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Get Your Best Body With Your Own Fitness And Workout Routine

Are you interested in getting fit and healthy and sculpting yourself a brand new well toned and trim body in the same process?

If you're thinking about started a new healthy lifestyle, becoming physically fit and toning up your body at the same time, but you have not yet started, then don't worry, because you're not alone.

You have not got to to spend a fortune or spend hours and hours performing long, gruelling workouts, all is required, is to design yourself a plan, incorporate a routine in your daily life and invest in some sports equipment, and before long you will be well away to being that new fitter and more attractive you.

Studies have shown that many women, and probably most men feel so insecure about their bodies, that they would rather cover themselves up, or they would try to avoid taking their tops off when they are on the beach.

Due to the bombardment of photo shopped glamour models, many of us are feeling self conscious about our body image.

First of all, you must not be hard or critical of yourself, because you're perfect just the way you are, and nobody should want to be like some of these wafer thin models, but it is important to keep active and healthy.

While we may not be able to change our looks and body height, you too can have a model beach body, with a little bit of effort and motivation.

Because, by following a regular short workout a few times a week and by introducing some healthy food choices, anybody can have a well toned and slim healthy balanced body.

It does not matter, whether you're young or old, or somewhere in between, it is important to stay fit and healthy.

By keeping fit and active, you can prevent becoming fragile, out of shape and weak, when you're older, otherwise if you let yourself go, and there is no reason why you can't look good and feel full of energy and life, at any age.

Many people are now proving that you don't have to suffer with the physical and mobile effects of aging, and some people in their fifties and above, look in better shape than those who are a lot younger.

By following and sticking to a workout routine and a healthy diet that suit you and fits into your daily lifestyle, your muscles will become more defined and stronger and you will start to look and feel great.

There are so many advantages and benefits that you will gain from having your own workout routine, like
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety 
  • Improve your mood 
  • Make your body toned and lean 
  • Give you a confidence boost 
  • Boost your health 
  • Make you fitter
  • You will be more agile and flexible
We have all been conditioned to think, that as you get older you slow down, your energy decreases, you put on weight and your deteriorate with each passing year.

But these outdated concepts, are simply beliefs, not facts, and beliefs can be changed, all it requires is a change in your thought processes combined with incorporating a workout routine into your daily life, and there is no reason why you cannot stay fit, healthy, flexible and active right into your later years.

Your mind is a very powerful tool. 

A well used phrase in the self help sector, tell us.

"Whatever you think about, you bring about"

It is all too easy, and sometimes the lazy and unhealthy cop-out, to use age or a lack of time as an excuse to allow your body to become out of condition and out of shape.

You will often hear people, use age as an excuse, to put on weight or to become unfit.

But with a simple mindset shift, you can use your thoughts, to help motivate and help you, to become a new leaner, more toned and fit you.

When you focus your mind on a goal or achieving a desired outcome, then the thought of it can be a decisive factor in turning that desire into a reality for you.

Of, course you will need to, stick to your workout regimes as well, but the thoughts and intentions are the starting point to a new and better you.

Adding some resistance to your workout routines

If you're looking to become fitter and leaner and you're considering on embarking on a fitness routine and workout, and you want to add a bit of resistance training to give your workouts a boost.

One of the single biggest reason why people age too quickly is due to the degeneration of their muscles, yet many people have proven that you can stay fit, toned and healthy right into your older years,

If you want a fit and healthy well toned body, then the sooner and younger you start doing some resistance training the better, however it does not matter how old you are, you can still turn things around., can supply you with a wide range of home and outdoor sports equipment that will add to your workout routines. sells innovative products to the market in the areas of sports performance training, physical education and fitness, tactical training, and health and rehab. 

Products include the Hyper Vest weight vest for functional bodyweight training, SandBell sandbag weights for dynamic weight training and grip strength, and other innovative fitness and workout products.

Below are a series of workout that you can perform with some of the equipment.


• Use a Fit RUCK and a 30lb SandRope

• Perform 10 reps of each exercise in a circuit

• Perform 3 complete circuits

• Rest 60-90 seconds between circuits


1. Fit RUCK Clean

• Hold the Fit RUCK on floor

• Swing the Fit RUCK up in front to shoulder height

• Flip Fit RUCK over and catch on arms as you sink into a half squat

• Stand upright and flip the Fit RUCK back over and lower to the floor to repeat

2. Fit RUCK Lunge Rotation

• Stand holding the Fit RUCK in front at waist height

• Step one foot forward, drop the back knee and rotate the Fir RUCK to the outside of the front knee

• Return back to the upright position and repeat switching sides

3. Fit RUCK Thruster

• Stand holding the Fit RUCK at shoulder height

• Lower down into a squat, keeping the Fit RUCK at shoulder height

• Return upright and thrust the Fit RUCK overhead

• In one motion return the Fit RUCK to your shoulders and lower into a squat to repeat

4. Fit RUCK Swing

• Hold the Fit RUCK on floor by the top handle

• Swing the Fit RUCK out and up to shoulder height, extending your hips

• Guide the Fit RUCK back down the same path and repeat

5. SandRope Russian Twist

• Sit with your knees bent and feet flat, holding the SandRope, folded in half in both hands

• Twist to one side, lowering the SandRope to the floor

• Twist to the other side

• Repeat side to side

6. SandRope Side Pull Thru

• Start in the top of a push up with the SandRope to the outside of one hand

• Reach your opposite hand across and grab the end of the SandRope

• Drag the SandRope across to the outside of this arm

• Repeat to the other side

7. SandRope Crunch

• Lie holding the SandRope up over your chest with arms fully extended

• Lift your head and shoulders off the floor, pressing the SandRope up towards the ceiling

• Lower and repeat

8. SandRope Vertical Pull Thru

• Start in the top of a push up with the SandRope on the floor between your knees

• Reach one hand down and grab the end of the SandRope

• Drag the SandRope along the floor up to overhead

• Use the opposite hand to drag it back down between your knees

• Repeat dragging it up and downb

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