How To Quickly Get Over A Fear Or Phobia

When you are afraid of something the most natural thing to do is to avoid it or to want to avoid the thing that you're afraid of, the problem is, when you avoid the thing or things that you're scared of you will make the fear more powerful and you will hold onto the fear forever.

You're not actually afraid of the thing you fear, you're afraid of it because you avoid it, to add to your phobia, you will also develop a fear of the fearful reactions and sensations itself. 

If your phobia is something that you have a very low chance of coming across in your daily life or it is something that has a very limited impact on your life, then it is probably something you can live with as it won't cause you too much disruption.

But if your phobia is something which you have a high chance of encountering or it is having a negative impact on your life, then it is wise to face and try to eliminate your extreme fearful reactions and responses. 

The best way to overcome a phobia is through gradual exposure and facing your fears, however, for some this can prove too traumatic and daunting. 

Although you will need to expose yourself to your feared thing, object or situation there are techniques that can help you to reduce and collapse the intensity of the fear which will make facing your fear a lot easier for you. 

Reducing your stress and freeing your body of all tension before you face your fear can help you to stay more calm and in control.

Source of Phobias 

Phobias are usually started either by a traumatic or negative event, which then becomes a bad memory and neural association. 

Say you may have had a genuine traumatic experience that could have scared or even caused you any harm, such as you may have been bitten by a dog and now your mind associates all dogs with danger, you may have been stuck in a lift which can cause you to be scared of going in a lift these are known as learned negative behaviors.

What has happened is, you mind has learned to associate danger and your fight or flight response to a specific, thing, object or situation.

The second reason for phobias is a secondary learned experience, this mainly happens in childhood but not always.

Say your mother has a fear of spiders,you see your mother screaming at the sight of a spider, you too soon learn to associate spiders as being dangerous.and the seeds of the fear are sown.

Another source of a phobia can be from an overprotective parent who constantly drummed into you, seeds of fear, 

Let's say your parents kept on affirming to you that it is dangerous to talk to strangers, your subconscious mind would absorb all this information and through the constant repetition, it would implant the idea deep in your subconscious memory that all strangers are dangerous., 

Another example if your parents kept reinforcing to you that it is dangerous to go near water you could develop a fear water, sometimes parents can rush in too quick to over protect their children when they feel a little anxious in certain situations or they don't explain things rationally. 

We can also think ourselves into phobias, if you keep playing images of a plane crashing before you are about to fly or if you watch a film about a plane crash, you could create a fear of flying before you even get on the plane, so our imagination can also install deep down fears.

What is A Phobia And What Can You Do To Get Rid of Them?

A phobia is an irrational and intense and often unwanted fear of an object or a specific situation, most phobias are a extreme and intense fear of something that is not dangerous, (although some may carry a small degree of risk, such has poisonous snakes), phobias are characterized by the real need to avoid the feared object or situation.

The exact percentage of people who have a phobia is not known due to the fact that most people don't report them. 

However a rough estimation is about 1 in 9 people or about 10% of the population. Fears and phobia's are more severe at times of stress, because stress and fear are two of the same things, most stress is fear linked in some form or another.

Phobias are split up into two categories, which are complex and specific. Specific phobias are defined as a fear of specific objects or situations, while complex phobias have more than one branch of anxiety attached to them.

Take agoraphobia where the fear might be related to leaving the house and being in large crowds. Social Phobia is another example where there is more than one related fear, for example the person might be afraid of being the center of attention or giving a presentation.

Some complex phobias have been linked to depression and  some people who develop social anxiety can end up becoming agoraphobic because of the extreme measures they feel the need to take to avoid social situations.

Ten Minute Phobia Cure 

Gone are the days where it used to take months gradually overcoming a fear or phobia; This revolutionary new product can get rid of absolutely any fear or phobia no matter how long you have suffered with it. 

That's their claim get rid of lifelong fears and phobias in just 10 minutes.. Scientists have just given the official nod to a brand new NLP-based system that enables you to literally "erase" old fears and phobias - in a matter of minutes.

Whatever your phobia should that be Fear of public speaking, fear of spiders, fear of death, fear of failure - whatever it is - it can be permanently deleted. All when you listen to this special "brain language" CD recording.

It's an amazing discovery - and has the awesome potential to change the world. Can you imagine how good your life would be if you were free of those unpleasant feelings and sensations which can reduce us to a trembling physical wreck.

It was not your fault why you first developed your phobia, but it is your responsibility to correct it and ten minutes is a small sacrifice to have to endure to end unnecessary and unwanted fears for good.

So why suffer with lifelong phobias, fears when you don't have to.

Try A Natural Cure For A Phobia 

  1. Exposure Therapy Hypnosis
  2. Thought Field Techniques 
  3. Hypnosis

Sometimes exposure therapy is used by some therapist to treat a phobia, this usually involves the patient being gradually and repeatedly exposed to the fear stimulus which becomes intensified over a period of time.

It is known as gradual desensitization  say for example if your phobia is a fear of snakes your therapist might start you off by showing you a photo of a snake and once you have learned to tolerate the photo of the snake the therapist might give you a rubber snake, and after that he might take you to a pet shop to see a snake in a glass tank.

Exposure therapy can be a painful and traumatic experience and it is now considered to be out-dated, and there are now a lot better and quicker ways to treat phobias, and at best it learns you to tolerate the object or situation. 

But exposure does not always detach, the strong emotional link from the fear stimulus no matter how many times you face the situation and it can be more of a case of learning to tolerate the stimulus.

Some of the most effective, quickest and long lasting ways to overcome fears and phobias are subliminal messages or you can try the simple emotional freedom technique known as Thought Field Therapy

It is a proven and an effective way that can get rid of irrational fears and phobia completely very quickly, 

Most people suffer with their phobias because they feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone, but now you can treat and overcome your fears and phobias at home without even having to tell anybody, so if you want to keep things private you can, and it is a huge relief and a sense of freedom when you can then face that once feared situation/object and feel much calmer.

If you do not detach the emotion from the trigger stimulus or situation, then most fears and phobias will remain with you indefinitely and they rarely they do not go away on their own over a period of time. 

Fears can stop you living life to the full and even disrupt your quality of life, and although the feelings and sensations associated with fear are harmless and can't hurt you, intense fear can force people to retreat from some situations. 

Often with fears and phobias you will experience conflict in the mind between the conscious and subconscious mind as they can view the world differently, so for example if you have a fear of spiders even though your conscious mind knows that there is no logical reason to be afraid of spiders.

If the subconscious mind has associated danger too spiders it will override the conscious mind every time because your subconscious mind does not do reasoning or logic, it just responds to how it has been programmed, so every time you come across a spider you will automatically experience a strong and automatic emotional response which will be out of your conscious control. 

And because your subconscious is the power house it determines the outcome so unless you deal with your fears and phobias on a subconscious level you will find it very difficult to treat fears and phobias no matter how determined you are by will power alone. 

No More Long Painful Recovery Times To Overcome Your Phobia's 

Can you do anything to help with your fears and phobias?

Well the answer is yes and these days you can get swift, fast and effective products that will help you erase your phobias and fear. 

We all have the ability and inner resources to overcome our fears and phobias. 

Hypnosis can be quick and effective and it works by detaching the emotional response (de-linking) from the trigger point (stimulus) which is the object or the situation. 

Leaving the once fearful stimulus powerless and once it has been collapsed, it is unlikely to return. 

Your mind is a very powerful tool and hypnosis can help you utilize the power of your mind.

Reduce The Intensity of Your Fears

To finally overcome a fear you have to face the feared object or situation, but it can be made much easier if you reduce some of the intensity first such as NLP or EFT

Some people don't seem to take stress and fear seriously and they even thrive on the adrenaline rush, this is probably down to how they perceive things and how they condition their minds and see things as a challenge to overcome. 

One thing all successful people do whether it be deliberate or natural is visualization, and you can use visualization to help you calm your fears even more before you face the challenging situation or feared object, because it is a lot easier to face a stressful situation with a calm mind and body.

Imagine yourself in the feared situation or facing, the feared object feeling calm and relaxed and in control, as if you don't have the fear, and to make it more powerful engage all your senses, describe what you can see, hear smell, and feel and recreate them in your mind.

For example: if you're scared of flying imagine yourself calmly walking into the airport, describe what you can see (in full colour).

Hear smell, focus on where you're going and what you're going to see visit, focus on how good your holiday or vacations is going to be, imagine things going well and try to look forward to the flight and focus on how excited you feel.

Imagine yourself boarding the plane feeling calm and relaxed and then imagine yourself on the flight feeling calm, safe and secure and imagine everything going well etc. 

The more you do it the better the results, because fear is an emotional state often created through negative experiences and the thoughts and images we create in our minds.

Use Visualizing To Replace Fear With Feelings Of Calm

You can also use visualization to change your emotional state, reduce stress and fear, when you are about to face the feared or stressful situation or object, practice imagining yourself in a tranquil location. 

This can be any place of your choice, maybe some tranquil location you have visited or it can be an idyllic, serene imagined place like a forest, tropical beach, or magical garden, but to this from a first person perspective, (see it through your own eyes as if you were actually there).

At the first onset of the fear, using all your senses vividly describe what you can see like the color of the sea, sky, beach, describe what you can hear like relaxing sound of the waves, the soothing sound of the birds singing or even the peaceful silence.

Describe what you can smell like the fresh sea air, any sweet fragrances like food or the aroma of coconut sun tan cream, describe what you can feel on your skin, like the warmth of the sun or a refreshing breeze caressing your skin. 

You can even add what you can taste, imagine you are eating your favorite food or sipping your favorite drink and describe how delicious it tastes etc. 

Also keep focusing on how calm and peaceful you feel and how completely safe and secure you feel.

Before you are about to face the challenging situation or object, or during it return to your tranquil location and imagine you are actually there again. 

Imagine yourself relaxing there, again use all your senses and again imagine you are there for real, this may prove a little difficult to do at first so make sure you practice it before over and over again because if you persevere it will become easier and more effective.

You can try gradual exposure, so for example: if you are afraid of lifts (elevators) you can tackle your fear in stages, use the visualizing techniques to calm you down before each stage and as you tackle each stage, 

First, imagine yourself achieving your goal (each stage) while feeling calm and relaxed, then enter a building which has a lift while imagining you are at your tranquil location and keep imagining you at your ideal place until you begin to relax.

Once you have got used to this walk up to the doors of the lift and repeat the process, and the next stage when you feel ready is to step into the lift and then finally use the lift, and keep using the visualizing exercise to calm you during each exposure stage.

Even if you don't succeed the first time praise yourself up for having a go because you can always try again, and never be hard on yourself, and remember it is nearly always the feelings and sensations which is holding you back and not the object or the situation. 

Don't let phobias, fears ruin your quality of life any longer.

Once you have got used to this walk up to the doors of the lift and repeat the process, and the next stage when you feel ready is to step into the lift and then finally use the lift, and keep using the visualizing exercise to calm you during each exposure stage.

Even if you don't succeed the first time praise yourself up for having a go because you can always try again, and never be hard on yourself, and remember it is nearly always the feelings and sensations which is holding you back and not the object or the situation. don't let phobias or fears ruin your quality of life any longer.

To overcome your fears at some point you will need to face them, the thing, with fear the more you try and resist it the more intense it becomes. 

Do not fight it, do not even attempt to stop it, if there is no danger present, then recognize the fear for what it is which is just some unpleasant feeling and sensations. 

The only thing that keeps your fears active is because you want to avoid the thing or situation, the only way to overcome them is to face whatever it is you fear. 

You have to stand up to the fear, embrace it and let it pass, allow the feelings to carry on, practice letting the emotions just flow through you and away. 

Don't try and fight it, don't even want to stop it, let you know you're not going to die and let the feelings pass and subside, keep doing this until the fear surrenders and leaves.

Give yourself permission to feel fearful, let your mind know it is OK if you feel a bit fearful or anxious.




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