How Brain Entrainment Can Improve Your Mood And Your Life

Emotional problems seem to be forever on the increase and the rates of depression, stress and anxiety related conditions are becoming more widespread almost to the point where many people have almost accepted and given up all hope and they have conceded that it is something that they will just have to live with.

So why are so many people struggling? 

First of all, most conventional methods deal with the physical symptoms but that does not address the root cause of the problem and everybody has their own individual relationship, jobs, social and personal issues.

Many of our emotional problems stem from how we have reacted or handled things that have previously happened in our external world put the real problems lies with the amount of negative focus we carry on giving to our past negative experiences.

So although initially it is our reaction to what has happened that causes us emotional pain the on going stress, anger, sadness or anxiety that continues on after is down to the amount of attention we carry on giving to our bad experiences or circumstances.

We can slip into a negative down hill spiral and sometimes a defeatist way of living when we allow things to get us down especially when we have spells where one thing after another seems to goes wrong.

Years of mundane drudgery when you fall into a rut that can appear impossible to break free of can also have a negative impact on your mood as can when we feel our needs and desires are not being met which can all give us a negative mindset and attitude.

And because there is a direct link between your thoughts and feelings what you give your attention to will largely determine how you feel and to break the negative emotion you have to let the matter go or put your attention onto something else.

But the importance of mastering your thoughts and feelings goes even further than this because what we give our dominant focus to expands and plays a significant role in what life experiences we create, the decisions we make and how successful we will become. 

We Have Been Conditioned To Think Negative

Most people have been conditioned through evolution, by others and self conditioned by themselves to think the worst case scenario first then they give all their attention to the negative whilst completely ignoring other more positive circumstances or opportunities.

When you allow negative thoughts to run your mind not only will you generate more stress and negative feelings, you will also subconsciously create all the things you don't want.

To briefly sum things up, imagine that you have two different sets of life experiences files that you can access at any given time which are your positive files and your negative files. 

In the positive one's you will have all the good and positive life experiences, here you will be able to access and experience everything that you want and although bad things do happen to positive people they don't happen so often and when they do they stay down for long.

It is no coincidence that positive minded people on average live longer, have better and more fulfilling relationships and they are more happier, confident and more successful because when you consistently feel better then things start to change for the better.

This is also the life experience where everything goes well for you, more positive opportunities will be presented to to you and in general more good things will tend happen to you. You will also experience better health and emotional well-being. 

The other one will be the negative life experiences, this will contain everything that you don't want. As a rule, people who have a negative mindset and attitude go onto to live unhappier lives.

When you spend the majority of your time living a negative mindset you will be held prisoner by your negative emotions and thoughts. 

In this place you will feel stuck where more things will tend to go wrong for you and you will experience more of the things that you don't want and to make matters worst you will endure prolonged periods of stress and the constant negativity can damage your health.

Master Your Emotions Master Your Life

The secret to a better life is to feel good then to aim to maintain those positive emotions on a consistent basis so you can begin to access the life and all things that you long for.  

Many experts will tell you to think positive and although thinking positive is essential it's not that easy to transform yourself from a negative mindset and body to a positive one in a short period of time.

Some people try to force themselves or pretend to be happy but again that does not always work and it's not long before they slip back into their old habitual negative mindset.

Most people on hearing that they can have a better quality of life and choose to feel good immediately think it's a skill they need to learn. 

However you already have within you everything you need to create your future and it's something your already doing and something that you have always done, your just not doing it to your advantage.

The difference between living the life you want or living your life by default is down to, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the actions that you take and as you were born with these tools to design your own life which came naturally to you when you was a young child then it is not something that you do not need to learn.

Quieten That Inner Critical Voice

Unless you change the way you feel first then no amount of positive affirmations or action steps are going to change or improve your life. Positive thinking can help to move you up into the good feeling emotions and move you towards your goals, but it can require a lot of effort and it takes time.

You would think that if all you had to do to create the life and things you want was to think positive, feel good and take action when it is required then the process would be easy. 

The trouble is many people have been conditioned and programmed for years to think negative and all those negative beliefs and thinking patterns are the culprit for low self esteem, a lack of self confidence and a lack of belief in their own capabilities.

The chances are your inner critical voice and all those negative thoughts and images that have been played over and over again in your head for all those years are directly responsible for bringing into your experiences all the things you don't want as well as making you feel bad.

We all talk and have conversations with ourselves, but when we allow that inner critic to become the dominant voice and decision maker then we are not going to live up to our true potential and were not going to live the happy and successful life on our terms that we can and should have.

Because once that inner voice takes control you will start to live your life by all your fears, worries, insecurities, doubts and stresses.

When this happens your negative thoughts will run your life leaving you constantly feeling, stressed, anxious, dis-empowered, stagnant, demotivated and despondent and when you reach this stage change can seem one step to far. 

When your stuck in a negative and fearful survival mode then your not going to be able to see or access all the life changing possibilities, all the magic and wonder life has to offer. 

When you get trapped in the grip of negative emotions you will never be able to unlock all that hidden genius and potential that is laying dormant within you. 

If you feel you have reached a point where you feel emotionally overwhelmed, stressed and physically drained then you might need a help in hand and thanks to the power of brainwave entrainment you can start to reset your emotional benchmark to a calm and happier state.

What Are Brainwaves 

So what are brainwaves and why is the right brain wave frequency so important? Well brainwaves are the electrical activity in the brain or the tiny pulses of electrical activity that are produced as the neurons communicate with each other in our brain, they are frequency ranges that match our emotions, physical state and feelings. 

Although we tend to separate the brain and body really they are both one whole that work together and you could describe brainwaves as being connected to the bodies energy frequencies. 

The mind is information and the rest of us is energy vibrations or a frequencies that range from feeling very bad to feeling very good, all the other emotional states can be found within these two extremes.

There are four standard levels at which brainwaves are measured

  1. First you have what is classed as beta; this state is associated with high activity like when we are in at our most active physically and mentally active. 
  2. The beta brainwave state is the level which is seen in highly stressful situations and fearful and anxious states, where there is poor mental concentration and focus.
  3. The next level down is alpha this is the state which would be associated when we have finished doing some form of physical activity and we have just sat down and put our feet up. Alpha is a wakening state which can be compared to a relaxed but alert state and an ideal state to be in during your waking hours.
  4. Then we have theta this state is classed as a daydream state where we have started to switch off almost like going into a hypnotic trance like state. This is the state where changes happen best The last level is delta this is the brainwave range which is linked to the sleep state where we are at our most relaxed state.

Our Bodies Frequency Determines How Good Or Bad We Feel 

We have a range of frequencies which match the moods or states we slip in and out of during our day. If you feel good and calm then your brain wave frequency will match that feel good state, if your at the other end of the scale and you feel stressed, negative or angry you will have a corresponding brainwave frequency to match those states.

The mind and body work in harmony with each other, our brain waves follow rhythms and our body follows suit, if you listen to relaxing music your mind and body will begin to relax to match the calming beat of the soothing music.

If on the other hand you listen to high tempo upbeat music it can make you feel hyper active as your mind and body follows and tunes itself into the faster beat of the music.

If you want to make life improving changes then you need to enter the theta brainwave state and when your in your waking day time state to be at your peak performance best you need to be in the alpha brainwave frequencies. 

Because when your in a relaxed state of mind you will feel better and function better, however, with all the modern day stressful lifestyle's people live many have conditioned themselves to produce mostly the negative beta and delta frequencies.

Stimulation of Alpha brainwaves have been associated with

  • Releasing negativity and worry 
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving your mood 
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Feeling better more often
  • A relaxed alertness
  • Positive and better thinking 
  • Improve your immune system
  • Peak performance
  • Goal achievement
  • Improve your creativity and intelligence 
  • Better concentration
  • And much more

Brainwave entrainment recordings when your using them will pit you in the life changing theta state and with regular use they will help you to maintain and keep you in the sort after daytime alpha feel good frequency range. 

How Brain Entrainment Can Change Your Emotions And Negative Thinking Patterns

Everybody wants to feel good but for many the shift from a negative mindset and emotions to a more positive good feeling place can prove to be a difficult leap for them to make.

Thinking more pleasing and positive thoughts can help but it does require a lot of effort, but now thanks to the advancement in modern day technology you can purchase brain entrainment sound recordings which will do all the hard work for you by bringing your brainwave and your bodies frequencies back to the feel good and relaxed state.

If you are experiencing negative states such as anxiety, sadness, worry or stress your body will be vibrating in the lower slow end of the frequencies ranges. 

The positive feel good emotions are all in the higher vibrational frequency range, this is the energy state where you will feel more confident, more relaxed, more happier and more emotionally and physically balanced.

Brainwave entrainment are recorded to mimic and match the natural feel good brainwaves and the bodies natural calm and happy feelings.

With regular use they will train your brain and body to fall into line with these good feeling emotional frequencies so you will automatically start to feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

So as you relax and listen to the brain entrainment recordings your brainwaves and your bodies frequencies will begin to transform to the same good feeling and peaceful frequency waves and vibrations.

Because our thought patterns match our emotions, once you have shifted over into a more relaxed and feel good energy state your mind will soon follow suit and you will begin to notice your negative and worry thoughts will begin to fade. 

This is the time to then take control over your thinking and you should make an effort to thing more positive or general good feeling thoughts. 

Our responses to external circumstances and events change our emotions and our current emotional state will determine what stories we tell ourselves. 

Change the stories you tell yourself and change your inner self talk and the way you react to your external situations and you will change the way you feel and think.

However this can be a tough draining battle and struggle with your mind and body, but there is an easier way to change the way you think and feel and that is to change your emotional state with specially formulated brainwave entrainment! recordings.

Brainwave Entrainment Boost The Power Of Affirmations 

We all know that affirmations and visualization are great ways of changing those limiting beliefs as well as improving your confidence and your mood. 

So the obvious thing to do you would think is just to say positive and your life will become wonderful again, unfortunately there is a catch and a big stumbling block that prevents most people from making the changes they so desperately desire. 

To demonstrate this, test were carried out on two different groups of people, one group were already happy and positive minded people and the other were negative types who had low levels of self esteem and low opinions of themselves.

They were both given the same set of affirmations to say to themselves over a period of time, the results however greatly varied. The positive group who already felt good went on to feel even better about themselves and their self esteem increased. 

The negative group on the other hand had little improvements because when they said the affirmations they did not really believe them so they did not evoke the all important positive emotion, some even ended up feeling worst off than they started. 

This demonstrates that to make any positive changes and improvements you have to already feel good first, this is the tricky bit because most people struggle to bridge the gap from negative to positive.

This is where brain wave entrainment comes in, it does the bridging work for you allowing you to transform effortlessly from feeling negative to feeling good. 

The soothing sounds of brain wave entertainment will follow your natural feel good pattern frequencies and they will automatically tune your brainwaves back to your feel good states and rhythms of confidence and happiness.

This brain wave technology can swiftly shift you into a relaxed theta state in a matter of minutes, it will take you into the equivalent of a deep meditation state, once the brainwave entrainment! starts to work you will automatically feel more happier, relaxed and confident. All you have to do then is just have regular top ups.

During prolonged periods of stress, fear and depression we can become stuck in the wrong brainwave frequency state, these negative states become the dominant frequency state which stifles our creativity, blocks our learning abilities, reduces our confidence and and makes us feel bad.

Brain Wave Technology Will Deeply Relax You And Deliver Powerful Tailored Affirmations Into Your Mind

When your relaxed you will also find it much easier to absorb new information, it will improve your creativity and focus and it will learn things better because while you are in a relaxed state you will absorb and retain more information, compared to when you are stressed and hyper where the information goes in through one ear and out of the other.

The latest quantum mind power brain wave technology has gone one step further, it has combined brave wave entertainment with the power of affirmations. 

To change you need to reprogram the subconscious mind, it is estimated that the subconscious mind runs 90% of the show. The best way to reprogram the subconscious mind is to enter a deeply relaxed state.

Quantum confidence brain wave entrainment works because it layers the most agreeable affirmations and suggestions with are specially designed affirmation that are better for the right brain only and while also delivering targeted affirmations which are more agreeable and more acceptable to the left brain. 

This means the left brain will only here the ones it needs to accept and the same applies to the right brain. You will also experience the most advance and relaxing unique brain wave technology which will put you into a deep relaxed state which will make the affirmations more easily delivered to the subconscious mind.

With brain wave entertainment you will slip into a deeply relaxed state and while your in this state your mind will be more open and susceptible to positive suggestions and change.  

Quantum Mind Power The Scientific Proof

 The breakthrough new system based on 15 years of scientific research. It works by boosting your self confidence and self-esteem while at the same time it will tune you into the feel good, happy and confident emotional states.

If you watch the video above you will witness real proof of the power of this system. Brain wave entertainment can gradually bring you out of your feel bad state and switch you back to a more positive feel good mood of calmness, optimism and confidence.

The quantum mind power brainwave entertainment was created by scientist Morry Zelcovich, his system is rated far superior to any other brain wave entertainment, at the present moment there is no other brain wave technology to rival it.

Morry is currently the only certified brain entrainment engineer in the world, he is using his technology and knowledge to help the Brazilian government to help train their military police to improve mental power, focus, help them reduce fatigue and achieve higher levels of success. 

This brain wave technology can swiftly shift you into a relaxed theta state in a matter of minutes, it will take you into the equivalent of a deep meditation state, once the brainwave entrainment starts to work you will automatically feel more happier, relaxed and confident. 

All you have to do then is just have regular top ups.




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