, actions and habits which nearly all operate at a subconscious level.

What this means is, you are probably totally unaware of these bad habits, thinking patterns and behaviours that you have developed that are responsible for some of the bad eating habits and behaviours that you sometimes do.

These bad unconscious habits, behaviours and patterns can result in you automatically doing things that are responsible for you, putting on the weight again, like when you eat without giving much forethought to why or what you're eating. 

These bad habits and ways of doing things are created in your subconscious mind over a period of time without you being aware of them being formed, they then dictate your bad eating habits, attitude and lifestyle.

But the good news is, you can use these inner mechanisms to your advantage by learning how to create new positive habits that will work in your favour by helping you to lose weight.

But the good news is, you can use the positive powers of these inner mechanisms to your advantage by learning how to break those old bad eating habits and food cravings.

Then you need to create new positive eating habits and choices that will work in your favour by helping you to lose weight.

Focus on your long term objective

Many people find it hard to stick to a diet strategy that will allow them to complete their end weight loss targets and objective.

The reason for this can sometimes be, because they want instant results which causes them to take too drastic short term action, that they simply find to difficult and too gruelling to follow.

Getting it right from the start and setting up and implementing the right strategies and healthy lifestyle choices, can save you from getting it wrong and failing in the long run.

There are a few things that you can do, which will hopefully help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Try and get people who will support you

Going alone can be quite tough, so it might help if you can find somebody else who wants to also lose weight to give you some support through the ups and downs and the trials and tribulations.

If you cannot find anybody to work with you, at least try and mix with people who will back you and give you some moral support.

Or you can join a class with others, if not, watch some Youtube videos of people who have already achieved what you want to achieve or listen to people who can help to inspire and motivate you.

When you embark on losing weight and getting into shape, there will be difficult times and times when you feel unmotivated and fed up.

But don't give in and during these times, remind yourself of all the positive reasons and benefits for why you are doing this.

It can be of great help, if you have someone there to support and encourage you through those difficult periods.

Avoid hunger starvation tactics

The constant hunger especially during the early stages can be another reason to why so many people struggle to lose weight.

When you try and go from eating a lot to eating too little all of a sudden, it is going to naturally confuse your body and leaving you feeling very hungry.

Perhaps a better alternative would be to eat enough of good quality foods that will satisfy your hunger cravings but they won't pile on the pounds.

You can still eat enough foods to fill you up and lose weight at the same time, a good strategy to follow is to eat foods that do not have a high sugar content and preferably foods that are digested and broken down more slowly by the body.

Lean proteins combined with the good carbohydrates, fibre and the healthy fats are a wise choice to follow.

Take one step at a time

Finally, consider setting some short term goals. Think about what it is that you want to accomplish within the next two or three weeks. 

By setting and taking small but progressive and achievable action steps, you can save yourself all the emotional overwhelm of focusing on how much work or how much weight you have got to lose.

Everybody has a long term weight loss goal, but the thought of it can become very daunting and even unachievable.

Although you should base and set your weight loss strategies over a longer period of time rather than trying to lose it all in a very short period of time.

You might find it a lot less overwhelming, if you set yourself shorter weight loss targets.

Far too many people have a long term view of what they hope to achieve in a year’s time, but it’s too easy to lose sight of that light at the end of the tunnel.

A sensible weight loss strategy should be based around creating new and healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will get you up and running and you will also be setting the right foundations for that ideal future, more slimmer and healthier you.

If you focus on short term put continuous and progressive changes and goals it can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and feeling like giving up.



This article is for informational purposes only and it is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, always work with your doctor


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