How To Eat For Health And Get Lean At The Same Time

Written by Robert Hudson

Forget the gym, here's how to gain muscle outdoors 

We live in a nation which has a problem, a health and obesity problem. 

Now there are a lot of people who have had enough of eating unhealthy and low nutritious foods that are promoted as being healthy

There are some foods that are advertised as low-fat or diet, or even multi-grain. There is one problem with all these and many more. 

They are not always a healthy option. 

What’s with Low-fat Foods?

A vast number of foods are labeled as low-fat, from this marketing angle we believe they are good to eat. 

There are two problems here. Low-fat doesn’t mean low sugar content and these foods can have plenty of sugar in them which rack up your calories. 

The second thing is, fat doesn’t make you fat as long as you don’t go overboard on the eating of it.

It is much healthier to forget any foods that are labeled low-fat or diet or even multi-grain and concentrate on regular foods which are healthy.

How to Eat healthily?

No one has to follow a diet to eat healthily. It is being aware of what you are eating and how it affects any weight loss. 

This is actually easy by conjuring up a well-balanced meal plan for you and your family. 

Once you begin eating healthier, there is no way you will feel like going back to TV dinners which are crammed full of salts and sugars to make them taste better.


Here we are talking about food rather than exercise, although everyone should do some on a daily basis. Luckily this doesn’t mean hitting the gym or running for an hour. 

A brisk walk or a bicycle ride is enough, and a good many people do this on their way to work or to the store. 

The reason this is important is, a calorie is a unit of energy, and this has to be burned by the body, and if it isn’t, it piles up. 

If you eat the recommended levels on a daily basis, when you do the 30 minutes suggested exercise each day, the body will quickly burn these “calories” for energy. 

When this happens, it is a natural process for the body to start to lose weight. All this is done without following any diet, it is eating smarter. Losing weight is only the tip of the iceberg as there are so many health benefits of eating healthier.

Healthy Options

Once you have come up with healthy diet plans for your new eating habits, you might be thinking you will quit as you will be hungry. 

All of this can be avoided if you eat the correct foods. Anything like cakes, candy, and white bread are full of carbohydrates. All these give instant satisfaction to us. 

The problem is they have no real benefit to the body and after an hour or so you will have crashed, and as we know you’ll be looking for another boost. Another candy bar and the cycle goes on.

Proteins and Fiber

Both of these items in your foods make you feel full for longer, and the energy they provide isn’t released all in one go. This is spread over a more extended period, so you have less temptation to snack. 

If you feel like snacking, there are so many healthy options which taste better than candy bars. Almost, but they are better for you. 

A handful of nuts, berries, seeds or Greek yogurt with berries. All this type of food makes a huge difference. Not only is nutrition off the charts compared to processed foods, but your body will also thank you so much for swapping to healthy foods.

I Don’t Want to Diet

Diet is an ugly word, and we all associate it with cutting calories, not being able to eat this or that. It is enough to turn anyone off the notion of wanting to lose weight. 

You can go as far as saying, you will feel even better eating the same amount of calories from healthy foods compared to unhealthy foods.

That you might think doesn’t make sense. Calories are consumed by the body in various ways. Calories from a considerable salad will affect the body differently as the calories from a candy bar.

You can test that theory. Make a healthy meal and see how many calories it contains. Then find a candy bar with the same calorie content and see which one will satisfy you the most. 

I guess if you eat the candy bar first you will eat the healthy meal. Eat the healthy meal first, and you might find the candy bar still sitting on the counter.

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