Eliminate Emotional Stress And Tension

Psychological stress and the way we have conditioned ourselves to respond to outside external situations and our internal dialogue, our thoughts and imaginations, and how we react to our problems, the challenges we have to face and everyday situations all contribute and causes our muscles to tighten and our bodies to remain stuck in the fight and flight survival mode.

Our muscles are all tied into the stress response and our primitive ‘fight or flight' response, which primes and prepares our bodies for conflict.

If you suffer with a lot of stress, anger or anxiety, then this can cause your muscles to tighten, anxiety, will also cause you to shrink and shorten in stature.

Other symptoms of emotional stress are, the constant release of adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol in your body, increase in your heartbeat and higher blood pressure, shallow breathing and digestive issues.

The muscles in our upper back, neck, forehead and shoulder regions, are the ones that are particularly sensitive to strong emotions. 

All this extra and inappropriate energy, if it does not get used up, will remain in the body and you will hold yourself in a negative emotional and physical state, that can lead to potentially damaging health and well-being issues.

Other things that can cause muscle tightness, and muscle shortening, are tense and out of aligned postures, and sedentary jobs and lifestyles.

Emotional Intelligence And Mindfullness

Our emotional state and our mindset are the most important aspect of our life, and those who learn to be the master of their own mind and emotions win.

There is nothing more important to you, than how you feel, but before you can become the master of your feelings and emotions, you need to be aware of all the things that trigger your negative and stressful emotional reactions.

You, need, to start to be mindful to all the outside stimuli and all your internal dialogue, your negative thoughts and the stories that you tell yourself, that trigger your negative and stressful responses so you can be aware of the types of things that cause you emotional pain, so you can either address them, find a solution or simply ignore and dismiss.

It is through a lack of emotional awareness, that causes people to suffer prolonged periods of negative emotions, stress, self doubting, all of which cause muscle tension, stress and emotional suffering.

The secret to feeling calm, happy and at peace, is to be able to manage your state, this means you need to be able to quickly recognize, the onset of any negative thoughts and emotions, so you can stop the emotional arousal and momentum, and nip in the bud, before it snowballs and becomes a big issue.

Also, you need to become aware of any external factors or situations, that would normally cause a you a stressful or negative reaction, and then pause for a second, take a deep breath, and then practice changing the way you react.

A big part of learning to manage your state, is to, first notice the thoughts and things that evoke a negative response, then start to practice reacting calmly to your thoughts or your external triggers.

Each day we can go through a range of emotions, and our emotions have a big influence on our lives, what we do, what we become, how we treat others, how successful we become, and how we behave and act. 

Understanding your emotions, is necessary to help you to get to know yourself better, emotional intelligence is all about developing the ability to be able to assess and manage your emotions so you can change the way you react, in all those situations that used react badly to.  

We all go through stressful and  difficult times, we all have bad experiences, but the thing or situation can only hurt you once, and it is the thoughts that you continue to have or hold about the bad situation, that causes most or your emotional hurt.

Emotional intelligence, is the best skill that you could ever develop, as it will make you the master of your own feelings and emotions, instead of them controlling you all the time.

How To Change Your Feelings And Responses

Although positive and constructive thinking is an important element in shifting your energy, thinking is not always the best way to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Your thought processes are driven by strong emotions, which transform into chemical changes and stressful physical symptoms and responses in the body, which are all linked up to the primitive fight or flight and survival mechanism.

You cannot really separate your thoughts from your body, so if you're feeling tense and stressed then you will have more matching tense, stressed and fear based thoughts.

Stress and fear are two of the same things and they are both closely related. What this means is, it is better to change your feelings, as well as changing the way you react, to both your negative thoughts and the situations that cause the initial stressful response.

We all go through, change, growth, challenges, upset, bad situations and transformation, sometimes things are out of our control, but what is in our control is, how we choose to react to these situations, how we choose to react to the after thoughts we have about these situations or events.

We all go through a range of feelings and emotions, but for many, they stay stuck in these negative emotional states and thought patterns way too long.

Even though, it is essential to stay true to our feelings and emotions, it is not a good idea to hang or hold onto them. 

You should learn to express, feel and process your negative emotions, but then you should learn to detach yourself from them, and quickly release them, so you can transform back to feeling good and calm.

It is important to bring your mind and body back to a place of balance and calm, then once you've transformed yourself into a state of inner peace and calm, start to make it your dominant intention to remain here.

What you will find is, when you've shifted to feelings of peace and balance, you will be much more able to, easily handle the situations and challenges that life throws at you, and you will find it easier to deflect and detach  yourself away from any fear or stressful emotions.

If you have already become stressed or anxious, then as, stress and fear is also a physical symptom, then it will pay to have a good workout, to burn off the excess energy, otherwise it will remain in your body, and you will be more prone, to even more stressful and fearful thoughts and responses.

Although exercise is beneficial, it is not the answer, because, ideally, you want to avoid getting stressed in the first place.

The best way to achieve this, is to learn how to relax deeply on a regular basis, then when you are feeling more calm and at ease, seize the initiative, and only think about general or good feeling thoughts. 

If any stressfully or fearfully based ones arise, detach yourself from your thoughts and feelings, let the thoughts and feelings carry on, whilst you put your attention onto something else, and they will quickly pass, with the minimal amount of discomfort.

The general rule is, if your thoughts are making you feel bad, don't go there, because there is no point. 

If you have a problem, rather than carry on wrestling the problem to the ground, try and work out where or what you're doing wrong, and only think about, the solution or ways of doing things better. 

If you cannot find an immediate, solution, or if things are out of your control, then let it go, the simple rule is, change the things that are in your control, and accept and move away from the things that aren't.

For a long term solution, the best approach, to dealing with emotional stress, is to learn how to manage and become the master of your feelings and emotions.

A good place to start is to learn some stress management techniques, because prevention, and not getting stressed in the first place, is by far a much better policy, and a much healthier option.

You should also make it a habit to incorporate some daily relaxation techniques into your life, most people think that relaxation is a luxury or a treat that they will have occasionally, this however is far from the truth. 

Because deep and regular relaxation is a necessity and a crucial requirement, if you want to feel good, calm, restore and energize your body, and go on to live a happier, more successful and even longer life.

A Quick Relaxation Technique

If you're experiencing, a train of negative and stressful thoughts, try not to become annoyed or frustrated by them, remind yourself, they are just thoughts and feelings, and refuse to become emotionally engaged in them.

Most people think that they must, deal with, or get rid of their unwanted thoughts, but the more you try, them more louder they come back at you.

But if you get smart, and just allow your mind to carry on thinking them, why, you merely just observe, but do not engage in, or pursue them, then they will soon pass, and you will stop all that emotional arousal and momentum.

If you have already allowed the momentum to become too strong, then you need to go and find somewhere quiet, where you can calm yourself down, and quieten your mind.

1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed, and just pause for a moment and slow yourself down.

2. Take some slow, deep breaths, relax your body and allow your mind to be as peaceful as you can and allow your thoughts and feelings to carry on, do not react badly, just watch and allow your thoughts and feelings to carry on, without you trying to resist them.

3. Place your awareness either in your body, you can focus on your breathing, near your body or someplace around your body, so you can bring yourself back into the power and peacefulness of the here and now. Hold your awareness here, as this will allow you to take your attention off your worries, the stressful situation or your problems.

4. Allow this energy to transform into your dominant energy, bringing in peace and harmony, and breathe out all that stress and tension. We cannot stop unwanted thoughts and negative feelings, but we can learn to detach ourselves from them, the key is, to minimize the amount of discomfort, instead of giving it more fuel.

5. Breathe in these calming energies, and as you tap into this peaceful silence, hold yourself in this the place for about at least a few minutes.

6. Then, slowly bring your attention back into your current reality, gradually open your eyes and take a deep breath to become present.


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