Teenage Confidence:Help Your Children To Boost Their Confidence 

A report published in the UK has warned that around 25% of teenagers and young adults are struggling with life beyond the school years and 10% of teenagers cannot cope with day-to-day life.

The Prince‚Äôs Trust Youth Index has revealed that young people not in employment, education or any form of training are significantly more likely to feel unable to cope than their peers and they have confessed that they did not have anybody to talk with or confide with about their problems during the period of growing up. 

We all need confidence to get on in the world, teenagers need all the help they can get so they can enjoy a happy and successful life without to many struggles. This is why it is so important for parents to spend some time building confidence in teenagers, they need help and guidance, they need someone to turn too and it is vital you don't naturally presume that everything is perfect in your teenagers life

Just because they seem OK does not mean they are not burdened by their own troubles and problems.This is why it is so important for parents to spend some time building confidence in teenagers, they need help and guidance, they need someone to turn too and it is vital you don't naturally presume that everything is perfect in your teenagers life. Just because they seem OK does not mean they are not burdened by their own troubles and problems.

Take The Pressure Of And inject More Fun Into Their Lives 

Teenagers need a stress free life yet they are put under a lot of unnecessary pressure because the importance of exams and qualifications are drummed into them from an early age and although it is important for them to do their best at their education, they should not be made to feel like a failure if they don't do so well.

A confident teenager is a happy teenager, they are full of life and vibrant energy while on the other hand a teenager who is left to stew on their problems and does not have no one to talk to or listen to can be on the road to a life of stress, depression, anxiety and low confidence. 

Children should be taught at school how to problem solve, they need to be encouraged to research solutions to their problems rather than their parents doing it all.

They also need to learn how ask themselves question because when you ask your mind a question it will always search for an answer as your mind works like a human computer, they also need to know about thoughts, feelings and emotions.

But because building confidence for teenagers is not taught at school, building their confidence is left solely down to the parents. 

The first problem you may have in building confidence for teenagers is how willing and how teachable is teenager and what is their willingness to learn the information which will help them learn and develop. 

The basic rules to life are quite simply if you know them if they have never learned or been taught then they will be thrown into the adult world where they will be left to deal with the challenges that life can throw up. 

The next step is if you can get then to learn the information to build their confidence they have to apply the new information in their life's  so the next stage is to get them to develop the willingness to learn.  

Teach Your Teenagers About Their Thoughts And Emotions

They need to maybe accept change and learn how to do things differently and think in different ways, confidence and success are sometimes only a change in perception away. 

The first lesson in life for teenagers or younger children is to understand their thoughts and thought processes, they need to know what their thoughts are and how they determine how they, feel, act and behave.  

Thinking and what goes on inside their mind plus how you feel is the key to a successful and happy life the next important part of life is actions. planing and goal setting.

Their thoughts determine the actions they take and the results they achieve, their experiences and how they cope with them plays a big role in their thinking, feelings and behaviours.

So who do you listen too for helping building confidence in teenagers ? The best teachers are either people who have the information they need to help them control their stress levels, problem solve instead of worrying, overcome there fears and anxieties, learn how to build thier confidence from people who are already successful. 

Times have changed, teenagers need to no how success works, how goal setting works, how you make dreams come true, how the mind and body works, how the universe and energy works. Another important tool they can learn is how to get motivated and how to make things happen.

In the end your teenager has to have the willingness to listen and learn the earlier you start feeding them information to help them become more confident, a gradual supply of information is a good idea because it prevents overload and teenagers soon become bored of things that do not interest them that much even though it is necessary for their well-being. 

How you go about it is also important try and avoid getting your message across in a lecturing fashion, it is better to try and make them realize how it is going to make them and their life better.

Subliminal messaging is good way of building confidence in teenagers and much more, why ? because they can have thousands of positive affirmations flashed across their computer screen without them being intrusive and because teenagers spend a lot of time on computers and laptops it is a great way of helping them develop and grow.

Help Your Child's Transition To The Adult World 

 The sooner you start building teenagers  confidence the better as this will help them deal with the big and sometimes difficult transformation from child to teenager when your child reaches the teenage years and puberty their brain alters dramatically and especially the part of the brain that regulates our emotions.

It is believed that from approximately between the ages 8 to 14 teenagers they can find it hard to control their emotional outburst and they say things and release their feelings before they have time to regulate what they have said so they might hate you one second and like you straight after. (However this does not excuse all bad behaviour).

They can also suffer with rapid mood changes, and at this age drinking alcohol or taking drugs can have a serious impact on their brain development, and they can be more sensitive and become easily addicted to drink, cigarettes and drugs. 

During this period of rapid brain development it's vital to understand and keep a close vigil to see if you notice any big behavioural changes because at this crucial period in their development they can find it hard to cope and deal with all these changes.

Teenagers sometimes feel that no one else understands them and they need extra support and help dealing with these hormonal changes that are taking place within their bodies, and they are undergoing some dramatic changes on the inside as well as the changes you can see from the outside.

A lot of confidence and social problems start off from an early age especially when a child attends secondary School and has to speak or read out in front of the class or they are put on the spot by the teachers by being asked a question or all the attention is suddenly focused on them. The seeds of social anxiety are often set in people's classroom days.

The brain soon learns to associates danger with being made the centre of attention and this can lead to a whole host of social anxiety related issue's later in life. When you build your children's self-confidence before or when they start school and help them to excel in front of other class members you can prevent many social difficulties when they are older.

Don't leave your teenagers confidence solely down to luck and fate; when children are not taught helped and guided then they can enter adulthood confused and unable to control their emotions. 

Even worst because of the lack of understanding, skills and knowledge they can turn to drink and even worse drugs to help them deal with their lack of social confidence and social skills; and that's all confidence is a skill like any other skill to be learned.

Many children especially teenagers suffer with the anxiety of doing well in their exams on top of tha they have the transition from school to the work place environment to contend with with alongside the shift from childhood to the grown up world.

Although exams are important it is also important for them to be encouraged but not to feel pressurized to obtain top grades, because sensitive children do not need this added pressure. Far too many children and teenagers suffer with stress and anxiety because of the expectation to pass their exams. 





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