Posted by Steven 21-12-2017

Replacing Bad Habits

An essential ingredient for success, living your best life possible, change or growth is developing the right habits.

The reason why habits are so important is because over ninety percent of all the things that we do are controlled by our habits both good and bad.

Bad habits can make your life difficult and some bad habits like addictions can be bad for your health.

Most of our negative behavior and bad habits, which are all the things that we want to change are all being controlled by a part of our mind that formed in our early development years.

This means some of your bad habits developed before you had a chance to know the damage, restriction and limitations that they would later cause you.

By the time we reached our later teen years and advanced into our adult years, most people will have picked up and developed some bad and self limiting habits.

As we continue our life experience we are controlled by our old habits and behaviors and we continue to create more bad habits and ways of doing things.

These bad and unhelpful negative thought patterns and habits would begin to dictate and shape nearly everything that you do.

Unless you create new habits and better ways of doing things you will be permanently governed by your old habits.

Studies have revealed that we have the same old thought processes every day and we follow the same old habits automatically without even realizing that we're doing them.

Our habits and thought processes dictate and control all our actions and behaviors.

This is great if you generally have good habits and positive and constructive thought processes.

But it is potentially damaging if you have developed bad thinking patterns and unhelpful and destructive habits.

Once a habit has been formed, they will control our actions and behaviors.

Make new good habits

You could describe habits as mental grooves that depend on neural associations and networks in the brain.

Once a habit has been set they will cause us to act and behave automatically without us having to think about it.

Our brain does not know whether a habit is good or bad for us, it just thinks the habit is what it is supposed to do.

Some of our habits are emotionally driven, your brain wants you to avoid pain and give you pleasure.

So if your brain thinks a habit gives you pleasure, such as in the case of addictions then it will try and force you into doing something that is bad for you if it thinks you're getting pleasure or relief from it, regardless the damage or negative effect of the bad habit.

Habits are actually essential, cleaning your teeth is a habit which you do it without having to try or think about it.

Imagine having to learn how to clean your teeth or tie your shoelaces each time you had to do it.

But habits are only useful if they are good or necessary habits, but if you have any bad habits, then they can be disruptive and destructive.

The first step to changing bad habits is to become aware of your bad habits, then once you know what you're doing wrong, you can then work on putting things right.

There is no set time rule for how long it takes to replace or change a habit, each person will vary and each habit can vary in the time it takes to replace it.

Changing habits can require persistence, to start off with, you have to consciously change the habit until it becomes an automatic unconscious program and habit. 

The first step is to make a strong vow and commitment that you're going to choose to change the bad habit, you can visualize yourself doing things the new way.

The new habit should be practiced consciously every time you do it until it becomes an automatic behavior and you need to declare to yourself that you're not going back to your old ways no matter how long it takes.

Some experts claim that it takes twenty one days or twenty one times doing it the new way to change a habit, so you can either do the new habit for twenty one days or twenty one times, if you slip back into your old ways, start all over again.

Instead of trying to get rid of your bad habit, just start replacing the bad habit it with a better and more supporting habit.

One of the best, quickest and easiest ways to create new good habits is by using hypnosis, because it deals directly with the part of your brain that deals with habits and behaviors.

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