There is nothing more life limiting and self defeating than our negative self perceptions and our self created, fearful and self sabotaging, self fulfilling prophecies.

There is an old saying that goes.

"What we expect to happen or what we expect to be true in our minds will become true in our reality"

Our expectations, both positive and negative usually turn into our actions, thinking processes and behaviors. Which tend to mirror and reflect our results in life. 

Positive expectation is one of the most potent forms of energy that changes lives and realities.

Negative expectations, on the other hand lead you down the road to ruins, stagnation and self imposed limitations.

Very often we think, feel and act in ways that match our expectations. How you perceive a situation will also affect how you experience and feel in that situation.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.”

-Henry Ford

If you believe that you can't do, be or achieve something then you will tend to speak, think and act consistently with those negative and self limiting beliefs which will shape you and your reality.

The power of positive perceptions allows you to look beyond your current problems, worries and challenges allowing you to see how great and how much better thing or your life could be.

As we journey through our life experiences, the negative perceptions that we form in our minds can shut down, what is really possible for us.

There is always a different choice or an alternative way at perceiving nearly all situations. And a better you and a better life is always, only a shift and change in perception away.

Life can be tough at times, we all suffer adversity and setbacks. 

The key to bouncing back as quickly as possible and the key to growth and betterment is to look for a positive in the bad and adapt your thinking to look for ways to make things happen or to make things better.

As a young child we rely on others to form our beliefs and perceptions.

This is great if you are brought up surrounded by positive and supportive parents, family and people.

But, if you are like most people.

Then the chances are your mind, which is like an open book during your first seven years, may have been filled with negative, limiting or not so good suggestions and beliefs.

That have become the foundation of your perceptions, actions, behaviors and life successes, ever since.

Very, young children already know that they are worthy, valuable and capable at achieving anything that they set their minds on.

This is why as a young child you may have experienced many negative thoughts of resistance and questions of self doubt.

This did not happen because you doubted yourself. It has more to do with the fact that society is trying to take away your true powers and preventing you from expressing your desires.

Fill your mind with empowering beliefs and perceptions

If you observe the highly successful, happy and wealth nearly all share the same kind of positive and open minded beliefs and perceptions.

More often than not. The rich and successful all have the same type of positive mindset, habits, expectations, drive and actions that have guided them to where they are today.

Whilst the masses all to often, tend to share the same negative and life limiting:

  • Beliefs 
  • Mindset 
  • Attitude 
  • Ideas
  • Perceptions  
  • Bad habits
Regarding how they see themselves, their future, their abilities and their capabilities. 

They also know how to find the positive in a negative and they have the ability to reframe a negative or seemingly hopeless situation and turn it into a new opportunity and challenge that motivates and excites them to take action.

If you want to be successful in life and if you want to grow and expand you have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to enjoy a challenge.

If you would like to join the happy, positive and successful group.  

Then, your first step should be to change your beliefs and perceptions. Because power, limitless potential, growth and self empowerment are born from a new perception or a change of attitude and mindset.

Because, what the negative and self defeating group will see as a problem or regard something as too hard or almost impossible to achieve. 

The successful and the wealthy will see an opportunity and a probability.

Changing your perceptions will sew the seeds for better things, better times and exciting new opportunities to come in the future which you will one day, surely reap the rewards from them.

You are unique, talented, special, good enough, powerful with limitless capabilities and potential. 

If you choose to believe it and use it to your advantage.

Change Your Perceptions-Change Your Life

Use self empowering questions, to change your perceptions

We all possess one of the most powerful tools for changing the course of our lives in many new, exciting and positive ways, which is the power of questions.

Because questions can determine the focus of our perceptions. 

They can change the way we feel, how we view ourselves, as well as determining the levels of success, joy and fulfillment that we go on to experience. 

Many people remain stuck in a negative state of suffering, hurt, zero growth and stagnation merely because they continually ask themselves negatively oriented, self limiting and self sabotaging questions, which become a kind of self fulfilling prophecy to them.

We all get those negative questions of self doubting ourselves. Which in many cases prevent us from doing the very things that we want to do.

Ask yourself, how many times have you asked yourself a negative type of question, like:

Why can't I do this"

If you stop to think about this for a moment, and you break down and analyse this question down.

It first suggests. That there is something that you want to do or something that you think you need to do. 

It then assumes and affirms to you. 

That you think that you're not capable of doing it or assume, that you're not capable of reaching the standard that you would like or what is expected of you.

Our mind is connected to a greater level of super consciousness that we are all connected to and everything you want is yours and available to you, if your faith is strong.

Your mind works like a biological computer. What you put in will come back out.

Ask your mind a question and it will search for an answer, evidence or solution.

When you ask yourself a negative question. 

Your mind will immediately start looking for evidence to back up that question and the belief behind it.

If you ask yourself negative questions like:

"Why can't you do this"

Your mind will then look at all the logical reasons for why you can't do what you want or what you feel you need to do.

Your mind will then come up with all the reasons, why you can't do it.

These kind of negative questions will keep you small and limited and they will go against the real powerful and limitless you that you really are.

This why you will feel negative emotions. Because you're going against the bigger non physical part of you who knows that you are capable, worthy, good enough, capable enough, smart enough and so on.

Because of this, you will probably:

  • Quit trying 
  • Not even attempt to try in the first place  
  • You will struggle to do what you need, things won't go as well as you would like them to or you will not do a very good job
A negative question, creates a negative perspective which kind of creates a negative and self limiting, self fulfilling prophecy that becomes true to you.

Negative questions will also prevent you from getting better or getting the results you want and could achieve if you reframed the question to something like.

How can I do this more easily or how can I do this better?

By reframing the negative question into a positive perspective:

It first suggest that there is a better way of doing it and secondly. It also suggest that you are capable of doing the thing you want to do, better.

You also, often hear people ask themselves when they are not getting what they want or they are struggling to do something or get something right.

What is wrong with me? 

Again. This immediately forces your brain to accept and come to the conclusion that the limiting belief behind the question or statement, must be true to you.

Other types of negative questions people ask themselves

  • Why does everything always go wrong for me?
  • Why can't I get anything right?
This types of negative questions lead to the assumption that you're doomed to fail or you're not good enough or capable enough.

They also close the door to new and better ways of doing things and they will also limit you, hold you back and keep your small and stuck.

A much better way of reframing these negative types of question would be:

  • Everything always works out for me
  • I can learn to do it
  • I will figure it out
As this will begin to shift your perceptions and your focus of attention onto the belief that there is a solution, you can work things out and there are new and positive alternative and better ways at perceiving and doing things.

Change the what if questions

There is nothing worse than leaving all those what if scenarios, thoughts and imaginings unanswered.

Again, those fear, stress and anxiety provoking "What if thoughts" are our minds basically perceiving things going wrong in the future.

And have you noticed that your mind only ever assume the worst case scenario.

The trick to quickly dissolving all that stress, fear and anxiety is to ether accept the worst case scenario and be OK with it.

Or you can either answer those what if thoughts and imaginings or you can flip them around to another alternative possibility or outcome.

So instead of imagining the end of the world scenario.

Immediately reply with so what, I couldn't care less, it is no big deal, I can handle it or you could reassure your anxious mind, by telling yourself.

"Whatever happens, I'll be OK".

Or you could flip the negative energy to positive energy by saying to yourself something like:.

"What if everything goes well"

"What if I really enjoy it"

Always answer those what if questions or give your mind a better and more positive alternative outcome.

Question, challenge and change your fears and anxieties.

Ask yourself, after you have calmed down or the situation is over.

What was the logical reason for why I felt anxious or ask yourself. What was the logical reason behind the belief that made me feel anxious.

The power of your perceptions

To demonstrate the power of perceptions and how your perceptions can affect your actions, behaviors and the way you feel.

You can have two people who attend the same social situation.

The one could be really looking forward to the social event and as the event draws closer and closer they might start to get excited about it.

They may plan what cloths they are going to wear or they might get their hair cut 

They will probably look forward to seeing people that they have not seen for a while and all the time they are thinking about all the fun and good times that they are going to have at the upcoming event.

When the event finally comes. 

Because they have been conditioning themselves to associate the social event with having a great time.

The time will probably really enjoy the occasion. 

The time will go quick and because they will feel relaxed they will mingle with ease and they will have lots of fun and they will have a great time. 

Yet you could have another person who perceives the social event totally different.

They might worry about what their going to say. They will probably imagine everything going wrong, they will worry about embarrassing themselves or they will worry about being shown up or made the center of attention.

All the dread, fear and the thought of going will erode them of their self confidence and it will condition them to associate the whole even as being threatened and their mind will see the social event as something that needs to be avoided.

As the situation gets closer they will probably feel more and more anxious and nervous. 

When they have to attend the situation for real. They will probably feel they need a few drinks too calm their nervous and give them a confidence boost and they will probably end up drinking way too much.

Or they will feel uncomfortable and miserable through the whole situation as they constantly clock watch and wish the whole event would hurry up and end or they will make an excuse and leave early.

Another example could be:

You may have two different people who are going abroad on holiday.

The one person might love flying and they will look forward and enjoy the flight.

Yet you could have another person who fears flying and they will spend the whole flight in a state of fear and anxiety with their mind constantly focused on the fear of crashing.

This clearly demonstrates how your perceptions can affect how you feel, think, act and behave and it can determine your levels of success and how much you enjoy or do not enjoy things.

The same principle applies for many other situations in life, like starting a new job, going on a new date and so on.

The more you can looking forward to situations and seeing things going well and imagining you have a great and fun time the more you will learn yourself to enjoy the situation and the better you will feel when the time comes.

You'll also feel more relaxed and you will perform better if you can get into the habit of imagining yourself succeeding and imagining things going right.

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