Overcome The Fear Of Death And Begin To Enjoy Living

Is the fear of dying preventing you from living and enjoying the peace of the present moment?

The fear of death is one of the most common fears and it is also the underlying cause and the source of many other fears, phobias, obsessive behaviors and anxieties.

The reason for this is mainly, because we all assume that death is final outcome and it is the end of our existence and life as we know

To think and that you're on a death sentence while you're still alive is a sobering and frightening thought, especially if you accept it and you buy into the concept,

But most people are only perceiving death from a physical perspective, even though, at source we are spiritual and vibrational beings.

We are sold the idea that our physical death is the end of our life from a very early age, which can cause to live our life in constant survival mode, in our attempts to live as long as we possibly can.

After all, death looks so real and definite, doesn't it. 

But, do you real think that creation, the all loving and caring energy force that created you and what you call your god or source energy would give you the gift of life, only to make you suffer with uncertainty and then play such a cruel and horrible hoax and game with you?

Do you truly think you are given the wonderful experiences of life and existence, only to have it taken away from you in such a cruel and tragic ending and final finale?

Creation only knows how to creates, and existence only knows how to exist.

It is hard to enjoy your life and live in the here and now if you constantly worrying about what might go wrong or you are living your life in fear of dying.

This one way perception of death is then affirmed and conditioned into us from a very early age as we begin to witness and believe what we are observing through our five senses reality.

We are constantly bombarded with images and scenes of death, on TV and in films and books and we see what we think is the final outcome, everytime we attend a funeral.

Most people perceive death as being, returning to a state of nothingness.

But have you ever asked yourself the question, what is nothing?

When you think about it, your mind cannot comprehend, what death is or what is nothing. When you think about it, you will find out that it is impossible and no one is able to give a definite answer, to what is nothing. 

Try it for yourself and see if you can imagine, what death or nothing is. Can you imagine, what it is like to not exist and never wake up again.

Because no matter how hard you try, nothing is always something. Darkness, is something, emptiness is something and nothing is something.

The logical reason for this. Your mind and the non physical part of you, only knows how to exist and it has no idea what death really is, because it has never experienced it on a spiritual plain.

Your physical body, which is merely a vessel, that allows you to have an experience of life, will one day cease to exist. 

But your spiritual and non physical larger self is eternal. When you make your transition, you will just return back to the non physical state realms of expanded awareness, until you have a new life experience.

Are your being controlled by your logical mind and your five sense self imposed reality prison?

If you can detach yourself from the physical and five sense reality you for a moment. 

Then what you will discover is, at the very source of you. You are a thought, imaginary and good feeling being. 

Maybe a bit closer to your dream state.

As you stand, experience and observe reality from your physical form and perspective. What you actual are at the very source of you can be defined as. 

You're a physical extension of all possibilities and a focused awareness of your greater non physical self and higher consciousness.

The real you, can be defined as the non physical, eternal and all knowing part of you which means you are all that there is, has been and ever will be. 

Your physical experience is an expansion of who you really are and can be, at source. And your inner being and non physical greater part of you is where all your creation and creativity, both good and bad, takes place.

Before you were born and after your physical death, you are a non physical energy, thought and awareness state of being and perceiving. You could describe it as the point of all creation, thought, infinite awarenss and possibilities.

As you come into your physical world, nothing changes accept your awareness becomes more focused and a more localized point of attention, which you will perceive as your physical reality and your present tense.

People assume that they transition from life to the non physical and back again and so on in what we call the cycle of life. 

But our inner being and the non physical part of us, never ceases of being and is always one permanent and ongoing creative consciousness and state of existence.

People say that there's very little difference between, what you see and experience in your physical reality as you experience in your transition to the non physical or what we think of as death or the afterlife. 

In reality, there is no afterlife because there is no real death, just a different experience. 

When we dream at night, we still perceive a reality and we still respond with our senses, even though we are asleep and we have our eyes closed.

How does that happen, how can you see and experience a inner reality, when you are asleep and in the dark and you have your eyes firmly closed?

This clearly points, that every reality that we experience, see, feel, taste and smell, is a vibrational and informational reality created by our thoughts, feelings and experiences.

This all suggest that the reason why our physical reality appears to be so real and solid is because our senses and our minds very cleverly translate energetic frequencies and information into what we see, hear, taste, touch/feel and smell. 

This same process and mechanism may also happen whilst we dream and when we make the transition to the non physical realms.

We all experience virtually the same physical reality, because during our waking state. 

We are operating on the same level of consciousness and we are all tuned into the same waveform frequency information and what you could call, the same organized well practised and well repeated and reinforced focused waking dream state, we call life.  

Even though we all have our own experiences subjectively and our own identity. 

We are all one, we are interacting in this world together and we are all part of the same consciousness, having a different experience over and over again.

Really, the only difference between the non physical inner being and the larger part of you and the physical experience of you is. 

The non physical and bigger part of you, has no limitations, restriction, worries, fears, negative emotions or boundaries. 

Everybody has their own name and identity, but we are all I and we all go by the name I. 

Let's say your name is John or Sarah .

Nobody says. John/Sarah is going to the shops. You would say I am going to the shops, because we are all I experiencing life subjectively.

Everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are virtually made up of empty space with a few electrons orbiting the nucleus of the atom.

The latest theories are telling us, that we live in a holographic, computer simulated reality, meaning the physical world that we think exists, is actually an illusion. 

The only logical conclusion to be made from this is, if our physical world is an illusion, then death we perceive and expereince in the physical world is also an illusion.

Everything is made up of energy and nothing is physical, including you. 

Therefore, there be is no physical world as such, even though it appears to be very physical in appearance and this must mean that there is no spiritual ending or death.

The only conclusion is, the physical death we perceive and eventual experience for real, is nothing more than an illusion and a massive trick and hoax created for us by our misguided beliefs and by our sensory perceptions.

There have been thousands and thousands of near death experiences that confirm this for us, and those who have had a near death experience, tell us that the transition they make to the non physical, feels more vivid and real than what they experienced in the illusionary physical world.

Those who have had a near death experience, often describe how they had an outer body experience and how they were able to witness their motionless body and all the people around them.

Some even say, that they did not even realize that they were actual dead, straight away.

Knowing that you never really die, can help you to let go of your fear of dying and it will allow you to focus on living rather than dying.

If you observe animals, such as dogs and cats, you will notice that they know when they are going to die and they accept death and they allow it to happen naturally as if they know it is just a natural process of transition.

Perceive death differently

Maybe one of the reasons most people fear dying is because they do not understand it, and how they and reality work.

If you see death as being final and the end of the existing. Then that belief is what will fuels the fear of dying and living and that all or nothing perception is what spoils living.

We are meant to focus on living and enjoying and making the most of all the good that life has to offer, but if you have an underlying fear and worry of dying then it can rob you of your right to enjoy your life.

We believe that death is final because we put all our trust in what other people tell us and in what our senses tell us when we experience the death of someone close to us.

But our senses and logic does not always represent the truth, and the only thing we really know and can be certain of is, we know how to exist, but the truth is, we have not got any concept of not existing.

Can you imagine what it is like not to exist, if you try, you will find out that your mind cannot imagine it, probably because it has never experienced it, because it has never happened.

It appears that your inner being only knows how to exist, at the essence of your true being, your pure conscious energy that seems to have no conception of nothing.

Can you envisage what you think death is like, many people would describe it as, eternal darkness or a void of nothing,

But what is nothing, everything is something, even darkness is something, the reality is, no one can imagine dying and never existing again.

As hard as you may try, it seems impossible to imagine what it is like to be dead, if you try, your mind just blanks, it appears it cannot go there, probably because it has no idea what it is, because it has only ever known how to exist.

You could argue that the same thing happens when you're asleep and dreaming.

Have you ever had a dream where you are falling off a cliff or being chased, or something similar, where at the point you're about to be killed in your dream, you wake up or your dream ends.

There is a strong possibility for why you always wake up or your dream ends, which could be, your brain cannot take you passed this point, because it has no concept of what death or the end of your existence is like.

Live for the now

It is said that "Those who do not worry about death live long and happy lives".

It is important to realize that your focus of attention should be on enjoying your life to your best ability, however, for some the dreaded thought of death is never too far away. 

Pushing it to the back of our minds and suppressing it will not give us the peace of mind, we seek and the not knowing and understanding of it can force each and every one of us to live our life in a fearful survival mode.

We must accept that we cannot escape this physical term we humans call death, but what do you class as death, do you see it as the end period or are you open to the idea that you are a physical and none physical being and the none physical spiritual side of you, which is your thoughts and emotions is eternal. 

Over the years, most people only view dying from a physical perspective, this is perfectly natural as we have to witness people dying on a daily basis, our logic tells us we cannot survive without our physical body. 

But what happens to the none physical side of you, many people now believe that once we do, we become whole and as one again as we merge back into the nonphysical realms where we came from.

To us it appears the end, however, we are not just physical beings and we have to consider the none physical part of us such as our thoughts and feelings because they are not physical but they are an integral part of our make up and this is where the answers to this age old debate lies. 

Most people make their assumptions about death based on what their senses and logic tells them, but our senses are only our connection from the non physical to the physical world, so we can experience a physical life. 

But they don't tell us the bigger picture, all our opinions and beliefs are largely based on the observations we are viewing, but behind our senses there is much more going on in the non physical realms.

Humans find it hard to understand what they cannot explain logically and scientifically, this has caused the majority of us to accept that death is the final chapter instead of maybe seeing it as just one chapter of the never ending story of life.

Like most fears we fear death because we do not understand it, and it is the not knowing that causes the fear, but you have to ask yourself can you transform from a vibrant physical energy being to nothing. Some leading spiritual gurus say, dying is just like walking into another room.

Some people believe in the afterlife, there have been thousands of NDE that have reported of a conscious experience after they had been proclaimed clinically dead that suggest that consciousness can survive without the physical body.

Many of the leading spiritual gurus are now telling us that there is no afterlife because we don't actually ever die, that we are external spiritual beings. 

In the end, there is only the now, when we get to tomorrow, were are still in the now and you could say the same thing about death, which it is just another experience of the now.

Overcoming the fear of death 

So the best way to release the fear of death is to believe that there is no such thing as death and it is just a transition process we have to go through. 

Obviously know one can say for certain, but you cannot live your life fearing dying, we should not even be spending our time thinking about death, life is all about the now.

No one has yet managed to escape death as we perceive it, a few have had a glimpse into after having a NDE where they get a sneak preview of the next level of reality before they are brought back to the physical plane.

Death is inevitable as we know it, the gray area is what really happens beyond the point of clinical death. There are some things that are way beyond the explanation of science, there is so much more than we know and will probably ever know. 

You only fear death because you see it as final, you only see it as final because you are observing what you see, and you believe what you see, but reality does not work that way, it is more of a case we see what we believe. 

Many physicists are telling us life is an illusion, that we live in a holographic world and reality is a projection of the mind based on what the mind has been programmed to believe and expect. 

If this is the case, does this mean, then if life is an illusion created by the mind, then death, which is part of life must also be an illusion which conforms and fits in with how we perceive events that happen in our physical world.

Have faith that you are an eternal being

Some people accept death, they're not sure what they're actually accepting but they don't let it bother them too much and of course we have to accept it, but one thing we don't have to accept is it is the end of our existence.

There are many opinions about what happens when we die, but there is only one absolute truth, which can be hard to prove. More evidence is emerging to support the belief that consciousness can exist outside the physical body.

Thousands of people have reported having a near death experience where they floated out of the body after the point of physical death, some are not even aware they have died. 

They have given detailed and accurate accounts of seeing and witnessing events, conversations which took place in the hospital after they were declared clinically dead by their doctor.

Many experts on the subject think there is no death and you just perceive another reality or switch over to a new frequency range like changing the channel on your remote. 

God mentioned in the bible that in my mansion there are many rooms, meaning there are many levels of reality, but we can only tune into one at any given time.

This evidence suggests that the mind and consciousness do not need the physical body to survive. So what's all the life and death theories got to do with the fear of death? If you can shift your perceptions to believing in that life is eternal, then you will no longer fear death. 

Incidentally, all those who have had a NDE say they do not fear death anymore because they know with certainty it is not the end.We should say death is the end of our time on earth and the beginning of the next stage of our spiritual journey.

The Fear Of Death Is The Underlying Cause of All Our Fears 

Behind all fears lies the underlying fear of death and although you might think that some extreme phobias like the fear of buttons has nothing to do with dying or danger, to the subconscious mind of that person for some reason or another it has wrongly made an association with buttons with being a danger and this applies to all fears and anxieties.

Fear evolved in us to keep us safe and the root source behind all our fears is the fear of being killed, the mind fears death because we think it's final, so we naturally try and cling onto life because it is so precious to us. If we knew it was not the end, we would not fear it.

The first thing everybody has to do is accept they are going to die we all know it and there is nothing we can do to avoid it at the moment, things might change in the future, people are already living longer and some are starting to defy the aging process but as yet no one has managed to cheat death. 

Most people think we enter a stage of nothingness because they are making the assumptions based on people’s ideas rather than having the relevant information which at the moment is way out of our intelligence and understanding.

When you think about it, can you have complete nothingness; how can you go from a vibrant energy force who has the ability to think and experience feelings too blankness. 

We are conscious spiritual beings having a physical experience, death also appears to be another experience and transition to the dawn of a new era and reality.

How can you suddenly just cease into nothing, death being the end of life is just what we presume and all we know about death is it's a presumption based on our somewhat limiting beliefs we have amassed so far.

It is believed there is no such things as death, just different experiences of existing

The only real way of overcoming the fear of death is to learn a bit more about the possibility of life after death. 

Perhaps, we live many different experiences and lives, because if we lived eternally as the same experience, then life would eventually become boring.

Who actually told us that death is the end of our existence, first most people have not knowingly died so we don't know it's the termination of our soul and conscious awareness. 

So who do you listen to, the people who think they know even though they have not experienced death or those who have briefly died but have been resuscitated and come back to give us an insight to the real truth. 

Many scientists are opening up the concept that consciousness and the mind exist outside the body so these points to the possibility that our consciousness can continue after the death of the physical body and thousands of people who have had a near death experience will back this up and add further to this new evidence and way of thinking. 

Those who have survived death have had a glimpse beyond what we know, after their near death experience when they return back to the physical world all their perceptions change. 

Why? Because they have been beyond the point of nothingness and they experienced feelings of love and harmony stating the reality they visited was greater, more real and vivid than anything they have ever experienced on earths plain. 

All their emotional problems and physical pains were left behind and because they had witnessed and experienced life beyond death, they no longer fear death because they know death is an illusion and a transition to another reality.

We are spiritual beings trying to exist in a somewhat alien physical world; the body is a vessel or an extension of the mind which allows us to experience this play out physical holographic world.

Everything is energy that vibrates a different frequency, the essence of us is energy, and we just vibrate at a different frequency than everything else. 

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are none physical you cannot even see them with the human eye but they exist. 

Our body appears physical so we can interact with the physical world it has to in order for our physical life to work, scientists know that energy has no beginning or no end. 

Energy is never lost it just changes to another form, we too are energy so where does that leave us after the point of physical death. If life is an illusion, then death must be part of the physical illusion of life a horrible lie we have been living.

Once you develop a strong faith that life continues after death, then you can ditch your fear of death. Life is short, so it is important to live it to the fullest and get the most out of this wonderful and magical experience. 

Life was brilliantly described by the late comedian Bill Hicks who stated one of the most profound and powerful quotes in a joke format he said. 

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves" 

If anybody tells you that death is final then just ask them one question, how do you know that, to further reduce your fear of death do some more research on life after death.

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