Break Free From The Fear Of Failure

By far the biggest enemy we all have to face in our attempt to live the best life possible is fear. This invisible yet very real force constantly delivers to us negative and self defeating messages in the form of thoughts and images which generates negative emotions that can stop you from taking positive action steps.

Fear can prevent you from getting to the next level and everybody experiences the fear of failure in some form or another and it is the single biggest thing that holds us back from achieving our true full potential. 

But not all fear is a bad thing because fear does serves a useful purpose, after all there are genuine risks and dangers in the world. The key is to distinguish what is a real danger and what is not then learn how to dismiss the none real threats so they don't limit you and prevent you from getting to where you want to go.

Fear can make you safety minded and it can keep you stuck in survival mode preventing you from growing and expanding which can if you allow it too, make you scared to experiment or try new things.

The fear of failure or the fear of making a mistake can be so overwhelming that it causes many people to never even attempt their dreams, ambitions or purpose simply because they are don't know how to deal with the emotional side of things.

The mere thought of failure can prevent you from accomplishing all the things you want. You can only start to change your life when you learn how to embrace your fear and do what you want to do despite the feelings.

Because when you refuse to be discouraged or tricked by the illusions and perceptions of your mind and you learn how to accept your fears and do it anyway then you will discover that you are much more courageous and greater than your fear you will find that there is nothing more that can ever get in your way again.

See things working out and they will

Living your life at the mercy of fear is no way to live. Every time you want to do something new or differently you should not have to feel afraid of what might go wrong, how things might turn out or whether you will fail or make a mistake. 

The people who do manage to succeed and go onto enjoy their lives have learned how to manage and master their feelings and emotions, yes they still feel afraid and anxious at times but they don't allow their false fears to hold them back.

The fear of failing is all down to your thoughts and perceptions such as thinking of things going wrong or convincing yourself your not capable or smart enough. 

The negative type will always see the glass half empty, they will ignore the possibility of how well things will or can work out and instead they will instinctively choose to focus on every conceivable thing that can go wrong.

When you think the worst then you will come to believe that the worst will happen. This will discourage and dis-empower you causing you to play safe or air on the side of caution thus preventing you from taking action or doing what you want so you end up living your life by the rules of your fears and you don't live the kind of life you truly want to live. 

The reason why people become so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety is because they don't have the relevant information, the belief in their abilities and the confidence to deal with the situation or to take action which will cause your mind to try and keep you within your comfort zone. 

To break through the fear barrier you need to start to change your thoughts and your perceptions and instead of scaring yourself or putting yourself off by imaging what could go wrong all the time instead start to change your thoughts and start to think about things working out and going well for a welcome change.

Because when you think about what might go wrong your mind goes into your negative files. In this negative state the worry, doubt, anxiety and uncertainty will take over and the fear will start to overpower you until you give in to it's demands.

To counter balance this, start to think of how you would like things to turn out, begin to flood your mind with positive and self empowering thoughts of success and accomplishment. 

You will probably be met with some negative resistance but overpower it, every time your mind comes back and presents you with the negative scenario or outcome just ignore the negative thoughts.

Because when you pursue a trail of negative thoughts they will only lead to more fear, stress and anxiety. So ignore or replace those anxious thoughts with a positive and more pleasing alternative, option and outcome and notice your shift in energy.

After a while your subconscious mind will pick up on these new thoughts processes and the old negative patterns of thinking will start to fade as your mind takes on board your new way of perceiving things. 

When you convince yourself that something is impossible or beyond your capabilities your subconscious mind will do what it can to try to prevent you from achieving your goals.

But when you start to tell yourself something is possible and achievable then your subconscious mind will support and help you to bring your wants into your physical reality for you.

Behind each fear lies and underlying limiting belief

The fear of failure can disguise itself in many forms and excuses such as, 

  • I can't do that 
  • I am not very good at 
  • It's just not me 
  • I am not very lucky 
  • Nothing works out for me 
  • It's to hard to 
  • I am not smart enough 
  • I have tried and failed before 
  • Worry of dissapointing yourself or someone else

Fear of failure can prevent you from changing direction and living the life that you deserve and can have. These deep down fears can serve to be destructive and demotivating making you feel less eager and less empowered to achieve your goals.

There is usually an underlying negative belief lying behind many of your fears and doubts that you have bought into. These beliefs cause the mental blocks and limiting behaviours that stop you from taking the positive action that will catapult you to more success.

What stops many people from doing what they want is when they have already tried something and they have not done so well or failed before. But just because you cannot do something on the first few attempts does not mean that you cannot become good at it.

When you have a fearful ingrained belief and you want to change that belief sometimes you will be meet with some stubborn resistance. 

The reason for this is, your brain will always try to protect you so any time you try to oppose an old belief your brain will go with the fearful belief that it already knows simply because your brain thinks it's protecting you from any situation that might cause you physical danger or emotional hurt.

Sometimes it's not just the fear of failure that worries people or causes them to be afraid. It can also be the fear of being judged, ridiculed or proven wrong or it can be the emotional feelings and sensations that you're reacting badly to and your trying to avoid.

But sometimes you have to go throw it to come out they other side a better person. People will do anything to stop the emotions and physical feelings that are associated with fear including avoiding doing the things they deep down want and desire just to escape from the unpleasant feelings of fear.

Because of the fearful thoughts people have in their head and the associated fearful feelings people get put off trying new things. This is often because they don't want to deal with the emotional side that comes with change and stepping out of their comfort zone.

However if you surrender to your thoughts and feelings it will keep you small and stuck, but sometimes to reap the rewards we have to do the things we want despite feeling afraid and uncomfortable.

Don't feed your mind with the fuel to feed your anxiety

To grow and to become successful you have to accept the fear and do what you intend to do which should involve changing the way you react to your thoughts and feelings. 

This will require you stop allowing your mind to give the fear and anxiety the fuel it needs to thrive on. To achieve this you will have to completely accept and be OK with your anxious thoughts and your fearful feelings, we all have anxious thoughts, the secret is how you respond to them.

When your having any anxious thoughts you will need to have the faith that everything will turn out OK. Every time you have thoughts of doubt have the inner trust that things will work out well.

When those fearful emotions and thoughts arise allow them to continue, do not react, question or judge just observe them, stay calm and let them carry on. 

Your anxious mind will try to make you take avoidance action or trick you into believing things won't work out, but how does it no the outcome. So however uncomfortable you feel just carry on observing your feelings but do not pay them any attention.

Just carry on focusing on what your doing because when you stop monitoring your feelings and you put all our attention to externally focused we will return back to the peace of the now. Sometimes we just overthink everything instead of just allowing life to flow and happen.

Your anxious thoughts and your anxiety might keep coming back to you, but each time follow the same no resistance procedure. Living with and be controlled by fear and anxiety is no way for you to live. 

You should not have to remain small because your constantly afraid of what might go wrong or spending all your time being worried about how things may turn out. 

Neither should you have your dreams shattered by the fear of failure and you should not have to feel afraid every time you want or have to something new. 

Those who succeed and enjoy their lives do not allow fear and anxiety to dictate their actions and behaviours. The way to eliminate anxiety is by changing the way you react to it and changing your thought to to ones of what you want and ones where you only focus your attention on things going well and things working out.

If you fears are stifling your success then it's because you're focusing on things going wrong or things not working out. When you think and fear the worst those negative thoughts and emotions will impact your decisions and you won't take the action that deep down you want to take.

Sometimes we become over powered with fear and anxiety simply because we don't really believe in ourselves and our capabilities and we don't have the information or confidence to just go for it because you have conditioned your mind to only focus on the negative and things going wrong.

Unlock your true potential 

Genius and greatness can be found in all of us, were all capable of achieving extraordinary things yet most people are not aware of it and where you are now does not mean where you have to remain.

To succeed you first have to be prepared to fail and it's OK to get things wrong and when things do go wrong you need to learn something from your mistakes and carry on improving and growing because we can only improve and evolve by trying new things and learning from our mistakes.

Most people want to have the reassurance that everything will work out before they try doing something new or different but to grow you have to take chances even with the thought of uncertainty.

Some people will avoid a situation unless they have the certainty of success but you cannot win unless your prepared to lose, the illusion you have to be perfect is what keeps you stagnant and small. 

The thing to remember is, unless your living in a dangerous environment or your in a dangerous situation then the fear is not justified and you know what ever happens you can handle it.

So if your fear is not validated then it is your mind playing a trick on you by trying to get you to think, react, act or behave in ways you don't want in the absence of danger.

What is happening is, your subconscious mind is using you past negative experiences to try to influence your current situation. Your fear is appropriate in real life dangerous situations but it is not appropriate in your everyday none threatening situations where it is disrupting your decision making and behaviours.

You must not allow your fears and anxiety to stop you pursuing your dreams, goals and your true potential. Although fear can feel unpleasant it should not and cannot prevent you dong what you want. 

If you embrace fear and do it anyway you will find the feelings are only temporary. Before you enter a scary situation, ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen and even if your worries came true would it really be so bad and what have you got to lose.

Often you will find that the worst case scenario is never as bad as your perceiving and there is always a positive alternative to those worst cases scenarios that negative minded people tend to overlook.

Try to get into the habit of seeing a positive outcome and conclusion instead of magnifying and over exaggerating the worst case scenario. Yes their might be a small risk when you step out of your comfort zone but the benefits and rewards are well worth it.

Success involves being committed to learning and improving despite the dark times with the attitude that something better is going to come from your setbacks. 

The reason why people stay stuck is because their to scared of failing or being seen to be different but when you accept you might fail the first time and the second and so on and you OK with that then your on your way to a better you.

Fear is associated with taking risks, but all success involves a small element of risk but if your not prepared to take those risks and you choose to play safe then you will stay stagnant and you'll never know what might have been. 

What fear of failure does is, it stops you from trying and attempting new things which can leave you full of regret later on in your life, as the saying goes" It is better to try and to fail than it is to fail to try".

If you fail it really does not matter, and again as the old saying goes "Nothing ventured nothing gained". Most of the highly successful have failed many times before they achieved great success, but they did not give up. 

Part of success is about the journey of trial and error and learning some important lessons from your mistakes and failures until eventually you get it right. Just because you think something bad will happen does not mean it will.

Fear can actually be a positive learning experience when used correctly, because fear prepares us for certain situations, it can help to keep you guarded against potential pitfalls so you can take action steps and prepare yourself to help you avoid things going wrong but the rewards for coming through the fear barrier can be well worth it.

You have probably experienced fear many times before when you have tried doing something new but you managed to overcome the fear and by doing what you did it helped to improve your life. 

Some examples are 

  • Learning to ride a bike 
  • Going on your first date
  • Learning to drive 
  • Starting a new job or business

There are many more examples where you have stepped out of our comfort zones that made you feel uncomfortable but it was vital in unlocking the route to better things.

Take back your true power

The more you get into the habit of playing it safe and staying inside of your comfort zones, the more comfortable and appealing your comfort zone will be for you.

Choosing to play it safe might defuse your feelings of fear but you will also be surrendering your power and control to the fear until you reach a point where just thinking about facing a challenge or venturing into the unknown can cripple you with fear.

The longer you choose to give into your thoughts, feelings and perceptions and that's all fear is the weaker you will become and the more you powerful and dominant your fears will become because the more you give into fear the more it expands into other area's of your life. 

But when you adopt the attitude of accepting and embracing your feelings and you face challenges and you tread into the unknown then your fear will begin to shrink.

You should not make the thought of failing into such a major ordeal where it reaches the point that it affects your actions and behaviours, because when you step out of your comfort zone you will strengthen your self worth and you will grow stronger. 

Fear can either break you or you can use it to motivate you to take the action that will take you on to better things and a better life. Those who manage to step out of their comfort zone usually go onto to be rewarded both physically and spiritually. 

When you first started to walk, you struggled, fell down but you did not worry about failing, you just got back up and gave it another go until you mastered it.

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