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Overcoming Fear Of Failure - Because Your Future Success Depends On It

There is something quite important that most people are not aware about when it comes to self-betterment, confidence building and creating your ideal life; before you can achieve and enjoy success you have to fail, get it wrong and crash many times.

But in the end, it is far better to go for your goals and go after all the things that you want, even if it means things don't always turn out that well for you and even if it means that you fail.

Instead of playing it safe or not even trying at all because sometimes you have to embrace failure and experience the lows before you can get to the good.

Because failing and going through all bad and most difficult times are where you can sometimes find the best lessons, motivation and inspiration to drive you on to success and better things; even if it does feels painful and hopeless at the time.

Each time you fail, see it as an opportunity to rise up and bounce back better, wiser and stronger than you were before so you become a new and better version of you.

Why Long Term Regret is Much Worse Than Short Term Failure?

The only way you can fail is by not taking action or not trying, and the only thing that is preventing you from getting what you want is your fears, your negative programming and your limiting beliefs.

You are not your negative and limiting thoughts and programming and you are way more powerful than your fears.

Negative energy and fear feeds on trauma, worry and self-doubt and it always draws towards it more pain, lack, regret and suffering.

Suppressed beneath your fears, insecurities and doubts, lies a very powerful, capable and talented you who is waiting to break free and ready to unleash your real true potential.

What you truly are; is a limitless, highly creative and highly resourceful person who has a higher purpose to pursue and who has a divine connection to the universal intelligence and guidance.

Understanding and then taking full advantage of this gives you the power and the potential to do, have or become anything that you set your mind to, because failure can be flipped around and used to prepare you for something much better.

During the difficult times it is important to keep your mind focused on the bigger picture, have the attitude of something good will come from your bad times and think about the end game and then you will be sure to be destined for great things to happen. 

All you have to do is learn how to overcome your fear of failure, learn how to take control of your mind and learn how to tap into your creative powers and your inner guidance.

So you can use the creativity and potential that you were born with, in constructive and positive ways to empower you and help you build and create the things and life that you want.

Because the last thing you want is to get to the end of your life, looking back with a deep sense of sadness and regret because you never did all the things that you really wanted to do.

There is nothing worse than living a life full of regret and forever being a victim and hostage to your fears, doubts and your self-imposed limitation, especially when you could have had it all.

Life is a journey where you grow and learn something better from your experiences, including your failures. 

You have not got to be perfect you just need the determination to grow and get better and better at everything that you do.

If you're ready to do something new then it is time to close the old chapters of your life and open up and write a brand new and exciting chapter that has a happy ending.

You were born great

You have not got to try and improve because you already have everything that you need to live the life that you want.

"Creation gave you everything that you will ever need and regardless of what you may believe, creation made you and creation does not get wrong"

Your job is to unleash all the greatness, creativity and potential that you already have in limitless amounts and abundance.

Because you were born to be great and you were born with all the ability you need to learn, master, overcome do and achieve great things.

All you need to do is to decide what you want or find your purpose and then develop a strong belief and knowing.

That your desired outcome is certain to happen, regardless of how many times you fail or get knocked down.

The one thing that stops most people from being themselves or prevents them following their purpose or passions is they allow the opinions and beliefs of others to influence their actions, decisions and behaviors.

The trouble is most people can not see the all the possibilities, opportunities and good things that lay beyond their conditioned beliefs and limiting thought processes.

When we allow other to define who we are, we follow the crowd or we adhere to other peoples opinions, beliefs and idea's of how we should live our lives or what we should be or do.

Then we cannot be our true authentic selves and the career and life we pursue and live is not always the life, career, purpose or life direction that we desire to pursue.

Fear of failing, is also linked to the fear of being embarrassed, rejected, shamed and even ridiculed and when we link these strong and intense emotions to external outcomes or situations then we can allow them to dictate and control our actions and behaviors.

Especially if you are worried about making a mistake, getting things wrong or you care too much about what others think or say.  

Some people are like vultures and they seem as if they are waiting for you to fail so they can say things like:

  • "I told your so or you so"
  • "You should have listened"
  • "I knew you were going to fail"

The trouble if you do not take chances or you do not follow your purpose and passions, then you face an even bigger risk which is the the risk of:

  • Doing a mundane job that you dislike
  • Never pursuing your higher purpose or passions
  • Stopping yourself from growing and becoming more confident
  • Allowing a great idea or money making opportunity to pass you bye
  • Missing out on dating somebody you like
  • Living in your shell
  • Missing out on career advancement and promotions

Once you break free from your fear of failing it will become obvious to you that it was not the actual failing that bothered you that much.

Because if you were really honest with yourself you will probably find that you were more afraid of your own mind, feelings and the upsetting your ego.

We can also link fear to the information we receive or what others might say or think.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself"

- President, Franklin D Roosevelt

If you want more out of life, you have to remove your fear of failure

If you feel that your fear of failure is preventing you from having, being and doing everything that you want and deserve then it is time to move through it and beyond so you can access the life and things that you want.

Your fear of failure is just an emotional and physical response that is being driven by your perceptions, your mental programming and your bad experiences.

This means that it is something that you have the power to manage, release and free yourself from.

It also means that every negative thoughts and every perceived and imagined fearful scenario response can be flipped around into a better or a more positive perception and response.

Having the courage to overcome your fear of failure is the key to getting your big breakthroughs, becoming the very best version and being able to finally do all those things you want to do.

Fear is a dream killer and it will hold you back and keep you small, limited, trapped and stuck.

But if you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone and change your old ways of thinking and it can be done then this will open the door to bigger and better things.

Because good things happen to those who show courage and those who develop a success, growth and positive mindset.

You can be fearful or you can be positive. You have a choice!

The benefits of teaching yourself how to overcome your fear of failure are endless and limitless because once you smash through your fear and self-limitation barriers there will be nothing else left to stop you.

Especially, if you keep learning, doing and you keep moving forwards in a new positive and exciting direction that will take you closer and closer towards your goals and your ideal, happy and fulfilling life.

The rewards for being positive and being a consisted action taker are immense as you will be able to grow and create the life, happiness and success that you're always wanted. 

Because a better life is achievable for you and when you take that big step, then it could be the beginning of something great, wonderful and amazing for you.

All you have to do is learn how to blast through your fears, change your old limiting beliefs and break through your barriers that have been holding you back and preventing you for moving forward in the right direction!

Fear keeps you in a survival and safety mindset which will convince you to play it safe and stick with what you've got.

But if you are not satisfied with what you've got or you want more. Then you have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and begin to take sensible and well calculated risks. 

We are all human beings who are individual and who have feelings.

But when you understand that your fear is just perceptions of the mind and feelings that will soon pass if you give up trying to fight or resist them and instead you embrace them and the though of failing.

The thing to understand with fear is it will soon start dissolve once you decide to accept them, embrace them, feel them and let them go. 

The anti-dote to fear is to learn to love, look forward to and to feel excited about all the things that you would normally fear, dread or hate.

As you begin to master your own feelings and emotions you will start to discover the real powerful, creative and limitless you that you have always had.

If you want more, then it is time to seriously think about learning how to overcome your fear of failure so you can leave all your old fear traps and negative thinking errors, behind you.

So you can expand and grow and take you and your life to the next level.

Learning something from failure is the secret to success

Failure is a big part and a necessary process of becoming successful, so instead of fearing failure why not try and see it as an opportunity for you to learn something informative from it and use it a lesson to be learned.

Some people can take failure very badly and it can cause you to sink into a negative mindset and induce immense feelings of despair, hopelessness, uncertainty and a sense of not knowing what to do next.

When you have failed or you seem to be facing a situation where you look like your about to lose everything you have been working towards. 

You will be faced with two options: 

  • You can choose to give in
  • You can give up

This is entirely your choice, but the successful and high achievers never choose to give up because failure certainly does not signal the end of the road and they learn to laugh and stay upbeat in the face of adversity.

Sometimes failure is trying to tell you that you need to find the right way or you need to re-evaluate things and come back with a new strategy, a new sense of urgency and determination to do things better or to find out what doesworks.

There are two types of people in life!

  1. Those who hesitate, waste time, close all doors, over analyse things, achieve little and end up living a life of regret
  2. Those who find a way, open up new doors of opportunity go on to get everything that they ever wanted and desired

Fear of failure, fear of success or the fear of doing anything else! Always takes you in the wrong direction in life!

It also leads to:

  • A lot of your valuable time and energy being wasted
  • A lot of missed opportunities 
  • A lot of important life lessons lost
  • A lot of valuable learning experiences lost

All of these can be turned around as they can provide you with the necessary skills, information, feed back and life lessons.

That are needed if you want to be successful, be the best you and live your best life possible.

The harsh and honest truth is; if you are not prepared to fail now!

Then you cannot move forwards and create  the compelling and successful future that you want.

You can keep putting things off but if you want to have your breakthrough. Then at some point you're going to have to do it, despite how you feel so why not, do it now.

Even if you fail a few times, as long as you take something valuable from each failure at least you will be learning, growing and advancing in the right direction.

Ask yourself, where would you like to be in five years time?

Unless you take progressive daily action to overcome your fear of failure and get the momentum going, the chances are you will be still in the same situation as you are now.

Because you can keep putting things off or you can keep on waiting for the perfect moment when you feel the time is right! 

But that perfect moment might never arrive, so sometimes you have just got to "Feel the fear, then just do it"

Think positive and good things will happen!

Because if you are not careful and you continue to hesitate and play it safe then time will tick away until one day you will reach a point in your life where you're only option will be to look back with deep regret!

"It is better to try and fail than it is to fail to try!

Sometimes, you are only a perception away of becoming what you want and living the life that you want and deeply desires.

You may think that there is something wrong with you or you may even think that you're not good enough or smart enough.

These are all lies and that many people wrongly accept and buy into and there is a part of you that knows this is not true and there is a part of you that knows you are bigger and better than your self-destructive beliefs and thought processes.

The reason why some people becoming incredibly successful or they seem to be able to do some really amazing things. Is not because they are any different to you and it is not because they are fearless, nobody is.

The reason why they are successful is because they have learned how to overcome their fear of failure and take massive action, despite how they feel.

You can do it!

"If you don't try you'll never know what might have been" and you dreams will never come true!

Imagine if all those great engineers, the highly successful, the high achievers, the great inventors, the great pioneers or the highly successful sports stars or entertainers had surrendered to their fear of failure?

Do you know that; you're fear and your inner critical voice are lying to you?

Just because your fears, worries and insecurities are trying to put you off and tell you that you cannot do it; doesn't mean that you cannot do it!

Your fear is an impostor that is trying to destroy your happiness, confidence and sabotaging any chance of you succeeding.

If you keep believing and succumbing to your fear of failure then you will achieve nothing even though you're capable of learning new skills and creating your ideal dream life.

When you allow your inner critical and negative voice to be the most dominant voice then it will continue put you down or talk you out of doing all the things that you can and you would so really love to do.

To succeed and excel you need confidence, faith and bags of self-belief!

Fear is not exactly the energy or quality of success and self-confidence and if you allow it to, fear will always trips you up, get in your way and prevent you from doing what you want?

You're inner critical negative voice does not really represent you or who you truly are and who told you that you are not good enough or capable enough?

Can I ask you a question.

Deep down, do you really believe that you're not worthy, deserving or good enough or have you been programmed and conditioned by others to think this way?

Because very often, that inner stern, negative and critical voice is not you. Even though it might have defined you and shaped who you are.

Maybe someone, including your parents, family members or peers. Might have been overly dominant, strict or critical of you when you were younger.

Another question or two!

How do you know that you cannot do something or become good at something if you do not even try very hard in the first place?

Ask yourself, how many people are good at doing something the first time they try it?

When you were a baby you did not thing that you weren't good enough.

When you first tried to walk, you did not master it straight away and you would have failed many times until suddenly, you got it right.

Back then you had bags of faith and self-belief in yourself and you certainly did not consider failing as an option, you just kept trying and persisting until you mastered it.

So what has happened to your childhood persistence and self-belief in your abilities to learn and master anything that you wanted to do? 

Most people get it wrong or do not do very well to start off with but the difference between the ones who master new skills and excel in life and those who struggle and do not achieve the things that they want, are:

Those who fail or do poorly try and try again, until they master the skill whilst to others allow their fear of failure to prevent them ever trying again.

Now it is time to silence or override your fraudulent critical inner voice and fill your head with positive mantras, soothing self statements and encouraging words about yourself to yourself. 

Fear of failure facts?

It is all a lie and false representation of the truth.

If you follow your fear of failure then it will be difficult for you to create a positive and meaningful life direction.

Fear of failure, self-doubt and worry are not the ingredients for successful living, being confident and helping you to relax and perform at your natural peak performance best.

Fear of failure will prevent you from growing, expanding and moving forwards in the direction of accomplishing your goals and living your ideal life.

Having that nagging inner critical voice in your head that constantly tells you that you can't do it, there's no point, you're not smart enough, you're not good enough, you never have any luck or you're useless.

Every time you try to rise up, perform, attempt a goal, do something new or do something that you really want to do is not your ideal mentor or your ideal voice of reason.

Are you the type who decides to do it anyway, despite how you feel or are you the type who waits until your fearful emotional response has subsided until you make your move.

If you are the type who will wait and wait until you feel right, you feel the time is right or you wait until you feel it is the perfect moment.

You might be waiting a long time because that perfect moment might never come around but all the regrets later on will.

The facts about fear of failure or any other fear in general are. Your fear is usually wrong and it can cause you to make all the wrong decisions.

Of course you should be sensible and cautious especially if you're thinking about starting your own business or changing your career.

But instead of listening to your fears, your head and your self-doubts. Listen to your heart and your intuition, because they know what is best for you and they will only encourage you to do what is right.

Our Best Picks Of Products To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Self-hypnosis is probably  one of the best tools available to help you to change and replace all your limiting and negative beliefs and mental programs.

Which are holding you back and responsible for all your negative thinking patterns, your self-doubts, negative behaviors and your fear of failing.

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Feel it but still do it

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit scared when you're thinking about or you're attempting to do something new.

Behind peoples fear of failure lies a fear of the consequences, so if you can remove, accept or not care about the consequence.

Then the fear will start to lose its power and grip over you.

Another important thing to be aware of is:

Faith and love is way more powerful than fear so if you come from a place of love and you create a strong faith that you'll figure it out or things will workout for you.

Then again, your fear will start to lose its grip over you and remember all of the highly successful and all the high achievers have made a success out of failing over and over again

It is always good to know that even if you fail you're always free to try again and again

Always remember that failure does not necessarily mean the end, because even the bad and negative stuff can be an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

Failures and negativity just means that you have learned what not to do and what doesn't work.

When you face and overcome your fears you will grow, you will become stronger, you will become wiser and you will prosper and benefit in so many positive ways.

But if you succumb and obey to your fears then they will dis-empower you, limit you, hold you back from doing what you want and make you weak and submissive.

Fear paralyses you and when you keep worrying about things going wrong then you end up doing nothing.

But what if you're fear is wrong, what if your programmed beliefs are wrong, what if you have much power, potential, skills and ability the you think?

What if things don't go as bad as you have been perceiving, what if things go well what if you end up a massive success or somebody who makes a difference and makes people's lives better?

Think about all the highly successful, courageous and brave people who moved beyond their fear and went on to achieve or create all those great and amazing things. Imagine how different the world would be if they had listened to their fears?

Success and betterment require self-educating, persistence and passion which begins by finding your higher purpose.

It is journey that can be long and challenging a times and there will be many bumps along the way, but you are strong enough, resilient enough and capable enough.

Once you learn how to face and move through your fears you will feel better, happier and you will be able to choose the right path for you.

What causes the fear of failure?

How many times have you wanted to take action and do or say something new; but that voice in your head pops up and self-sabotages you and tries to talk you out of it?

The could be many reasons why you have a fear of failing but one of the biggest reasons is the voice inside your head that always seems to want to self-sabotage all your efforts to change, be different or do things new.

The reason why it feels like your own brain is against you is because your mind will always try and protect and prevent you having to face anything or any situation that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable to you.

This also happens when you want to try or attempt something new, because to your mind, anything unknown is seen as potentially threatening.

If you feel stuck or if you feel fearful about trying or doing something new then it is your over protective mind that is to blame, not you.

To overcome this you have to make the unfamiliar and uncomfortably familiar and more comfortable, and start to tell your mind something positive. 

Try and replace thoughts of fear, worry and doubt with positive inducing words like:

  • I am excitement
  • I'd love to
  • I am happy to
  • I want to
  • I choose to

Once you become more and more aware of your overprotective mind and your self-sabotaging tendencies and habits you can see them for what they are, limiting beliefs and unhelpful programs.

Then you can begin to change them or override them with something more supportive and positive that is going to help you get to where you want, every step of the way.

Another root cause of the fear of failure is usually linked to anxiety and mood disorders which are very often created through our past negative experiences and our mental programming and conditioning.

This can stem right back to our very early childhood and some of the things that could have contributed to your fear of failure could be:

  • Overly critical, strict or dominant parents, family members, friends or peers
  • Parents who did not really allow you or encourage you, to express yourself
  • If you have failed previously and it has caused you to miss out on something that is important to you or your career 
  • Parents or peer members who were disappointed or annoyed with you if you failed your exams or you had poor school reports
  • If you have previously failed or if you have linked failing with being a bad thing for you
  • If you have heard or seen others failing before
  • if others have tried to put you off or told you it is not going to happen
  • If you have a lot of responsibilities
  • If you have been encouraged to not, to try doing things, that you want to do

Your early school years can also cause you to develop a fear of failing, especially if you had to perform or speak in front of the class, especially if you did not do every good. 

The need for perfection is also believed to be linked with the fear of failure. If your parents or peers were perfectionists or you are the type of person who strives for perfection yourself.

Then your need or your belief for perfection can lead to insecurity and fear which can put you off trying or cause you to sabotage all your efforts.

A lack of self belief and confidence in yourself and your abilities to learn, overcome and succeed. Can also lead to you being scared to face and overcome your fears and challenges.

If you are afraid of embarrassing yourself, making a mistake, getting things wrong or you have a fear of being judged then all these can feed your fear of failure.

As can having a fear of what other people think about you or you have a fear of being criticized.

Maybe deep down, you have some underlying fears and insecurities of feeling worthless or not good enough if you make a mistake, you fail, you don't do very well or you get things wrong.

Reasons why people fail

People come up with all sorts of reasons and sometimes excuses for the reasons why they fail or why they are not getting the results they want or why they're not living their preferred ideal life.

Who hasn't failed? But when you do fail, things don't workout, everything starts to go wrong or you get things wrong.

Do you give in and allow it to defeat you? Do you dwell on it and feel sorry for yourself or do you blame everything and everyone?

When the smart and successful people fail and they do big time, they quickly accept it and then they let it go.

Instead of giving up and telling themselves they can't do it they either find a way or they ask themselves questions like:

"How can I find a way to -----"

Then they go back to the drawing board and they look at all the reason why they failed and they then come up with a better plan of action or strategy and they keep doing this until they find the right and best way.

Sometimes you have to be totally honest with yourself and you have to accept, if you're not getting the results or success that you want. Then you have to admit that you have not yet found the right or best way yet.

Being stubborn and carry on doing the same things that are not getting you the results that you want can cause you many wasted years of little success, stagnation, stress and frustration.

The real truth is; you are resourceful enough, smart enough and creative enough to overcome any problem, obstacle, failure and challenge.

Just start to believe in yourself, trust yourself, trust in the process and allow it to happen because if you are determined enough, you are focused right with a positive attitude and energy, then you will find a way or you'll figure it out.

Because your ultimate powers that your posses in abundance, are:

  • Your untapped creative problem solving skills and abilities
  • Knowing that you have limitless potential
  • Realizing that you're good enough, smart enough and capable enough
  • Your drive and determination
  • Your passion and your level of commitment
  • Your mindset and your emotional states.

Another recipe for failure, is a poorly thoughts out plan or strategy and the negative things and stories that you tell yourself that set you up for certain failure and a giving up attitude.

There is no point in you spending hours of your valuable time pursuing something if you have the wrong strategy or bad  strategy that is never going to bring you the success or results that you want.

If you want to live a life with more success, happiness and fulfillment - Don't be afraid to fail

We all get a bit afraid when we are facing uncertainty, we know that we have to step out of our comfort zone or we want or have to do something that we have never done before.

Our fears and insecurities can easily get caught up and interact with our goals and wants which can cause success blocks and self imposed limitations.

This can make stepping out of our comfort zone, working on our goals and trying to be successful very difficult.

But the only way you can be successful, be free of fear or work towards living your ideal life is to create something new or do things that you have not done before.

The fear of failure makes people feel uncomfortable, uncertain or worried and it stops many people from succeeding or doing what they want.

Some people will not set goals or do new things unless they know with a 100% certainty that they will get it right, things will go well or they are guaranteed to achieve their goals.

This presents a huge problem for so many people because you simply cannot have that guarantee or level of certainty.

Failure should not be a things that puts you off or weakens and suppresses you.

Quite the opposite in fact because failure should be used to make you stronger, wiser, better and more determined and it should also be used as the fuel to drive you on to success and betterment.

If you want to live your ideal life, be successful or master all other areas of your life then it essential that you learn how to overcome your fear of failure.

One of the best ways to release your fear of failing is not to be afraid to fail or get things wrong.

Because when you remove to causes and consequences of your fears they will start to dissolve and lose the power that they have over you.

In the end you are really only left with two choices:

  1. You allow your fears to win, dictate and control you
  2. You win and you go onto be your best self and live your chosen ideal life
Use your fear of failure to motivate and drive you

The fear of failure can dis-empower you and cause you to doubt, question and limit yourself.

Fear causes us to make bad decisions and when all the uncertainty and doubt creeps in it can persuade us to "err on the side of caution".

Instead of us taking a chance! Even if it means risking making a mistake, risking getting things wrong or risking failing.

The successful and high achievers are not exempt from the fear or possibility of failing they just learn how to react and handle it better. 

Many people will experience failure or adversity in their lives which can cause them fear and put them off or prevent them from trying again.

Those who achieve great success and great things will also experience many failures but the will react differently and they will use a different approach.

Instead of letting their fear to diminish them and dis-empower them.

They will react differently and they will see each failure as an opportunity to learn an important lesson and they will use the fear and failures to motivate them and push them forwards.

It is OK to feel upset, frustrated, disappointing and disjointed when you fail or when things go bad for you.

But is also extremely important to pick yourself up quickly, learn something from your failure and disappointments and come back with a vengeance, grit and determination.

You're better of living in the positive emotions instead of living in fear

We are all have our fair share of failures and setbacks and we are all living in uncertain times and although you cannot always avoid them you can change the way you react.

These days there are so many people who are scared of losing their jobs, scared of dying, scared of being hurt, scared of being judged, scared of starting their own business, scared of being successful and the list goes on and on.

I see and witness so many people who are compromising their lives and ruining their chances of achieving the success they want and living their ideal lives.

Because they are living their lives from a place of fear instead of focusing on what they really want and could be, which is not an ideal way for anybody to live their life.

Fear is a natural instinctive response to a perceived genuine threat. Which means it should only be temporary response which should only be triggered when it is absolutely necessary.

Our brains have evolved to be programmed for survival, This is so our brains can protect us should we come across a real life threat.

The trouble is, when you're stuck in a negative state of fear. Your brain will always be looking at what could go wrong or focusing on the worst case scenario which prevents us from focusing on and working towards the best case scenario and our desired scenario.

You can either live your life in fear, scarcity, lack and limitation or you can live in a state and mindset of growth, betterment, happiness and success. 

Let me ask you a question.

How often do you focus on the best case scenario and how often to you use your imagination to see things going well?

If you have a fear of failure it suggests that you are worried about something happening, going wrong or you have little faith in your own abilities.

Here's two truths about fear that you might not have considered

  1. Most of the time, fear is a lie and it is tricking you to react with fear in the absence of any real danger
  2. You are way more stronger, resourceful and resilient than you give yourself credit for

When you remain in a state of fear, your brain will keep on looking for what is wrong or what could go wrong.

Your brain will then try to push you into doing one of these:

  • Escape or run away from the perceived threat
  • Avoid the imagined, perceived threat
  • Fight and defeat the perceived threat
  • Submit or give in

These are the four components of our fight, flight or freeze response.

The problem is, if you do any of the above every time you feel fearful, your emotionally suffering or you're struggling.

Then you're going too spend so much of your life fighting, avoiding, playing it safe or trying to out run your feelings and emotions.

Which is going to prevent you from doing all those wonderful things that you want to do and it will cause you to wait and wait and wait until you think the time is right.

The real truth, the time is right now, it is just your thoughts and feelings that are not justified and you will never be able to outrun our mind and emotions so now is the time to stop running and hiding ant it is time to face and blast through your fears.

How to manage and overcome the fear of failure

There are many things that you can do that will help you to breakthrough through your barriers and your fear of failure.

The first step to overcoming your fear of failure is learn how to accept and embrace failure.

You have to be willing to take a chance, even if you get things wrong. Because it is far better to have a go even if you do it bad or even if you suck at first at what you're doing.

Because the all important part is to push through your fear barriers so you are not held to ransom by them anymore.

Then you can take a look at what you can learn and use it as feedback to see what does or does not work and then you can look for or find new, different and better ways to do things.

Sometimes you have to take small but sensible and well thought out risk to advance and grow you also have to take a big leap in faith and trust in your own capabilities and trust things will workout.

The reason why people have a fear of failure is because they want 100% certainty that they will succeed or everything will be OK.

But each day, you go out and face many uncertainties and risks which you do not even think or worry about.

For example: Every day you drive your car, cross the road or travel on public transport there is always a risk as is there with many everyday things.

Thousands of people per year die in road accidents. There are also thousands of people who die each as a result from household accidents.

Yet this doesn't prevent us from going outside or spending large amounts of our time in our homes living in fear of an household accident.

So why are we afraid of things that cannot harm us, like:

  • Performing 
  • Being judged
  • Embarrassing ourselves 
  • Making a mistake or getting things wrong
  • Starting our own business
  • Going on a date or asking somebody out
  • Changing our career
  • Doing something new

Fear of failure kicks in when we lose faith in ourselves and our own abilities and we lose trust in the natural process and universal laws of creativity, success and manifestation.

When you're in your home, out and about or in your car. You are using the power of faith so you're not really focusing on or anticipating what might go wrong.

What we do, become or achieve and the quality of our lives will largely depends on the choices we do or do not make.

The personal choices and decisions that we make and the resulting actions that we take can be all the difference between whether we fail or succeed in life or what we do.

Your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are what determines the choices and decisions that you make in other words you will become what you think.

If you convince yourself that you will fail, you're not good enough or it won't workout for you then you will be setting yourself up to fail or you want even try in the first place.

But if you think that you will succeed and you believe and trust in yourself and the process then you will be on your way to success or a life of happiness and fulfillment, the choice is yours.

The process should start of by making a conscious effort and habit to change your thoughts, your limiting beliefs and your perceptions.

Dismiss any negative thoughts and replace them with better feeling thoughts, constructive thoughts and positive thoughts.

No more "I cant's" and plenty of "I can" or "I can learn"

Always focus on and imagine what you want or the outcome that you want and never again entertain the words "What if I fail" or "What if things go wrong" or "What if things don't work out"

How about saying something positive for a welcome change:

  • "What if it things do not go wrong"
  • "What if I succeed"
  • "What I things go well"
  • "What if it transforms my life for the better"
  • "What if it turns out to be the best thing I have ever done"

When you are scared of trying something new or you have a fear of failing:

  • You are not trusting that everything will be fine
  • You have little faith in your own abilities your ability to learn and figure things out
  • You are imaging everything going wrong or your imagining yourself failing
Replace fear of failing with a strong faith of knowing you'll figure it out

The power of faith lies in your intuition and your ability to trust and know that you'll figure things out, you'll get it right or everything will work out for you,

With a powerful sense of knowing that; "What ever happens, you'll be OK or you'll handle it".

Faith is the one thing that can calm your mind and help you to create or trust in something, before it has actually happened.

Fear can be a very powerful and unpleasant emotion that can convince you that you're going to fail or things will go wrong before it has actually happened.

Fear also denies and robs you of your true potential and powers. It also holds you back in life and prevents of from living and doing the things that you want.

Faith and the positive emotions does the exact opposite and they are far more pleasant and blissful feelings than the negative and fearful range of emotions.

When you use positive language and when you apply a bit of faith you will soon find out that they are way more powerful than fear.

At times when you are faced with doubt and growing uncertainty, it can be very hard to calm and quieten your worried and anxious mind.

We have all had the old classic fear of believing that we are not good enough, smart enough of capable enough of achieving our goals and overcoming anything that gets in our way.

Doubt, worry and uncertainty can create and open up a self perpetuating fear, worry and stress cycle,

But a strong faith and having the certainty that everything will be just fine can close the fear loop.

When you are feeling stressed, fearful and tense, you start to go all negative and you can end up putting all your plans and goals on hold and talking yourself out of doing all the things that you want.

There are a few things that can help you to distinguish your fear of failure:

  1. Develop a strong faith that you are more powerful, resilient and resourceful than your fear of failure and you have the power, strength and ability to face and overcome all the adversity and bad times that life throws at you
  2. Start to switch your brain away from survival mode and begin to program your mind to succeed and bring you what you want

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Take away the fear of stepping into the unknown

We all have the inner powers and the ability to rewire our brains and change the way we feel, think and respond.

Overcoming your fear of failure is not about never feeling fearful or uncomfortable again it is more of a case of doing it, despite how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

But the sooner you begin to accept and tolerate a bit of fear and uncertainty then the sooner they will pass and you can start moving in the right direction.

With practice, you can learn and train yourself to become emotionally and mentally stronger and more resilient.

If you can tolerate a bit of fear and uncertainty and still do what you want to do then you will start to grow and regain your powers.

As well as training yourself to feel calmer and more resilient and more emotionally intelligent.

Because sometimes you have to go through the difficult times and sometimes you have to experience the bad, before you can get to the good.

Even if you fail or things don't always go right. It does not mean that there is nothing that you can do.

Nor does it mean that you have to accept what has happened or give up trying .

Because you have the ability to control how you think, react and behave and you have the ability to figure things out and you will always have the choice of trying again.

How to reduce your chances of failing

If you spend some valuable time, studying, researching and learning about your chosen subject or field, the skill you want to master or the things you want to do or accomplish, whether that maybe.  

  • In business
  • In your health and fitness
  • In your relationships
  • In your career
  • With your hobbies or passions

Because a bit of studying, researching and preparation will give you a muchgreater chance of success.

If you then focus all your energy and attention on developing a good plan and strategy and you ensure that you have all the right tools and resources then that will further improve your chances.

Having a good and winning strategy is essential if you are seeking self-betterment, if you want to master a skill, if you want to get better results or if you have a goal that you would like to achieve.

Your self-talk and the stories that you tell yourself are equally as important if you want to make your plan or strategy work.

The things and stories that you tell yourself can be the difference between whether you succeed or fail.

When you repeat the same thoughts and words or you keep telling yourself the same stories in your mind then that is what you will become and they will eventually become a reality to you.

Because it is the things that you tell yourself and the stories that you live out in your head that will either help you to get what you want or prevent you from getting what you want.

If you look back at your life so far, you will find that it is the things that you have told yourself and the stories that you have created which have lead you to where you are right now.

Positive and constructive self talk and positive and creative stories will determine the decisions and actions that you will take that will lead you to your ideal life and the happiness and success that you want.

Whilst negative self talk and pessimistic stories depicting failure, doom and negativity will be the reason why you don't make the right choices and take the right actions and the reason why you don't get what you want.

Positive self talk and positive orientated stories will empower you and drive you to get what you want.

Whilst negative self-talk and negative stories in your mind cause you to make excuses, make you think that you cannot do it or cause you to talk yourself out of trying or attempting to better yourself or to get what you want.

It is also very important to get you emotional and mental state right because the best way to implement and get the most out of yourself and your strategy is to work on getting yourself into and then maintaining a positive, happy and calm, peak performance state.

Program your mind for what you want

Tell yourself a lie often enough and it will come the new truth and belief for you, but there is always a better choice and alternative option.

But when you tell yourself something positive or you focus on things going right then they will become your new truth and your new set of helpful and supporting beliefs.

After a while your subconscious mind will pick up on these new thoughts processes and the old negative patterns of thinking will start to fade as your mind takes on board your new way of perceiving things. 

When you convince yourself that something is impossible or beyond your capabilities your subconscious mind will do what it can to try to prevent you from achieving your goals.

But when you start to tell yourself something is possible and achievable then your subconscious mind will support and help you to bring your wants into your physical reality for you.

Tell yourself positive statements like:

  • "I am going to to do it somehow"
  • "I can and I will find a way"
  • "Fear is not going to stop me"
  • "I am bigger and stronger than my fears"
  • "My life is much better, living without fear"
Behind each fear lies and underlying limiting belief

The fear of failure can disguise itself in many forms and excuses such as, 

  • I can't do that 
  • I am not very good at 
  • It's just not me 
  • I am not very lucky 
  • Nothing works out for me 
  • It's to hard to 
  • I am not smart enough 
  • I have tried and failed before 
  • Worry of disappointing yourself or someone else

Start to question your limiting beliefs and anytime you want to do something new or different and those fears and self doubts start to creep into your mind.

Say your inner critical voice starts saying to, you cannot do that.

Immediately reply with. Show me the evidence or proof or ask yourself what is the logical belief behind your fears and doubts.

Replace those thoughts and feelings of dread with powerful and positive descriptive words that define and affirm what you want.

Lets say, it is your goal to write a book as an example:

  • I now have a tremendous belief and faith in my ability to write a best selling book about
  • I am a fantastic and amazing writer, now
  • The words flow out of me easily and effortlessly now
  • My fantastic writing skills are fast tracking me towards success, now

Playing it safe will hold you back, prevent you from growing and it will prevent you from achieving all success or things that you want.

Fear of failure can prevent you from changing direction and living the life that you deserve and can have.

These deep down fears can serve to be destructive and demotivating making you feel less eager and less empowered to achieve your goals.

There is usually an underlying negative belief lying behind many of your fears and doubts that you have bought into.

These beliefs cause the mental blocks and limiting behaviors that stop you from taking the positive action that will catapult you to more success.

What stops many people from doing what they want is when they have already tried something and they have not done so well or failed before.

But just because you cannot do something on the first few attempts does not mean that you cannot become good at it.

When you have a fearful ingrained belief and you want to change that belief sometimes you will be meet with some stubborn resistance. 

The reason for this is, your brain will always try to protect you so any time you try to oppose an old belief.

Your brain will go with the fearful belief that it already knows simply because your brain thinks it's protecting you from any situation that might cause you physical danger or emotional hurt.

Sometimes it's not just the fear of failure that worries people or causes them to be afraid. It can also be the fear of being judged, ridiculed or proven wrong or it can be the emotional feelings and sensations that you're reacting badly to and your trying to avoid.

But sometimes you have to go throw it to come out they other side a better person. 

People will do anything to stop the emotions and physical feelings that are associated with fear including avoiding doing the things they deep down want and desire just to escape from the unpleasant feelings of fear.

Because of the fearful thoughts people have in their head and the associated fearful feelings people get put off trying new things.

This is often because they don't want to deal with the emotional side that comes with change and stepping out of their comfort zone.

However if you surrender to your thoughts and feelings it will keep you small and stuck, but sometimes to reap the rewards we have to do the things we want despite feeling afraid and uncomfortable.

Unlock your true potential 

Genius and greatness can be found in all of us, were all capable of achieving extraordinary things yet most people are not aware of it.

Some people will avoid a situation unless they have the certainty of success but you cannot win unless your prepared to lose, the illusion you have to be perfect is what keeps you stagnant and small. 

What is happening is, your subconscious mind is using you past negative experiences and your negative and limiting beliefs to try to influence your current situation.

Your fear is appropriate in real life dangerous situations but it is not appropriate in your everyday none threatening situations where it is disrupting your decision making and behaviors.

You must not allow your fears and anxiety to stop you pursuing your dreams, goals and your true potential.

Although fear can feel unpleasant it should not and cannot prevent you dong what you want. 

If you embrace fear, feel it but do not react to it and you just do it anyway you will find the feelings are only temporary and by doing this you will start to move through and beyond your fears.

Before you enter a scary situation, ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen and even if your worries came true would it really be so bad and what have you got to lose.

Accept the worst case scenario and run it through your imagine, seeing yourself handling it in calm and resourceful way and imagine the worst and feel OK with it. 

Even though you want things to go well, know that you'll be OK.

Then begin to change your negative imaginings and start to imagine the best case scenario happening, and milk the moment.

Often you will find that the worst case scenario is never as bad as your perceiving and there is always a positive alternative to those worst cases scenarios that negative minded people tend to overlook.

Try to get into the habit of seeing a positive outcome and conclusion instead of  magnifying, indulging in and over exaggerating the worst case scenario.

Yes, their might be a small risk when you step out of your comfort zone but the benefits and rewards are well worth it.

Success involves being committed to learning and improving despite the dark times with the attitude that something better is going to come from your setbacks. 

The reason why people stay stuck is because their to scared of failing or being seen to be different.

but when you accept you might fail the first time and the second and so on and you learn and strive to get better then there will be nothing left to stop you.

Fear is associated with taking risks, but all success involves a small element of risk but if your not prepared to take those risks and you choose to play safe then you will stay stagnant and you'll never know what might have been. 

What fear of failure does is, it stops you from trying and attempting new things which can leave you full of regret later on in your life, as the saying goes"

It is better to try and to fail than it is to fail to try".

If you fail it really does not matter, and again as the old saying goes "Nothing ventured nothing gained".

Most of the highly successful have failed many times before they achieved great success, because they refused to give up. 

Part of success is about the journey of trial and error and learning some important lessons from your mistakes and failures until eventually you get it right.

Just because you think something bad will happen does not mean it will and when it does it just means you need to reevaluate things and come up with a new and better plan or way of doing things.

Fear and failure can actually be a positive learning experience when used correctly, because fear prepares us for certain situations and it can help to keep you guarded against potential pitfalls.

This can allow you to anticipate any pitfalls so you can take action steps and prepare yourself to help you avoid things going wrong.

You have probably experienced fear and doubt many times before when you have tried doing something new.

But you managed to overcome the fear and by doing what you did it helped to improve your life. 

Some examples are 

  • Learning to ride a bike 
  • Going on your first date
  • Learning to drive 
  • Starting a new job or business

There are many more examples where you have stepped out of our comfort zones that made you feel uncomfortable but it was vital in unlocking the route to better things.

When you're having those thoughts and feelings of failure just remember when you first started to walk.

You had no idea to start off but you had plenty of self-belief and faith in yourself and your ability to learn and master the skill.

On your first attempts you struggled, fell down but you did not worry about failing and you did not tell yourself that you're no good and you can't do it. 

You just got back up, kept on believing you will master and with the power of faith and a lot of practicing, trying and failing.

You kept on getting up, you would give it another go until you eventually mastered it.


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