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The Smoothie Diet And The Many Health And Well-Being Benefits Of Delicious Smoothies

We all know the health benefits of having your five a day requirement of fruits and vegetables.

But in all honesty, how many people actually get the recommended 5 a day. Many people don't even like eating vegetables that much. 

And if you have young children, then it can be very hard to persuade them to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

This is where a smoothie has such a big positive advantage. Because, you can consume your 5 a day in one swoop, just by having a delicious smoothie.

The great thing with having a smoothie is. 

The combination of both fruits and vegetables with a drop of lemon and ice, makes them taste nice and refreshing, which is a much better way of consuming those sometimes bland vegetables.

Of course, you can have just a fruit smoothie or a green vegetable smoothie, or you can combine the both, the choice is yours.

Smoothies are an excellent way of getting your 5 a day. But you can also have a high protein smoothie, which you can use a, meal replacement.

A high protein based smoothie are great if you are trying to lose weight and they can also be used as a boost, if you have been feeling unwell and you are off your food.

One on the greatest benefits of smoothies are. They will help you deliver raw quality and essential nutrition to your body.

When we give our bodies the daily recommended amount of the essential and required vitamins and mineral. It can boost your energy levels, improve your mood and make you smarter.

If you're looking to lose weight, then smoothies can be a great addition in your quest to lose weight and get you the slim and fit body you desire.

Start your day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie

You awake in the morning, perhaps a bit later than usual or you have a lot of things that you need to take care of.

Then, because of this you don't have the time it would normally take you to make yourself a healthy and nutritious breakfast, sit down and eat before you have to get on with your day. 

The reason why breakfast is so important is, because after a good night's sleep where you may go eight or more hours without any food, depending on when you had your last meal or snack. 

A good healthy breakfast will provide your brain and your body with the energy and fuel, that it needs to help keep you functioning at your peak performance and efficient best.

If you go to work or you start your day on a high and fully energized and ready to go, then you will have a better day, and you will find it a lot easier to cope with the challenges ahead.

If you skip breakfast, and you leave it until mid morning before you eat, then that is a long time for your body to go without food.

We've all been in a situation where we just don't have the time to prepare ourselves and eat a healthy breakfast like this before.

And time can be a problem, in fact, it can be a pain, especially as eating a good healthy breakfast can make a big difference to your day ahead.

If you're running late or you cannot seem to find the time, what are the other options available that are going to give your body all the vital nutrients that it needs and requires, as well as the kick starting start your day with a boost of energy.

I mean you can't really take a bowl of cereal to work with you? 

And only grabbing something light, like a piece of fruit, a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar can leave you feeling hungry all the way until lunch time. 

So what could you make to substitute, that's healthy, quick, can be consumed on the go, cheap, and can taste fantastic?

Smoothies. Yep Smoothies, you guessed it the answer to so so many problems, whether it be a delicious, quick breakfast alternative like I've already mentioned, or a way of delivering high quality nutrients into your body.

Smoothies could be the answer to all your problems, especially if you fill them with plenty of the quality ingredients like, omega three fats, green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts, avocados and seeds. 

Then you can use them to give you the healthy nutrients your body needs, and they can be used as a quick and alternative snack.

Other advantages and health benefits of smoothies

There are many other advantages to smoothies, as well, they are a great choice to help support a weight loss campaign. 

They can help to eliminate inflammation and they will help people to feel healthy and maintain their ideal weight, so when you way it up, smoothies are great for us in so many ways.

All the high quality nutrients that a smoothie can give you, will also help to boost your mood and make you feel better, and as the brain and body work as a whole, as one physical system and organization, which relies on nutrients to function efficiently.

When you supply your brain and body with the essential nutrients that it craves, then it is believed to help give your memory a boost as well as improving your focus and concentration levels.

Then for many people, smoothies can provide them with plenty of goodness and important nutrients, which they may be lacking, these vital nutrients can help alleviate emotional issues like anxiety and depression, as well as lowering your stress levels.

Fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which you can add to your smoothies, can supply you with some of the vital vitamins and minerals, that are essential for the good health and maintenance of your mind and body

There are endless combinations to help you out in whatever it is you're looking to achieve, whether it be protein for muscle gain, vegetables for a vegetarian or a vegan diet, weight loss or just a delicious and greatly energizing beneficial drink for your body.

In fact, regarding the issue of weight loss and smoothies my mother told me a story recently about a friend of hers that just by being on a smoothie diet alone over the course of a few months managed to go from a size 22 to a size 12! 

Just from Smoothies there surely isn't a more healthy, delicious way out there to lose weight.

And the best thing about them is there's hardly any hassle or mess in making them! (Well, unless you're like me who likes to lick the spoon after I've placed in some almond butter) 

Smoothies can also be used if you want to go on a short detox diet, to help cleanse your body and help you reduce any inflammation, and as inflammation is believed to be responsible for many weight issues, they make an excellent healthy companion.

Unless you're going on a short detox diet, smoothies should be used alongside your normal diet.

There are no complicated cooking instructions, they require less electricity to make, and no 2 hour preparation time, just gather your ingredients chuck them in your trusty blender add your fluid and blend done in about 3 minutes, this will give you more free time to yourself, and it will cut back on the washing up. 

And if you have kids, it's something quick and easy for you to teach them and for them to prepare.

We all know that you should consume the daily requirement of fruit and vegetables, but for many this is not so easy for them to achieve.

Smoothies are a great way to make sure you get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, without you having to make big changes to your diet, and it can be a fun way to get your kids to eat healthy.

It's also great for people that perhaps may suffer from food allergies and sensitivities like myself infact, as it takes away all that trouble of checking the ingredients of foods from a supermarket for example. 

You can purchase your own ingredients, with the confidence of knowing what you're putting in your food and that you won't react to it. And obviously it's a huge bonus that it tastes so great!

At the end of the day if perhaps you suffer from a food sensitivity or allergy you feel safer preparing your own food and meals as to avoid any potential harmful ingredients that could affect you.

But the same goes for anybody out there really preparing your own food in this day and age is the way to go, and I can't think of many better ways of doing it than having a diet that consists of plenty of smoothies.

If you have suffered with digestive problems or you have trouble digesting some foods like raw vegetables, then smoothies can make it easier for you to digest and for your body to absorb all the vital vitamins and minerals, and as smoothies can help you ease inflammation, then this could also improve your digestion.

If you're into keeping fit or building your muscles, then smoothies can help provide your body with the nutrients, energy and protein that it needs.

Smoothies are also a fantastic way of helping to keep your skin looking radiant and clear, leaving you looking younger and fitter.

Are you eating your greens

Some of the best and highly beneficial foods that the brain and the body require, are greens, especially green leafy vegetables.

Everybody knows they should consume plenty of green vegetables, especially as they are high in fiber, rich in nutrients and low in calories, and they help to lose and keep the weight off as well as promoting good gut health, and when you have good gut health this has a positive knock on effect to your general overall health and well-being.

The trouble is, most people, especially kids, do not see green vegetables, as their favorite foods, many people do not really even like eating these super foods.

Smoothies that are packed with green vegetables, are the powerhouse of good mental, emotional and physical health and fitness. 

Green smoothies, especially ones that are full with the super foods like spinach and kale, when mixed with other ingredients, are a tasty way of getting all those healthy nutrients that your whole body requires.

The real big advantage of green smoothies is, they are quick to make and quick to consume, and they will help to keep you healthy, young looking and wise.

Another positive benefit of having a smoothies is. Unlike when you cook vegetables, you do not lose any of the goodness.

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