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Unlock Your Natural Cosmic Ordering Powers

There is a better reality where everything that you want and desire already exists. In this inner world, there are no limitations or restrictions only infinite possibilities, ideas and opportunities.

All you have to do is to unlock your natural manifestation abilities and powers and tune into this positive energy forces and everything you want your life to be, will start to unfold and come true for you.

These days there is so much information, techniques and theories available about manifesting, you would think that it is some sort of complex skill that you have to learn, study, fully understand and practice repeatedly.

Yet, manifesting, cosmic ordering and creating the life that you want through deliberate design, is a natural process that is already a built in part of you. Therefore it is not something that you have to learn or practice.

Because it is a skill and process that already comes naturally to and you have had this God given ability to create the life that you want, ever since the day you were born.

In fact manifesting is something that you are doing every single day. 

The trouble is most people are using it against themselves, instead of using it in their favour and creating and have all those positive, enjoyable and fulfilling things and life experiences

Some of the reasons why people struggle to manifest all the good thing and the ideal life that they desire is because they are either focusing on what they don't want instead of focusing on what they do want.

Or they are just trying to hard or they are trying to force it and make it happen. 

the truth is, manifesting is a natural process that is created from the very source of your inner being and fabric and it is as naturally to you as your breathing.

The reason why people have not got the things that they truly desire and want is because of their subconscious  blocks, their negative programming and the negative resistance they are holding in their minds and body.

When you surrender to what is and you let go of all your negative resistance. You will enter the free flowing, relaxed zone state, where all the good things that you want and all your inner desires and wishes will start to become true.

If there’s any negativity emotional attachment or limitation attached to your conscious wishes and desires. Then you will repel all the things that you want.

Change your energy, change your subconscious programming and change the stories that you're telling yourselves and you will start to create and manifest the life that you want, naturally and effortlessly. 

The easiest way to tap into your natural manifesting powers is to replace your negative programming, fix any subconscious blocks and change your energy.

So you can once again access that free lowing positive energy which will put you in alignment with all your desires and intentions so you can have the life and things that you choose.

Change Your World From Within

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

When you're vibrating in the positive, calm and joyful higher frequency ranges. 

Where the surface of your mind is as calm as pond on a windless day and your body is in a peaceful state of balance and harmony.

The world around you will dance to your tune and all your desires, wants and wishes will start to come true for you.

Everything you want or don't want will be a reflection and match up, of the vibration that you put out.

One of the hardest battles most people have in their lives. 

Is the inner battle and conflict that they have with themselves.

Most people struggle to align themselves in the higher vibrational frequency ranges that are needed to access their true creative powers and bring forth into their lives, the things and life they want the most.

When you are observing what you don't want or what you're wanting but you're still lacking, or you're not getting the results they want in your external reality.

Or when you allow the negative things on the outside to determine how you think, feel, behave and act. 

Then they will dis-empower you tremendously and cause stories of self doubt, failure and self sabotage. 

Because, everything that your heart desires is potentially, already yours.

What you want will come to you at the right time and in the right way. If you get into the free flowing, none resistant, allowing state.

"When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily—they are implemented easily. 

It's fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn't matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn't matter if you don't get it done, it's just fun to do it. 

Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

No one can deny you anything. Only you can deny it through your vibrational contradiction Everything that anyone is living is in response to the story they are telling themselves, period"

Abraham-Esther Hicks

The Universe speaks the language of feelings

If it is your intention to be an expert manifester, you will have to probably do some emotional work first, because we have to think and feel it first, before it happens in our physical experience.

If you want to have the life and things that you desire, then you have to try and keep yourself in the free flowing allowing state of no resistance.

The universe responds to your feelings. Therefore you cannot fool the universe by doing a bit of part time emotional work and positive thinking, and then slipping back into your old negative ways.

Feeling good, thinking positive and taking inspired action, has to be a way of life and the more natural it is, the better.

This is the hardest part, because many of us are our own worst enemies. We all fall victim to the. what is or what we don't want trap.

It is very hard to manifest, if you're allowing what is to dictate the stories of your mind and the way you feel.

Many people have been conditioned to believe and to respond to what they see, instead of seeing and responding to what they believe.

In life, you don't always get what you want, you get what you believe and feel.

When we respond with thoughts and feelings of lack, frustration, disappointment, not having, not happening or we focus on what we don't want. We get more of the same.

When our emotions change the stories in our mind change, and our reality is a reflection of the stories we are telling ourselves and the feelings we are omitting.

You have to beat your thinking and you have to come from a place of allowing, with total confidence and without doubt, before you can have it.

When most people hear about cosmic ordering. Many see it as a way to make more money. But, cosmic ordering is not all about money and if you only use it to create more wealth.

You, will be missing out. Because cosmic ordering can be used for obtaining material things and possessions.

Proof of the powers of cosmic ordering

The best example of the powers of cosmic ordering, is Helen Hadsall story. If you are not aware of Helen Hadsell. She is the lady, who has mastered the art of cosmic ordering to perfection.

Helene Hadsell is the world's famous serial contest winner and supreme master of cosmic ordering. 

She won thousands of valuable prizes in competitions, lotteries and raffles, including many holidays abroad, trips, many household and electrical items, furniture, bicycles, money and much more.

It is estimated that by 1985. Helene had already won over 5000 prizes and her winning streak carried on until the day she died.

Her biggest, win was a million dollar luxury house. But, Helene, did not put her remarkable winning streak down to luck.

Helene, revealed, that she did not win any of her amazing prizes by luck or chance. She claimed that she won every single one of her thousands of prizes through deliberate intention.

It all started when she read a book on positive thinking and by the time she had finished reading the book, she realized that she could have, anything she wanted.

Helene always stated that she did not focus on the means or the how part. And although, she says, there is usually a certain amount of action work to be taken, depending on the size of your dream or intention. 

All she focused on was, the end result and she kept on believing, expecting and keeping herself in a positive state of mind and body.

One important message she tells people is. There is no failure, only a delay in the end positive outcome and Helene's motto was. 

Keep on projecting what you want, keep sending out positive energy and even if there is a delay in the results for weeks or even months. 

Do not question or doubt, whether it is coming, just carry on believing and expecting with a positive confidence and certainty . 

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Change your energy and attract the things you want

If you have been experiencing negative emotions, worry and stress, then you will block out your true creativity and you will be giving away your true manifestating powers and potential.

If you want to experience more abundance, better relationships, more happiness, improved health and a better sense of well-being, not to mention manifesting all the things that you want.

Then you need to be in emotional alignment with what you desires. In life you attract what you feel and you get what you believe, not what you want.

Your subconscious mind creates your reality based on the beliefs it has collected and the beliefs that it is still being programmed with.

Your beliefs also control what you experience, how you think, feel, act and behave, and it is very hard to change your beliefs if you're coming from a negative of bad feeling place.

The quickest and most powerfullest ways to change your beliefs so you can start the process of manifesting the life of your choice is to do it when you're in a happy or deeply relaxed state.

The best way to make these life changing changes is for you to work on being in the right state both physically and emotionally.

Awaken the hidden Genie Within

We all have to ability to access the hidden genie within us, once we can put aside our logical ways of thinking, and we can enter the concept of cosmic ordering, without any preconceived judgments.

We are all connected to the universal creative forces and intelligence. The universe could be compared to a car's satellite guidance system.  

This digital device which is connected by satellite, when you type in the required information, it will pinpoint your position and give you step by step directions to guide you to your destination.

These, satellite navigation system, are connected to a database and a higher network of information, and they basically do all the hard work for you. 

You still have to do the physical work, which is driving and steering your car, but the how bit, is taken care for you, so all you have to do is, just focus on, and enjoy the journey.

You cannot see, the invisible energy and signals, that connects the satellite device, to the whole network, but you know it exists.

What has this got to do with, cosmic ordering and manifesting the things and life that you desire?  

Well, the universe operates in a similar way, you give it your instructions, which is the things that you want.

Then you allow the universe, to do the how bit for you, and as long as you believe and trust in the process, and as long as you're in emotional alignment with, what is wanted, then the universe will guide you and assist you to your final destination or desire.

Usually, there will be some action work required by you, all you have to do is, listen to and follow, the universal guidance and help, and then take immediate action, when it is required. 

Then all you have to do is, just enjoy the journey, with a positive expectancy and a deep down knowing and undoubting certainty, that what you want, will show up in your experience, at some point.

The universe is always trying to help and guide us, but most people are, simply not tuned into it, so they do not spot, recognize or take action with the universal help, guidance, information, or the opportunities that are presented to them.

If you decide to have a go at cosmic ordering. Treat it a bit like you do when you order something from Amazon for instance.

You type in what you want, you place your order and you expect it to be delivered, without questioning or doubting, will it turn up, you just know, so you basically, forget about it, and let it happen.

The emotional work has to come before the manifestation

Although the action work is important as the universe cannot do the physical work for you, the emotional work is equally as important, because before you can have it or experience it, you have to feel it.  

It is important that you begin to pull the things that you want towards you instead of pushing against what you want all the time.

Don't be bound by your beliefs and your previous experiences and conditioning. Your emotions will let you know whether you're moving towards what you want you what you don't want.

It is a quite simple philosophy, if you feel bad, then this generally means you're either thinking about what is not wanted, or you're allowing something in your outside experience to upset you or determine how you feel.

Practice, focusing on what is wanted instead of not wanted. Sort out, deal with, or let go with things that make you feel bad or miserable.

Learn to become consciously aware and mindful of your thoughts and feelings, so you can guide yourself to joy, happiness and emotional wellness, because your reality is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

When you make up your mind about something it becomes part of your experience, so make every effort possible, to only focus on what you want and what makes you feel good.

When you want something to desperately, you're signalling to the universe, that you're coming from a place of lack, not having or scarcity, and this will become the dominant thoughts and feelings that you will be projecting, and your experience, is a reflection of your inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

To become successful at manifesting and cosmic ordering, you have to love yourself and love the life that you already have, and start to show more appreciation, for the life and things that you do have, no matter how little or small.

Most people are too busy, moaning and complaining or they are too busy focusing on the fact they hate or have no job and no money, poor health, bad or no relationship, instead of being thankful for the things they do have. 

Positive thinking 

Perhaps you have already given cosmic ordering or the law of attraction a go, maybe you have followed all the advice of having a vision board and you may have already done endlessly visualization.

To start with, it is important to think positive, but it has to be natural and not forced, this means you have to build up the positive momentum and slip positive statements into your everyday thinking.

This means to start off it is far better to focus on doing the ground work and making a general effort to feel better and just concentrate on general and good feeling thoughts rather than just diving straight in and telling yourself affirmations like I am rich and successful.

Because saying your affirmations without positive emotion or real conviction is a waste of time and unless you really believe in what you're telling yourself without any resistance affirmations are pointless. 

That's why it may help to begin with to focus on general things to get the positive momentum going like,

  •  All is well 
  •  Things will get better 
  •  The best is still to come 
  •  Things are getting better
  •  It's great to know I am the creator of my own destiny
  •  Everything is going to turn out alright
  •  Life is good 
  •  I am doing fine
  •  Things always work out for me 
  •  There are plenty of opportunities available to me 
  •  I can have it all
  •  There is plenty more money coming my way 
  •  I am making progress 
  •  I am heading in the right direction

Although positive thinking is important, it is the good feelings that you're searching for, so try to be optimistic and keep a positive attitude, even when things aren't going so well.

The hardest part of manifesting is the allowing, and getting yourself in the receiving mode. Most of us, our own worst enemies, and we allow our current situation and our past failures and disappointments, to spoil our futures.

The biggest hurdles most people come across are, is self doubting and allowing what is and what they're observing to hold themselves in the negative energy of, it's not happening or it's not going to happen.

Sometimes people have become so desperate to have, what they deeply desire, that they end up coming from a place and energy of lack, not having or not happening, and that blocks off, all the things that they want from showing up in their experiences.

The ideally allowing state, is, the knowing with an absolute faith that what they want, will happen, before it has manifested.

You have to make it a way of life 

Cosmic ordering or thinking positive is not a thing you do part time, you have to commit to it fully and you have to make it a way of life because you cannot afford to let negative thoughts and emotions to gather momentum otherwise you will spend all your time drawing what you want towards you, then you will push it away. 

The better your life is generally the better the chances are of you fulfilling your dreams and desires. Manifesting is not all about your mind, you also want to feel at your peak best physically.

Learning to relax, getting adequate amounts of good restorative sleep and having a well balanced, varied and healthy diets is essential because you want to be at peace with yourself and you want to feel good both physically and emotionally.

To get the maximum results, you should aim to be in a state of inner peace, balance and harmony both physically and emotionally where you have reached a state of 

  • Complete faith
  • Trust
  • You're in the zone
  • You're feeling grateful 
  • Positive expectation
  • Knowing everything is going to turn out alright 

The universe tunes into and responds to your feelings and wants, but this is a two way thing and it applies to both positive emotions and the things you want and negative emotions and all the things you don't want. 

Complaining, moaning, doubting or getting annoyed about your lack of results or your current circumstances will not help you, neither does demanding or shouting at the universe to grant your wishes.

If you want to experience the things you want you have to be in a vibrational alignment to them before you can access them, this is why it is as equally important to focus on yourself as well as your desires.

Much of the advice available about cosmic ordering centers around the principles of

  1. Asking
  2. Believing 
  3. Recieving

But although they are three important components of the formula they are a few missing vital elements. 

Two of the most important aspects of cosmic ordering are making sure you're not resisting what you want and the second is feeling good before you manifest your desires.

To get from the wanting stage to the having stage of the manifesting, you have to be in a state of knowing and a sense of a feeling of certainty. 

The knowing is a sense of feeling where you reach a point where you expect with absolute confidence and where you don't have to keep questioning or doubting.

You have to be in a flow like state of zero resistance, where you allow things to happen freely and easily, most good things happen when you're not even thinking about what you want and where you have reached the stage of complete trust and certainty.

The universe works on energy, frequencies and vibrations and to tap into your true potential, information and creativity you have to first be in the right emotional place which is in the positive energy range.

Negative emotions such as fear, worry, hate, desperation and frustration are some of the lower frequencies that will block your true potential and creativity.

The most potent frequency and energy is that of love and when you love yourself, your life, you learn to love more and hate less and you consistently vibrate in the positive and good feeling calm emotions, then you will be at your peak best and your most powerfulest.

Cosmic ordering is a skill

Cosmic ordering or manifesting is a skill and like all skills it will need developing and practice. For most of us our old beliefs and teaching has gone against the natural laws of manifesting.

It can be very hard to change your pre-conditioned mindset and perceptions, there is no guarantee you will become the next millionaire, but there is nothing to stop you either.

Cosmic ordering and the law of attraction are not a thing that you can cherry pick the good things when you want, if you're coming from a negative place of frustration, lack, scarcity, not happening or it's hard belief system.

What you need is an abundance mindset, you will also need a strong faith that you will manifest what you want, before the manifestation has even happened.

Most people fail or struggle with manifesting the things that they want because they allow what they're currently observing and experiencing to dictate their thought processes and the feelings they are emitting.

The thing that you have to be aware of is, if you're focusing on what you don't want or what you don't have then you will attach a negative active vibration to those things or situations.

What happens then is, the law of attraction which is the driving force behind cosmic ordering will carry on giving you more of the things and situations that you don't want.

Good things happen when you can consistently reside in a state of zero resistance, the problem is, most people spend much of their time worrying or obsessing about what they don't have or what they don't want, and guess what, they keep getting more of what they don't want.

This is how the universe operates, it will match your experiences up with the thoughts and feelings that you are having and it cannot change things until you decide to change your thoughts and feelings.

Your reality is a reflection of your inner beliefs and feelings, you make your beliefs, then your beliefs create your version of your reality.

If you can hold the thoughts and feelings of positive expectation and intentions long enough. 

Then at some point you will manifest what you want, of course you have to take action when it is required because the universe's job is to bring you the means and the how, your job is to do the action work.

Living the life of your dreams should be a natural way of living and it is the natural way that you are supposed to live our life.

What is a guarantee, you can start to have more of all the things that you want, including having better health, better relationships, more money, more happiness and generally a better quality of life.


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