Fast Weight Loss Tips

We are often told that we need to do a fair amount of exercise to lose weight.

There is no doubt that exercising, being active and keeping fit have many health and well-being benefits.

Such as: 

It can help you to reduce stress, keep your muscles flexible and toned as well as helping to boost your mood.

We all know the health risks of spending too much time sitting down or living sedatary lifestyles.

Especially if you combine a sedentary lifestyle with some bad eating habits. That is a recipe for putting on weight.

So it is important to keep yourself active. 

But exercise alone, is not going to help too much, if you want to lose weight and get rid of that execess weight and harmful belly fat.

Most people associate being obesse as being a danger to your health.

But, it is not just the people who are obesse that are at risk.

Because, according to new research by the Mayo Clinic has discovered that having a fat belly may increase your risk of serious heart related issues, even if your not generally overweight.

The research is suggesting that if your waist measurement is bigger than your hip measurement then this can increase the risk of heart attacks.

The reason for this is because visceral fat can start to collect around our vital organs which is believed to cause the release of potentially harmful compounds that can damage the heart and liver as well as increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

These days, many people eat to please their taste buds or they eat for convenience. Rather than eating for energy, health and nutrition.

Eating too much to satisfy your taste buds can also lead to emotional and comfort eating.

Your brain works on the pain, pleasure principle. 

Therefore your brain is always trying to move you away from emotional pain and push you towards things that make you feel good or things that you associate with pleasure.

So guess what happens, when you're having a stressful or bad day.

Your brain tries to move you away from the emotional pain by pushing you into seeking out things that give you pleasure.

Many people see, the good tasting sugary foods as a source of pleasure. Therefore they grab a sugary snack, a alcholoic drink or a less than healthy meal.

The Cardio Myth Smashed – Why Your Running Shoes May Be Packing On The Pounds?

Independent clinical research that has be conducted across the world has demonstrated that to much cardio vascular exercise has very liitle affect for those who are trying to lose weight.

The reaseach also points to the conclusion that too much cardio vascular exercises can actually result in losing muscle mass.

This is not ideal for the person who is trying to lose weight and tone up their body.

Many people have developed the mindset that the key to losing weight is to spend hours and hours in gym or running for miles each day.

Again. A bit of brisk exercising, especially adding some quick ten minute boost of high intensity into your exercise routines like:

  • Taking a brisk ten minute walk
  • Doing a few brisk sprints, if you're cycling
Is a great way to get your heart beating fast and toning your muscles.

But, spending hours performing vigorous exercise routines is not the solution for losing weight.

There is nothing wrong with longer exercise routines. But that should be your persona; preference and not a necessity.

Many westerners make hardwork of losing weight.

Most fall into the category of believing that when it comes down to shedding a few pounds.

You are required you need to put on your trainers and hit the treadmill, go for a long gruelling run or try and force yourself to spend hours on the exercise bike, so you can lose weight.

But have you ever noticed that even though you are giving your exercise routine all you've got and you seem to be doing everything by the rule book.

When you hop on the scales full of optimism. But when you look at your reading.

You quickly end up feeling dissapointed and defeated because you aren't getting the results you were expecting and hoping for.

We have been told for years that the way to lose weight is achieved through busting your gut or spending hours each day performing long and gruelling cardio workouts.

It appears though that real truth suggest different.

Because thousands of studies as well as the expert advice from many experience and seasoned personal trainers, says that this is in fact a myth.

The statistic further back up these claims.

We are now being told that on average, low intensity and long term cardio such as walking and jogging, actually only burns off about 5 calories per minute.

What this means is: For every hour you spend performing low intensity and long term cardio exercises.

For all your hard efforts you are only going to burn off around 300 calories. 

While this type of cardio is great for maintaining your weight, toning your body and promoting good cardio vascular health, 

These long workouts will have little effect on any significant fat loss, which is your number one objective.

Simply because the exercise just doesn’t’ eliminate enough calories to cause your body to begin to burn fat at the rate that is required.

On the other end of the scale.

If you're performing high intensity workouts and exercise routines.

Such as: Running or cycling, for example:

These high intensity exercises will burn off more calories.  

However. Because you're performing high intensity workout routines.

This will mean that you will need more recovery time inbetween each workout.

This means that the net effect, will be roughly the same.  

Unfortunately, there can be other disadvantages of doing long high intensity workouts.

Because, hard running and other pounding exercises can put extra strain on your joints which may lead to the  build up scar tissue on your heart leading to potential heart attack.  

If you want to do high intensity workouts. (Check it out with your Doctor)

Putting these medical risks aside, hard cardio also tends to put your body into a catabolic state.

Catabolic is a term that refers to a state when the body, is starved of nutrients,

Which causes the body to begin to feed on itself in order to acquire the energy it needs.  Unfortunately, this means using muscle tissue.  

Too much hard running can deplete muscle mass while having very little affect on burning of the real villian which is the excessive fat.  

In fact, heavy runners have to bulk up on extra levels of carbs, so they can maintain their weight and give themselves extrat energy, which can add to the dilemma.

Lose Your Belly Fat Diet Book.

Lose your belly fat diet book

In his breakthrough weight loss program, which he has given the name the Fat Decimator. 

Ex marine and fitness expert, Kyle Cooper.

Reveals and exposes some of the long held cardio myths, along with other fitness beliefs that maybe doing more harm than good.

According to Kyles expert knowledge and experiennce. These beliefs are responsible for keeping over 90% of people in the western world from being able to truly tackle and defeat their weight problems and issues.
Kyles program, which has been designed along with Korean internal medicine and bio-chemistry expert Doctor Sam Pak.

Delve into and exposes some of the myths and mistruths that are being banded about in today’s fitness industry. 

The Fat Decimator program. Combines ancient Asian wisdom with independently tested and proven scientific studies. Which has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive and wildly successful weight loss program.

Former Gunnery Sergeant, Kyle Cooper goes onto explain. "Doctor Pak well and truly opened his eyes. Whenn he showed me.

That the ways I’ve been training my marines for over a decade was flawed and how some of the things I based my exercise and eating routines on were actually having the opposite effect.”

Doctor Pak explains, “The body has its own unique ways of dealing with food, fat storage and the use of the bodies natural metabolism mechanism to burn unnecessary fat deposits.  

And the secret on how to lose weight fast, depends on how fast the body burns off all that excessive fat.

Ironically, much of what western culture believes is healthy is in fact detrimental to the natural bio-chemical processes.”

“Hard cardio, eliminating salt and carbs and even certain fruits and vegetables thought to be healthy all combine to throw off your body’s metabolism and its ability to digest food and fight destructive acids.  

Kyle and I have put together something that’s based on ancient wisdom backed by sound science.”

Fat Decimator works in harmony with the body’s natural cycles. 

What most people might find pleasing about the Fat Decimator prgram is.

The program and system requires no starvation diets, no exhausting exercise, no gadgets, and no disgusting foods.

To put the icing on the cake. The program, even allows you to eat many of the things you enjoy. And I think that everybody likes a little treat, now and again.

Because, when people are forced into derpriving themselves of food and having to cut out all their treats and pleasures.

Then, this is when losing weight turns into a tortous battle, that very few people win.

The program is a simple step by step formula that’s helped over more than 50,000 people shed huge amounts of weight safely, quickly and in record time.  

Including one woman in her early 40’s whose weight and health nearly killed her.

In his free presentation, Kyle tells the story of Sharon – a mother who discovered that her weight had brought her to the brink of death from heart attack.  

Kyle was able to work with her and allowed Sharon to lose over 40 pounds in a single month, which completely turned her life around.

Fat Decimator has already proven itself to be remarkable, both in its simplicity and its effectiveness.  

Average weight losses of 7 pounds per week are common, and if you can lose a stone a month without having to starve yourself or drastically change your lifestyle. Then, it won't be long until you have that beautiful beach fit body.

Below are some of the success stories and what some of the users had to say.

Janet O. of Lincoln, Nebraska lost 8 pounds in the first week.  By the end of the third week, she’d dropped 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes.

Steven K. of Seattle, WA stayed on the Fat Decimator program for over two months and lost a whopping 68 pounds.  

He reversed his type 2 diabetes, dramatically reduced his joint pain and enjoys more energy, flexibility and happiness than he’s known since his 20’s.

Sharing Fat Decimator with the world has become what Kyle believes is a God-given mission.  He explains his program and offers many free tips in his free presentation.

Don’t let another month go by wishing you could drop those unsightly pounds. 

By making a few food and lifestyle changes and adustments.

Before long, you will no longer need to feel embarrassed about your weight and there will be no more feeling self-conscious when you're spendin all that time at the gym. 

But best of all. There will be no more feeling frustrated, everytime you glance into the mirror or everytime you weigh yourself. 

Because all you will see, is the numbers on the scale going down and you will then know that you're going in the right direction.

Think about how much pride that you're going to feel, how great you're going to look and how much more energy you're going to have, when you have reached your ideal, slim weight.

Learn the simple, proven and highly effective method that’s helped over 50,000 regular folks just like you shed dozens of pounds rapidly, safely and enjoy the dramatic body transformation you’ve been dreaming about.

Check out Kyle’s free presentation and open the door of opportunity to a whole new you.


The Fat Decimator System



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