What To Do About Bullying And Harrassment In The Workplace

We all have to go to work to make a living, sometimes it can be hard to have to drag yourself out of bed each day to face another long gruelling day at work, that alone is difficult enough, work can be tiring and monotonous at times but we have to work so it should be made as enjoyable and easy as possible.

For some however on top of the daily grind of going to work they have to endure bullying and harassment on a daily basis. Your work place should be a friendly environment where you can feel relaxed and at ease, never suffer in silence don't be afraid or intimidated to report any bullying or harassment.

In this day and age that is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated, we spend a large portion of our life working and if your being bullied or you have to put up with harassment then this is going to make your life a living nightmare, you go to work to earn a living and not to face bullying or intimidation. 

Sadly work place bullying happens and it is quite widespread, first of all it should be the responsibility of the employers to set up procedures and measures to swiftly deal with and stamp out any bullying or any forms of harassment.

The trouble with work is you cannot always choose the people you have to work along side, often there is no escape or no where to hide. If things are really bad you could consider finding a new job, however this is not always that easy or appropriate and if you like your job then why should you be forced to leave.

Bullying in the Workplace And Steps You Can Take

There are different forms of bullying in the workplace and their is no excuse for any of it, have you or somebody you know experienced management intimidation or has your employee been pressurizing you to work long hours against your will. 

There are some supervisors who will shout or single out the vulnerable often they will continually pick on them, intimidate them or undermine them in front of others or when they are on their own. 

But work place bullying is not all about intimidation acts, isolating or ignoring people can also be as damaging. Then you have the other form of bullying which is harassment and sexual harassment especially to female employees.

Some unscrupulous employees will threaten you with the loss of your job if you don't comply with their unreasonable demands. If you are experiencing any degree of intimidation then you might feel as if your weak and vulnerable, but try and stay mentally strong because it needs reporting and dealing with.

But it's not just the bosses and people in positions of power, you can have work colleagues bullying or abusing other work colleague or sexual harassing other work colleagues. This comes in the form of persistently targeting one individual and making them the butt of their jokes or putting them down. 

Bullying comes in the form of physical and verbal abuse, teasing, spreading rumours, threats, gossiping, constant criticism, being laughed at in a humiliating and not fun way, hurtful or mean comments and name calling. 

You might find yourself taking the blame for somebody else's mistakes or having your work or belonging sabotaged or damaged.

The cycle of bullying continues because the victim will usually feel to scared or intimidated to do anything about it, however it is the silence that gives the bully or bullies the upper hand. 

Sometimes your fellow work colleagues who witness the bullying do nothing because they too are also too scared themselves to get involved, some will even side with the bully to stop themselves from being picked on. Do not suffer in silence

If you are a victim of any of the above then the chances are you self esteem and confidence is already fragile, when you are feeling vulnerable words can easily further dent your self esteem. It can pay you to work on building your self esteem and become more assertive.

If you are the victim of any name calling or if people are saying nasty and harsh comments then don't buy into them or believe what others are saying is true. Have confidence in who you are, you define yourself, try and mix where possible with good people. 

The difficulty is, if standing up for yourself is not in your nature it can seem hard for you to stand up to the bullies. But you don't have to use violence to stand up for yourself, you can use your mind and wit to turn things around on the perpetrator.

If you are being bullied at work report it to your boss/supervisor or trade union official. If you are not in a union you can join one independently and they are will not tolerate bullying in the work place and they will deal with it for you. Bullies will only back off if they have to otherwise they will carry on using their intimidation or humiliating tactics.

If you are being bullied at work and you do report it the chances are the perpetrator of the intimidation will deny it all or make out they were only joking and even when there are measures set up to stamp out bullying the employees don't always react how they should or it can take along time for them to take any sort of action.

If you have or are being been bullied perhaps you are suffering from the painful emotional and physiological effects of it. Constant bullying in the workplace might be causing you prolonged periods of stress and anxiety. 

It can also lead to panic attacks, bouts of anger, frustration with yourself, depression, trouble sleeping and poor concentration. You need to deal with or seek help with the psychological affects that the bullying has inflicted on you.

Other physical symptoms can include skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers, bullying can leave you more susceptible to colds and flu, headaches, exhaustion and tiredness, it can cause aches and pains.

How to Cope and Find the Courage to Deal with Bullying

The best way to cope with work place bullying is for you to train yourself so you have the courage and confidence to deal with the situation, sometimes this is easier said than done and it would be to your advantage to get some support or help. 

Ignoring the bullies can help you to reduce your stress, depression and anxiety but having said that it won't always make it go away. It is important though to try and respond to them in calm but assertive manner.

Bullies sometimes wait to see who they can pick on and sometimes bullying is not always obvious, to start with often they will try it on with some people and feel the way to see if they encounter any resistance and find out what they can get away with, they will sometimes try and grind their victim down over a period of time.

If it's only one person you're dealing with and you can find the courage to confront the bully then they will usually leave you alone, once you show them you don't fear them they lose their power over you. 

It's like the story of if the cat is confronted by a dog, If the cat runs, the dog runs after it, but if the cat doesn't budge, the dog walks around it, no one deserves to put up with any form of bullying what so ever.

Because bullying comes in many different forms it is important to learn how to stand up for yourself and stop letting people push you about or always get their own way.

A lot of nice people are too afraid to upset others and they continually aim to please everybody, persistent picking on people or undermining someone can lower their self-esteem and confidence and wear them down.

People can start to take advantage over you and they will continue to do it to the ones they know they can get away with it. Everybody has the right to stand up for themselves when it is appropriate and if you want the confidence and strength to be able to stick up for yourself in a calm and assertive manner.

You Have The Strength And Power

You need to develop the confidence and courage to stop people taking advantage of you and find the inner strength and composure to defend yourself and feel more assured so you, do not suffer alone in silence. 

The angry bully is one of the worst types to deal with as they will use aggressive behaviour to intimidate and manipulate people, in my experience an angry bully only sees their point of view and they always believe they are right no matter what and they use aggression to get their own way and they know this aggressive behaviour usually works.

An angry bully can make life a misery for those around them and most people are fearful and afraid and can find it hard to deal with the emotional effect of having to deal with an aggressive bully on a regular basis and it can over time affect your health and quality of life. A angry bully will use these aggressive tactics to get their own way.

The are several ways to cope and deal with an angry bully, try not to allow them to intimidate you, if you can remain calm and in control then the bully will lose their power over you.

You can find ways to become more assertive and stand up to the bully, once you call their bluff they will have no where to turn. If they physically threaten you report to your employer, if you don't get any satisfaction then report it to the police department.

Not all bullies use aggression some can bully people in other ways such as psychological bullying or by constantly undermining, ridiculing, or putting you down. If you can stay calm then you can learn how to out smart them or out wit them.

Help To Deal With The Physchological Effects Of Bullying 

There is a lot of support for bullying but not so much help with the emotional trauma and pain. You can train yourself to deal with all the emotional and side affects of bullying in the work place,

It may not stop the verbal abuse but you can change the way you respond and feel about it. Once you no longer care or let what the bully says about bother you then they will lose the power and control they have over you.

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