Posted by Steven 09-O5-2017

Live Well And Win At Life

Are you living well, are you winning at life, are you growing and expanding, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, or do you feel stuck and is life getting you down. 

Life is a bit like a computer game, full of obstacles and challenges to overcome, ups and downs, problems to solve, solutions to be found, places to explore, things to build and create.

Your mind and body are one thing, and your body is a great indicator of whether or not you are living a healthy lifestyle. 

If you look after and listen to your body, your mind will function better and this will allow you to go on to be the best version of you and live the best life possible .

Below are some tips to help you live well, and win at life.

1) Write your problems down

It can be a lot more powerful when you write your problems, challenges, idea's, desires or the answers and solutions that you want, down on a piece of paper, as it will help your mind to focus all its attention on bringing you what you want.

Writing down your goals and what you desire helps to set your intentions, gives you clarity and helps to set the universal forces and wheels in motion. 

If you want something or if you want to overcome a problem or challenge, then write some questions down on a piece of paper, like.

What is the best way to?

How can I?

Your brain is more powerful than the most advanced computers, if you ask it a question, it will guide you to the how, ways, answers or solutions.

2) Start the day off with the right attitude

We all have bad days that we would rather forget, we all have many insecurities and worries that we hold on to and carry with us into the next day, then the day after that and so on.

Your mind and feeling will very quickly start the new day off where it left off, with the same old negative thoughts patterns and emotional baggage.

The trick to break these negative patterns is to reprogram your mind and fill it with positive statements, words and intentions as soon as you wake up, before your old insecurities, worries and self doubts start to kick in.

3) Have the right mindset

Whether you want to achieve a goal, create something, be more successful, get more done, live a better life, you have to have the right mindset and attitude

Having the right mental attitude and mindset is the first step to becoming the best you and achieving the things that you want.

With the right mindset and a positive attitude, you can achieve and become almost anything that you desire.

How do you develop the winning mindset, you cultivate it bit by bit by changing your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and attitude.

4) Avoid emotional overwhelm

To avoid stress and emotional overwhelm, try not to juggle too many balls at the same time.

Take one day at a time and focus on one job or task at a time, it is OK to have big goals, but you then need to break those goals down into smaller manageable steps.

If we start to think too far ahead, or we try to focus on too many things at the same time, or we have to many different jobs and task on the go at the same time, then nothing will ever get properly completed.

It is better to put all your energy and focus on doing one thing at a time, as you will get less stressed and overwhelmed and you will do a better job
5) Have more interests

The secret for sustained and continuous growth and development, and to live a better life, is to keep learning and having more interests.

Knowledge is power, if you use it and apply it to your life to your advantage, the more skills you learn, the more value you have to offer and the more money you can earn.

Things are changing and evolving all the time, so unless you keep up with all the latest trends and information, you may fall behind.

Information, learning and knowledge can help open up new doorways and opportunities as well as leading you and pointing you in the right direction, so you become a better, wiser and more interesting person.

6) Just do it

We all have goals that we want to achieve or things that we want to get done, but sometimes we think too much instead of just going ahead and getting things done.

If you think too much, then it can quickly lead to procrastination, how many times have you talked yourself out of doing something that you feel you ought to do or you want to do.

Although it is good to feel motivated and inspired, if you want to get something done, but you're waiting to you feel more motivated, don't wait until the time feels right, just get it done.

7) Believe and expect with confidence

Your beliefs are powerful, they shape your world, you create your beliefs and your beliefs will create who you become and your reality.

Without the right beliefs, you won't go the action work that is required to make your life better, or you won't make an effort to change your life for the better.

We all have much more potential than we realize, you just need the right positive supporting beliefs to help you unleash your inner potential.

To win at life and to begin to tap into your true potential, you need to take action which needs to be backed up by the right beliefs and mindset.

The key to success is to have the faith that what you want is a done deal before it has happened, almost to reach a point beyond beliefs, which is having the certainty and knowing that you will figure it out or make it come true.

Start to believe in yourself and your capabilities.

8) Take responsibility

If you want to live well, then the first step on that journey should involve taking responsibility to make positive changes or replace any bad habits with new positive ones.

We are not to blame for a our past negative conditioning, experiences or circumstances, but we are responsible for making things better.

All emotional pain and suffering is a choice, and you can choose to end your suffering, by learning to change the way you feel.

If you find yourself worrying or imagining things going wrong, interrupt these thought patterns, and imagine the situation going well, to change the feelings.

Start to take more responsibility for your life, If you're not happy with your current situation, work on changing it.

9) Connect With Nature 

If you're struggling or you're feeling a bit emotionally overwhelmed, connect yourself with nature, go for a walk in the meadows, through the woods or by a lake, sea or rivers, or take a short break in the beauty of the country.

Observe and enjoy nature, because nature is a great anti-dote to stress and anxiety, it will also help to boost your creativity.

Try not to think too much, just focus on your surroundings, and connect with your true inner self and your natural state of balance.

If you cannot get out in nature, watch a nature program on the TV, or listen to a recording of the natural sounds of nature.

Or, you can fill your home with plants or put some plants in your workplace if it is permitted.

Scents are also a good way to remind you of nature, as your mind associates them with the nature.

The sweet fragrance of flowers can stimulate your body into a state of relaxation. 

Lavender is good for relaxing you, mandarin is believed to help with anxiety and nervousness whilst rose can calm and ease away tension.

10) Eat healthy foods

Eat plenty of healthy food and cut out some of the bad foods that cause inflammation in your body, such as high in sugar content foods or too many processed foods, give your body the nutrients what it wants.

An example of the super foods are vegetables, especially the green leafy variety, as vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your body functioning well, vegetables also provide a good source of fiber.

Other healthy foods are, foods that are rich in omega three, such as salmon and other oily fish, nuts, seeds and other plant based fruits and vegetables.

Many people have an intolerance to certain foods, if you think a certain food is making you bad, try eliminating it for a few weeks to see if there is any difference.

11) Develop self control

Due to the demand of modern day living, many people have lost control of the emotions, actions, cravings and compulsions.

A lack of self control can demotivate you, and lead you to an unhealthy way of living.

We use foods, tobacco and alcohol to relax us, make us feel confident and help us deal with our emotions.

Sometimes we live unhealthy lives, because as children we follow the example set by our peers and elders, often things like smoking and alcohol can make us feel more grown up.

But there are better and healthier ways to feel more confident, relax and reduce our stress.

We all have alternative and better choices and ways to deal with our addictive habits and behaviors.

You can allow your compulsions to come and go instead of fighting against them, whilst not resorting to alcohol, smoking and other addictive substances or behaviors. 

Allow your feelings to just be there, feel them and let them go, without the struggle and without feeding the compulsions or unhealthy habits by engaging in them.

You have compulsions and addictions, because your mind thinks you're getting pleasure from them, but if you can start to replace the pleasure with feelings of disgust or dislike, then eventually your mind will stop the cravings and compulsions.

Or you can start to condition your mind that you're good enough and you have enough, and start to replace any bad habits, compulsions with more positive habits and behaviors.

12) Keep motivated even when you feel like giving up

Having a goal is a great way to give you a purpose, give your life more meaning and help you to have better your life. 

You may want to lose weight and get fit, you may want to start your own business or become successful at something.

Having a goal or purpose can also help to fight off depression, boredom and stagnation, and even though you may not be able to control all your outside circumstances, because some things are beyond our control.

However, you do have control of yourself and your own circumstances and your destiny.

You have complete control on how you choose to react to your circumstances, what you can change, the thoughts you wish to choose or dismiss and the actions you decide to take.

So if you're in a bad situation, you're struggling at the moment or you feel like giving up on your dreams and goals.

Renew your goals and pursue your dreams and take charge of your life. 

If you're stuck in a rut or you feel like abandoning your goals.

To help get you out of a rut, meditate every day, to energize you, empower you, improve your mood and give you more connection to your true inner self and powers.

Then start to take decisive daily action and work towards achieving your goals and living a happier and healthier life.

When we are stuck in a rut, we feel disempowered and demotivated, but once you start to take action then this will get the positive momentum going.

Keep your mind activated and your body, exercise and keep active to further energize you, improve your mood and keep you inspired and motivated.

13) Stay strong

You are stronger and more capable than you think, say stay strong, sometimes it feels easier to give up, feel lost, get disheartened or not bother.

But out of adversity, strength and success are born, so sum up the strength, get the help of your family and friends, ask questions and use your setbacks to help to motivate you to become a better and more successful you. 

Learn from your predecessors, failures and mistakes, to help you win at life.

14) Learn how to overcome challenges

Life is full of challenges and obstacles to overcome and some challenges can feel daunting and overwhelming.

But never run away from a challenge, see them as a chance to grow, the more you avoid the issue or problem the bigger it will grow or it will keep you small or limited.

Sometimes the only way to overcome a challenge is to face it and work on overcoming it or prepare yourself for the best possible way to deal with it and come through it.

Even if you get it wrong or things don't go right the first time, " It is better to try and fail, than it is to fail to to try" at least you have given it a go, and after each attempt you will get better and better.

Everytime you take on a challenge, give yourself some praise, no matter how things went, just like your parents would, when you were a young child.

15) If you're struggling, seek help

Many people who have emotional and personal problems struggle on a daily basis to try and deal with them or cope, and they can feel too proud or too embarrassed to seek out help, which can leave them feeling isolated or alone.

Some people think that they are on their own, yet a large part of the population is struggling with their own problems.

If you have a problem or you're struggling, seek out help, or do some research and take action to try and overcome your issues.

Instead of becoming emotionally engaged with your problem, learn how to relax or exercise of all the physical symptoms of stress, ideally, do both. 

Then forget about your problem, and search for a solution, just be more solution focused instead of problem focused.

Ask questions, seek answers, tell your mind what you want, because most problems can be solved and nearly everything can be figured out, once you detach yourself from the problem.

These days, with the internet and the likes of You Tube, there is plenty of help and support available.

16) Less pain, more happiness

Nearly all emotional suffering is a choice, and you can choose to hold on to your emotional pain or you can choose to let it go and focus on being happy.

Your brain wants to move you away from pain and move you towards inner peace and happiness.

When you feel anxious, it is because your brain is trying to steer you away or trying to get you to avoid something that it perceives might cause you pain, this can be both physical and emotional pain.

You can only access happiness in the present moment, if you step out of the present moment from a negative perspective, then you will start to move towards pain.

To experience more happiness, you need to let go of anything that causes you pain or makes you feel bad.

Pay no attention to the thoughts that cause you to feel bad and focus more on the thoughts and things that make you feel good, just get rid of the bad stuff and let in more of the good stuff.

Get plenty of rest and relaxation, meditation is now being classed as the new health cure, and although you should always work with your doctor if you're ill, learning to relax and reduce your stress can promote and speed up healing and help you overcome your emotional problems.

17) Enjoy what you do

Try to enjoy what you do and do more of the things that you enjoy. 

If you have to go to work, accept it rather than try to fight it otherwise it will drag you down and lower your mood.

You can always learn some new skills that will help you get a better paid job, or maybe start a second source of income doing something that you enjoy.

I cannot promise, that you will make millions, but any extra is a bonus, especially if you do something that you're already interested in, like trying to make money out of your hobby, interests or something that you feel passionate about.

You can make a bit of extra money, doing a car boot or yard sale, making jewelry or craft items, writing or many other activities.

The more you can enjoy what you do, the more you will get done, and it will cut out all the stress and frustration.

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