Release And Let Go Of Trapped Emotions From Your Body

Bad memories and trapped emotions, we all have them and we all carry around with us, our unwanted emotional baggage.

Perhaps you feel angry or resentful, about a wrong doing to you or maybe something bad or negative, happened to you in your past and you feel as if you just want to let it go and get on with your life.

And for your own sake, you need to let it go, because bad or upsetting memories, cause us so much needless suffering.

Because when we hold onto a bad memory, even though it may not be our fault, the only person that suffers and gets hurt is ourselves.

Everybody wants to end their suffering, because nobody wants to spend all their day stuck in a negative state.

However, many people can't seem to let it go, because they get carried away and controlled by the strong negative emotions that attach themselves to our problems, worries and our negative past.

But, you can get better and better at letting go of your past, no matter what happened, because it can only hurt you, if you give your focus of attention to it and you make it emotionally significant to you.

Many people try and fight with the incoming waves of the ocean, when it is much easier and more sensible, to ride them and let them pass by with the least amount of disruption.

The negative effects of trapped emotions

Bad memories and trapped emotions, can be a result of a more recent negative experience or trauma or they can be deep rooted fears and insecurities that can stem as far back as our early childhood years.

Negative experiences and bad memories haunt us, torment us and they hold us back in many negative ways all the time eating away our self esteem and taking away our self confidence.

They also affect our now and our future and cause us to think in self destructive and self defeating ways. 

The more attention you give to your past bad memories, upsets, setbacks and disappointments, the more negative energy you will attach to that situation and the more it will occupy your mind.

What do you do when you have negative thoughts, imaginings and feelings and what methods do you use to release your trapped emotions?

Most people know little about who and what they are and how their feelings and emotions operate and work.

Those who do learn how to be the masters of their own feelings and emotions, win at life and they experience more success, happiness and fulfillment.

People resort to many different ways to try and ease, numb, blockout  and repress their emotional pain and stress.

However, no matter how hard you try, you cannot outrun, fight or defeat your feelings and emotions.

Your emotions act as your inner guidance system, and they are important messages that are coming from your inner being.

So what are your emotions trying to tell you?

If you're experiencing negative emotions, there could be several things that you need to pay attention to.

It could mean
  • You need to think about something that does not make you feel bad 
  • You have a problem that needs resolving 
  • You have a challenge that needs overcoming 
  • You might need to change or get out of a bad situation
  • You need to release some trapped emotions or remove a bad memory
  • You need to do some inner clearing and healing work
  • You may need to make or implement some positive lifestyle changes
Life gets much better, the moment you release your stuck and trapped emotions from your body

If you have had a bad or negative experience, let it go and release and process the emotion then see if you can learn something from your bad experience.

The worst thing you can do is to try and repress your emotions or carry on resisting them, as this leads to prolong periods of worry, inner conflict, stress, anxiety, anger and even depression.

Repressed or suppressed emotions can also lead to mental health problems, obsessive thinking and obsessive behaviors, addictions poor quality sleep, loss of appetite or overeating and some health related issues.

According to Chinese culture, trapped emotions cause a blockage in your life force energy, known as "chi" energy.

"Chi" is believed to be a vital life force energy, forming part of every living thing. 

In the West, we tend to focus more on trying to treat, deal with and cope with the physical symptoms of our emotional issues. 

in the East they focus more on good well being and living and treating the root causes of their emotional problems and symptoms as they arise.

When we are at one with ourselves and this world and when we are in that sweet feelings flow like state of non resistance, like when you're grounded in the present moment.

We are at our peak performance and good feeling best, this is where our minds are still, our bodies are calm and balanced, when our life force energy is free flowing around our bodies.

Emotional problems and issues are they root cause of so much of people's suffering, misery, pain, lack of self confidence and stress.

They cause a disruption in our energy fields which results in unpleasant physical and chemical changes in our body.

This is what is known as, anxiety, stress, fear, anger or sadness.

Every negative, upsetting or bad experiences we have, gets stored as an emotional memory and they become a part of our energy and bodily system.

These bad or negative memories then get used as feedback to gauge how we think, act, behave and react if we have to face that situation or a similar type of situation.

The same applies if we have an unresolved problem or we have a stressful challenge to face.

You can even create a negative or traumatic bad memory, just by worrying or imaginging something going bad or wrong.

Emotional freedom and inner peace, are the main pillars of wellness, happiness and essential for living a successful and fulfilling life.

Stopping the emotional arousal and momentum

Being mindful and continuously aware of your negative emotions as soon as they arise as well as working on resolving any problems as soon as possible is an important step in staying calm, happy and healthy.

It is important that you just stop and pause for a moment, to prevent the emotional arousal and stress from gaining momentum.

Everybody experiences a wide range of emotions on a daily basis, and everybody has their own stressors and challenges to contend with.

Life is a mix of emotions, but for some their stress and emotions get out of control and when this happens, not only is your quality of life affected, they can cause damage to your health and cause you endless misery and suffering.

When we are feeling stressed, anxious or tense, or confidence takes a hit. Stress also makes us stupid and it affects our creativity and our mental and physical abilities and performances.

Therefore it is important to keep your emotions in check and release your stress before it gains to much momentum and ruins your whole day.

If you feel bad, express your emotions. Have your point of view. If you feel sad, have a cry and let it all out, if you feel angry or frustrated, let it all out, even if it is whilst your by yourself.

If you feel disappointed, allow yourself to feel disappointed, express your feelings, then let it go.

Relax and change your thoughts and feelings

Positive thoughts will empower you and help you to feel good, whilst negative thoughts will disempower you and make you feel bad.

Most people try to change their thoughts to feel good, but unless your body is calm and balanced, that can prove to be more difficult than you might have thought. 

You, see. Your body affects your your mind and your thought patterns.

If you relax your body your mind will follow suit, therefore for long term happiness and calm, it is better to work on changing your feelings.

Deliberate relaxation is the secret to calmness, feeling good, true happiness and peace of mind.

When you regularly relax deeply, your stress and tension will melt away and your tense, negative and stressful thoughts will start to disappear.

Because, when you restore feelings of calm and balance to your body and mind and it becomes a lot easier to manage your thoughts and feelings, when you're starting from a point of calm and balance.

When you're feeling relaxed.  

You will be able to think more clearly, you will be more able to perform and function better, you will operate better, you will be smarter and more creative and you will be able to do your work or tasks, better and more efficiently.

The more tension and symptoms of stress you release, the more balance and harmony you will have in your body.

As you feel more relaxed and balance, your mind will begin to settle, putting you back in control.

If your body is tense and in a negative and stressful state, then this will also affect your mind when you're asleep.

If you make it a habit, to relax your body and mind, before you go to sleep each night. Then you will drop of to sleep easier and as you relax deeply into sleep.

This means. You will have a much needed and better, restless and good quality night's sleep. And you will bring this relaxed and blissful, feel good state with you into the start of the next day, feeling rested and refreshed.

To further boost you feel good and calm state. As soon as you wake up. Take in some slow and deep breaths to fill your body with oxygen. Then have a big glass of water with a drop of lemon.

In the first hour, try not to rush about. Keep your thoughts positive, and if you can, try and spend ten minutes doing some relaxing guided imagery or meditation, and try and do this every day as it will help set you up to have a peaceful and positive day.

If you want. You can, spend a few minutes, imaginings yourself on a tropical beach or walking through a meadow that leads to a beautiful location. Engage all of your senses.

You can repeat this, if at anytime you start to feel tense or stressed during your day.

If you're feeling tired, during your day. Instead of reaching for a caffeine boost, take a quick power nap.

Relaxation helps to change those negative and stressful feelings to calm ones and it helps to promote those feel good endorphins.

So those stressful and harmful feelings and toxins, will be replaced by feelings of relaxation and flow.

As you ease away your stress and tension, those negative thoughts and inner conflicts will start to fade away.

The more you focus on relaxing, the more positive benefits you're going to experience and as you start to realize, that you have nothing to gain by holding on to your stress and suffering, you will get better and better and letting go.

And as you make it a habit to relax deeply and release your stress and tension. Start to focus on positive thoughts and habits of success and things going well.

Get into the habit of planning to succeed and planning for things to go well and train your mind to only focus on how you wish to feel and what you want.

Allow any negative feelings to pass through you and away, with the minimal amount of discomfort, and let those wonderful feelings of relaxation and inner harmony take over.

The secret to good emotional and physical health and balance, are
  • Relaxation 
  • A health diet and good nutrition 
  • Keep active 
  • A positive and mental attitude
To get the maximum benefits, make a commitment to yourself to find time to relax deeply, because you are the one who is going to reap all the positive benefits.

Relaxing allows your muscles to rest and restore and it gives your body a chance to repair and replenish itself.

Mindfulness and awareness

The key to feel great and at peace, is to recognise any situations, thoughts and imaginings that make you feel uncomfortable, tense, negative, angry or stressed.

Knowing how you feel and being aware of how you feel, is the first step of change.

So you can quickly, feel the feelings, and let them rise up through your body and away, no need to react to them or engage in them, so you can quickly return to feeling relaxed.

If the emotions and feelings return, just relax, feel the feelings and sensations, and allow them to travel up through you and away.

If you're having any negative, stressful or anxious thoughts, that are causing any states that are not relaxing you. 

Just observe them, let your mind know that you're safe, so you're not going to listen to them, and even laugh at them.

Beware of what is making you feel tense and stressed, and then choose to be more relaxed and keep on practising to you get it right.

Relax your muscles. You can tense and release your muscles, to train yourself to relax on command, take some slow deep breaths and smile.

Plan to relax, use your imagination, to feel yourself feeling calm and relaxed in those situations, where you would normally feel anxious and stressed.

If you are experiencing negative feelings and emotions. Ask yourself how am I feeling right now.

Always acknowledge how you feel then tell yourself how you would like to feel, such as.
  • I a am feeling anxious right now, how I would like to feel is peaceful and calm
  • I am feeling unhappy right now, how I would like to feel is happy and joyful
  • I am feeling angry right now, how I would like to feel is calm and assertive
Your body will always reflect and lets you know, how you feel. If your shoulders and body are tense or your heart is beating and your breathing is shallow.

When this happens, see if you can pinpoint to emotions or thoughts that are causing these bad feeling sensations and symptoms of stress.

Finding somewhere quiet, where you can relax and then focus on releasing any areas of tension or just being mindful and observing your mind, whilst trying to relax your body around those negative thoughts can help.

Trapped emotions cause destructive thought processes and unpleasant and potentially damaging symptoms to your body.

This is why it is important that you get into the habit of releasing any trapped emotions, rather than bottling them up and causing inner conflict, stress, negative emotions and tension, inside of you.
If you have a problem try and find a solution as quickly as possible or let it go. You can resolve an emotional problem, just by changing your perceptions and attitude.

Some people have been fighting with an emotional issues or trapped emotion for so long that a bit of additional emotional healing and releasing work might be required.

Help to release trapped emotions

Long term emotional problems, bad memories and trapped emotions can be released very quickly through a powerful and effective technique, called. Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT can help you with many different emotional and behavior issues and assist you to remove and release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.

Including anger, stress, anxiety, depression, bad habits and much more. Everybody should learn and use this simple emotional clearing and healing process.

Never bottle up your feelings and emotions

Some people experience terrible abuse or endure nasty things at the hands of people they know, love or trust.

This can cause them to stay quiet and keep their bad experience to themselves to try and protect the people who have abused or hurt them or they keep their skeletons in the closet because they think nobody will believe them if they spoke the truth.

Others who have been the victims of crime or wrong doings, repress their anger for many years, until they find that the only way that they can free themselves from their anger and want for revenge is to forgive the perpetrator.

Then their a lot of people who are trying to hide who they really are, what they have done for the fear of being judged or ridiculed by others.

Sometimes you have to tell the truth, let it out or forgive someone who has wronged you, just so you can release all your trapped and suppressed emotions.

But is is not just the major bad events and situations that can cause a bad memory or trapped emotions.

Any negative or embarrassing situations, disappointments or setbacks can cause trapped emotions as can all fears, worries and insecurities.

As can, a loss of a loved one, feeling unloved and unwanted, feeling rejected, not feeling liked to name a few.

Most people are trying to bury, numb and repress their emotions each and evey day.

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Written by Hypnosis Downloads co-founder Mark Tyrrell