Written by Steven 01-05-2017

Call Upon Your Spirit Guides 

Although the old saying "LIfe is what you make It" is true, for some, life can be a struggle, of emotional suffering, self doubt, loneliness with a sense and feeling of emptiness on the inside.

When our emotional and physical needs are not being met, it can leave you feeling empty and despondent.

There are so many people suffering and struggling to cope with their feelings and circumstances, leaving many people constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed and insecure.

For many, life can be a seemingly and energy draining uphill struggle, many of us are trying to swim against the negative energy current, when our true being should be a state of flow and inner balance.

When our mind and body are out of balance, it will have a negative impact on our life experience and our general health.

We are all striving for growth and expansion, both spiritually and physically, we are all told we can have and be more.

But, sometimes we get, set or even stuck in our ways, and it can be very hard to try and pull yourself out of the doom and gloom and escape from your everyday problems.

It is all too easy to get set in your ways, if that suits you, that's fine, but having a set way of doing things will result in the same outcomes and experiences.

When you're stuck on the treadmill and grind of just going through the motions, then you may be missing out on many new opportunities, better experiences and adventures.

Insecurity, leads to self limitations, our insecurities keep us stuck in our comfort zone, and they can call all the shots and dictate your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors, it can be hard to break free from the shackles of your past, if you're allowing your insecurities to control you.

When you allow your feelings and emotions to get out of control, life can become a daily struggle and an internal battle.

The common mistake many people make is, they try to change their outer world in an attempt to feel better within.

The better way of doing it is, to work from the inside out, where you begin to change your outer by changing how you think and feel from within.

As you progress through your life, and all its ups and downs, you will probably go through the whole range of feelings and emotions, where you will experience the highs and lows, and the good and the bad.

Sometimes we have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs, and you can use times of adversity to motivate you to become a better and more successful you.

However, some people get stuck in the low states, where they endure a life of hardship and emotional suffering, which can leave you mentally and physically exhausted, confused and frustrated.  

The secret is to begin to let go of or change all the bad things and replace it with all the good stuff.

If you're struggling with life, or if you just want to be more successful, then there is a higher spiritual power waiting to help and guide you through and out of the bad, and move you towards all that is good.

The reason why, people struggle to overcome their problems or to live a more successful life, is because they are stuck in the energy of their problems and their negative past.

The answers to your problems, the solution to your challenges and the route to a better life, all exist in the feel good frequencies, you cannot access them if you're coming from a negative place of being. 

Physical problems and feelings, can only exist in a physical state, and because your spirit guides are non physical beings, they only exist in the emotions of love and peace, this is why our problems and challenges, even though they may seem significant and insurmountable to us, to your spirit guides, . 

This is because our spirit guides are coming from an energy of calm, where they have access to information and wisdom which is far more powerful than our everyday minds can imagine.

There are no problems your spirit guides cannot help you overcome and there no mountains that you cannot climb, with their help and guidance.

You, too, can start to access the same information, wisdom and guidance through tapping into the same peaceful, free flowing energy of your spirit guides, so instead of trying to figure out the how part yourself, let your spirit guides do all the work for you.

Of course, you will get the skeptics trying to tell us that this is all nonsense, but these people are the same kind of people who denying us of our true powers and keeping us stuck in a bad place of no hope, where we are solely relying on taking a tablet to solve all our problems.

You are more than a physical being

From a very early age, we are left to try and figure out our problems, for years we can endlessly struggle to try and overcome our challenges and fight our way through a life that should really be a life of fun and happiness.

There is a life for you that exists, beyond limitations, beyond fear, anger, insecurities, worry and self doubt.

Most people still see themselves as a physical being existing in a physical world, but, there is much more to you than perhaps what you might have thought, and you are spiritually connected to a much bigger picture.

Think of it this way, when a theatre group is putting on a play or show, if you go and watch it, you will only be observing the show, but as you know, there is a whole bigger network of helpers going on behind the scenes, that are hidden from your conscious awareness.

You could say the same about you and your reality.

Because we have not been taught how to manage our thoughts and emotions or taught how to react to our bad experiences and because of the way our minds have evolved to think the worst case scenario first and ignore the positive alternatives

This has led to many people struggling to live a better, healthier and happier life, to make matters worse, many people are perceiving their world through the lens of fear, lack and scarcity.

Most people are waiting for things to get better or they are relying on physical things and situations before they can feel good.

The trouble is, the universe does not function that way, the reality is, you have to feel good first before you can manifest the things you like.

Therefore, better approach, would be to make it a habit to practice feeling happy and at ease first, and things will automatically get better.

You're never on your own

At times you may feel like you're all on your own, you may ask yourself, if only there was help available to you, help that will guide you allow you to deal with your emotional and personal issue's and cast aside any past emotional burdens and restrictions.

Your family and friends may offer you help and support, but the truth is, all though they mean well, more often than not they are in the same boat as you and they just don't have the answers and solutions that you are looking for.

So who can you turn to, you may think that nobody understands you and what you're going through.

Also, your family and friends are probably too busy trying to cope with and overcome their own personal issues, and most people feel too embarrassed to discuss their innermost problems and difficulties.

The truth is, you're never alone, right from the moment you were born, even though you may not have been aware of it, there has always been supportive help ready available for you.

There’s someone in the non physical form that knows you very well, someone who has all the answers to what you're searching for, someone who cares very deeply about you and someone who is always willing to listen to you, protect you and guide you in your hour of need. 

Someone who can guide you in your darkest hour, when you feel down and out, someone who will do the how work for you. 

Someone who has got your very best interests at heart and someone who wants to help you solve your problems and move you away from all the pain that you have been suffering and take you to a better place of happiness, peace of mind and more success if you want it.

That someone who has known you since your birth is your spirit guide, and it is somebody that you will greatly benefit from, once you learn how to truly connect with them.

Your spirit guide is otherwise known as your Guardian Angel, and they are always watching over you and ready to help you solve your problems and guide you to a better life experience.

All you have to do is call upon your spirit guides to help you transform your life and overcome your problems.

Because, there is a higher form of intelligence that can help you to become the person of your choice, so you can be a happier, heathier and more successful and fulfilled you.

One of the best examples of getting the most from your spirit guides can be attributed to Esther Hicks, who if you haven't heard of, is one of the worlds leading Law of attraction and spiritual gurus.

This is not make believe, it is how the universe works

Our spirit guides are there for a reason, and they can either guide you to more success or help you out of a difficult situation or period that you may be going through.

Life can be tough when you try to go it alone. From the moment you were born, even though you were supported and looked after by your parents, you came into this world with the knowing that you could have, be or achieve anything almost anything that you wanted. 

You were born with all the powers that you needed to live a life of fun, enjoyment, expansion and fulfillment. 

You entered this world with the inner knowing that, you have no limits, but sadly for most, due to their conditioning and their life's bad experiences, many people start to lose their true powers,

When you were a young child, you had no limitations, the world was a place of magic and exploration, your imagination had no limits.

But as you start to focus more on your problems and limitations, instead of focusing on the solutions and what you want, what you will find out is, your all powerful imagination which is meant to help you to design and create, gets used in negative self defeating ways.

Your natural energy and state of being is one of positivity and creation, but bit by bit as we venture through life, we become more and more negative and self defeating.

The truth is, you have unlimited potential and greatness inside of you, yet so many people focus on lack, limitations and stagnation.

Far too many people are struggling, for some their fears, worries and anxieties have gotten so far out of control, that it has become a hard slog just trying to get through their day.

They do not have the energy or belief to try and better their lives and fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Life should not be a struggle, yet more and more people are losing hope and faith.

Do spirit guides exists?

You may be still a bit skeptical, and you may be asking the question, are spirit guides real, where do they exist and how can you call upon them and start to connect with them. 

To try and answer that, you could say, that you are an extension of all that there is and you are hooked up to the universal higher intelligence energy force and network. 

Everything is one, and we are all connected to source energy and the nonphysical. Our brains act like a receiver which translates information.

We all tune in and out of a range of different frequencies, though our feelings and emotions, you must have noticed when you're having a bad day, everything seems to go wrong and when you're having a good day, life becomes so much easier. 

A negative focus of attention will tune you into a matching negative frequency which will result in more negative experiences and outcomes and a positive and calm energy will match you up with more positive situations and experiences. 

Your spirit guides communicate through thoughts and images, but you have to know how to distinguish between, the thoughts of your spirit guides and normal everyday thoughts and misuse of your imagination. 

Your spirit guides can also interact and help you in many other ways, such as helping to guide you and lead you to the right information and opportunities, you could describe them as energy in a different form to you.

For every problem, there is always a solution, there is always a way to overcome any obstacles or challenges, your spirit guides already know the answers to your problems or the best route to success and happiness.

Connect with your spirit guides

When you learn how to connect with your spirit guides, you will start to realize that you do not have to struggle your way through your life alone anymore.

After years of emotional worries and struggles, life can leave you feeling drained and disempowered.

The not knowing what to do when you have to face life's challenges and problems can have a real negative impact on your emotional well-being and even your physical health.

What do you do when your emotions, worries and problems get out of control, how do you pick yourself up in times of adversity or personal crises and better yourself when you feel like life has knocked you down so many times? 

How do you overcome failures, setbacks, disappointments, heartbreak after failure?

Who do you turn to, when you're stuck or you have a goal that you want to achieve, especially when you are facing setbacks or challenging times and situations.

The answer is your spirit guides, who always know what's best for and what is the best possible path to follow.

You can think of your spirit guides as a universal help line, think of it as your new spiritual expansion.

There is a valid reason why we have been gifted with the help of our own spirit guides, one of those reasons and benefits is, we don't have to struggle to try and figure or work out all our problems, desires and goals ourselves.

If you start to connect with your spirit guides when one is truly free from anger, fear, ego or anything that stands in their way.

Your unbounded spiritual being, who is meant to expand and grow, where you have the ability to unleash the true potential of your mind and seek out and experience all the good that life has to offer you, once you shift away from all that negativity.

You can free yourself from a life of fear and worry and with the right positive attitude and mindset combined with an optimistic and positive energy, you can overcome anything that gets in your way and go on to live live a better quality of life.

We all have our own personal spirit guides to help us, but they cannot guide you if you do not know how to connect with them.

In life, there are always two ways to perceive a situation, there are always better alternatives, choices and paths to follow, and with the help and wisdom of your spirit guides, you can begin taking the right path for you.

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