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Wake Up Each Morning And Plan To Have A Great Day

Wouldn't it be nice if you could wake up feeling energized, happy, full of enthusiasm, feeling positive, being more productive and efficient and feeling at peace with yourself and the world.

Well you can, and you can begin to make each day a great day, simply by making a few easy changes and adjustments to your normal everyday routine.

You see, each brand new day is an ideal window of opportunity for change and it is an ideal moment for you to let go of all your troubles and leave all your emotional negative baggage behind you. 

Allowing you to begin the new day with a clean slate, and a positive mindset so so you can start your day off as you fully intend and mean it, to go on.

Because, there is no point or nothing to be gained for you to hold onto to your emotional suffering or to carry on doing the things that are not serving you well. 

When there are so many better options available to you, so many exciting paths to tread and so much talent, abilities and potential laying dormant inside of you?

It doesn't matter how bad things have been, no matter how much you have been emotionally suffering  you have the choice of an alternative way of doing things and a better way of being, feeling and living.

"I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life"

Louise Hay

Each new  morning offers you a chance to get rid of the bad stuff and it is an invitation to introduce the 
good stuff, by creating new positive habits, daily rituals and healthy lifestyle options.

As Tony Robbins states.

"He doesn't just sit around and wait and hope to feel good, he conditions himself to feel good".

Because there is always a better way of thinking, there is always a better way of feeling, there is always a better way of treating yourself, there is always a better lifestyle you can follow and there is always a better life ready and waiting for you.

The first hour of the day is critical for setting the foundations of how you want to feel for the rest of your day. 

Getting the positive emotions flowing, building your self esteem and setting the positive momentum and blueprint for a future more successful, happier and more relaxed you.  
Think of yourself as a biological computer with feelings and emotions, which can be programmed to feel good or to feel bad.

And there is nothing more important for you than to feel good and for you to take good care of yourself and you may be surprised to know that you need a lot less to feel good than you might have thought.

To feel good you have to give your body what it requires and to fill your mind with positivity and optimism and starve it of negativity. 

When you love yourself and you nourish, look after and take good care of your body. Then you will be rewarded with good feelings, better health and a better life. 

And I think we would all like and deserve a bit of that.

Preparation for a great the night should start the night before

To maximize your chances of having a great and happy day, you should begin your preparation for the new coming day the night before.

Because the best two times of the day to make positive changes and better your life are. The last hour at night and the first hour of the morning.

Thinking positive or just thinking good feeling thoughts is crucial if you want to feel good and go on to live a more successful and fulfilling life.

But, feeling great, is not just about the mind. Your mind and body work as one, therefore it is important to take good care of your body.

The better you feel and prepare yourself the night before the better and more restful, restorative and quality sleep you will have.

There are no miracle cure or short cut ways to a better life. 

It is all about introducing and implementing new positive habits, strategis and healthy rituals into your daily life, and then make this your new way of living.

By taking small steps each day, you will make significant changes for the better over a period of time.

At the end of each day, you could analyze your day to see if you could have handled certain situations that happened during you day differently or better.

If anything or anybody upset you or if you react stressfully or badly to someone or something.

Ask yourself. Could you have handled the situation better and see if you can come up with a better way of dealing with that person/[persons or stressful situation.

If you felt a bit uncomfortable. Imagine yourself in that situation, only this time imagine things going well and imagine yourself, being and feeling calm, cool and composed.

Because if you haven't got a plan of action or if you don't start to change things, you cannot move forward to having a better life experience.

Relaxing and winding down at night is a necessity if you want to put to bed all your worries and stresses of the day, so you can get a good quality night's sleep.

And we have all heard how vital it is to get good quality sleep, to promote good health and emotional well-being.

But it is not all about relaxing. Taking good care of yourself also involves keeping active and eating plenty of healthy foods, so you give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it requires.

Going for an early evening walk or devising yourself a moderate exercise routine, will help relieve any stress, tone your body and help to boost your mood. 

Try to avoid any kind of stimulants in the hours leading up to your bedtime routine, both internal stimulants like caffeine, too much sugary snacks or alcohol.

Many people would like to shed a few pounds. 
One of the biggest culprits for putting on weight is all that late night snacking. We all fall victim, to those late night hunger cravings.

But did you know that you can have a cup of red tea, that will keep your hunger pangs and cravings at bay, and it can help you lose weight whilst you sleep.

Take care of yourself

The better care you take of your body, the better your mind will function and when you're muscles are nice and soft and your body is free of stress, then this will have a positive affect on your mind.

The simple formula to remember is.

When you change your, thoughts, attitude and perceptions. 

Your body will respond favourably and when you calm your body and you give your body its basic needs and requirement, you will maximize your brain functioning and increase your brain's performance abilities.

You will achieve your peak performance functioning and you will perform at your most efficient maximum ability and your most powerful and potential best, when your in a relaxed flow state.

Because, stress and tension in your mind and body, is your the biggest enemy that you will ever have to face.

That is why it is absolutely essential for your mental health, your physical health and well-being, that you take good care of yourself.

The best way to release any tension is to change any bad tension habits that you might have, reduce your stress and emotional tension and practice sitting, standing and moving with poise, balance, with the least amount of tension.

Video courtesy of Brett Hershey

Listening to some happy music, such as.

The Dave Clark Five records, such as Glad All Over or Do You Love Me or any other happy or feel good songs at night, can help you feel good, so you will wake up in a good morning.

Develop some morning rituals 

The reason why you need to grasp and seize the day, as soon as you wake up, is so you do not allow the same old negative and destructive momentum to take hold and gather momentum.

Because one the negative momentum and stress has gained momentum, then you have allowed it to go to far.

The sooner you can start to be mindful to the thoughts and things that are making you feel bad or what are responsible for your stress, so you can stop the emotional arousal the better.

The thing to be aware of. We all have negative or anxious thoughts. People ask. How do I stop worrying or having negative or anxious thoughts.

Some people can spend days, weeks, months or years worrying about one problem.

Yet, with a bit of practice. You can switch off a negative or anxious thought within a matter of minutes or less.

So, how do you stop worrying?

You don't. You just realize that they're just thoughts, and nothing more.

To save yourself a lot of trouble. Don't judge or try to resist the thoughts. Istead, just allow your mind to carry on thinking the thoughts, but this time. don't follow them or get emotionally involved with them.

If the negative thoughts are persistent. Override them, with a positive or couldn't care less attitude.

Be very firm with your mind, when you attempt to change the unwanted thoughts, with a better alternative or a could careless statement.

There only unwanted thoughts, because you don't want to think about them. But, when you give your mind permission and you allow your mind to carry on thinking the thoughts.

As long as you do not join in with the story or the worse case scenario. Your mind will give up and it will still itself.

Looking for, researching or working on the solution of your problem can help as can accepting the worse case scenario and not caring can also ease the emotional arousal.

"I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life"

"I do not fix the problem, I fix my thinking, and then the problem fixes itself"

Louise Hay

Many people think that they have no power or there is nothing then can do to change their thinking, but thoughts are just thoughts and there is always a better way of reframing and perceiving your situations and problem.

Your true power lies can be accessed when you're in the zone and you're in a state of zero resistance and your grounded in the now and your body is calm and balanced.

Most people feel bad or they fail to get the results they want, because. They spend to too much time focusing on what they don't want or what they would like, but they don't have.

Instead of, focusing on what they do want, and taking action steps towards their desires and goals. 

And because they spend to much time feeling frustrated about what they lack or don't have, instead of appreciating what they do have and working towards what they would like.

The first thing you need to do is get up early enough so you don't have to rush around in the morning because that will raise your stress levels for a start. 

Allow ample time especially if you have to go to work, prepare the kids for school or you are off out for the day. 

Just refuse to rush, pace yourself and deliberately pause and slow yourself, everytime you feel the urge to rush.

Setting yourself up right for the new day ahead

When you first wake up, tell yourself, it is a wonderful morning today is a good day and that you're going to have a great day and then have a glass or two of water.

Thank god that you're alive and well.

Your attitude at the start of the day can have a big influence on how well your day goes and whether you have a good or bad day.

If you wake up and the first thing that you think is, especially on work day, week days or school or college days. 

I hate my job, school or what you know you have to do, or whether you leave everything to the last minute. 

Where you just get up and rush out, complaining and moaning and blaming everything and everyone for how you feel or the situation that you're  in.

Then this is not going to help how you feel nor will it help you to change and better your life.

The only way to change and better your life is to take full responsibility for how you feel and what you do and become.

Instead of dreading the day ahead, especially on a Monday and then feeling bad all day.

Start to look forward to your day and try to make it as enjoyable as you possibly can. When you can learn to love and enjoy the things that you hate. 

Then you will find you will feel better, your day will be better and you will handle and come through any challenges easier and better.

And this process should begin the moment you wake up.

As you get out of bed. Have a few stretches and spend a couple of minutes doing some slow deep breathing exercise as this will calm you and fill your body with oxygen.

Have a good healthy breakfast as it will boost your energy and raise your blood sugar levels, and possibly the best time to feed your body with all foods that are packed with all the essential nutrients is first thing in the morning, as this will all help to energize your body.

Smoothies are a great way to nourish your body with the essential vitamins and minerals.

Spend a few minutes being grateful and focusing on all the good things that you love.

You can make a list of all the things that you love and then read your list every morning and evening.

You can be grateful for anything, no matter how small it is and you can find endless things that you love.

Like, yourself, the flowers, life, your family, the air you, breathe your pets or just about anything else, remember it is the feelings that you're searching for, so it doesn't matter what you're letting yourself know that you're grateful for or what you find to love.

Sit or lay down and relax, taking some nice slow deep breaths, release any tension that you're holding on to and just let your muscles ease and soften.

Do not try and stop your thoughts, just calmly observe them and let them come into your mind and then let them sail straight on bye.

Then imagine and visualize your day going well, see yourself handling any challenges in a calm and controlled manner. Imagine everything going well and great.

If you're working on a goal, see and imagine yourself having already achieved or accomplished your task of the day, exactly as you would like things to go.

Have a brisk walk or do some light exercises to kick start your body.

The mirror technique

Before you go to bed and on awakening, try the mirror tenchique to help boost your self esteem.

Stand in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes, smile and then say some positive and nice things about yourself, to yourself 

Tell you.

I love myself, I accept myself and I approve of myself, and mean it.

Then say some positive statements about you. Like.

  • I am good enough 
  • I am worthy enough 
  • I am smart enough
  • I am capable enough
  • I am attractive enough
  • I am happy 
  • I am powerful
  • I am wonderful 
  • I am feeling great 
  • Life is good
  • I am feeling healthy 
  • The best is yet to come
  • Good things are coming my way
  • All is well 
  • Everything always works out for me
  • Today is going to be a great day
Famous self help guru Marisa Peers, suggest writing on your mirror, with lipstick or sticking a piece of paper on your mirror or somewhere you can see it with the words .


Then praise yourself and tell yourself how wonderful you are and how great your day and life is going to be.

Try to avoid listening to or reading too much negative news.

Start yourself a journal and write down your progress no matter how small it is.

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