Develop A Genius Mindset Tap Into Your True Potential

On the contrary to what you might have been told or what belief you may have already formed we are all born, a potential genius. 

Why some people seem more powerful than others is because they have not allowed self defeating and self sabotaging ways of thinking to rob them of their true powers and capabilities. 

We are all born with everything we need, already within us, everybody has the capability to be more intelligent and creative. 

The difference from those who have managed to tap into their hidden talents and those who have not is partly down to your social conditioning, whether you have been taught or learned well and how much effort you have put in.

To demonstrate this, lets say you have to equal supercomputers, one is programmed with good information and the other is badly programmed, the good input one will go on to perform better than the poorly programmed one. 

Like the human mind the super computers, both have the same capabilities to start off with, but depending on the quality of programming they can perform at different levels and standards. 

Some people say that genius starts in the classroom, but our real true creative potential can also be lost at an early age as we settle into the patterns of everyday life. 

However, by around the age of seven, most children have lost this remarkable gift and natural universal gift. 

Well, it's not so much we lose it, but more of a case of us have it knocked out of us by our peers and the logical thinking of others who drum into us that we should not day dream or it's not smart to use our imagination.

Learn how to tap into your true potential 

The world is awakening to the fact that we are more powerful than we could ever begin to imagine, there is a genius within us all, we have ignored the awesome power of the hidden sixth sense world. 

Creativity is the force that drives our reality, the possibilities we have, are infinite, creativity loves a quiet and calm mind. 

The good, news is, you cannot lose your creative faculties and inner genius, it may get suppressed or hidden away, but you can stimulate it.

We now live in a world of abundance and immense intelligence. 

It is well documented by successful people, self-help gurus and quantum scientist that there is a higher source of intelligence or super creative consciousness of which we all possess the ability to tap into .

Have you ever been trying to solve a problem and all of a sudden out of nowhere the answer just comes to you or maybe you have been thinking about a friend or relative when all of a sudden that person rings you, this is the higher universal intelligence at work.

When people write a book or write music where do you think the ideas come from, all geniuses and great inventors tap into this intelligent mind to create their masterpieces or great inventions. 

All great ideas come from this super intelligent consciousness, most of the best discoveries or works of art came when the person was in a relaxed like trance or dream state. 

There Is a hidden genius inside everyone of us

We all have access to this genius mind, the difference between successful and creative people and normal people is the successful trust their inner intuition and insight while the rest to quickly dismiss good ideas or play down their own intelligence, we can actually think ourselves into believing we are not very intelligent.

To prove this, mentalist Derren Brown did a program on the effects of a placebo capsule, he convinced varies groups that a specially new designed capsule would make people overcome phobias, stop smoking, cure skin conditions. 

He also told a group of people that taking this capsule would increase their intelligence, the results were very impressive to say least., just by merely believing they would become more intelligent they did. 

This clearly demonstrates the untapped potential of the human mind, it is estimated that we use less than 10% of our mind's potential.

Creativity is the secret to improving the way we do things, we are the ultimate creators, we have without realizing it put severe limitations on ourselves or we have been fed the wrong information by our society and upbringing..

How to become a genius? 

So what is the advantage of an increase in intelligence. People with a higher IQ are not just smarter. They're also happier, healthier and wealthier, too -- according to the latest social statistics.

So, how can you improve your IQ? For years, it was thought that you were either born with a high IQ - or you weren't. 

But the very latest in scientific studies has found that IQ is just another "muscle" - which you can build using specific training techniques.

Not only that, advanced studies have shown that there also special "shortcuts" to building your mental IQ muscle - in the same way that protein and creative are shortcuts to building physical muscle.

For the first time ever, the leading techniques for rocketing your IQ have all come together - inside a brand new course, called Guaranteed IQ. 

Like the simple lifestyle change tested on a million people, which boosted IQ scores by an average of 14%. Or the "Image Streaming technique" which boosts your IQ score by one point, for each hour you use it.

Ask yourself what can I do to improve my life? The answer is you need to change.  If you want to change your life learn how to increase your intelligence and tap into your creative talents and unlock that inner genius that is waiting to be unleashed.

To better your life and increase your wealth you need to learn, develop your creative skills, increase your creativity and wisdom. It is far better to work on yourself and focus on personal development by developing new skills, learning more information, increasing your intelligence rather that trying to improve at your job. 

The higher your intelligence the more you will have to offer the world. To achieve success it is better to develop your inner self instead of trying to improve things out there on a physical perspective. 

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