Brain Evolution Let Technology Do The Hard Work For You 

Technology in the self improvement sector is constantly advancing with new understandings about the brain and how it functions. Leading experts are now able to help you make faster and easier improvements in your life. 

It has never been so easy to reduce stress and tension, decrease anxiety, increase your levels of concentration and make you feel happier to name a few without you having to do nothing more than to just press play and listen.

All that is required on your behalf is to lie back and relax which alone will give you huge emotional and feel good benefits, it really is that simple, gone are the days when you have to do all the hard work yourself. These brain wave evolution systems really does work and they can bring about life changing feelings and circumstances. 

It uses specially created sounds which have been specifically designed to influence your own brainwaves patterns. What they will do for you is they will safely change you from your current state and shift you into a deep state of relaxation, feel good mood and transform you to peak performance states on-demand. Some people might ask what are brainwaves?.

All our emotional states both positive and negative have their own individual electrical brain wave frequencies, these signals can be detected on devices such as EEG scan machines and they are known in the medical profession as brainwaves. Brainwave frequencies range from highly stressed at one end of the scale to deeply relaxed at the other end with all the different emotions somewhere in-between. 

New technology has enabled the ability to match the all important brainwave states of mind you want, like peak performance states, deep relaxed states and happy states.  

Because they now know the exact positive and relaxed states and the feel good patterns of the mind they can utilize this and take full advantage of its maximum potential by using what is known as brain wave frequencies generators

All they do is create specially designed audio sounds which are able to actually influence the minds brainwave patterns to match those of the good and beneficial states of mind you require. 

Just by listening to a specifically chosen brainwave entrainment audio you can switch to a more calming and positive state of mind which will also open the door to your creativity and improved mental focus as well as making you feel good at the same time.

Brain Wave Frequencies And The Brain Evolution System Review 

Imagine changing your state of mind – with the simple click of a button. Get focused. Become happier. Even fall asleep. Just by clicking “Play.”That’s what the producers of a new brainwave program are claiming. Merely slip on your headphones, listen to a little enticing audio, and watch your mental state shift – all within minutes.

Sounds like something from a science fiction movie?Definitely. And that’s why I absolutely had to check it out. Exploring the Brain Salon When I first heard about the Brain Salon, it captured my attention instantly.

Who could resist being able to control how they feel – just by listening to a little audio? The Brain Salon contains six 30-minute audio sessions, each of which claim to bring about a specific state of mind. Inside the Brain Salon box, you’ll find CDs containing sessions for creativity, deep sleep, energy, focus, relaxation – there’s even a session for boosting your happiness levels.

All you have to do is slip on your headphones, play the session for you – and watch your state change, on-demand. At least, that’s what the bright orange CD sleeve said. So, I decided to give it a go. Delving into 'The Zone' Now, we’ve all been in The Zone at some point before.

That great place where everything just flows, where our thoughts are sharp as a pin, and we perform at our absolute peak. Well, ‘Razor Sharp’ is one of the Brain Salon sessions that promises to recreate that state. But would it really affect my concentration? Absent-minded, I played the session using headphones, while checking my morning e-mail.

The euphoric sounds and vibration-style noises initially sounded a little strange, but I soon began enjoying the experience. Then, almost before I realized, the 30-minute session was over – and, wow, my inbox was clear. That’s a process which usually takes me at least a couple of hours or so each morning.

As I took off the headphones, I also noticed that my mind was completely free of its usual “brain fog” – and that the clarity of my thinking was way above my regular Friday morning standard. The improvement in my acuity was highly noticeable, and the effects lasted through much of the day. As an experiment, I skipped a day, then repeated the experiment – and once again experienced the same results.

There could be no doubt about it. The ‘Razor Sharp’ session absolutely put me into a state of total clarity, taking me straight from morning drudge to The Zone in a matter of minutes. That’s when I really got interested. The World of 'Brainwave Entertainment' I don’t know about you, but “how stuff works” really interests me.

And being a pretty logical person, I was intensely curious as to how something like the Brain Salon could really backup its claims. So I went to learn more, and discovered that it’s all down to a science known as “brainwave entrainment.”

I’ve spent a lot of time researching this area, and there’s a really useful explanation of the science on the Brain Salon website – but, just for you, here are the essentials. Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.”

Using specialized equipment, such as an EEG machine, these waves can be measured and recorded. That allows scientists to map what brainwave patterns are present during certain states of mind. (Deep sleep, for example.)

The Brain Salon sessions use special inaudible pulses, mixed into the music, to recreate these brainwave patterns. When you play such audio, the brain 'copies' these patterns and recreates those states of mind. States of mind such as creativity, relaxation, and deep sleep! It’s completely safe, backed by over 75 years of brainwave research – and absolutely, unbelievably amazing. No question about it. I was hooked.

Beyond Basics: Exploring the Sessions

After experimenting with ‘Razor Focus’, I decided to explore the rest of the Brain Salon series – with interesting results. If you are a troubled sleeper,  check out ‘Ultra Deep Sleep’ one night. just hit play while lying in my bed, and it will allow you to get get soaked up by the deep, etheric, pulsating sounds.

In no time at all, you will fall asleep. And not just any sleep, but perhaps one of the deepest, undisturbed, most relaxing sleeps I’ve ever experienced.The user manual isn't joking when it claims “you’ll probably never hear the end of this session.”

The other sessions proved even more enjoyabl .I used “Happy Pill” one evening prior to a night out to dig myself out of a bad mood, and get myself feeling peppy for the party night ahead. It worked wonders. I was the life of the party, flowing with charisma and in the greatest of moods. On absolute top form,” according to one close friend.

And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also used “High Energy Espresso” to really give me a total burst of energy, just before a big day, a gym workout, or anything requiring big time stamina. And “Creative Spark” – which I’ve already used to triple the number of business ideas I produce each week. Oh, and “Power Chill” too – the ideal replacement for a glass of wine after work. It helps you to relax, chill out, and recharge those batteries for the evening ahead.


When the orange Brain Salon box fell onto my doorstep, I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on my life. Who would’ve thought three simple CDs could do so much? Happiness. Creativity. Deep sleep. Energy. Focus. Relaxation. All in one little box. And all you have to do is hit the “Play” button to activate.

Arthur C. Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is that advanced technology. And for me, it really does work like magic. Does this sound like something from a science fiction movie? Yes. But does it work? Definitely.

Rating: 9/10

Pros: It works! Powerful. Portable. Sessions for each major mind state.

Cons: Need 30 minutes to listen to each session, but  those 30 minutes are essential to help you relax. Headphones recommended for some sessions.

 If you want all the powers that advanced meditation can bring you without making any effort on your behalf then you might be interested in checking out this new amazing brain evolution and brain wave frequencies technology at.



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